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    Default black bear hunt

    My bear hunt in Saskatchewan gets closer each day and I'm shooting arrows like none other to make sure I'm ready when the time comes. I have been listening to everyone I know who has ever went and these are the things I hear the most:
    If the bear is taller than a 55 gal drum... Shoot it.
    If the bear could fit in the 55 gal drum... Don't shoot it.
    If the bear stands up and can eat bait 6 foot off the ground... Shoot it.
    A bears vitals are a little more forward and a little lower than a whitetail.
    You have to come down from the back to find the boiler room and not up from the belly.
    Anyone have any other advice on judging a big bear and putting a kill shot on him let me know.

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    If the ears appear small on the head like way small. Shoot it

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    A couple alterations to your ideas about the barrel. If it looks like you could stuff it all in a steel 55-gallon drum, it's a big one. If it's back is taller than the drum standing up it is a giant and you are not likely to see one that big. The real key is to shoot the bear you want and be happy with it. That may be the only bear that presents a good shot opportunity. Spring bear hunts in Saskatchewan with a good outfitter are as close as you can get to a slam dunk in bowhunting, but there are still plenty of things that can go wrong. Have fun and pick a nice bear to have on your wall. For some good reading material, check this out: Bear Baiter's Manual | Bow Hunting Road

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    Default black bear hunt

    Been on a bear hunt in Canada with high promises and low realities. I went from holding out for a 300 pounder (first day) to shooting anything legal by the third. Never saw a bear after 5 days of hunting. Hope you fair better. Any legal bear is a trophy and even more so with a bow! Good luck
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