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  1. Wow. Those first two are great bucks. Good luck with them. I haven't gotten any cameras out this year, don't know if I will or not.
  2. Think I would look at Missouri in that situation. Not surprised Iowa is that high though.
  3. wtnhunt

    forest fires

    Hope they get the fires under control. Agree, a huge thank you to all the firefighters for the work they do, heros for sure. Stay safe Dave.
  4. wtnhunt


    So watched a few of those. I like Darius Rucker singing wagon wheel better than your clip for the vocals, he just has a better voice imo. 4 non blondes vocals in that clip was great.
  5. wtnhunt


    I will have to try to listen to some of those when my internet is acting better. I like a mix. Listened to a lot of Rock and classic rock growing up. Then more country. Lately have been back to listening to more of the music I grew up on. Man the lyrics in most of it sure does not fit today's PC/woke nature.
  6. Hope they stay up forever Martin, but who knows. Sure would be nice to see activity pick up here again.
  7. wtnhunt

    boat launch

    Ooooops. Boy in the second pic looks like he is crying, maybe his truck?
  8. Well Sue, groundhogs are quite destructive. We have a few around here, they leave holes behind that can break legs of our cows or horses, not to mention the damage done to the pastures. Like you say though you each their own. Interesting choice for a first post on a hunting site.
  9. Good to see you check in Clay, right? Been a while since you had been on last. It is unfortunate this forum is not what it once was. As Dave mentioned above, don't think this forum being so slow is attributed to hunting dying out. Think it is a combination of factors. A lot of members got frustrated with the "upgrades". There were a lot of site issues that kept members from being able to login, happened more than once. Hope things are going well for you.
  10. wtnhunt

    Getting Married

    Congratulations Frank. All the best to you and your bride. Have a safe trip and a great time.
  11. Interesting first post for a new user. I took the Johnson and Johnson vaccine. Sore shoulder for a few days. Headache and flulike symptoms for a few days, no other major side effects that I recall. How about you?
  12. Happy birthday Jerry. Have a good one.
  13. Cool assortment. Guessing that is a wolf, not a giant coyote?
  14. Everyone have a safe and Happy 4th.
  15. Only tip I could give, is that if you see a goat that has horns that look to be 2.5-3 times as long as the ears, you know he is a shooter.