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  2. wtnhunt

    Still kicking

    Thanks Martin. Surprised, there have been 27 looks at this and you are the only one to reply. No wonder this place is freaking dead.
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  4. Just an FYI. I did not get the shot because I did not think it necessary. It is as simple as that. It was not because of Trump or my politics. Not because of my believing in any conspiricy theories. I simply do not believe the virus was as deadly as it was reported. I think the entire thing was terribly overblown - primarily by TV news media. Modern TV news is not in business to accurately inform the public, or be fair. They are
  5. fly

    New Pool

    Yea, this is the first pool I've ever had other than a blow up one from Walmart. The process of the install was nerve racking and we had several ALMOST screw ups that I caught and corrected at the last moment. However, it's done and done right and that's what is important. Looking forward to landscaping ideas now. It will not all get done this year.
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  7. Thanks for the update William! God speed to a full recovery.!!
  8. Looks look like that use going to be a nice buck Dave. Your luck with the turkeys sounds about like how my luck seems to go.
  9. wtnhunt

    Still kicking

    Friday May 21'st, underwent open heart surgery to replace my aortic root and valve. Surgery at Vanderbilt went well, I am told I was only in surgery 4 hours, we were expecting 6. Had to spend one extra day in ICU due to low blood pressure, but got to come home the following Wednesday. Things had been going ok with recovery, walking quite a bit, little more each day. Not set to start cardiac rehab until early July. Friday morning my heart rate took off and ended up in a fib. Got in to my cardiologist Friday morning and he started some new meds and increased my metoprolol to try t
  10. Sounds about right. These peeps are geniuses. 🙄
  11. wtnhunt

    New Pool

    Looks good Frank. Catrina and I have considered an unground but just keep on with our 24 ft above ground, thing is 23 years old.
  12. Doing same here too Dave, take care with that back, hope you can get out this fall.
  13. Good Luck Lewis, hope it all turns out well.
  14. I got the Moderna shot back on may 19. I had no side effects other than arm a bit sore the next day. I actually didn’t even feel the needle. I put my courage in the doctors and scientists not the Facebook moms and keyboard warriors lol who think that covid is all fake and the government is controlling it all. I had one guy tell me that when they test you and when you get the needle they are putting nano chips in your brain and your arm lol.
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  16. elkoholic


    I am sure we all have our favorite genre of music but how many expand their horizons in the music they listen to. Some thoughts on listening if you are bored. Maybe you have already had a listen or maybe not. Add your own, I still like to expand my horizons. Metal: Tatiana Shmaylyuk is a beast Country/folk: better than Darius Rucker's version Musical/dance
  17. Interesting article. Indisputable proof that, although we have made amazing technological advances, we have not progressed psychologically. When will we ever realize that just because we can, maybe, we really shouldn't. There are consequences. Violence towards each other, whether partaking or observing, says a lot and is just the beginning as it carries over to many aspects of life. Throw in some drugs (alcohol is a drug) and it gets worse. Should we figure in the waste of resources? I guess not, as it is doubtful anyone really cares. Just give me a good fight we chant. Why?
  18. a few more, been out 5 times so far;
  19. Elkoholic, Interesting book review/article about this topic in the WSJ that might interest you.
  20. fly

    New Pool

    Some updates - still a work in progress.
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  22. Hendric does it again at Sanoma;
  23. I'm using PETZL Reactik+ since last few months and I knew that it's a perfect I got! I took reviews for the right headlamp for camping and tracking before investing on it, There are many products available in the market but selecting the right as per our needs it's little bit hard.
  24. yea, probably. if you tire of the block, look into the Spyderweb no speed limit. You will not be disappointed.
  25. Shucks Elkoholic, Boxing is the Only kind of sport I like to watch. Am not into the MMA stuff at all but give me an Ali, Frazier, Forman or especially a Mike Tyson type bout and I will watch it - again and again. Watching any sporting event requires a TV of course and as I have no doubt mentioned before, I don't own one. Haven't for at least 20 years. And yes, I am proud of that. I will catch a few bouts on youtube now and then tho. As for violence and cruelty, yeah, it's part of our nature. But I can't say i
  26. They go in up to fletching, so far no problem pulling them out. I had NO idea he was sighting in on my rifle target. That was inline with my block. He is not used to a scope, so I guess that is where he got confused.
  27. homercramer81

    Daily CBD

    As with finding the best CBD oils for yourself, it is also worthwhile to do some research before committing to a product. Take advice from your veterinarian, as a first starting point. Then, take sound advice based on solid scientific evidence and recommendation. The best CBD for dogs with arthritis must be Evn, Penguin or Verma Farms. These three brands have led the way in research and product development to develop a safe, gentle and effective supplement that treats the root cause of arthritis in pets, and is not only safe, but is backed by many scientifically evidenced, long-term lab result
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