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  1. I have used the same hip quiver since 1992, like stated above it is all in the bow hunters choice and application they need it for. Moat everyone I know, detaches their bow quiver and hangs it. I just strap mine to the tree on my right hand side with a belt. Works great.
  2. Glad she made it. They are tough animals to be so cute.😉
  3. Still kicking here, but in Alabama now☺
  4. I'd have to go with 3.5 years and 125 to 130ish . Definitely a short in some areas but Illinois he's still got grow to do??
  5. Well,it was the last day of our season and I finally got to connect on a 7 point. Three freaking months of no deer, my longest dry spell. Doesn't look like it'll do us any good but I'll get it posted.
  6. Wow! I didn't kill anything BUT pulled the card on trail cam and viewed it in the tree stand. I've got seven different bucks on camera. Got a beast of a 5 point (old buck) and anything from a spike to an 8 point. Pre-rut will be here in 2 weeks and I've got 2 weeks off:):) Chomping at the bits even more to get out there!!!! It's crazy I got more bucks than Does on camera, that's good for me:):)
  7. I'm so excited about this place. It's not been hunted in years. I scouted more and got a stand hung. My god, I'm chomping at the bits and I've got 2 weeks off coming up.
  8. I'm waiting to post. Only got a spike right now, just got access to 200 acres and tore up with buck sign. I will get something posted soon,even if it's the spike. I've still got two months to hunt and rut comes in January here.
  9. Sweet MCH!!! Very nice buck, congrats.
  10. Man, I can't get a buck during daylight hours. Acorns are falling like rain drops here, so they are unpredictable. There are thousands of oaks where I'm at, usually I can find a patch of oaks being used but the deer are just moving all around. I guess I'll give it some time and try to pin point them. Good luck to you guys and be safe.
  11. Congrats MCH!!!! I didn't go today, high winds. I will be out there tomorrow. Can't wait to see pictures.
  12. Sorry but that. The name is good with me, I'll pm and get it added for us. I'll be back in the woods Saturday, hopefully the bucks will be up and moving with this cold spell.
  13. That sucks about the yotes. I did take another Doe this past Saturday, no bucks during the daylight hours on trail camera. Maybe November will get them moving daylight hours. We do need to come up with a name, if anyone has an idea let's post them up and take a vote. Hunting High Camo Squad Blood Letters
  14. Wow! That sounds like a great evening. Congrats to Chase!! It was a good but slow afternoon for me yesterday, will go out mid-week this week. Great hunt for you guys:)