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  1. Steven

    Hey guys.

    It seems like I pop my head in here every few years with every intention of sticking around but I never do. Now I decided to start adding some of my old pals on facebook, but most of you I only know by first names. I've sent requests to some and welcome requests from any others who feel so inclined. You can find me at or . A lot has changed in my life. I'm now married with a kid, so I don't have much time to look at message boards, but I can usually find a few minutes for facebook, so hit me up. Also, if you get a request from Steven Rogers
  2. I don't think I ever have.
  3. Steven

    Yeah, I know...

    That link worked last night. Weird. Let's try this.
  4. Steven

    Yeah, I know...

    It's been forever since I showed my mug around here and a lot of you never met or don't remember me, but I have a long history here and a lot of you do remember me. According to my profile it has been over 3 years since my last post, so I Guess there is a lot of catching up to be done. I suppose the biggest news is I met the greatest girl in the world and we are getting married on May 4. I honestly have no idea what she sees in me, but I'm glad she sees it. [ATTACH=CONFIG]11829[/ATTACH] If you remember, I had gotten really burnt out on hunting, so I hung up my bow for a while. We
  5. Steven

    Earle Pitts

    He used to be on here about 10 years ago, but one day he was a little too racist and has not been on since. I don't remember enough about him to say whether I miss him or not.
  6. Please see my list to disprove your opinion. Thanks.
  7. #2 all-time TDs for Wide Receiver. #4 all-time TDs, only 4 behind Marcus Allen. 1 Jerry Rice 208 2 Emmitt Smith 175 3 Marcus Allen 145 4 TERRELL OWENS 141 LADAINIAN TOMLINSON 141 6 RANDY MOSS 136 Marshall Faulk 136 8 Cris Carter 131 9 MARVIN HARRISON 128 10 Jim Brown 126 11 Walter Payton 125 12 John Riggins 116 13 Lenny Moore 113 14 SHAUN ALEXANDER 112 15 Barry Sanders 109 16 Don Hutson 105 Tim Brown 105 18 Steve Largent 101 19 Franco Harris 100 Curtis Martin 100 (Source:
  8. So you heard about the Chimp attack in Connecticut, right? Chimp basically ate a woman's face, Cops came out shot the Chimp, yadda yadda yadda. Well, this little gem appeared in the New York Post today. What does it seem they're trying to imply, hmmm? Get ready for the Rev. Al show.
  9. I've been with AT&T since 1995 (formerly Cingular) and have had zero problems. I've also had good luck with my Blackberry Pearl.
  10. Being single sucks!! Getting to keep your money. Do what you want when you want. Fish when you want. Golf when you want. Eat Pizza everyday if you want. Yeah, it sucks. In fact, while some of you are getting ready for a date you probably don't want to go on, I'm watching The Godfather. Again, being single sucks. Not!
  11. Steven

    Friday the 13th

    Not only is today Friday the 13th, I was working on the 13th floor of the building I'm at today. Rather uneventful though.
  12. Steven

    drug testing

    As far as schools go, no testing except for extra-circulars. The responsibility of a drug-free child is on the parents.
  13. Steven

    Cell Phone

    I have a Blackberry Pearl and it's tougher than I expected. I have dropped it several times on construction sites and, aside from a couple of scratches on the screen, have had no problems. It runs through the battery pretty quick if you use it as an MP3 player though.
  14. I've been writing bad poetry since I was about 13, mostly due to lack of ability to maintain healthy personal relationships with actual people. Sorry I don't any about deer or trees or anything like that. I've posted this one before. I wrote it while my sister was pregnant with my nephew a long time ago, he turns 17 next month. I wrote this one for a friend who was going through some pretty tough times. I wrote this for my great grandmother in around 1997 or so. I wrote it on a construction site with a carpenter's pencil on a scrap piece of plywood. She died 2 weeks after it was f
  15. Did you even get the ice off the trees before the first twister? That's crazy early.