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Thread: Trapping

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    Default Trapping

    I have no experience or any equipment. I am considering trying it and have no idea what I will need to get started. The state offers a course and I am obviously going to attend. Any one out there trap in Vermont or have any advice for a person looking to get into it?
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    I have been trapping for about 8 years now and I can tell you scent control is paramount!
    Coyotes have been the hardest to trap and Fox come in a close second. Coons are easy...they think with their belly too much. Fishers like venison scraps and the 110 works great on them. Beavers are finicky also. Be careful when setting a 330 conibear for beaver.
    A great site to learn from, as did I. Good Luck. You will love it!
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    Like said above, the canines are tricky. I have trapped for 3 or 4 seasons and those coyotes are by far the toughest to catch. They are very smart and very wary. Coons can be easy if you have places with alot of them, and you use the right techniques.

    First you need to look into your state's laws on trapping and what traps and snares are legal. Here in KY we cannot use a trap with a jaw spread of more than 6 inches on land. I have used both the Victor and Duke #1.75 double coil spring traps for coyote and fox, and the #1.5 double coil springs for coon. Honestly I would like to use the #1.75s for coon and #2s for coyote and fox but I believe the jaw spread on the #2s is too much for KY. Snares are also a good way to catch canines.

    Trap preparation (dying, waxing, pan tension, swivels etc.) is important, you can find videos on how to this stuff on youtube.

    I would research as much as possible, there are whole books written on it. Its alot of work, and takes some time to learn the art of it. Im in no way an expert, but I had some avid trappers in my family to help teach me, which really helped.
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    It is very rewarding, good advice above, scent is everything, haven't trapped this season due to limited time. If you don't have time to check your trap line in an ethical way then don't even try. It is work. Coons are easy, fox and cats a lot harder, but I have yet to get a yote in my limited attempts. Best of luck to you. YouTube and Trapperman and other forums ate invaluable. Folks will bend over backwards to help you out.

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    F&t has a great show on is the store.

    F & T Fur Harvester's Trading Post - Trapping
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    here's my thoughts: call the local game warden, and find out who the licensed trappers are. call the trappers and offer to help them for free. they will be glad to have you help trap, skin, etc. and you will be happy for the free training.

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