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    Default One notch & 15 pounds

    I started back at the gym when I sent in my elk application. That was roughly St Patty's day. I'm down 1 notch on my belt & 15 pounds on the scale. I'm hitting the rowing machine for 20 minutes then the stair climber for another 30 minutes. I go 3 times a week, sometimes 4. In June,t I'll start adding some day hikes on the weekends, got to get above timberline to build up the lungs & legs. A couple backpack trips in July & then hit the gym hard in August & September.

    I do the same thing every year take it off for elk season, then I get lax & it goes back on. I hate the holidays---I put on about 10 pounds.


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    I hear ya...wish I still had 2 good knees to go elk hunting. Went twice in the past and spent lots of time on a stairmaster & a stationary bike getting ready. Can't train for altitude down south but I did OK once I got acclimated to the thin air and learned how to breath deeper. One guy I know that lives in IL is on the extreme side of getting ready each year for that type of hunting. He goes so far as to cut his grass with a push mower while wearing a backpack loaded with 80# of rocks.

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    Thats good on the weight loss, I started walking a little over 2 miles a day this week with hopes of being in better shape than I was last year. Work put a serious dent in my excersising last year and I paid dearly for it in Colorado. My local school locked down their stadium, so I am going to have to find a new location for climbing, but I found in the past that is something I really need to get ready. Just need to get me a tag now,also.
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