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  1. Whats up ol' man?

  2. awesome pics of Yellowstone. i have been there a few times and i am always finding new places.
  3. WooHoo i just drew my Unit 20 Colorado elk either sex tag. lots of stuff to do now. scouting/hiking trip to unit 20 in mid June in the works. i cant believe i drew this year. i am going to do a DIY hunt instead of guided this time around.
  4. Tony

    Life lines

    yep HSS life lines and tree teather along with my muddy harness
  5. i shoot a Hoyt Carbon Matrix and i love it. it feels completely dead in your hands when it goes off. i bought mine in 2010. i sure wish bow manufacturers would make some hunting bows a lot longer ATA. all this 34 inch and under ATA stuff is frustrating.
  6. yep i will be out in the afternoon.
  7. Tony

    Colorado 2013

    these pictures are from our Crows nest we climbed to almost each day to listen for bulls to bugle. it was right at 10,000 feet. this view is looking towards the north and Estes Park. this next picture is looking west towards Twin Sisters Mountain. i was lucky to make it out of Estes Park Thursday morning because that is when the bad flooding started. i got off the mountain, but Rt34 and 36 and 7 were closed. the only way out was through Trail Ridge Ro
  8. Tony

    Colorado 2013

    here are a few more pics from rocky Mountain National Park.
  9. Tony

    Colorado 2013

    well i have been back for a while but my Colorado elk hunt was a partial success. i did not get an elk this year, but i sure had a great time at Estes Park Outfitters. we were in the elk each day and i had 3 bulls under 20 yards but just could not get the right shot. all week long i had 9 bulls under 50 yards and just couldn't seem to make it happen. it was a blast to see the bulls and cows up close and personal. the 2 successes i had on my trip was i summited Twin Sisters Mountain in Estes Park. this was my first climb over 11,00 feet. i made the summit at 11,428 feet on Aug 31st. here is a p
  10. Good to hear from ya Steve. i just got back form elk hunting in Colorado for 10 days. i left the day the flooding was getting started. got off the mountain at 6am and if i had waited another 2 hours i think i would have been stranded.
  11. yea i have been gone for a while myself, but i am back to see whats kicking.
  12. Sorry i missed it Mike. Happy Birthday Buddy.
  13. i would like some info please.
  14. awesome deal on a great bow. congrats on your new rig.