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  2. Some beautiful bucks there Al. Hope I am wrong but that last one looks sunk in like he is got something going on with his health.
  3. Due to a number of reasons, we were late getting our cams out in Missouri this year. I've always shot for the initial run to start in mid July. This year we couldn't get back there until Aug. 7th to get them running. 1 of my cams failed and I forgot 1 at the MS deer camp so we had 8 running instead of our usual 10. From those 8 cams we caught 10 bucks, so far that make our criteria. Here's the top far. No hard antler pics of these yet. Although this 10 point is not very wide, his main beams appear to go forward slightly past the end of his nose and curl up...really long! This next 10 point only showed up at night. He's real nice. Hope to get some daylight pics of him soon. This next buck is a main frame 10 point with 2 NT points coming off each main beam. His right beam NT point is on the outside of his beam. His left NT point is on the inside of his left beam. I don't think either one of the G2 kickers will make an inch so I'm calling him a 12 point. That's the top 3 on the hit list for the time being. Then I came up on this guy...although I believe he will have at least 150" of bone on his head, I don't think this 10 point is mature. To me the bottom right pic in the group makes me wonder if he's even 3.5 yet. The way his tines curl inward makes them appear shorter than they are too. Those were the best 4 pics I had of him and I don't have a frontal pic yet to check his inside spread.. That's it for now...hope to have some good hard horn pics soon to share.
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    I did!!! 😁
  6. I've been bowhunting Missouri for the past 7 seasons in a row now. I bowhunted a different area twice prior to the past 7 years. IMHO the best dates to bowhunt rutting bucks in Missouri is 11/3 through 11/10. Also the best counties to hunt are any of the the northern 2 tiers of counties that aren't within a CWD contaiment area. That will knock out half the northern counties.
  7. abrown

    Where about in Oklahoma, I'm in north central.

  8. another doe down this eve.; Ashley and Nate came over this w.e. Nate got it done.
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  10. I know first week of Nov. is not peak rut here, (Northern Wis), second week is pretty much dead nuts.
  11. I’m from Louisiana and I’m coming to Missouri for the first time ever, I’m going to be bow hunting public land for the first week of November and I haven’t been able to come up there to scout. I have a few spots that look good on the map but can y’all give me some tips or recommendations on what I should do to be successful
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  13. Heat wave and HIGH humidity has sent bucks off cams for now...cooler weather for this w.e.
  14. MCH--Kevin 46 Oklahoma--Oct 1st-Jan 15th Kentuck--Nov 16th-Nov. 19th
  15. Rhino

    Trail cam bucks

    If they were there Frank, they're still somewhere close. As the woods settle down, they should be back. Just got back from Missouri. Haven't hunted yet. We were way behind finishing getting some stands ready. After I edit some cam cards, I'll post some pics. Initial cam run suggest we are down a bit on good mature bucks but we did get 10 nice ones from 8 cams running.
  16. Rhino - Al 65 Missouri: Sept. 15th to Jan. 15th Mississippi: Oct. 1st to Jan. 31st
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    Sure...I'm in for it!
  18. looks good enough for me! you mix in any mushrooms with those onions?!
  19. and a TASTY one, I was batchin last weekend and I wrangled up some tenderloins, tater tots and easy over eggs, I'm not the greatist cook, but It wasnt bad.
  20. We scouted a field for opening day of early goose, and saw a field with about 150-200 birds in it at night. Our scouting also had only 40-50 birds hitting it for the morning feed. Well not thinking anything of it (we assumed more came after we had to head to work) we set our blinds for a morning hunt. Well after shooting 4 birds in the morning and only seeing 25ish, we were left with a decision to make...pack it up and call it a day, or hunt all day! Well we decided that we would leave the field, go grab lunch and come back by 12:30 for the afternoon hunt. We no sooner got out of the truck and a flock of 70 flew over our spread and landed in a near by pond. After that, it was game on all afternoon! Just goes to show TRUST YOUR SCOUTING! Hope you enjoy the video!
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    I’m in!
  22. fly

    Trail cam bucks

    Thanks Catrina - The food plot camera is near the entrance to my property so it will not be a problem checking it. The other three I wont check for a while now. Glad you all have some bucks back in the area.
  23. fly "Frank: 48 Illinois - maybe Kentucky October 1 - mid January 19
  24. Congrats martin, looks like a big healthy doe. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  25. Maine Hntr Chris Massachusetts and Maine Sept. 31 - Dec. 31 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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  27. Mathews XT Man 61 Wis. You Betcha Archery and Crossbow Sept. 14 - Jan. 31, 2020 Gun Nov. 23 - Dec. 1
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