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    Welcome back to the stick & string crew. Good luck this year!
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    I think the moose are eating holes in the roads. I watched him chow down on the road for several minutes and can not even fathom what he is missing in his diet that would make him chew and swallow mouthfuls of crushed rock.
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    My wife works with a guy about 25. Ive met him before and thought he was kind of a pansy a.. Turns out he's an avid bow hunter and kind of a hard core tent camper too. So my wife told me last week that deer hunting came up in conversation at work and he was sorry that he had lost the place he's been hunting on. Family friend had sold the property or some such. He was thinking he was going to have to fight the crowds on state land. So I told her to have him call me sometime. He did a couple of days ago. I have this 17 acres that I rarely hunt on. And I told him he was welcome to bow hunt there. There are lots of does and fawns in there. Property borders are easy to find - lake on one side, road on another, river on one end, fence on the other. So he looked it up on google maps while we were talking and has a good grasp of the layout but of course not the swamps, trees paths, etc, etc. But man was he happy to find a private place to hunt. No one ever goes in there so he could leave stands up. Enough different places to sit to kinda play the wind. And my relatives are all around me there to keep an eye on it and him. It just sits there anyway and it keeps the next generation interested in our sport. Of course I'll probably be sorry if he drags a big buck out of there ;) But what the heck. I feel good for doing it and he's really thankful. Don't need any attaboys or kudos for it. But thought I'd share this here.
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    Got a batch marinading, whipped up a batch last eve...gonna set 'em on the grill later today!