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  1. Gator

    Been awhile!

    I am fortunate that I have a friend that has about 800 acres that I am able to hunt anytime I want.
  2. Oh, ooops, LOL! No worries, I didn't realize this was last years sign up. I can just sit this one out then, no reason for you to leave a team, but thanks for the offer!
  3. Gator

    Been awhile!

    Thanks everyone! I am fortunate and will be spending most of my hunting season in the Childress Texas area. Plan on hunting hard the week before and week of Thanksgiving. Good luck to all!!!
  4. Gator

    Still kicking

    Holy crap! Dang man, glad you are doing ok! The things we miss being away. Glad both of ya'll are doing well.
  5. Time sure flies, that's for sure. That would be a great idea. Bout the only person I ever talk to anymore is Trey, and that isn't often enough.
  6. Gator

    Been awhile!

    You to! I plan on being in Texas for the rut, and my goal this year is to knock down a goodun. Always been limited on time, time is not an issue this year. Unless of course "life" gets in the way
  7. Looking at your post count, I'd say no, as you still have milk on your lips. How you been? Been awhile!
  8. Is it to late to join? Seeing as I have alot more time on my hands these days, was hoping to get in. BUT, I just realized deer season is also under way in alot of areas. Yes, I am out of touch with the days anymore. I'll be hunting mainly Texas as well as a little in Oklahoma. I know deer season in Texas is Nov 1- till Jan 3rd for rifle
  9. Gator

    Been awhile!

    Greetings everyone, hope all is well. Been awhile since I have been on here, many things have changed over the last, well, 10yrs. Change of jobs that kept me VERY busy, well, for 11 years lol. Got married, had grandkids (, well, kids had grandkids) Lost a daughter. And am now retired. (was a damn rough road from losing a daughter till now). But, I have quite a bit of time on my hands nowadays, and with hunting season right around the corner, (I can't shoot a bow anymore, and hated a crossbow) I will be spending alot of time chasing the deer. I hope to get out on an elk hunt this year as well, now that I am eligible to hunt FT Sill Ok. Looking forward to catching up with everyone. Hope all is well with you all
  10. Academy in Norman Ok had a somewhat decent selection last week. Except NOONE has Hornady superformance in 243... GRRRR
  11. Yep, I am probably one of the OG. Lord knows how long I have been around here. ( Just looked, 21 years). My biggest reason for dropping off is I changed jobs in 2010, and went from an office environment to being on the road for the next two years, with little down time. That continued for another 11 years, until Aug of this year, to which I am jow retired. I thing technology, ie FACEBOOK and such are a big reason for forums dying off. Also, with all the members that came along, there was the "politics" as well, and that may have been an issue as well. And, as well all know, life goes on, many of us have probably gotten busier in our day to day lives, keeping us from logging in as much
  12. Still recovering from shoulder surgery, so just a little R&R for me after being in Dallas most f the week
  13. Recovering from rotatr cuff surgery, this time right shoulder. What a pain!
  14. LOL!!! I still exist, but I have a new job (2010) with new responsibilities, and just no time to get on here anymore. Hope everyone had a ver Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year!
  15. Been in Alabama since Sunday, fly back home tomorrow. Get ready to get back to the ole grindstone on Monday....... work for a week and a half, then off again for shoulder surgery. What fun