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  5. Find a place to hunt first. Then scout it out. Find deer trails and decide if their are trees that you can place a stand in. Then buy the stand for that tree. Wear a safety harness. Sooo much else to list, start there - and be safe.
  6. couple Honkers on my pond this a.m. The last big north bound push should be starting here this next week into first week of June.
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  9. Probably should be in the handgun room, but............ Check out Buffalo Bore ammo.
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  11. My problem is that a big majority of the beards I have are just tossed into a box with no way to identify when or where. But they'll hang, nonetheless.
  12. well, not sure I did a "neet" job of it. But ya,got em hangin in my walk in cooler on the wall. Spend a fair amount of time in there skinning and deboning and trimming come fall. Figured better in there than in the house. Pick the battles you can win my Dad would advise.,,,lol
  13. Neat way to keep track of when...........
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  15. Yeah. There's beards and spurs here everywhere waiting for me to do something with them.
  16. yea, i have several and plan to do the same "some day".
  17. Yeah. I keep 'em. Gonna make aa display board to hang them from some day.
  18. Another nice one! Congratulations!
  19. Nice gobbler! Saving the beard?
  20. Congratulations! I remember those decoys - I had a couple and "upgraded" to the ones pictured below about 15 years ago. I didn't like blowing them up, prefer placing a stick in them to keep them open. You doing anything with this Tom other than eating it?
  21. CONGRATS on a great bird !!!!!!!!!
  22. Turkeys have been few and far between in central NY for years. On opening day (May 1st) I got my first long beard in a long time. I was hunting a brand new piece of ground. The weather that morning was absolutely perfect. I got out of my truck, got situated and tried a call in case something was nearby and was immediately answered by 2-3 toms really aggressively. I quickly set my decoy and got ready. It took about an hour of soft calling but a hen lead a tom into my set-up. He had a 9 inch beard, 1 inch spurs, and was easily over 20 pounds. It was the fastest I have ever tagged out. Now I have to tell you about my decoy. It was something I bought probably 20 years ago and never bothered to try it until last Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Tom Turkey walked right up to it. Who says you need a $100 decoy to kill a bird 😄
  23. So, I punched my first tag at 6:50 AM on our opener. And Monday.........our second day......... I tagged out at 6:10 AM. Classic straight-from-the-limb hunt. He flew down with 4 hens. They worked their way to some very soft and friendly calling and he strutted behind them to his demise. 17 1/2 lbs 8 1/2" beard 1" & 1 1/8" spurs
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