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  1. Yea, the price for a bear tag has went up from 30 something to 41.75. I always hunted ID bears in the areas with reduced fees. These areas still have the reduced fees. I was told these areas were reduced to help get elk numbers up. I did have to purchase a hunting license which in 2010 was somewhere around 150.00 as I recall. I drove my travel trailer and camped out in the woods for free for 10 days on a DIY hunt. Took 2 bears that year and the legal fees were under 200.00. I don't remember there being an archery fee. The entire trip cost me about 1000.00 after splitting gas and food 3 ways. We were in the Lolo area, next to the north eastern state border. Did the same trip in 2008 and did not get a bear that year. Went again in 2012 and took a smaller color phase bear. I'm sure the pictures below are on these RT forums somewhere. I know what you mean about the experience. Back in the day money was so tight that this was the only feasible big game hunt I could afford. Reduced Bear and Second Bear - 41.75 Reduced Price To be used only in designated units, NOT Statewide. Second To be used only in designated units, NOT Statewide.
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