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    NY's season starts way too late. Opens May 1st. Has been raining around here since Sunday. My son Joe is up at camp now trying to nail a gobbler. Good Luck everyone and hunt safe.
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    Doesn't matter what anybody else shoots on the Strut10 Ranch the rest of the season......... My little Pickle gal got her very first deer this morning !!! At 9:00, two came. One left. 50-ish yard shot from her Ruger American .308 Win and a 30 yard recovery. The hole you see in the pic is the exit. Made a perfect quartering away shot. Took the top of the heart off. The celebration was INSANE !!!!!
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    Only hunt I made this weekend was Saturday night. Supposed to be only 20% chance of rain but it poured for the final two hours of the evening. I had two inches of water in my boots. LOL I head for Kansas next Sunday. Hope to put some more points on the board soon. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I fell in love with turkeys when I first started hunting...after squirrels, a turkey was the next think I harvested before deer. They are such a challenge, but they are beautiful, unique creatures. Well it has been several years since I've tagged a bird. Declining populations, loss of land to hunt, loss of time to hunt because of work or college has definitely influenced that. Well yesterday AM, went just up the road to some property I got permission to hunt, as soon as I got out of the car they were gobbling. I snuck up this hill to the edge of a meadow and within a 100 yards on the other side there were at least 2, possibly 3 birds roosted and gobbling. No decoys out, I set myself down on the edge, with the terrain to my advantage. Below the birds was another small meadow, separating me and that meadow was a slope of trees then the meadow I was at had a small slope in it. Well once sun was up, those birds flew down into the lower meadow, gobbling. I gave some soft yelps and they made their way right up to me. I heard some spit n drumming then a red head bobbed over the slope. He came foreward and exposed his neck, I put the bead of my Winchester SX3 on his waddles and BOOM. Down he went, woohoo! Got a nice 15 pound jake, 4 1/2" beard, 3/8" spurs. I could not be happier! I was literally back home before 6:30am. I don't think I've ever had as quick a hunt, not to mention one that went how we'd all dream they'd go! Now my question is, will these birds still be in the area and be huntable? Saw one of them fly down in the woods below me. I did not go out today. Wondering how long to give them a rest and try again for my 2nd tag?
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    Red Clover is one of my very favorite deer plot seeds. My perennial plots consist of a mix of ladino, red, and chicory. While the ladino might go into a summer dormancy the red will usually stay green all summer. Seems to be more heat and drought tolerant than the white. Red clover is also included in all my cools season annual plots. In the fall i will plant a mix of wheat, rye, oats, radishes, red clover. The following spring I will mow the cereal grains once they start to produce seed heads and under all the grains is a nice carpet of red clover that will feed the deer all spring and summer. The clover will be tilled under the following early fall returning all the nitrogen back to the soil and increasing my organic matter. Then I start all over again with the same mix. It is almost a perfect year round food plot (except the 2 to 3 weeks after tilling and planting again). If you can purchase it locally then you will save money on shipping. If Martin can't get you hooked up then try Welters Seed and Honey. I have ordered seed from them online with great service. todd
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    Occasionally will run across it flipping channels. Still think it is ridiculous and would turn the tv off before watching it.
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    Congrats! I'll have to take a look at the picture when I get home.
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    maybe he was telling you where the Grizzly was...lol I heard Grizzlys will come running when they hear a gun shot..same thing for them, it's time to eat I know, the Raven was working with the Griz, telling him where to find his next meal ...lol all kidding aside, Ravens are very smart birds
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    wow, nothing flying south here yet, still got locals on the Bay in Ashland, or they fly to an inland lake to roost, a bunch of em never made the return trip..lol