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  1. Sounded like you might have been a little winded after the "bushwhacking" to get back to the trail Frank. Looks like a pretty place. Hope Catrina and I get to do some stuff like this after the kids are all grown.
  2. That's cool Shaun. Looked like your pup got a good workout. We had about 8 inches here in the 2021 TN blizzard, our pup loved it.
  3. Good luck with it Lewis.
  4. Love biscuits and gravy, but trying to stay with reasonably healthy diet. I do eat deer backstraps lightly breaded fried in canola oil with white peppered gravy that is made without any drippings or grease.
  5. Sad to hear. His voice will certainly be missed.
  6. Welcome to the forums. Congratulations on a real nice buck.
  7. A month later, and several trail cam pics of coyotes later, this little guy was still around on Jan 21st. Had several pics of him on one camera, so looks like letting him go was probably a good call.
  8. What kind of barrel life do you get out of a setup like this?
  9. About double the powder capacity? Right now with components tough to find I am really liking the max loads around 42 gr imr 4350 in a couple of loads.
  10. A shame it has become what it has. Another forum I am on is wide open, much like it used to be here. Honestly from all I am hearing about facebook if that was really the issue this place would be jumping again. Keep hearing about facebook stepping on more and more, latest censoring gun ads?
  11. Burris are good value for their price point for sure. Just function tested a new upper today with a wilson combat barrel. Have a burris 5-25x50 signature hd on it. Think I am gonna like the signature hd.
  12. No doubt. Gunbroker prices on primers are insane.
  13. All the small rifle primers I find in stock are either in Canada or on gunbroker for auction @10 times or more what the normal price should be. Real shame things are heading the direction they are here. What kind of optics you going with? Should be able to stretch on out a ways.
  14. Nice looking rifle Shaun. No experience with any westerns. You already have dies and components? Hard to come by anything in these parts, and suspect it is only gonna get worse.