One Stuck Breech Plug!

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    Default One Stuck Breech Plug!

    Last night I dug out the ML to get ready for this Saturday. I haven't put any rounds through it in about 4 months or so.

    Every time Im done with the rifle I give it a GOOD cleaning. I disassemble the rifle (breach plug, bolt, etc). I then swab it with Hoppe's bore cleaner or TC bore cleaner. Sometimes both. I hit it with a wire brush and then hit it with more bore cleaner. After all is said and done I patch the barrel until clean and dry. I finish it off with some Rem Oil. I use bore butter but dont leave it in the barrel when Im not going to shoot the gun for a while.

    Last night I was going to give it an initial clean for this weekend. I need to put a few rounds through it and make sure its still on the mark. I tried to back out the plug and it didn't move. I pulled and twisted and pulled more but it felt as it it had been welded in place? I ended up laying the rifle flat on a shirt and using a pipe wrench (on the plug wrench) to back out the breech plug. I literally had to fight it to the last thread! Ive cleaned this gun countless times but this is the first major problem that ive had. It didn't have any rust except for the threads.

    Everything else was dry and clean. Im going to find some of the breech grease today but I cant help but wonder what I did wrong? Ive never seen anything stuck like that in my life! What do you all think?

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    Default Re: One Stuck Breech Plug!

    Sounds like you had some bore cleaner in the threads and when the plug was inserted, over time it rusted. Store it with anti sieze and it should not be a problem. I try to dry the threads in the barrel before putting it all back together again, and be sure to give it a good dose of anti sieze.

    I had my breechplug freeze in my Rem 700 and I had not even fired a shot through it. I bought the gun in VA then moved to Kalifornia and it sat unused for a few years. When I tried ot take it apart to give it a going over, the plug was frozen. I pulled the barrel from the action and tried penetrating oil and impact wrench with no success. I broke off a couple EZ Outs again without any success. I sent the gun to Virgin Valley and had it rebarreled. More better!

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    Default Re: One Stuck Breech Plug!

    For whats it worth, I use TC Gorilla Grease, and I coat all the threads really good and thread it in and out, then leave it not tight. This works good for me.

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    Default Re: One Stuck Breech Plug!

    I usually use a high temp anti-sieze that is used on aircraft spark plugs. I use this on the threads on the nipple and on the breech plug. Go light with it tho, make sure it stays on the threads. I never have any problems getting the breech out. In fact, I cut my breech tool up into smaller pieces and cut a small square in one end. I can pull the nipple and breech w/o taking out the trigger mechanism or the bolt. (this is on a Knight MK-85) Which makes it very nice if you get something stuck in the barrel, like a patch between shots while swabbing

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    Default Re: One Stuck Breech Plug!

    I never store my gun with the plug or bolt in it. I leave it with those parts disassembled after cleaning. Also use anti sieze lube and never have any troubles getting the plug out.

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    Default Re: One Stuck Breech Plug!

    I had that problome once and poured oil down the barrel and let it set for 2 day and tried to work it loose every day and it finaly came off but the best way is to keep the breach plug off so you dont have to worry about it.

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