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  1. Gator

    RT has sadly gone dead

    Work..... work has limited my time anymore. Plus I think for alot of folks life has changed as well. Plus with all the other social media avenues out there, those didn't help the situation.......
  2. Gator

    Butchering deer

    Hang, skin, quarter, place in cooler full of ice for a week. Then I cut, grind the following weekend. Usually try and stuff sausage at the same time. If you need to stuff anything, get a good vertical stuffer, they are a GODSEND.
  3. Gator

    Who's still around?

    Nedw job doesn't allow me the time I used to have to get on here anymore. No bow season again this year, I'm on crutches to the end of October. Hopefully I can get down to Texas when its all said and done and whack and stack some deer down there.
  4. Gator

    I predicted Irma to hit texas....

    She actually went across my hometown, and will now end up over my brother and mom.....
  5. Gator

    I predicted Irma to hit texas....

    I saw that and thought the same thing. Maybe they should tie a rope to their butts and to a telephone pole, see if they can get airborne much like a kite!!!
  6. Gator

    I predicted Irma to hit texas....

    Looking like the Keys as well as the western side of Florida are going to take the brunt of the storm. Still calling for 80mph winds in my hometown come Monday. Praying for all my Florida friends and Family
  7. Gator

    Wild Weather

    MADE IT!!!!! Heck Friday was way worse than Tuesday even thought about.......especially after all the hype. Hope all is well up that way!
  8. Gator


    If I do any bow hunting this year, will be using G5's Tekan
  9. Gator

    Concealed Carry

    At least have one in my vehicle. Due to nature of work, lot of places I can't carry. But when I can, I do
  10. Gator

    dialing it in, where are your dots set

    What BH are ya'll shooting? Noyt sure if I will be able to hunt with mine this year, but if I do, debating on a good head. Tried my Magnus Stingers last year, but they didn't shoot good past 20yds. I can't really spend alot of time messing with BH's this year.......
  11. Gator

    "A Veteran's Antelope"

    You sir, ROCK! Thank you.....
  12. Gator

    weather base station App

    Yep, same thing with mine as well. After I updated my software, it quit working. Deleted it and tried to go and reinstall it, and it was no longer available.
  13. Gator

    My 160 acre getaway...

    Nice looking plots Todd. Think mine is doing Ok, minus the turnips. I may not have gotten them in the ground soon enough.
  14. Gator

    Sighting in Rifles for Hunting

    Explain this: Three years ago I sighted my .270 in, about an inch high at 100yds. Go to Texas to hunt, first morning there I drop a doe. Three days later I miss two bucks, sighted gun in and was 6" high at 100yds. Now I was staying in a rail car and keeping the rifle in the truck at night, and it was humid as heck, and the gun was a Win Model 70 with a wood stock.
  15. Gator

    Crossbow Recomendations

    Looked at a couple barnetts today at bass Pro. Hopefully will get to shoot one tomorrow night. Really liked the Jackal. Any one had any experience with it?