I have zero experience with muzzleloaders and muzzleloader hunting but want to start as this will give me ten extra days in the deer woods. I have become fairly proficient with the gun, itself, but have just a couple of questions that everyone asked, so far, seems to have a different answer to! The first is, I sighted my Thompson Center Omega, using 100 grains of Triple Seven pellets and a 250 grain T/C saboted bullet. Not knowing if this is right or wrong, I sighted in at 100 yds. A lot of people said I SHOULD have sighted in at 50 yds. I was VERY impressed with the gun's performance at 100 yds. But knowing nothing of the ballistics of this combination, if it is shooting dead-on at 100 yds. Where SHOULD point of impact be at 50 yds.? Or should I just start over and sight-in at 50 yds.? Second. After an unsuccessful day of hunting, what should I do about loaded gun? A lot of people, including owner's manual says to unload it by shooting it into an embankment or other safe place. This MAY BE the "safe" way but it sounds like over-kill, the waste of a good load and a lot of unnecessary work because after discharge you will have to clean the gun. Doing this 4-5 nights in a row seems like a waste of time, bullets and powder!! If it can be stored in a safe place, is there anything wrong with leaving the gun loaded until you WANT to discharge it, say, at that big buck? Would this be harmful to the gun in any way? I've heard how corrosive black powder can be but I always assumed that meant it was the residue left AFTER firing the weapon. I've also heard how bringing a gun into a heated house after being in the cold, outside, could make the metal "sweat". Thus getting the powder damp and possibly causing a mis-fire!! If this IS a problem, couldn't it be resolved by leaving the gun out-side? Say, locked up in a vehicle? I know. Questions may sound ridiculous to the experienced but they keep nagging at me. Yes, I know, I SHOULD and WILL shoot my gun at 50 yds. But if sighted in at 100 yds. I still need to KNOW where POI SHOULD be. Thanks for any help.