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  1. wtnhunt

    How long should wait to hunt

    Welcome to the forums. I don't know of any states that have a deer season open this time of the year. Where are you located, what state? If season were open, 2 hours of clearing and cutting would not bother the deer enough not to go on and hunt it.
  2. wtnhunt

    Manitoba Beat Hunt

    Congratulations Frank. Looks like he was a very healthy/fat bear. You doing a full mount or a rug?
  3. wtnhunt

    New pics

    Some very nice bucks there Joe.
  4. wtnhunt


    Caught a few minutes of it while finishing off supper stuff last night. Hadn't watched your clip. Did Pence commit to running? He would no doubt in my mind be the most obvious gop choice and I would vote for him.
  5. wtnhunt

    Friday May 11th Mothers day weekend check in

    First mothers day without my mom, gonna stay busy I reckon doing something and there is plenty to do around here. Cooking a shoulder tomorrow for Sunday's after church meal. Have a lot to do to get this place ready for a backyard wedding that is rapidly approaching.
  6. wtnhunt

    "IT NO WURK"!!

    Yep, nice that we no longer have a weasly pushover in the White house. Figure iran is about to really make their situation bad, especially if they continue bombing Israel.
  7. wtnhunt

    Whats your 2 cents?

    Have almost 200,000 on my old 98 3/4 ton truck and the 350 in it still is plenty strong enough to haul some hefty loads, but afraid of a tranny breakdown with that many miles and the history of heavy towing. Found the 18 model 3/4 ton chevy truck I wanted equipped how I wanted it and had some things come up that put that on the backburner for now. But after all the research I have done, I am going with a gasser when I do eventually get to get a new truck. The new duramax has nice specs, but in my situation it won't be a daily driver and really looking at the towing abilities it does not gain much over the gas setup. I do plan to move around equipment occasionally, but my trailer is a 7 ton trailer, so not likely I will be exceeding that. Looking at the cost to maintain the duramax compared to the gasser, plus initial upfront cost, seems a no brainer here. Curious now though what will be in the works for the 19's, supposedly there may be another engine/trans configuration option. A local chevy dealer here offers a 20 year 250,000 mile warranty on all vehicles, EXCEPT diesel engines. Anyway that is another strong selling point towards a gas engine for me since it is highly unlikely I will put that many miles on one and would probably be the last truck I would ever buy.
  8. wtnhunt

    Welcome Home!

    Right, obama would have thrown taxpayer dollars at the n koreans and maybe gotten them released. Like Trump or not, he has shown that leadership and strength are back and obviously the world has taken notice.
  9. wtnhunt

    Manitoba Bear Hunt

    Have a safe trip and a great time Frank. Good luck, will be looking forward to hearing a story when you get back.
  10. wtnhunt

    May the fourth be with you-Friday check-in

    Congratulations to Emma on the championship and good luck with this weekend. Have a parade my 16 year old is marching in tomorrow, weather permitting. Beyond that no other plans, but sure at some point I will spend some time playing lego dimensions with my 7 year old son.
  11. wtnhunt

    It been a long wait

    Wow, 18 months. Were they on backorder from somewhere or is that just how long it took you to find them? Good luck with them. My new try last year was the 178 hornady eld x bullets pushed by imr 4895, was happy with the up close performance with the .308 rds I loaded up. Got a good load with the eld x bullets for my old .270 but never carried that rifle hunting last year.
  12. wtnhunt

    Spring is finally here.

    Tilled some ground today, where we had beans last year. Will be putting that ground back in beans again, but will expand a bit. Be careful on that trike Jerry, these hills here I would not dream of running a machine like that.
  13. wtnhunt

    The 4-27 Friday check-in thread

    Our son turned 7 today, time sure has flown by. Dunno when my wife is gonna be home, but this kid is chomping at the bit to open his presents. Supposed to be a pretty weekend finally. Girls have some different stuff going on, so will be my son and I home tomorrow until after lunch. Probably take him outside and play in the yard and try to clean up some stuff. Hopefully will dry out some, have a lot I need to do around the yard and need to mow. Our oldest is getting married in one month, backyard wedding, too much to do and time is gonna get away from me.
  14. wtnhunt


    No, but you sure as heck don't give an unstable delusional person a firearm either, especially when the state gives them to you under the direction that you are NOT under any circumstances to return them to the original owner due to their mental health. Parents of the murderer reported him as delusional to authorities, they knew he was troubled. Evidently from media sources the father has already admitted he did give 4 firearms that were taken by the state of Illinois back to his son.
  15. wtnhunt


    Anyone who fully knowingly gives a firearm to a mentally disturbed individual who goes and commits a murder is an accessory or at least holds some accountability, no? Recent shootings outside Nashville were totally preventable. Once again, a preventable loss of life where the shooter was on the radar of some leo agency. Why in the world did the pukes father give him his guns when the state of Illinois took them away? Seems to be becoming a pattern with federal law enforcement dropping the ball as well, feds knew he was mentally unstable, sad situation.