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  1. Hey John, You aren't seeing the text area above the "Drag files..." wording?
  2. Admin


    CloudFlare posted an update Wednesday. We feel it’s good practice to change passwords often, but based on their analysis: CloudFlare has found no evidence based on their logs that the bug was maliciously exploited before it was patched. The vast majority of customers had no data leaked. After a review of tens of thousands of pages of leaked data from search engine caches, CloudFlare has not found any instances of passwords, credit card numbers, or health records. CloudFlare’s review is ongoing.
  3. Admin

    We're Back!

    With the help of the new support team, we were able to get all the content migrated successfully. Thanks for sticking with us during the long transition. We hope you enjoy the new forums!
  4. Can you tell me which device and browser you're using so I can try to duplicate the issue?
  5. We had an issue with the ads earlier this month, but we were able to resolve it. Are you still seeing issues?
  6. If you press the "A" icon on a post, it should become your default via a cookie. I also made a change to the stylesheet template to display the advanced editor by default.
  7. Hey Guys, I've turned off the birthday notifications while we investigate that issue. I also made a change to the Photopost upload options, and I was able to upload a very large image afterward. Try uploading more pics, and let me know what happens. Where is the advanced editor missing? Photopost or forums?
  8. We've moved to new servers, and we're going to be working on the speed and reliability of the forums.