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  3. Team 2

    Checked the cams Wednesday. One small 6 point, four doe and hogs. Three doe were at one of the feeders when we pulled up. I was able to walk about 60 yards from them before they bolted.
  4. 10-20 Free Bird check-in

    Not much going on today besides getting the house squared away to entertain friends for tomorrow’s Cowboys game. Chili is on the menu.
  5. Team 2

    Cold Front comin thru today, by weeks end high in 40's....bucks should start to cruise some in a week or so. Not seen any scrapes yet
  6. 10-20 Free Bird check-in

    I was fortunate enough to see Lynyrd Skynyrd in concert when I was in college. Nothing special going on this weekend. Trying to take it easy to get over the crud I've had for about a week now. Need to get over it before I head back to Missouri on 10/30.
  7. Team 1

    Congratulations Marty. Nice, mature 8 point there. Martin's right...nothing wrong with him at all!
  8. We finally got out

    RON, only one thing WRONGwith your pic... I"M NOT IN IT!!!
  9. 10-20 Free Bird check-in

    We lost a great Canadian Rock star this weekend Gord Downie from the Tragically Hip... he was only 53...died from brain Cancer. he was from right here in Kingston. Anyway surprise surprise I am at work this weekend nights....I took on some extra shifts for extra cash to go away deer hunting so I am just over the hump on a 7 12 hour shift run. I will be done Tuesday morning. They took the beans off our field yesterday so if I have a good night tonight I may go out and work on a new stand I put up. so nothing exciting here guys....have a good one....CHEERS!
  10. We finally got out

    Still pretty warm up here right now. Ron
  11. Last week
  12. 10-20 Free Bird check-in

    Our sixteen year old is in the color guard in her high school band, might go to the football game tonight to watch her perform. We won't be going to her competition tomorrow. Need to get ou youngest daughter(eleven) to shoot the .243 a few times over the weekend. Might shoot my 308 a few more times. Have a lot of cleaning to do in my garage. Get some scrape drippers going with active scrape probably Sunday sometime. Youth hunt is next weekend. Muzzleloader opens the following Saturday, but as always is also the weekend of the state band competition. Not had much opportunity to hunt, have not sat a stand once this year and honestly everytime I seem to get motivated seems something comes up or I get stuck with the kids and cant go. Probably drag my son out a few sits when the weather is better and wasps and skeeters are not so bad.
  13. Team 1

    congrats marty! Nothin wrong with that deer at all
  14. 2017-2018 deer photo entry thread

  15. 2017-2018 deer photo entry thread

    Team #1 Pointingdogsrule 8 point October 18th
  16. 10-20 Free Bird check-in

    HOLDING MY ZIPPO HIGH!! 76 degrees too warm deer not moving at all, excuse me, ... I gotta catch a drum stick or guitar pick!
  17. We finally got out

    Hey!...looks like the ducks are still up there...heard geese are moving down pretty good too
  18. CHRISTmas exchange?

    Me 3
  19. Getting closer

    This weekend should be beautiful for normal people... horrible for deer hunters. But next weekend - dropping 30 degrees. Should be 38 in the morning on Saturday (Oct 28th). Cold weather + Doe in Heat Urine = Success!!
  20. Team 4

    Went out yesterday AM as the weather has been much better. Had a 2.5 year old 7-point walk by around 8am. He wasn't displaying any rut behavior at all. No scrapes and no fresh rubs yet. I expect them to start showing up any day now.
  21. CHRISTmas exchange?

    I'll participate this year.
  22. CHRISTmas exchange?

    Do you still have a CHRISTmas Exchange? If so count me in.
  23. 10-20 Free Bird check-in

    I remember the crash like it was yesterday - heard about it all the way in the middle of the Med. I will be working in the shop this weekend trying to get a jump on my CHRISTmas orders.
  24. Iowa blackpowder deer

    Nice buck! Congrats! Temps have been above normal here also. Hopefully that will change in the next week or so.
  25. 10-20 Free Bird check-in

    So today marks the 40th anniversary one of rock & rolls greatest tragedies...the Lynyrd Skynyrd plane crash. Even though I was only one year old at the time, Skynyrd has always been one of my favorite rock bands. I remember clearly my dad playing their albums when I was a little kid, so there is some nostalgia there for me. On to the weekend plans! I am hoping to sneak out of work early today and go get a deer stand moved. Tonight Evan has a hay ride for Cub Scouts, but he has been fighting a cold for a few days so not sure if mom is too keen on him going. This morning my daughter leaves for her 8th grade class trip to Washington D.C. It should be a good experience for her and she has really been looking forward to it. Tomorrow my bride has to work, so it will just be me & the boys. Evan has his last flag football game of the season tomorrow afternoon. Tomorrow evening we are going to my sisters house to celebrate my nephews 14th birthday. The kid is turning from a boy into a man at a high rate lol. Sunday we have some rain in the forecast, so doubt I will get out hunting at all this weekend.
  26. Iowa blackpowder deer

    Nice deer. I love reading about hunts like this. Thanks. Where I hunt in central MN it's getting to be that you don't dare leave a deer out overnight. I shot a big doe a couple of years ago and then went and tracked her down. She was down for the count. Then I heard my partner shoot so I walked to his stand and we looked for any evidence for about 1 1/2 hours till it started to rain making it pretty much impossible to ever find his deer. (He was pretty sure he had missed) So we went to recover my doe. In the Hour and a half I was gone the coyote had got there and was eating into my doe. He had eaten into her in the ribs where the bullet had exited and was just getting to the backstrap. We must have chased him away when we came to recover her. Anyway, it's always a tough call whether to go recover or to wait but with all the coyotes and some wolves we have recover has become the prudent thing to do.
  27. We finally got out

    Not too bad for our first morning shoot. Ron
  28. Ron

    We are seeing lot so snows up here but mostly to the north and west of us. Ron
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