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  2. He sure does like those roses. Don't think the deer there have ever bothered Catrina's roses.
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  4. Well said Elkoholic! Being an amateur historian I think of the Marines who landed on Iwo Jima, the submariners who suffered the highest death rate of the war, the fliers who destroyed the 4 Japanese carriers at Midway or the young men who who climed the cliffs at Pont Du Hoc on D Day or the men who flew rockets to the moon. We knew some of them would be casualties - far, far more than 1%. But they sent them. They went despite the risks. And the world was a better place for them having gone. Succumbing to fear and staying home doing nothing is a losing proposition. Joe Stalin said something along the lines of "When a million people die it is but a statistic. Yet when one child dies it is a tragedy." How true. But we can not be a nation that puts a greater value on one child's life than we do a million potential educators, fliers, carpenters, physicists, farmers and pharmacists who Must have an education to do their life's work.
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  6. There is a risk in everything one does in life. Taking reasonable precautions makes sense, but to isolate ourselves and to quit living an active life of physical, emotional, and educational growth is not the answer. I think if humanity had crawled in a hole every time there was a chance of catching an infection or cracking our skulls we would still be living in caves. It is beyond comprehension that someone who would strive to climb Annapurna or K2 with a death rate around 30% is afraid of a virus with a death rate that is closer to 1%, but that seems to be the story. Think about it, every time you drive down the road and pass a vehicle going the other way, you are within feet of death. Risks? Bike riding, swimming, sports? Get those kids back in school. Let them live their lives and for goodness sake do not scare them with the idea they will die if they get sick.
  7. He's back. He seems to have no fear of the house or me, at least if I stay in the house and don't make any loud noises. The date is wrong as the picture was taken tonight in some pretty poor camera light.
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  9. Still no rain here. Forecast now looking like it might be next week before we get any.
  10. hit clover plot with another round of 0-0-60 kill plots with 19-19-19
  11. wtnhunt

    COVID-19 - Impact

    Masks don't work to protect the person wearing them unless they are n95 and yes a full face shield covering eyes or goggles should also be used. When Catrina tests her staff, she wears a full face shield over an N95 mask and wears a gown and gloves. She is testing every Monday and Tuesday now, all employees get tested weekly.
  12. William is most likely correct and I agree, even tho an ancient post, thought I'd have some fun; maybe get a laugh to this Answer; Horseshack; ''I KNOW MR. KOTTOR"! While in front of a camera by a treestand, sticking out their tongue is a deers way of saying... NA NA NA BOO BOO, Im here and YOU'RE NOT''!!
  13. SO, if a mask works, WHY do you need to stay 6 ft. apart?? Questions the effectiveness of the mask does it not?? If Eyes are not covered too, wearing just a mask is MOOT is it not? Pondering like
  14. Mathews XT Man


    know what Anthony would do with people like this;
  15. Fortunately, we are past those years. I do have a grandchild who really wants to go back badly. The Flu still has been worse than C-19. people have thrown out all or most of the practices most followed. Thats the crowd getting hit now. If Schools follow strict guidelines, I dont see why they cant reopen. Some countrys never shut down. Testing should be MANDITORY imo
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  17. Kids here go back the first week of August. Only 4 weeks away. Send them and hope your kid is not one of the few who has that wrong blood type or does not have some underlying condition you don't yet know about. Or hope this virus does not hit any schools near you. Fact is some kids are dying from this and while they say the risk is low, there is a risk. Would it make a difference the kids age or if there child had special education needs. How crowded the school is. How much in your decision making do you factor in the situation in your local area. Thoughts......
  18. Has clouded up and looked like rain here on and off all day, but not gotten a drop, yet.
  19. wtnhunt

    COVID-19 - Impact

    Tennessee is not doing so well, too many people still taking this not so seriously and having no respect for your space. TN had another record yesterday with nearly 2500 new cases. Deaths and hospitalizations are ticking upwards and showing no signs of slowing down. There were 25 new deaths today alone. News here reported last night that the area hospital had to open a new wing dedicated to covid, they had 50 beds dedicated prior, the person from the hospital being interviewed was on the brink of tears as she was asking for prayers for the hospital staff. Small rural county here has 158 confirmed cases with 176 pcr confirmed probable cases, only 80 people recovered. County to the south of us the majority of positives there are just over the county line.
  20. FINALLY!!! We got a FROG strangler! Power was out, and we had one road wash out, with 4.5 to 5 inches, one person two miles S.W. said he got 7 That pounded in my seed, which is all it needed. Clover plot will now take off , new plants were looking for moisture. Just need to fertilyze the new kill plots, and prob mow the clover one more time.
  21. we have cities now that require a mask in public. Wore one at Dr. Office other day, ONLY IN the building. Then, He tried to shake my hand coming in and before he left exam room.!! I gave a fist bump, THATS IT! he did the SAME 3 months ago! So our County now has 4 positives 1 dead
  22. Mowed the clover yesterday, second time this year. A lot of seed and good healthy stand with just a little grass. Will fertilize and lime it ahead of a rain sometime in August. May still hit it with clethodim to knock back the grass. Looked at the soybean plots, considered using the little Kubota to roll the seed in but noticed a few spots where there was germination. Guess there was just enough soil moisture and humidity to get them going. Really need a good soaker. Have not had any rain since planting despite several days that were forecast with a 40 percent or better chance. Was also several dust bowl in the plot, sure the turkey poults and hens are finding some of the seed.
  23. Sure would like to see one of these guys from last year in velvet to get a bit more excited. I know these made it through last hunting season. Dunno about this one, suspected he had something going on, was hunched up in the second pic. There were a couple other bucks I know made it through that would probably have my interest this season, especially if they are coming around late August for the velvet hunt..
  24. Nothing on the first pull to get excited about. Several little bucks. Had at least 3 different 8 points I know made it through last year that should be interesting this year. Hopefully in the next month we get something interesting coming around.
  25. Nice and thank you. I wonder how many people can even comprehend the significance of it all. Not to steal your post, but few people are familiar with the complete version. So, here it is. O say can you see, by the dawn's early light, What so proudly we hail'd at the twilight's last gleaming, Whose broad stripes and bright stars through the perilous fight O'er the ramparts we watch'd were so gallantly streaming? And the rocket's red glare, the bomb bursting in air, Gave proof through the night that our flag was still there, O say does that star-spangled banner yet wave O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave? On the shore dimly seen through the mists of the deep Where the foe's haughty host in dread silence reposes, What is that which the breeze, o'er the towering steep, As it fitfully blows, half conceals, half discloses? Now it catches the gleam of the morning's first beam, In full glory reflected now shines in the stream, 'Tis the star-spangled banner - O long may it wave O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave! And where is that band who so vauntingly swore, That the havoc of war and the battle's confusion A home and a Country should leave us no more? Their blood has wash'd out their foul footstep's pollution. No refuge could save the hireling and slave From the terror of flight or the gloom of the grave, And the star-spangled banner in triumph doth wave O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave. O thus be it ever when freemen shall stand Between their lov'd home and the war's desolation! Blest with vict'ry and peace may the heav'n rescued land Praise the power that hath made and preserv'd us a nation! Then conquer we must, when our cause it is just, And this be our motto - "In God is our trust," And the star-spangled banner in triumph shall wave O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave.
  26. He is the one in my photography and video post. I get multiple pictures of him every day on both cameras set up on my property and now have several hundred pictures and counting. This year his bedding area is just 200 yards from my property line. It is on the same ridge he has used the past 4 years or so, but in prior years he bedded a half mile further away. He was never this active during daylight hours in prior years and after the velvet comes off he would be totally nocturnal.
  27. On The Star Spangled Banner;
  28. NICE! Good looking buck Dave
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