fish and game movement forcast problem??

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    deadeye270 Guest

    Default fish and game movement forcast problem??

    Is anyone else have problems with this part of the website? Thanks

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    Default Re: fish and game movement forcast problem??

    The way I understand it is that DATASPORT,Inc. is a game and fish forecast business not connected directly with Realtree.
    It is a subscription service that not only Realtree, but many local TV stations use.
    If the bill isn't paid on time...they shut it down until they receive payment, and then turn it on again once they're paid.
    This usually happens every month at the beginning of the new month.
    When they do reappear they are usually shown as a .bmp and a few days later they change to .gif.
    Possibly someone in accounting isn't paying the bill on time?


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