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  2. I like! That looks to be the good life.
  3. Didn't want to go there. Besides, I have room for a recliner or two. I have to think there are times when one is allowed the simple pleasures in life. Not sure anyone would measure across the eves and then bother with such a small discrepancy. Just one question; How are you going to get it off the trailer? Hope you make it okay and post a picture when you have it in place.
  4. Maybe a bobcat, but probably not a lion. I've seen a lion bring down a deer and once they get a grip there is little chance the deer would get away. I still go with the fence idea having seen the results of startled or pursued deer after running through a barbed wire fence. Miles of the stuff all over and much of it falling down and no longer needed. RMEF volunteers have removed hundreds of miles of old fence over the past couple of decades. Hung up on an old fence to die, I would rather a lion get me. That doe should be giving birth to your next trophy buck next spring.
  5. See trucks here pulling hay 11 ft wide on trailers, bales 5.5 ft wide each x2. Imagine as long as you are driving safe, have it safely tied down, and hazards on you should be ok. Just don't go doing like this guy Noticed you have an outlet above the shelf, you have power to the blind location? Coffee pot ready.
  6. I didn't mention that I screwed it up. Max width you can legally haul on the highways is 102". Any wider and you need an over dimension permit. Somehow it ended up being about 105 1/2" at the eves. Ugh. I strapped it down tonight and hooked the PU to the trailer and tomorrow morning gonna just go with it. If it doesn't go well I'll post the story after I make bail. Wish me luck. Thanks for all the nice comments
  7. What a great post! It has it all. Hunting, game, guns, cute kids, critters, beautiful scenery and an excellent narrative to tie it all together. Thanks.
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  9. Haven't heard this one. Best of luck. Keep us informed.
  10. Sounds like a sweet setup !!!! Can't wait to see pics !!! Best of luck in Missouri.
  11. Thanks everyone...headed to Missouri Wednesday to hunt Thursday through next Monday or Tuesday. Then spend a night or so in Memphis, TN on my way back making more selections for the house.
  12. My lot is about 3/4 ac. That's big enough for me at age 66 to maintain now. It's the largest lot on the 1 street subdivision because it's on the outside of a bend in the street at the back. Gives me a somewhat triangular shaped lot with a small front yard and a big back yard. The back 14'x20' patio will have a vaulted cover, screened in, and there will be an outdoor fireplace with a TV above the mantel. Inside, I'm going with an open floorplan. The great room (my trophy room) will have 20' vaulted ceilings. Plenty of room for trophies.
  13. Rhino

    Does are wild!

    Congratulations guys! I'll be in the woods for the 1st time this year Thursday.
  14. Great buck Ruth...Congratulations!!! Glad to see you back too.
  15. Looks like abnormal growth to me. Young buck too. No telling how non-typical he'll be with age.
  16. Thanks...hope to catch some new nice bucks on my cams when I arrive. Leaving early Wednesday morning and we'll hunt Thursday through next Monday or Tuesday. I'll have to spend a day or 2 in Memphis on my way back to make more selections for the new house.
  17. That's a good buck fly.....hope he sticks around and gives you a shot. I put in for about 8 more draw hunts here in Texas. Struck out on 12. We'll see how it goes...
  18. Had an awesome time this weekend up at the hunt camp. My fiancee had to work this weekend, so I headed up to the camp to enjoy the beautiful 75-80 degree weather with the kids and my parents. Was almost too hot actually. Especially after a week or two of having frost every morning, and highs sometimes barely breaking the 50 degree mark. The leaves sure are beautiful up here now after that! Went out this morning for a little bird hunt carrying my new little Stoeger Condor 20ga I won in a draw. Came up on a flock of partridge (ruffed grouse). They scattered fairly quick but 3 lagged behind.
  19. I'm not familiar with that specific one but based on my experiences with a cheaper kit, from Walmart, you get what you pay for. Definitely go with a good gun cleaning kit the first time!
  20. Looks like an abnormal antler to me...pretty neat...looks like a young deer.
  21. Wow...I'll take one please! That is awesome, nice job! I love to just sit in the stand...your mind just stops thinking and worrying...sometimes, lol. I'd camp out in that blind!
  22. Hi guys! Checking in here! Season starts with archery this week on Oct. 1st...I'm not quite ready but I hope to be out by the is going to be cool! Corn is just starting to get chopped so I hope that makes for more deer movement....nearly every field on my road was corn this year so it kind of kept the deer movement to a minimum. Season runs from October 1st to mid-December...shotgun season is mid-November then late archery/muzzleloader after gun for about 10 days in December.
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