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  2. Happened to me and the Mrs. one time. We went to WV to hunt the first week. We were in the sporting goods store the night before the traditional, historic opening day when the clerk told us the state changed the opener to the NEXT week that year. That was a bummer to say the least.
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  4. ok the 21rst I will be out...I did not catch the traditional date had been changed from THIS week. to the THIRD week of April....That was close... I never caught that until
  5. wow man enjoy i don't like dog hunting i prefer crossbow hunting on dog hunting.
  6. The video editing is so good. when will you make another video.
  7. wow congrats man this is so big buck enjoy.
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  9. this time Thurs. I will be out listening and calling. Hope to add to my "beard" collection.
  10. wow congrats man this deer are so incredible. one of my biggest hobby is deer hunting but in our country there is some restriction that's why i cant hunt nothing😪
  11. Daysland AB. Sunday, Apr. 11, 2021 Chris C. reported Incoming: increasing numbers Time: Late Afternoon Weather: Sunny Temp: 31-40 degrees Wind: Calm from West Comments: Millions of snows south of daysland AB
  12. I got a Huskavarna..gotta love the "Wissconsin accent!
  13. Gee, maybe if they wouldnt dump it into rivers, we would not have that problem?
  15. All I can say is if you can afford the $300 go for Hawke 30mm 1-4×24 with IR. You get what you pay for with optics, and with $350 you can get a decent scope. Go elletbrothers there you'll get a article on the best scope for 45-70, that will help you to take the right decision.
  16. Wondering if anyone is running NF scope on favorite varmint rifle? If so which reticle pattern and your opinion/experiences? Next year I desire the best reticle for called in coyotes low power variable and sub 300 targets. Please no trash talk, but certainly interested in other brands in the exact same role.
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  18. I resemble 7 and 12 for sure, with 16 and 21 not far behind. There is a lot of truth to most of those "getting old" sayings. Thanks for giving me a chuckle.
  19. Semakin kalian ingin bisa memenangkan sebuah peramainan, maka semakin besar pula kemungkinan kalian untuk bisa menang. Yap, kalian harus daftarkan diri kalian pada situs Coloktoto yang memang sudah terjamin aman dan bisa memberikan kalian keuntungan besar. Jangan sembarangan dalam memilih situs ya guys!

  20. Thanks Joe. Hope everyone had a good Easter. Oldest daughter brought our granddaughter to visit, was a good day.
  21. wtnhunt

    This and that

    Could not agree more. Sad reality of what society is becoming. Society of participation trophies, the look at me mindset, and entitlements. Usually have a few a year end up on our property. No telling where they come from.
  22. Yes sir, very aware. I am still doing my stay away from people. I figured the j and j was my best option. Strongly suggested that I be vaccinated before my surgery in May. Biggest factor for me in deciding to get it was on the likelihood it would lessen potential damage caused by covid. Primary care doc, cardiologist, wife, and a cardiology pa all strongly encouraged me getting a vaccine. They are far more educated on this stuff than I am.
  23. Just let the poor "Genetics" weed themselves out! YUP
  24. HA!!!!...We find two or three on EVERY logging job we do!..I found several just shed hunting last week. They are EVERYWHERE!!! Dont hear about those in the news now do ya?
  25. Over the past 4+ decades I have witnessed an ever increasing lack of respect for nature and the land. Having hiked and hunted the "Bob", and multiple other wilderness areas, including the Great Bear, Rattlesnake, Mission Mountains, and Cabinet Mountains, I am constantly amazed at the garbage left behind. Along with the garbage there is the vandalism and wanton abuse evident wherever humans have visited. One thing that is also present and can not be attributed to human presence in the area, is the remains of mylar balloons. I have found over a dozen in some years. When walking a trail or g
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