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  5. Very NICE buck Pat! Is there a link to the "story"??... I dont find it anywhere??
  6. Yeah so true on the sheeples. still waiting to see what bills get passed
  7. Yep, always enjoy reading other's stories. I may be an oddball though because I like to share my stories for those interested and don't mind taking the time to write them. Unfortunately not too many these days here seem to take the time to read and reply.
  8. Pat, once again I'm late to the party. What a great deer and thanks for sharing your story. Not many people are willing to take the time to type all that out. Thanks for sharing, it was deeply appreciated.
  9. First and foremost I am sooooo glad Anthony didn't leave us. Shoot me a text sometime pard! I always had a weird vibe from Tink. He seemed to use Facebook as his own personal Tinder site. He asked to friend me when I first joined Facebook but I quickly declined. I will have to do a Google search and get caught up.
  10. Should be Don. I am crawling the walls like a kid at Christmas lol. Delivery date says by Wednesday. Think I'll go to Ottawa tomorrow and grab a box of ammo or two and some bases or one piece talley rings.
  11. Pretty sure Tink Nathan is his real name.
  12. Well, I must have Alzheimer's or something because I don't see a name. Or is the original post you are referring to the one that was deleted?
  13. That's cool Lewis. Always nice to see a group and communities come together to help others.
  14. I live in rural Nova Scotia, our municipality has a population of around 6500 people. My girlfriend is a grade 6 school teacher, for 4 hours yesterday and 4 hours today her and a few of her students went to one of our local grocery stores and packed groceries for the customers for donations, to raise money to put towards their school trips. The people around here are very generous, they raised $1600.
  15. His first name is in the OP. I dont know of any charges that have been filed on him. He was a member of the Texas forum that Anthony and I are members of, which he has been banned from for his perverted advances toward women on there and his theft of bows and equipment from members of the same forum. Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
  16. Last week
  17. Can someone post a link to a thread explaining everything in detail, or a link to the charges that have been placed on him or his real name so the Google can do the work?
  18. Personally haven't use any of said product since 96. Have found it wasn't as effective as other products. Thanks for the heads up always appreciated.
  19. That looks like it oughta be fun !!!
  20. Wow, that's about as low as it gets. Honestly there was always something about that guy that I wasn't sure about. He didn't rub me the right way.
  21. People who already have money are usually the sleaziest, we have a few big lobster buyers around here who have tons of money and are the greediest people you will ever meet.
  22. Probably all wore down from all the fun of tending does. MHO. lol
  23. Opinions on this 8. Think he is a 3.5 with great potential. He first showed up on cams here around the 13th and got this daylight sequence where he appears hunched in the last 2 pics and looks pretty thin.
  24. Pretty sure some here contributed to the wounded warrior effort. Some of that above I was aware of but not all of it. Probably a pattern that was used across other media platforms as well.
  25. Sad reality. The sheeples are much easier to herd when they are unarmed. Gonna be interesting to see how things play out in VA, been a lot of speculation. Glad the protest went well, just goes to show law abiding gun owners are civil and peaceful minded. Honestly surprised the dems did not have paid people there to attempt to provoke.
  26. Read up first post for his name.
  27. This was cut n pasted from another Texas forum when others have asked the same question. Last time I am talking about him (spit on ground). lets see, He solicited bows and archery equipment that was supposedly for wounded veterans and he took the free equipment donated and sold it for a profit and pocketed the money. He solicited dates (read more into that) by offering to take women off this site hunting if they would be his girlfriend. When a very well loved member of this site died he made fun of it all over facebook. Plus a long list of other stuff. And the only reason he was a PH in Africa is because he was hiding from tax evasion. Total piece of crap.
  28. So what did he do? If you'd rather say at least tell me his name so I can do some searching about it.
  29. We were all enamored with his his experience and drawn in like a bug to a light. Quite a few things have come to light about him. So, having said that. Would love to turn this into a bash thread. But people like that are not worth the air to speak their name. Anyone and everyone should stay far away from Harvey Wientink as possible. Great to see the Minutemen rally here 🤠. Be safe!
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