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    Pretty low if you arent out there, TBH.
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    YUP, colder the better, and be on trail to or on food source. Of course it gets tougher to draw and stay undetected in cold weather. Noise travels better, tougher to move and not be detected in a tree stand. If you get to full draw and kill, you have done something!
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    Deer movement and activity have a lot more to do with than just the temperature, but that temp is something that will get them on their feet. As far as killing one from a stand, well it's all about being in the right area at the right time.. this time of year you need to focus strictly on food for the most part.
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    Dogs are mans best friend for a reason. Lock your wife and your dog in the trunk of your car. Drive around a while and open it. Who do you think will be happy to see you?...The dog. Sorry for your loss.
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    You guys need to get your wife some of these so she can help with the snow clearing.