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  1. Congratulations on the grandson Al. Congrats on the new house too. Sure you will find some nice bucks in Mo and Ms.
  2. Cool video. Usually an hour in I am ready to move too. A lot different country there than here, wide open. Reminds me of the ranch I took my oldest daughter to hunt in 2010. Here coyotes have a lot more advantage with so much vegetation to hide in.
  3. Congratulations Ruth. Looks like you had a great season last year.
  4. Looks like you are gonna have full freezer already. Congratulations. And yep, hours of cutting and packaging ahead of you.
  5. Catrina showed me a few of your pics from facebook from time to time. Glad to see you back here.
  6. lol. Was going to ask the same thing. Nice looking bike Shaun.
  7. wtnhunt

    COVID-19 - Impact

    The memory care units at homes and assisted living centers are really being hit hard. Wandering elderly on units cannot be locked down in rooms and many don't understand keeping masks on, unfortunately that is where it started to spread in the wife's home. The hospital had an outbreak. They sent a resident to the hospital, resident came back from hospital with covid, and they gave it to pretty well everyone working that unit and to all the other residents there. Catrina tested all those that came back positive. She had proper ppe. Think masks are over rated as protection when people don'
  8. wtnhunt

    COVID-19 - Impact

    Yes, seriously. Catrina showed up at work on Saturday, 29th of August, she had a fever at the door and that was the first symptom she had. She has since had 2 different residents that tested negative despite having symptoms. Those residents both 2 days later tested positive. They are now testing staff and employees twice a week. According to Johns Hopkins, the viral load at onset of the covid 19 is not high enough for the test to detect it. It may be day 7 before the test is able to detect that a person has it! Catrina is feeling much better now, still her diastolic bp is too h
  9. wtnhunt

    COVID-19 - Impact

    Catrina had 2 negative tests, but both were within the first 72 hours of her symptom onset. Within just hours of her initial fever, she was hit pretty hard, but she was also probably pretty rundown due to lack of sleep and all the 12-16+ hour work days. According to Johns Hopkins it is not uncommon for false negatives with early tests, really that is not helping with fighting the virus and isolating infected people. She was over the symptoms for the most part this weekend, but her blood pressure is still elevated, she had never had blood pressure issues prior to her symptoms onset. Health
  10. wtnhunt


    Still have some hummers around here. Been seeing loads of geese, maybe residents but seems to be way more than normal. Farmers almanac calling for a pretty rough winter, but then they called for a bad one here last year and it was pretty mild. Eventually they are going to be right. lol.
  11. I need to swap cards sometime this week. Really surprised that to this point we have had NO bucks that were of any interest at all. Only a couple 1.5 year olds. Been a strange year to say the least. Have noticed an uptick in buzzards flying low over the bottoms just off our lines. Dunno if anyone killed or wounded anything back in behind us during the velvet hunt or not.
  12. lol. Until I got to the end it kinda reminded me of the old farmer story. Farmer picked up his calf from the time it was newborn each and every day, and as the calf grew, the farmer got stronger.
  13. According to reporters on one station the paralyzed man had a warrant on him for domestic assault and rape. The woman who's house he was at when the police approached him was who had the charges against. He obviously knew he was not supposed to be there. The media continues to carry on with their deceit. This is who the left wants to make a saint out of.......
  14. Have used both. I did notice that consistency and group size with the black diamond with the 209's was not quite the same as with the no 11 caps. We have used two different accura rifles with the 209 winchester primers with absolutely no issues whatsoever with accuracy.