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  • Martin Cougar Speed Flite M-41

    my daddy and i have decided that since he can't bow hunt any more because of shut-downs at work, i'm gonna have his old bow set up for me. its an 18-year old Martin Cougar Speed Flite M-41. its kinda heavy and long but i'm gonna give it a try. gotta replace the string, set it up for a release, shorten the draw, and drop the poundage. its at 30 inch draw and 65#. i can draw it but im gonna fix it for me to be comfortable hunting. think im gonna put a peep sight on it and definately gonna have a string loop put on it. gotta get carbon arrows and broadheads. leaning towards 100 grain 3-blade Muzzys. any idea for a string, some arrows, a peep sight, and broadheads? probably gonna be about 28-29 inch draw and 55-60 pounds if that helps. thanks for your help

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    no advice? bump to top. help me please. thanks


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      I'm hoping the cams have slots in them for you to reduce the draw length, because an 18 year old bow with probably be very hard to find a new set of cams or wheels to shorten it. I'd first have the limbs checked out for cracks to splits in them, just for safety's sake. Your string, you will probably need to have custom made for the length and you can go with a winner choice, crackerized, or zebra. Peeps you might want to go with a peep that is assisted with alognment by tubing. These are easy to install and are reliable for consistant location on turning in the right position at full draw. Broadheads, I'm very partial to Muzzy's so I will have to recomment them and I would go with the 75 grain head, I've used them for the last 5 years with great success. Good luck to you and I would first try to contact Martin archery to see if they can help you out on shortening the draw length.


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        thanks for the help bud


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          I killed a whole raft of bucks back in the early '90's with an M-41. It was a heavy old tank. But it shot VERY fast for those days. I was shooting 31 1/2" 2315 XX75's with the old Razorbak 5's at about 92-93 lbs. The thing would put an arrow through a Greyhound bus front to rear, I think.'s a steel cable & string deal so you should be able to find a new string O.K. Those limbs are built like a brick you-know-what. Probably no problems there. But look at them closely anyways just for giggles. I can't remember exactly how the length adjustment worked. I believe there were modules on the cams that had different positions. Best bet is to take it to a pro-shop and spend the cash to have it set up right.

          Don't worry about the age of the bow. The thing will shoot speeds very comparable to what the brand new "M" bows and "H" bows will shoot if set up similarly.

          Good luck!!!


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            I figured ther would be a Martin shooter out there that would better info than I could give one this one. I'd still have the bow checked out like he said at a pro shop. Be sure to have the axle's, cam play, and spacers looked at well.


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              Let me know what size aluminum arrows you need if you will shoot alminum.

              I have some left over from when I switched to carbon.

              You can have the free if they match the length you need.

              I have them in my safe not sure how many but enough to keep you going if it works out.

              Let me know.


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                the bow has been covered pretty well. broadheads seem to be the most personal thing so yea I've had good luck with muzzy, wasp, but now shoot rage 2 blade mechanicals to get more distance; depends on if you're a fix blade or mechanical person. With the set-up you say you'll have I think Goldtip 5575 Expedition Hunters will work well; I've had good luck with them flying well all the way out to 80 yards. The standard vanes are very durable too.

                Hope that gives you some ideas,