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    TSO will be in Houston on the 21st.......I'm making plans on going to see them. It will be my first time attending their concert.

    Do we have anymore Trans-Siberian Orchestra fans here?
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    Yup! I've seen them twice at Radio City Music Hall. Of course being a heavy metal fan back in the day, it was pretty cool seeing some of these guys play. The shows I saw were REALLY LOUD!!!!!!!
    Have a great time!
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    They were in okc on Saturday and my grandma went lol she said she loved it

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    Yep, they were just in Tulsa too. I wanted to see them but didnt get to make it. I told my wife I wouldnt miss it next year. They put on an AMAZING concert. You'll enjoy it. Every year at this time I bring my box set that was kindly purchased for me by our very own Racksie (aka Steven) and crank it at work...

    By they way, has anyone seen Steven in a while?

    Cirque du soleil is here this month too...
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