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  2. Congrats Frank, you got a honey hole with the corridor. Pics prove that.
  3. Great stories Al, tons of memories too.
  4. There was more fat on those deer than I recall dealing with in the past William.
  5. Is that normal for Missouri deer? Catrina's deer was really lean but think he was most likely a year younger deer.
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  7. All great bucks there Al. Congratulations to all of you.
  8. "JUST"...LMBO...nothing wrong with that at all! Got some of those sort of "travel corridor" stands in Missouri too. You know how those bucks are there...cruising from around the last 3 days in October though early November. You can have action just about any time of the day. I have noticed on those type of stands that I have in Missouri, the 1st 30 or so minutes in the morning and the last 30 or so minutes in the afternoon are slower for movement than other stands closer to a crop field food source. Trail cams show that too by those stands.
  9. Good luck to you too Shaun. Bag a niceun!
  10. Same with each of the 4 bucks and a doe taken by our Missouri group recently William...1.5" to 2" of fat.
  11. Rhino

    Interesting Video

    Ditto...sure helped for them to turn belly up in the creek.
  12. Cool Video, thats probably the safest way I seen it done yet.
  13. Thanks everyone. Been getting more different bucks moving through on camera than I ever would have thought. None of them live here - just using my creek as a travel corridor. All there were in early November.
  14. We had some great rutting action in MO during our late October/early November bowhunt. My buddy (Ernie) and his guest (John) arrived a day ahead of me (10/28). I got a call from Ernie mid-day on the 29th brainstorming where to send John for that afternoon's hunt for a N wind. We settled on one of my ladder stands near an old stock pond. Late that afternoon he shot this 10 point that fell within sight of the stand. I arrived there just in time to help drag. Fortunately...a real short drag. After we got ~3" of snow that evening, activity slowed down for the next 2 days. The bucks we were seeing were all young. The wind was perfect for one of my favorite stands the afternoon of Nov. 1st. It's positioned in a brushy flat where 2 bends of a big creek creates a large peninsula...great bedding area. I headed to the stand shortly after lunch. The 1st buck I saw was around 2:45...a 3 year old 10 point I have on cams. Real short G4's but nice to finally see a buck over 2 years old. About 30 minutes later I see movement in brush about 100 yards away SW of me. A rack buck behind a doe. Wow...he's tending her! I finally see he's a nice 10 point (didn't see the split brow tine yet). She slowly works her way toward me, pausing to feed along the way. The buck just maintains a 15 yard distance or so behind her, watching her every move. Seemed like forever but finally the doe passes trough a trail to my right and stops to feed a bit just inside my 28 yard tree NW of me. The buck pauses just beyond my 31 yard tree W of me slightly quartering toward me with his eyes fixed on her. Then I felt a wind shift...this gig is about to be over if she winds me so it was now or never. I turned my arrow loose and he hits the ground after a loud "CRACK". My 1st thought was...reload!!! That kind of sound and his hitting the dirt had me thinking spine shot so I didn't hesitate to stick a 2nd arrow in him. Turned out not to be spine but he didn't go 10' from where I 1st hit him. I like those kind of tracking jobs! Ernie had seen a big 8 but well out of range in early October. During that trip we set a Millennium 360 Revolution hang-on stand covering the trails he used to enter a bean field to be ready for the rut. The wind was perfect for it the afternoon of Nov. 3rd. Around 4:00 he said he saw the big 8 chasing a doe (he thinks it was that buck anyway). The doe came trotting in and stopped 15 yards from the stand...squatted and dropped some fresh doe urine. A buck charged to the spot and stopped and he said he assumed it was the big 8 and put an arrow in him. Obviously, Ernie was real confused to find this 10 point instead of the 8 at the end of his tracking job. We all are!!! Gotta love it! We are down to the last afternoon of the trip now (Nov. 7th) with just 2 hunters left with buck tags. My son (Bailey) was hunting where I got a huge 8 on cams a few days earlier. Our young buddy Scott decides to hunt a stand in the timber between 2 standing corn fields where I'd been getting pics of a mature main frame 9 point with split brow tines on both sides. They both decided to head to the stand early. Around 2:15 I get a text from Scott asking if I can come pick him up...he'd just shot his target buck. He hadn't been in the stand 15 minutes when the buck came cruising through on a trail inside the 20 yard line. Flash hunt. That's the 3rd buck he's killed on the last afternoon out of the 4 Missouri bucks he's killed there with us. Bailey didn't see a shooter during his limited time of 3 days to hunt but he did pass a 3 year old 8 (135 class) we have on cams. I was proud of him for his decision to pass that buck. Made it easy looking a daylight trail cam pics from 2 days earlier of that big 8 that's somewhere around there. That 8 will be one of the bucks I'll be looking for come the MO gun season opener this coming Saturday. Headed back Friday.
  15. Yep, told her we needed to back out after i jumped him. I could see he was struggling and figured he would not go far and lay back down if not pushed. She wanted to keep pushing but I thought best to give him a little time. I made my goal this season to be all about Allison and Catrina. Mission accomplished. We never got a single trail cam pic of Catrina's deer. I had seen that buck a few days earlier when sitting over the carcass from Allison's. I told her he was a nice buck and that she needed to sit that stand. So glad she sat in the cold that morning, he did the same thing he did when I saw him just a little later in the morning. Could not be anymore happy for the girls. They have had a good season and rifle hasn't even opened yet. Mywork has paid off this year.
  16. Congratulations Catrina, Chris, and Elkoholic! Great week for your team...stacking them up like cord wood! Congrats on the assist in tracking too William.
  17. wtnhunt

    Interesting Video

    That clip made our local news here. Both were nice bucks.
  18. A couple of bucks with locked horns get freed.
  19. Last week
  20. Thanks guys. So, I got this guy pretty early Saturday morning. It was a perfect morning, My husband, wtnhunt, walked me to the stand and within a minute after getting in the stand there was a deer moving out in the field below me. Couldn't make it out because it was too dim. about 7:30am a small spike came right in front of me about 30 yards away, he never knew I was there. He went through fence and left field. Then about 7:50am there were 7 does that came along the same path the spike went and fed in the beans and field out in front of me for about 10 minutes...then suddenly they all went to full alert looking towards my right...there he was, coming along the fence about 250 yards away. He was following a fence that ran parallel to me heading straight towards the does. I settle my scope on the 50cal Accura to a spot where there is a he steps into the scope about 140 yards away, I squeeze the trigger. He juts forward about 30 yards and stops.... CRAP!! Did I miss him? I reload as fast as I can and he turns broadside giving me another shot.....BAM!! He drops his head and goes out of view. I message hubby and he comes to help me look for blood. We found hair where the deer was with my first shot then we find blood. After following blood for about 80 yards, something jumps up and takes off.....we back out and wait about an hour.....we go back and about another 40 yards there he was. Turns out, I hit him both times...first time was a little back and second time was in the neck. Just want to say how blessed I am to have such an amazing husband that supports me in my hunting efforts. Wtnhunt….YOU ARE THE BEST!!!
  21. Wow! looks like we had a good week! That'll put some good points on the board for us, don't know if it's enough to catch up but we can atleast make it a game! 👍
  22. awesome Catrina, nice looking deer there. Nice Mass on those antlers. Congrats!
  23. Congratulations again Frank. Yep...some states allow and encourage recovery. For some that do, you can't take a weapon past your property line to recover game. Bummer you got one bad neighbor Frank. We do too in Missouri and in Mississippi. Just thankful to have the good neighbors we have. Over the years, seen a lot of strange actions by deer after they've been hit. From running out into fields then dropping to running right back toward me and bounce off of a tree. Not sure how many just trotted off 10 to 40 yards and stopped but didn't even have a clue an arrow blew through them until their legs wouldn't hold them up anymore.
  24. More like a more than adequate food supply over the past six months or so. The deer here are carrying a lot of fat and I credit the wet summer with allowing the food sources to provide the calories. Then, if the wet weather continues into winter, there could be snow up to our ears.
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