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    Congrats! Arnt many kids these days that would go hunting if they were feeling ill.....NICE rack with good mass! I got my Dads 270 700 Rem. looks just like that... You made your grandpa proud!👍
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    Congratulations to both of you!!! There's going to be a lot more memories made with that rifle now too! Awesome.
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    Congrats MCH!! NICE Dark horned buck, now thats a Beauty!
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    MCH, that’s Awesome congrats!!! I love those chocolate horns! Public land too!!!!
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    You guys are on a role! MCH bags potentially his best with a bow, NS whitetail puts a goodun down, and Pat bags his 1st trophy on his own place after documenting his growth into full maturity. Assume job guys...Congratulations!!! Pat...that's a memory that will last a life time.
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    Hey Bug!! Great to hear ya got the smoke pole to talk! CONGRATS! YES, get those kids into hunting, off those games and in the woods. Be safe and have fun!