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  2. In reality, for me, NOTHING has changed, other than I have hand sanityzer and wipes in the truck. I interact with a pay at pump for diesel/gas. I wipe down what Im going to touch, fuel up, get receipt and leave. I dont go to bars, or out to eat very seldom. I'd rather stay at home anyways, NOTHING has changed for me!😉
  3. TKM



    I just read your post about your Mossberg Thumbhole stock your wanting to get rid of. I have the tactical stock that I want to get rid of. If want to trade or sale it for the 12. Ga. mode 835. please let me know thx.

    You can email me at Please let me know Im having trouble locating a thumbhole stock.




  4. Elnor I read your post about you wanting the AR style stock vs the thumbhole stock. if you would like to trade or sale your stock please let me know. Im looking for the Thumbhole stock for 12 ga. 835 pump. Please let me know. Thx Tony M.
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  6. I’ve been saying for weeks, the government should shut Facebook completely down and the news , All I can say about them is holy @@@@. Between the news and fb , they are the ones causing all the problems and the insanity. A friend the other week showed me that a woman put on fb “ the liquor store is closing on Wednesday “ well guess what happened , 100s of people went there and almost cleaned them out. The liquor stores were not closing they were just cutting their hours back a bit. People have to stop believing all the BS on their it’s causing panic and fear.
  7. Awesome photos. That antler is quite an impressive trophy as well.
  8. Last week
  9. Great news your dog is not seriously injured. A conibear beaver trapwould fix the meter reader up, you were just trying to catch a racoon, if you catch the reader.
  10. The gf and I went grocery shopping on Friday for the first time in two weeks ( after 14 days of isolation ) after I left there I felt so dirty that I had to shower again when I got home lol. it was ok though , everyone has to use a cart even if only picking up one or two items, they have circles on the floor 6 feet apart in the checkouts and all the cashiers have plexiglass shields in front of them , all the stores here have them now , really not a bad idea. It’s really out of the norm but we are not living in normal times anymore. Take care everyone 😉
  11. Muff

    How is everyone?

    Well I am still working....not sure why but we are still making airbag yarn and carpet yarn but I suspect once our warehouses fill up we will be shutting down. My wife is off work and like everyone else the kids are out of school. went grocery shopping this morning after work and its a real different world out there now with everyone having masks and distancing for each other but everyone seemed good and nice to each other. I think this is going to be a very long time before we get back to normal.
  12. I know thy aint TRUMPS!!!...LOL
  13. If you think your having a bad day, how about what ever left these behind!
  14. Everything is fine in this part of Alberta. Got shutdown for 14 days. The place I haul out of shutdown earlier this month but back at it now with cut hours.
  15. Got some backstrap chunks marinating...will let ya know Sunday how it turned out.
  16. Doing ok over here in Ontario too. All non-essential businesses are shut down. I have been off work since early December, took the voluntary layoff for the winter. Should have been going back around this time, but I think it will be a while before I go back now. Oh well, nice to spend time with the family. Turkey season opens on the 25th, looking forward to getting out there with my daughter again! They are off until at least May 4th, but I doubt they will go back at all this year.
  17. Good to hear Trevor , I hope they don’t cancel your turkey season like they did our trout season. Best of luck 👍
  18. I’m on my second week of lay off from work. Been working around the house getting little jobs done that I seem to never have the time to do durning normal life. My wife is working from home so we still have her income. Our turkey season opens April 25 so hope our government doesn’t cancel that and have something to look forward to. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. Ice fishing here is now done!..recent rain has put an end to that.☹️
  20. I dont think we know just how long this will take to dig out from as a country...Fiscally, we, (USA), were not sitting good to begin with. imo
  21. wtnhunt

    COVID-19 - Impact

    While rates are gonna be great, suspect it may be a very bad time to try to sell. Honestly thinking a housing market crash is on the horizon and may be some deals to be had. It may seem wrong, but Catrina and I have talked some about trying to pick up a rental or two in the future.
  22. fly

    COVID-19 - Impact

    Not much to update on. Finding toilet paper is a little easier now. The Department of Natural Resources sent a memo that all hunting in the closed parks is prohibited and that those with park specific permits will not be issued a refund and that the permits can not be transferred. Taking this time to fix up my house and get it ready for the market. Planning to move to a larger house soon. Not sure how severe of an impact this virus will have on selling my house.
  23. Glad to hear everybody ok. We now have 3 cases in our County. One of them is in the local hospital. I am out in forwarder every day, doing my best to keep you guys supplied with T.P.! I interact with the "pay at" fuel pump, AFTER I wipe it down. Wife is cashier at local Kwik Trip...sanitizing hands between transactions etc. So far so good. Stay safe all!
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