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  2. About the only new gear I'm getting for the 2017 season are 4 of these Millennium 360 hang on stands to set in Missouri and a 5th one to set in Mississippi. Those along with stick ladders to go with each one of them. I won't need to optional shooting stick though shown in the picture for bowhunting.
  3. Any one getting anything new or changing anything for the 2017 deer season? My 2013 Elite Hunter I used for 3D is getting set-up for hunting and I'm likely selling the Halon....I just can't get consistent with the grip or weight of the bow. Nice bow but I've fought with it, just not clicking. My Hoyt Pro-Defiant is a shooter and I'm shooting that for 3D. Other than maybe a new treestand harness, no earth shattering changes. How about the rest of you?
  4. Ditto to what William said Frank. That's wayyyyyy too high for me!
  5. Some glues can also melt plastic..not sure what it'd do to bowstring but probably not a good idea. Now I've heard of serving in a peep and putting a drop of glue on the knot in the plastic groove of the peep, that works ok. Wouldn't put it directly on bow string though. Super glue though is good for fletching arrows.
  6. Ummm, had it been me, would have been inclined to drop it a bit lower, like from the ground. lol. See that upper trunk falling to the right. Wires above your head? Glad it all worked out ok Frank, seen trees do funny stuff even with professionals. Little guatemalan feller cutting trees next to us last year ran on more than one occasion.
  7. Not up to much this weekend, started mowing the grass yesterday until it started raining. Hopefully I'll be able to finish it today, calling for isolated thunderstorms for the next few days. Gonna take my daughter and dog for a ride to the bush on the 4 wheeler like we do every Sunday morning here shortly to check the trail cam and the electric fence at the back of our cattle pasture. Don... my 22 month old just pointed to your avatar and said: That's daddy! LOL... kids.
  8. got up there...creative thinking! Is that a second climber you took up after the Y there above the other climber?
  9. Welcome! Last couple years I've shot a TC Omega Z5. Last year put a scope on it, really dialed it in, 3 bullets touching at 100 yards in the bullseye. Good shooting gun, yes it kicks a little but it kills based on my results this past season. I also am looking at CVAs, particularly the Accura V2. I want something with an easily removed breech, easy to clean, etc. I spoke to someone who loves his CVA, said it's great shooting, great trigger, easy to clean, and accurate. I have also been considering the TC ProHunter fx but leaning towards a CVA. Good luck in your search and it'll be a matter of trying different loads to see what it shoots. My TC Omega likes 2 Triple 7 pellets and Hornady SST. Never shot it though with 3 pellets, saw no need. Took a doe at about 110 yards with the gun.
  10. Sorry - couldn't get the video to load. Here is a pic.
  11. Saved my mom about 1000.00 dollars.
  12. Yesterday
  13. I actually have no plans for tomorrow other than mowing some grass. Sunday is my niece's graduation party. Hopefully........................... HOPEFULLY.................... that'll be about it. I just feel it's highly unlikely....................
  14. Last week
  15. Not much going on here, gonna be a soggy weekend. Wife and our youngest daughter will be off to the riding academy/horse barn to volunteer half the day tomorrow then wife is working Sunday. Will be home with my 6 year old, may spend some time in the pool.
  16. It's hump day for me nothing but work today, my weekend starts Monday.
  17. Well it looks like we made it another week lol. Been a busy one for us. Daughter played a double header with a different team that was short players Monday night, had an all day softball camp Tuesday, hitting lessons Wednesday night, team practice last night, and a tournament starts tonight. Looks like our weekend consists of a little more softball lol. At least this tournament is in town so I can sleep in my own bed every night. She has one game tonight, two tomorrow, and tomorrow night one of her teammates is having a bbq and bonfire so that should be a good time. Sunday is elimination games, and before you know it Monday will be here. There's my weekend...what does everyone else have going on?
  18. Hey stranger! Welcome back!
  19. are you permitted to carry a .38?
  20. I am on the night watch tonight
  21. got out again today 6-22 limit of bass @ 17 Nice gills fish frys are adding up
  22. RT had posted to all users to remove any images to a folder, before they took old site down. You must have missed that Welcome back Sean
  23. Welcome back!
  24. Saw that this morning. Amazing shot!!!
  25. Pretty crazy factors to figure to try to compensate for with 2 miles. Be interested in hearing more details on whether it was flat wide open terrain and bullet weight etc, etc.....
  26. Welcome back Sean. Unfortunately the pics that were on the old photopost were not able to be moved to the new forums when they changed them over and so they were basically all lost unless users saved them.
  27. What a shot! Wonder how long before it gets broken again...
  28. I have not been on here in a couple of years thought I would see what was new here. How do I look up my old pics i had on here? Did they get rid of them? Thanks Sean
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