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  2. Touchy topic and I are about the same age (I'll be 64 in January). We have seen a lot of changes over the years in the way people hunt and the gear they use. Back when we started...lets face it...hunting clothing technology sucked compared to what is available today. When we started hunting, if it rained you wore a plastic (noisy) army camo (or OD green) rain suit or parka that wouldn't keep you dry. If it was really cold and windy, you'd risk hypothermia or frostbite sitting in one position for a long time. Just my opinion but if you think that using modern hunting attire puts you in the same elements as the game you're hunting, I have to disagree. I'm all for whatever makes me more comfortable to enjoy my time hunting so I'm all for that technology. I don't care for shooting houses or blinds because I prefer to feel like I'm a part of the outdoors. I also bowhunt a lot more than I gun hunt. However, there's no question a hunter sitting on the ground using a gun (with iron sights) has a much greater advantage than I'd have bowhunting from a blind. I believe there's as many disadvantages to hunting out of some type of concealed blind (or shooting house) as there are advantages. I don't have a problem with it at all. I see you use trail cams but you can't, by law during open hunting season. That's the only state I know of that has that law. The turf (terrain) where I hunt is a lot different than Montana. I'm not in favor of trail cams that email pics instantly (don't own any) but I do use trail cams a lot to let me know what's out there. From friends of mine that lived and hunted in Montana, it's easier to attempt to pattern a particular deer there using spotting scopes than it is to use trail cams on turf that doesn't allow spotting from a distance. Maybe binocs and spotting scopes to pattern deer are cheating too. I don't think so! I agree there is technology that stretches the bounds of fair chase but IMO most doesn't...especially for a bowhunter. B&C and P&Y have already addressed the trail cam technology issue regarding fair chase. Over the years technology has improved the performance of both broadheads and bullets since you and I started hunting. Heck, there's very little that technology hasn't improved since we started. I'm all for anything that will help me enjoy my hunting outings and make me comfortable doing it. Bummer that apparently hunting laws aren't enforced in Montana like they should be. Where I hunt that's a minor problem but vision is very restricted from roads on my turf. I've known our game warden where I hunt in MS for years. I'm getting to know the GW where I hunt in MO too. Cooked supper for him one night when he stayed overnight at our place in MO. Ethics is another thing. It boils down to what someone believes is right or wrong (what they were taught is right or wrong). I don't agree that hunting ethics has much to do with the law. Many accepted ethical hunting standards have been made laws but are they all about ethics? Isn't making every effort to recover the game you shot the ethical thing to do? Some states prohibit you from crossing a property line to recover game without permission. Some give you the legal right to cross a property line to recover game. Some insist you make every effort to recover game no matter who's property you're one. Which law is right? What's the ethical thing to do? I personally have a problem with laws limiting my ability to recover game when it conflicts with my ethics. Since you and I started hunting a lot has been learned about deer, mostly through scientific studies. Science has shown doe harvest is part of herd management but we can enjoy the groceries too. When I started hunting, shooting a doe was a sin! Being labeled a doe killer was worse than being called a 4 letter word. A whole lot has changed due to what has been been discovered about deer, including how to improve habitat so it's beneficial for the herd. At the same time we're improving that habitat, we're also making it beneficial for other wildlife too. I'm not for going back in time and technology here either. I'm far less concerned that it appears you are. As you can see, I'm more like Ultradog. You're right...we as hunters never loose hunting. I like to take in the whole experience of enjoying the outdoors while I'm hunting...tag soup or not.
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  4. 8-18 friday check in

    only thing I did not do was stop at L&M.... alot closer to being ready for bow season now..
  5. Velvet muleys monster typical or non-typical??

    Hard to say which one to hang a tag on, some dandys out there!
  6. Start of the 2017 Hit List

    I like the split G-3 buck (2nd&3rd pic) then the NT would be my next, heck the typicals will just be bigger next year!
  7. Start of the 2017 Hit List

    Returned recently from our place in Missouri. Took me a while to edit trail cam pics from 9 cams that ran for about a month. The memory cards were full on some and others (bigger GB cards) were still running. Well, this was the best first pull we've ever had on the cams. Looks like it's going to be a target rich bow season ahead. Here's a few to check out. This wide 10 point will be my main target buck for this season. Easy to see why! This freak of nature is hanging around the area the wide 10 roams. He's a regular too. I have so many pics of him you could watch him grow his antlers through pics. This nice 11 point wouldn't get a pass but for now, he's hanging around another area. I may have to see this odd NT buck in hard horn to figure him out. A lot going on in his rack. Nice typical 10 here. Best buck (so far) with less than 10 points...a big 9 That's enough for now. I'm heading back to check the cams during the Labor Day holiday period (10 running now). Hope to have updates and some new nice ones that haven't shown up yet. I'm still looking for some big ones that survived last year. Fingers crossed they show up! I also have some treestand work left to do, including hanging another stand in the wide 10's turf.
  8. robert pinckard sskybnd 56 ark archery sept 29 to feb 28 2018
  9. Thanks for kicking off the rules & sign -up

  10. 2017 2018 deer contest signup

    Martin Hamann Mathews xt man (still awaiting last years prize) 59 Wis. Archery and Crossbow Sept. 16 - Jan. 7, 2018 Gun Nov. 18 - 26 Muzzleloader Nov. 27 - Dec. 6
  11. Touchy topic

    That kinda leaves alot of "wiggle" room does it not? Every way of a man is right in his own eyes: but the LORD pondereth the hearts. one may interchange hearts with...""motives like I said before, got no prob. if law allows, however you want to hunt primative or go stalk, go back to stick bow and breech cloth..hey have at 'er
  12. Administrators 956 50,128 posts Report post (IP: Posted September 11, 2016 2016-2017 Forum Deer Contest Rules DISCLAIMER This is a COMPLETELY UNOFFICIAL CONTEST. The 2016-2017 RT Forum Members Deer Contest is a contest created and operated independently by RT forum members and is not officially sanctioned or managed by Realtree or Jordan Enterprises It's time for the Annual deer contest, before you sign-up make sure you read and understand ALL the rules. DEER ENTRY DEADLINE - Contest will run from the opening of the first legal deer season until February 28th, 2018. At midnight on February 28th, 2018 the contest will be closed to further entries. ELIGIBLE ENTRIES Any deer taken in the 2017-2018 deer season. That includes muley, whitetails, blacktails and cous deer. Both does and bucks are eligible for entry. Deer may be taken however legal way chosen (bow, shotgun, rifle, etc... motor vehicles not allowed. SCORING 5 points for a deer. Buck or Doe. 1 additional point will be added for every point on a rack of 1 inch or more. Participant score will consist of 1 deer. If you are allowed to shoot more than 1 deer you may upgrade your score by submitting the new deer, this will cancel out your previous deer. INSTRUCTIONS FOR ENTERING A DEER To submit an entry a participant must include in the 2017-2018 RT Forum Deer Contest - ENTRY thread... your screen name, the number of tines that are 1 inch or longer (main beam counts), your team name. A photo of himself/herself with the deer, Photo must show the entire front half of the deer or more - this is to avoid any possible accusations concerning people entering mounts. NOTE 1: This picture HAS to show both the deer AND THE HUNTER, pics of only the deer will not be counted. Photo must show the entire front half of the deer or more. NOTE 2: Picture of just the caped out head, skull plate, or skull mount will not be counted Photo(s) were all scorable tines can be seen in. If 1 inch tine is questionable supply a photo with a measurement against the tine for verification. A photo of legal tag: This is a MUST, no deer will be entered without a clear picture of the tag. Make sure the picture can be read in the picture. NOTE 1: The tag picture has been the #1 reason for entries not being counted in the contest - DON'T FORGET YOUR TAG PICTURE. FOR PARTICIPANTS IN STATES THAT DO NOT HAVE A TAGGING SYSTEM write the following information down on a piece of paper, your forum name, your team name, date deer was taken, state deer was taken in, print and sign your name - scan or take a picture of that info and supply it instead of the tag picture. ** If you have issues with scanning or posting your photos I would be happy to help you out or post them for you, just send me a PM. TIE BREAKERS In case of a tie, I will post pictures of each teams deer harvest in the lounge and let the other forum members decide the most deserving winner through polling. They are free to base their opinions any way they like, highest B&C scores, best youth success stories, etc. PRIZES As of right now there are no prizes. We will recognize the highest scoring team. We will also recognize the Youth (Age 17 and under) with the highest scoring deer. We will recognize a Best of Contest Deer that will be voted on by RT forum members after the February 28th deadline. If and when prizes are posted - only one prize package will be awarded to an individual member. QUESTIONS, COMMENTS, ETC. Please feel free to contact me via PM if you have any questions. If you have any comments, concerns or possible disputes please pm me so that I can look into it and get a decision made on it. Just to forewarn everyone I WILL NOT put up with teams/participants scrutinizing or arguing between each other, if there is an issue bring it to my attention so I can make a decision on it. If I feel there is a need for more than my input on the issue I will bring it in front of the mods to help with the decision. The decision made on a matter is final. If a participant or team wants to try to play out an issue in the open forum and cause problems instead of bringing it to me, I reserve the right to deal with that member/team accordingly. Any participant caught cheating will be removed from the contest and replaced. I reserve the right to remove any participant from the contest for any reason.
  13. Before signing up please read and understand the rules posted in this room. First of all this is of course an unofficial contest run and moderated by forum members and not sanctioned by the good folks at Realtree/Jordan Outdoor Enterprises etc. There may or may not be prizes awarded at the end, in order to participate you must be a member in good standing with at least 10 posts at the time of the contest start, or member of active military duty with 5 posts. Any questions with regards to post count do not hesitate to ask here or pm me. We reserve the right to disallow any member regardless of post count. This contest is simply an "all-in-fun" thing and if someone is disruptive to either the forums or their teams they will be replaced. Sign-Up will end on Sept 10th, may be extended or may take alternates if need be. At that time I will randomly make up teams (youth hunters will be evenly distributed though) and will have them assembled before the 15th when I know many states have openers. Additional late teams can still be made up as they are formed, so if you catch this thread after the deadline, by all means sign up anyway. There are always no-shows and we need alternates. REMEMBER YOU ARE EXPECTED TO PARTICIPATE. NO ONE LIKES TO BE STUCK ON A TEAM WITH NO-SHOWS! Once the teams are announced we'll allow about two weeks to check in, so please check back before the end of the month or you will find you have been kicked off the team and to the back of the line. Please sign up below with Name, Screen Name, Age, States to be hunted, and Dates.
  14. Touchy topic

    Ethics, doing the right thing when no one is watching.. Leupold. Probably then the single biggest issue is what is "the right thing" to each individual hunter.
  15. 1st Hunt of the year !!

    Plus some fishing
  16. 1st Hunt of the year !!

    Still up
  17. 1st Hunt of the year !!

    Just home at 110am had a great trip !! killed a very nice antelope ,caught a real nice rainbow and best of all great times with good friends ,we ll tagged out (4 of us) Will post some pics tomm headed to bed now.
  18. Touchy topic

    yes there are some very good points in the topic and some pros and cons, whats ethical for me might not be for another, or is it becouse each state has its own regs on whats legal or not. IF i can bait and you can not thats my state saying its legal to do so, but lets also look at why this might be legal in one state versus another. some states have qwd, baiting in that state would allow an infected deer and non infected deer to eat from the [say the same pile of corn] thus possiblity infecting more deer. or there is an over abundant number of deer that the states feels that would be a better chance at harvesting a deer or so my state allows u to take 6 deer a year, there are states that allow more, Heres where split the band wagon, IF its moral and ethical for you i'm not to judge you, your conscious has to be your guide. and yes technology has grown leaps and bound sense we started hunting, and to each his own on how much they feel will benefit them, i do use what i need to help me successed, im strictly a bow hunter now, and shot my last buck many years ago with a 270 at 175 yards he never knew i was around, i will never downgrade a hunter for using a gun, to me something inside of me died that i didnt have to use my skills as a hunter on trying to beat him at his game, ie his smell, his sight, his hearing, to me what sport is it to shoot an animal 6 to 7 hundred yards with our new technology, im a meat hunter formost i dont have a problem harvesting does over horns , my personal high is when using all my learning and what technology thats available to me have an animal so close you can see the wet on its nose, as for poachers i have no use for, to me they are thieves, there are to many people in this world [ in my opinion that would help some person in need]
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  20. 8-18 friday check in

    Spent most of today hauling and putting up hay. Needed to finish mowing the yard, but guess I will get to that tomorrow.
  21. public school systems, teachers....

    I was part of the 4:29 crowd;
  22. Touchy topic

  23. 1st Hunt of the year !!

    Yep, looked like a good one Tim. Congratulations.
  24. 1st Hunt of the year !!

    Congrats Tim on the nice pronghorn, Kim showed it to me on spacebook
  25. 8-18 friday check in

    Work today, yay! Headed to one of the leases tomorrow morning to mow and trim shooting lanes, fill feeders and clean up the camp. Got some friends coming over tomorrow evening for the Dallas game. That's pretty much my weekend in a nutshell.
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