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  2. Buck knife

    Buck knife is also a smart choice for the shooting range. Why should not we try to use it?
  3. Outdoor Edge...

    Well, I think most hunters often use their favorite knives in their shooting game. Spyderco knife and EDC fixed knife are good options on price and quality
  4. #2 Big Island Bird

  5. nice kitty

    I would love to that feline play fetch.
  6. Well what can I say other than it’s been a wild day. Got home from our trip this morning around 10 and decided to go check some trail cameras around 4:30 that Caitlin put out 3 weeks ago. I chased a bird almost everyday last year and never laid eyes on him. He would always show up a couple hours after I had to head in. He drove me crazy. Never would gobble or come to a call. I only would get pics of him walking the roads never strutting. Did some soft calling on my way in and after 30-45min passed look who decided to slip in and check things out. Cool thing was my wife got to watch the whole thing as she was pulling the last camera. Was wishing she was closer to me when it all went down so she could have gotten to take the shot. One of the craziest hunts I’ve ever been on. 21lbs 10 13/16” beard 1.25” spurs
  7. Yesterday
  8. nice kitty

    I woulda threw a stick at it for sure.....
  11. #2 Big Island Bird

    Congratulations Scott...sounds like that terrain is tough to hunt.
  12. Can snow make a 3006 bullet stop I'm the berrel

    Is that possible with just snow in the barrel
  13. I have a buddy that said that snow was the reason for a bullet getting stuck in his Barrel and and the second shot cause the exploded the barrel and cause the bolt-action to shoot out
  14. I have a buddy that said that snow was the reason for a bullet getting stuck in his Barrel and and the second shot cause the exploded the barrel and cause the bolt-action to shoot out
  15. Im BORED!

    Nice timing!
  16. nice kitty

    Nice video. I can feel the tension though.
  17. #2 Big Island Bird

    Very nice.
  18. Last week
  19. 2016 buck on the wall

    That's an awesome TN buck William and certainly looks great on the wall. The buck looks much older in the pic with you in it. I think the nose and eyes make it look much younger in the mount. Mount pics generally make the mount look worse than it actually is.
  20. 2016 buck on the wall

    Nice! Love the crab claw
  21. Great opening day!

    Sounds like a great hunt Al...congrats! If I had a few turkey hunts that action packed I would devote a little more time to it lol.
  22. Finally Time to Dangle at the Angle!

    Nice photos.
  23. Chequamagon Bay Lake Superior

    Nice haul you got there.
  24. #2 Big Island Bird

    These birds have been and are whooping us. Between them and the volcano and the 8300-9000ft elevation we are worn out. They are hen’d up something bad so that adds to it too. But we’ve had a really good time. Got my second bird his morning before the sun peaked over the mountains. I have ruined a pair of keen hiking boots on this rock. It’s a gorgeous place to hunt but it’s tough. I’ll share my story after we get back home. Here are some pics One of the Good Lords ways of looking out for me, it was like a bridge
  25. 2017-18 survivors

    one of the spikes still got antlers on;
  26. The 3-16 check in thread

    Rain here again so staying indoors. I picked up my son's 2 shoulder mounts Friday afternoon (Kudu and Gemsbok) from out 2016 Africa hunt. I'm driving to Memphis, TN this afternoon to deliver them to him. Returning home Monday morning. Since the weather looks favorable for turkey hunting Wednesday & Thursday, I'll go for my 2nd MS gobbler. Killed my 1st one on opening day this past Thursday (turkey tale in turkey hunting forum).
  27. The 3-16 check in thread

    Pretty quiet weekend for us so far. We were spoiled with 40-55 degree temps all of February and lost all our snow. Well winter returned the past couple weeks. Have some snow back and the past few days has been quite raw with the wind. Beautiful morning here now. No wind but it's -5F. High in the mid 20s. Might try and get the snowmobile out for a run today, looks like warmer weather is trending the next 2 weeks so I better enjoy it while I can.
  28. The 3-16 check in thread

    Fished Fri. a.m. got a lake trout, then had to leave by 11 to get to our truckers shop for a prime rib cook out. Fished today out on the bay again, slow day, one whitefish
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