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  1. Default lighted nocks

    What's the best most reliable lighted nock on the market right now...? Any suggestions? Thanks

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    Default lighted nocks

    Firenock. Very expensive(20.00), but reliable and customizable.

    I've shot Easton tracer nocks, lumenocks, G5 and those new ones that i cant remeber the name of. Alll malfunctioned at some point with tracer nocks being the worst. Lumenocks are the brightest but again they worked great at first but then dropped to 50% performance.

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    I'm cheap and I make my own lighted nocks. Inexpensive. There is a slight learning curve in making them, however, the satisfaction comes as a reward. Battery $1.99 and 2 nocks .60 = $2.60 maybe.

    Home Made Lumenock Made By Meghan - YouTube

    She forgets on thing. Cut a nock in half and save the insert end (discard the actual nock part). Take this part and slip it over the end of the Thill battery and glue it to the battery. This will hold the battery in place, inside the arrow shaft and allow for turning off and on. I will try and post a photo.

    good luck to all
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    Default lighted nocks

    I love my nockturnals. Work great, easy and cheap
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    I got nockturnals and am happy with them. Only issue is one of them will not light when fired. I have to manually turn it on which isn't exactly ideal. I does work good for practicing tho.
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