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    Hey guys...I don't want to leave...But with my convictions. I feel I am being chased. Just the same way the Gov of NY said...If you are pro gun, anti abortion and right of center...NY is NOT the place for you. No problem...I am moving to Texas. Realtree...If you dislike America hating and cop hating sports players...Realtree and Nike is not the brand for you. That is how I am reading it. Maybe there is a reason why this BB dropped off the map as far as participation goes. Others just may not be as vocal as me. I know some of y'all a long time and while I am not in here everyday, I can tell each of you a lot about your family as you could mine. We all grew here together and learned about each other. I may just stop buying Realtree and X them out my life, but continue to drop in here and see my friends. I have turned down money in the past that I felt was not right to take. Integrity cannot be bought back , no matter how much money you make. No official response, makes me think Realtree could give a Rats azz about what its supporters think.
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    Yes that's 3 states so far this year and should have gotten one in Mississippi. I'm working on my super slam but I'm having fun bouncing state to state. Florida was just a fun hunt. This year my work schedule worked out where I can get a good bit of time off so me and my traveling buddy will be hitting 12-14 states this year. Sleeping in the truck or tents and cooking our meals helps out on the cost.
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    WHEN MY DAUGHTER WENT TO COLLEGE; i TOLD HER WHAT THE "MINDSET" OF THE PROFESSORS Were. I was then told, "What do you know, you don't have a DEGREE"!!?? Guess what? When she graduated, she told me..."DAD you were right"!!👍