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  2. WHEN MY DAUGHTER WENT TO COLLEGE; i TOLD HER WHAT THE "MINDSET" OF THE PROFESSORS Were. I was then told, "What do you know, you don't have a DEGREE"!!?? Guess what? When she graduated, she told me..."DAD you were right"!!👍
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  4. Looks like your taxidermist did a nice job. Congrats again.
  5. Just back from the taxidermist a couple of days ago, my Mount from this past rifle season in Nebraska. thank you for looking.
  6. Wow, that's great Shaun...congrats!
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  8. Thanks everyone! Wow that's exciting William! Hard to believe your daughter is so grown up already.
  9. Shoulder mount. Think we decided on a sneak pose. Allison asked me about 2 weeks ago if I thought the mount would be ready yet. lol.
  10. Pretty cool. Don't think we have any around here, seems like they are supposed to be in this area though.
  11. I will try to come back and read that Dave, but without reading, I am very aware of the direction things are going. We live in a society today where everything has become too pc and too sensitive. Our daughters are 23, 17 and 13, and our son is 7. So a millennial and our other kids are gen z I think they call it. My own children and the influences they are pressured with are ridiculous. I have had some good conversations with my son in law on how his college experience and the influences he was subjected to at the university of Tennessee in Knoxville. The expectations kids are given and with the left leaning so far into social programs that these kids THINK plays into their favor. My son in law is a smart kid, got his chemical engineering degree, but much like so many of these kids he is very ignorant to how the world works. He liked what burnie sanders was spewing and was actually going to vote for him, I mean what is not to like when "free college" and "free healthcare" are the premise of their campaign promises. I honestly don't think kids should vote until they have had some years of working and been tax payers who get to see where their paycheck goes. Once they have worked a few years and see the first 30-35 percent of their pay going to the government for them to spend frivolously they may have a different take on life and how they wish to vote. These kids go off to college, and often times end up with therapists telling them how they are not responsible for their issues. There is no accountability. Kids are made to believe that mommy and daddy screwed up raising them because they were too tough on them or that society dealt them a bad hand and they are somehow due some special circumstances for whatever the reason. I question why so many campuses have either free therapists services or low cost therapy services they give to these kids. I think this is where a lot of the "snowflake" issue is coming in. What in the world are these therapists doing to our kids. Why are they even there? It is too easy for kids today to not like something and place blame elsewhere rather than accept that they are responsible for their actions. We as a society have become too soft. How that is resolved is beyond me, but I fear for the following generations. When the mindset is what it is for so many millions of young people, what does that mean for those who will be behind them and for their children. Social media is evil. It is tough being a parent in this day and age and trying to guide your kids in the right direction with all the liberal influence and misinformation they rapidly find on the internet. Example: pop stars like taylor swift who once were good role models and others who now have gotten political given very bad advice filled with misinformation to young girls and all kids for that matter. My oldest 2 daughters, both of who will be voting next election believe Marsha Blackburn, our state senator, is anti woman all because of crap they have read on the internet. It is her anti abortion views that has earned Marsha Blackburn an unfair view by some as being unfavorable to women. Trying to reason with them about voting records and what they mean is pointless. Sad thing is they tend to believe things that are far from fact and trying to educate them at times is like beating your head against a wall. What boggles my mind is that my kids when you talk to them do have values consistent with a conservative Christian mindset, but when you start talking about rights and issues we face today, they seem to lean towards the "accept everything" more liberal type mindset. Yes, schools and today's society have made subjects like homosexuality popular and if you do not accept it as "ok" and support giving them "rights" or however they think you should, then kids view you as being intolerant. Very sad. Seems planting seeds sometimes works, you can talk with them and try your best to educate them with hopes they will later on figure it out "on their own". Have to have some hope.
  12. Congratulations to you and your family Shaun. Expecting our first grandchild very soon here, due date April 20.
  13. Kids on spring break. A lot of spring clean up stuff here yesterday, had to worm cows, was an awesome spring day yesterday wish we got more days like yesterday. Rain today, nothing planned but probably get some inside chores done.
  14. best GPS for hunting that will pick up satellites in the woods
  15. What a cute puppy, these dog pens are functional and affordable. Taking little space and giving many functions will make this the best buy for your four-legged friend
  16. A "SAD" State of affairs, but then what do expect from the lefty's teaching and brainwashing in our schools and colleges?
  17. Muff

    Early 3-22 check-in

    well once again I am at work.....that will be where I will be for most of the next 2 months now. A older guy has decided to retire so I have taken mostly all of his night shifts from here to the end of may....60 hour weeks till then ohh well it gets the bills paid. Anyway it looks like a nice day out there today but the wind is still very cold. hope it warms up soon. My daughters started rugby last week so I cant wait to see them playing on the same team together. Have a great weekend guys....CHEERS!
  18. Great Thread that I'm just now getting to. Thank for sharing everyone. Up until my Dream to reality thread (you all likely saw in the Lounge) I was hunting public ground and one cattle farm I had permission to hunt a 25 acre section of. However, the owners family member decided to hunt on that 25 acres. He left me a 5 acre section to hunt this past season and I took a decent buck from it. It is basically a fence line that bordered a pay to hunt area. The fence line has some trees I could place a couple stands in but not much hope for hunting the wind. Still, it was peaceful (when the cows were in a different area) and I'm thankful to have had it for the past 12 years. My new property is 32.49 aces of rolling hills and a small creek that runs through the middle. I am in LOVE with the place and have been hard at work this spring putting trails in. Below is a trail I worked on earlier today. No hunting pressure for a couple years but I have seen a couple stands near my borders. One neighbor has his stand a good 50 yards inside my border. Going to have to deal with this issue soon.
  19. That would have been cool to see. Bad for the squirrels though.
  20. If you have yet to read this article, give it a go. It is kind of long, but if you're wondering where we're headed and what the leaders of tomorrow are thinking (or not) then maybe this will give you the answer. Sorry to say but the Baby Boomers and Generation X were the driving force behind the current state of affairs.
  21. I get them on cam at night also Dave. Processor hit a nest back in Dec. when the bar cut thru the hollow nest tree, it was like a squirrel explosion! Must have been a dozen in there.
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