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    One of the places I hunt. I set a ground blind on this barb wire fence row. It's almost to the corner of the field. To my north is the neighbor's property line. He's got winter wheat planted. To my west and south is an alfalfa field, and to my east is a line of timber. I set my blind up with the plan of deer coming from their beds (to the east) into the corner of the alfalfa field. When I set the blind up along the fence I noticed that the top string of barb wire could potentially hinder a shot into the woods. I thought "O it'll be ok" I think they'll come into the field and I can shoot there. Well on Friday I had a pretty good buck come thru the woods and I was unable to shoot because of the fence. I wasn't going to shoot because I knew there were bigger bucks on the property. I thought to myself at the time "I need to re-evaluate this set up. It's going to cost me". But I did nothing. Last night hunting it again I had a big buck come thru the woods. I'm not a great guesser but I would say close to a 140 inch 8 pt with kickers. He came by my blind at 20 yards. I couldn't get a shot because of the barb wire. I didn't want to risk it. Needless to say I was sick I should've listened to my original instincts and changed something. I paid the price for thinking "good enough". It won't happen again. I ordered a new blind, one tall enough to stand up in and take the fence out of the equation. I just wish I didn't make this decision the hard way. Live and (hopefully) learn! So the moral of the story: listen to your gut and never think good enough! It'll cost you in some way or the other. I guess that also applies to life in general. Thanks for reading my long post. Happy hunting!

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    have had a few good enough's bite me too, and probable will again. LOL keep after them
    I'll try to extend the grace to you that God has already extended to me.

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    we've all been there... I think a very successful hunter doesn't continue to do something and try to get away with it if he knows it's not right... be it wind, shooting space, etc. keep on him... but fix that issue.

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