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    Really depends on what's on your borders. Interesting replys & ideas so far.

    Pat...we'll be dealing with a similar problem we have with 1 neighbor in MO that owns just 14 acres bordering us and one of our friendly neighbors that's now the 2nd largest landowner around there. The jerk decided to play outfitter & had 2 guys bowhunting it & 1 guy gun hunting it in Nov. for 12 days. It's been very obvious he's deliberately being a jerk trying to gouge us for $ to buy him out. Last number he mentioned he'd sell to another neighbor to pass on to us was $100K...yea that's right! In our case due to the lay of the border, we have very few options but a high fence is sure being considered...1800' of it so the nearest E/W crossings around each end would be 150 yards N & S of his property. That's a lot cheaper than what he wants to gouge us for and would sure resolve the problem. He's gotten wind of what we're considering doing & needless to say, he's not happy about it. The 2nd to last conversation was pretty heated. He was more humble on the last one.

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    I thought of another idea, If it was my property ( not sure of your land lay out) might make a awesome place for a fishing pond

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