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  2. I'm still hanging around but been busy getting ready for a move. My new house in north Mississippi should be finished around the end of March. I've been going through everything in the house I've lived in for 31 years to decide what to get rid and what to keep. Lots of old files too since I worked full time out of my house from 2002 to 2007. Since then I've been sort of semi-retired.
  3. An interesting thing is the ratio of posts to views. Prior to this post there were 110 views and only 4 posts on this topic and many posts get a lot less traction than this one. And on we go.
  4. At least we still exist. Which is a testament to the character of the people here. You could be on the Mossy Oak forum. Oh...wait...shoot...they're gone.🙄
  5. Yeah around there. Case holds 90.6gr of water. Max load according to the nosler manual for a 160gr accubond is 75gr of IMR 7828. Last ones I whipped up in the .260 was 44gr of H4350. Pretty sure I'm going with the Burris Veracity 5-25x50. FFP, MOA, ballistic reticle, has the MAD turrets and sunshade with it.
  6. About double the powder capacity? Right now with components tough to find I am really liking the max loads around 42 gr imr 4350 in a couple of loads.
  7. Good to hear! I'll probably settle on that or similar for now, even cheaper, then save for the Nightforce competition 15-55x52. Never thought I'd even contemplate spending over 3K on a scope.😬😳🤣 Rifle showed up today. Wasn't sure if I'd like the stock or not but its growing on me. May eventually get a darker sendero stock or a bell and Carleson like I had on the Weatherby. The black with grey webbing. The STW sure dwarfs the 260 and 308.😮😁
  8. I haven’t done any hunting since the last doe kill, but I’ll probably try to sneak a few in before season ends in the 31st. Still no mature deer to shoot, so likely to be a doe tag filled unless something new shows up.....
  9. Well, my season is officially OVER. It was fun sharing the hunts with all of you. Best of luck in 2021!
  10. Yea, I've got too many photos and videos from 2009 to nix it. Still, I'm not going to be on there like I used to. I don't know if there is an App for this site or not? If not that would help. A user friendly app that allows video and image uploads. If it is too difficult people stop using it.
  11. A shame it has become what it has. Another forum I am on is wide open, much like it used to be here. Honestly from all I am hearing about facebook if that was really the issue this place would be jumping again. Keep hearing about facebook stepping on more and more, latest censoring gun ads?
  12. once turkey season starts rolling around it will pick up
  13. If one did not check in daily here, you would be waaay behind in reading content. I knew things are slow, but now, being home 1 day a week, shucks, I gotta LOOK for any new posts!! JEEPERS!
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  15. Still not have any accidents on our spread. Were a couple forwarder/truck crinkles on other work sites last week. heading back for week 7 Sunday My Covid test was Neg. on the 12th, as was my room mates.
  16. Burris are good value for their price point for sure. Just function tested a new upper today with a wilson combat barrel. Have a burris 5-25x50 signature hd on it. Think I am gonna like the signature hd.
  17. Everything seems to be in stock here. Haven't really reloaded in 10 years or close to it. Primers seem to be around s $7/hundred, powder is $50-$60/pound. Bullets are all over the place. Most recent ones I bought were the 129gr Nosler ABLR for the .260.... think they were $80 or $90 per 100. As for optics, I'm not really sure yet. Kind of have an "in" with a local Leupold rep. There is a new model coming this year I may get once he gets one for a sample. I just wish they had broader magnification without having to spend thousands on the VX5 and 6 line. We'll see what the new one is for ma
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  20. Buckee!!! I'm reminded of you ever single day. The blacktail spike/cow horn skull you sent me when I bought my first house hangs right by the garage door in my latest house, 11 years later. I hope all is well!
  21. No doubt. Gunbroker prices on primers are insane.
  22. I got my first Moderna shot the 7th. Except for a sore arm I feel pretty good.
  23. I wish, "We won't stop until everyone is fully primed" meant that primers will be available again.
  24. All the small rifle primers I find in stock are either in Canada or on gunbroker for auction @10 times or more what the normal price should be. Real shame things are heading the direction they are here. What kind of optics you going with? Should be able to stretch on out a ways.
  25. I prefer a bow quiver. It's quiet and light weight. I usually take it off when in a stand and hang it up. I have a hip quiver but I haven't used it for many years. It's too easy to snag arrows on brush and make noise with it. Easier to loose arrows too, especially in the dark while slipping in or out of stands back in cover.
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