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  1. wtnhunt

    How would you hunt this place

    Welcome to the forums. Think I would look close between those creeks somewhere near where the deer cross it.
  2. wtnhunt


    Negative on that. Biggest buck here so far, as of early July, has been an ear width 6 point with no brows. Usually by now have gotten pics of at least one that gets me a little excited. Had 2 mature bucks I passed on last year, that I know made it through our gun season, that have not shown back up. Hoping to get something decent on cam soon, but at this point I have pretty low expectations for me for the 18-19 season.
  3. wtnhunt

    7-20 Friday check-in

    Good luck to Emma. News currently saying 13 dead and divers searching for more people, hope somehow they find the rest alive but does not sound good for those still missing. Nothing really planned here. Plenty I need to do though.
  4. wtnhunt

    RT has sadly gone dead

    Yep, still here too.
  5. wtnhunt


    Don't know what happened to them Corey. Last time I went to check them all the regular user entries including my own were gone, but there were about 7 pages of blogs and they were ALL spam.
  6. Pear trees are doing pretty well and most have some fruit, but I cannot reach the pears and every time I go back there I don't think of taking anything with me to pull them off. I need to get some pics next time I get back there. I may be ready to remove the cages from a couple of the pear tree's next spring and use some corrugated drain pipe around them. Apples had blooms, then a frost got them, trees not really ready yet anyway. Expect a couple of them to have fruit next year. Did lose one of the apple trees late last summer. Even though I got off the 4 wheeler and was careful, think some overspray (gly and 24d) may have floated on some lower leaves, no clue what else might have happened. The tree was looking good and doing well then leaves just turned brown and dropped. The one that got chewed on is still alive, but the new leader on it is way behind the others.
  7. The hoosier pride glyphosate resistant beans I planted last year impressed me enough to put them in again this year. Getting them in during the spring once again just did not work out, but did manage to get 2 of 3 plots in during the month of June, the 3rd plot went in in July and just finally got a good rain on it on Sunday. Little closer view of the plants below, the deer are eating them, but have not had an overbrowsing issue. Sprayed glyphosate on them at about 4-6 inches tall with a 3 point 40 gallon sprayer I just bought this spring and worked out very well behind my smaller kubota tractor. Post emergent spraying with the gly resistant beans rather than spraying before tilling seems to work better so far. The 2nd plot took off a little better, did less prep work on that ground, go figure. Was in a little bit of a hurry and did not firm up that ground before broadcasting the seed. Had some germination in some spots in the bottom a few days after planting where seed was along tree drip line and where I had rolled some of the seed in with the little tractor. No pics of that one yet, hopefully after Sunday's rain that plot will take off. Had a LOT of seed, mostly in sandy areas, that did not get covered after I broadcast it, so we will see how that goes.
  8. wtnhunt


    That is pretty good Martin, had never connected those points before.
  9. wtnhunt

    weatherby vanguard?

    At walmart this morning noticed they still had some clearance rifles, some of those have been in the case for months. Hadn't really been in the market for a new rifle and had not looked close the past few times I have been in there, but was looking for the new reg book at the counter and my temptation got the better of me leading me to look a little closer at these. Not really familiar with the weatherby's, so looked at the weatherby site a little while ago and not really sure which model this was. I think if I was looking at the tags right that the original price was $649, and they had a couple down to $469, these are with matte wood stocks and matte barrel, would this be the sporter model and if so are the sporter models that walmart sells also gonna have the sub moa accuracy guarantee? Is the $469 price a great price or just good price on these.
  10. wtnhunt

    Friday the 13th check-in

    Good luck to Emma. Keep safe with those heat advisories. A bit going on here. Wife and kids taking off this afternoon to go to middle Tennessee for church camp weekend. Hoping I can get over there for part of the day tomorrow, but just don't know that it is gonna happen really going to depend on how much I can get done today. I need to mow the yard, gotten so thick I am probably gonna mow it at 3 inches sweep it and mow again at 2 in opposite direction. Been so ridiculously humid the grass will still clump regardless of whether I mow it morning, mid day, or late in the afternoon. About ready to fence off the back couple acres and let the horses eat it. lol Need to do some maintenance work on both tractors. Need to bush hog ground in the bottom if it is dry enough, so I can turn cows loose on that ground. Rain supposed to move in on Sunday, so if I don't get it bush hogged before then it might be a while. Put in a soybean plot in the bottom last weekend ahead of a forecast calling for rain for 3 out of the next 5 days at 40 percent or greater, have only had a few less than 5 minute sprinkles since, we do need rain. Rotten crows bean eating the beans I did not get covered.
  11. wtnhunt

    RMNP Fly Fishing Trip

    Thanks for sharing the pics with us Frank. Looks like a great time.
  12. wtnhunt

    Finally saved enough!

    Very nice rifle, let us know how it shoots for you. Know you reload, might wanna check out the hornady eld-x's in 178 grain, have had good results.
  13. wtnhunt

    Think I got this one right

    Looks great Ross. Nice work.
  14. wtnhunt

    Wonder Why?

    Most anyone else in this country that had done a fraction of what that family has would be under a jail. Pretty disgusting that she is even able to consider the possibility. I still feel strongly that she should be tried for treason. Real shame how in this country some are above the law.
  15. wtnhunt

    Changes for 18-19 season, TN early velvet hunt

    The single shot reg change might get a few more hunters out during muzzleloader, but doubt it will increase harvest numbers. Most those guys who would have to buy another gun just to meet the changes for "primitive weapons" likely already have a muzzleloader. Figure a "newness" type deal will just give guys that already hunt the muzzleloader season an excuse to buy another gun. Geez, with the modern day muzzleloader accuracy and long range abilities I have hunted during the rifle season here with my accura many times. Handbook still not out yet, but reg changes are able to be found online. Another one of those that makes you go huhmmm and wonder about is the new reg on air rifles. Game commission will not approve night time coyote hunting for concerns of increased poaching of deer, yet the TN.gov site if I am reading right has shown the commission has approved and adopted new regs to include the use of nearly silent air rifles above .35 caliber for hunting all big game species in our general gun season. So now it is legal to use the air gun which is super quiet, seems to me like promoting sneaky activity. Gotta wonder what kind of hunter out there is gonna drop $750 on an entry level crosman air gun. I still see in my mind the cheap bb guns crosman makes and think yeah, right??? Guess for those who are all about whacking as many does as possible where you can kill 3 a day, a quiet rifle might make it a bit easier for them, although there have been too many times to count that I have shot with a rifle and had does/deer just stand there looking around like what just happened. In my opinion decreasing harvest numbers have everything to do with the state's continued liberal limits. Maybe they will eventually figure it out.