My county held press a conference on the pistol permit publishing

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    Default My county held press a conference on the pistol permit publishing

    For those who have not followed the story.
    My county(Rockland) and another across the Hudson river(Westchester) had thier pistol permit licensees published online stating names and address' of who has a pistol permit. There has been a HUGE outcry over this for many reasons.
    Here is what happend at the press conference regarding this issue.

    The press conference this morning at the Rockland County Legislative building went very well. The condemnation of the Journal News was unanimous. From the politicians, to law enforcement to every one in attendance there was total agreement that the publishing of the list was a grievous error. One of the legislators who spoke actually handed to the county clerk his permit application and check stating that he is now concerned that his house would be an easy target since he was not on the list.
    The Rockland Times and News 12 covered the proceedings but lo and behold guess who was absent----The Journal News!!

    I guess you can find out more about the press conference by watching News 12 or picking up a copy of the Rockland Times.
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    there was a very left wing agenda there, and we all know it. the real problem is, for them, the criminals now know where guns are. and , more important, where there are no guns. bad guys win.
    still, a very dangerous thing to print anyones address. i hope that paper is experiencing massive cancellations of their rag.

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