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  1. wtnhunt

    The connection to Russians

    Missing an important one the liberals don't want to talk about. Remember obama's "hot mic" comments. Still wonder just exactly what he meant with saying he would have "more flexibility".
  2. wtnhunt

    Got snow now

    Only ended up with a dusting here, after having flooding rain. We went from near 60 yesterday around noon to under 30 just after dark. Guess it was bad enough ice on the roads in town in spots this morning that our church cancelled everything. Was not supposed to get above 28 today, but the slop is melting some and the ground is not froze hear as hard as I expected it to be. Checked traps this morning and the water was open, guess it was moving steady enough to keep it from freezing. Gonna need to put hay out late this evening or first thing in the morning, a cab tractor sure would be nice. Prefer to wait until the ground is frozen in the morning if I can hold off.
  3. wtnhunt

    Saying goodbye to a furry friend.

    Sorry to hear that Trevor. Know how tough it is to have to have one put down, been there a few times. Our old mixed stray is getting on up there, she is also a Maggie. She showed up in the back yard tail wagging so hard it was about to make her fall over, think that was around 2006. Dunno for certain just exactly what type of mix she is but think she is part healer and part pit bull. Dog has a very sweet disposition, but she hates snakes more than I do. She kills countless snakes and has been bitten in the mouth a few times by water moccasins. Dread the day but know it is coming. We have been looking for the right new dog for Maggie to share her good habits with, but have not gotten one yet.
  4. wtnhunt

    1-18-19 Friday check-in

    Sick of the rain/precip here, everything is already beyond rotten, have run out of ground that is not churned up to feed my cows on. Yeah, looks like the forecasters are pretty uncertain how much or even whether we will get any snow out of this next round of slop. I am gonna guess we will get 3-4 inches. Then Tuesday another round. Need gravel for our driveway, but been unable to get more than 3 dry days in a row all winter long and rock just does not do right when it is wet. Only thing planned really at this point is to take the family for a short trip up to our rural king store tomorrow morning. Our 17 year old needs a rabbit for a school assignment in her ag class, and have to pick up a few things and get my soybeans ordered. I will have to check my few traps I have out, caught the first beaver of the season this morning, may add a few more traps.
  5. wtnhunt

    Climate Change

    Explain please? Man made environmental influences(pollution) were not impacts on cyclic changes that took place going back to when records started being kept. Some of the hottest temps on record in this country were well before the current levels of pollution that politicians and some "scientists" claim as the problem. There was no "global warming" or other issues that contributed to weather events that at those times were probably also touted as "the signs" of the end of times. Some of the worst hurricanes, tornadoes, and other natural events occurred in places that at one time were uninhabited. Those places having little to no housing or people to be hurt/killed/damaged left those events being much less dramatic.
  6. wtnhunt

    Let the Witch fly her broomstick

    Hadn't clicked your link, assuming this is in regards to Pelosi and her plan to hop a plane with military. Then the dems are spouting off about this being a security issue with Trump giving away the logistics. Fire em all. Her taking off to Hawaii at the onset of this was her pinkslip imo. These elected officials are given a job to do, when they refuse to do the job they are elected to do, fire them and let someone who will do the job take their place. If the govt shutdown had first cut these senators and reps pay, there would already have been a resolution to this. Far as the state of the union address, let Trump give it as scheduled from the oval office. Chucky and Nancy can give their follow up from Hawaii or wherever they happen to be exploiting taxpayers at that time.
  7. wtnhunt

    Team 1

    Happy Birthday Frank, hope you had a good one.
  8. Give California to Mexico. How long could they then support giving away what is not even afforded to taxpaying citizens. The federal government should withhold ALL funding to CA. Taxpayers should never be on the hook for healthcare being given away to illegals, sad situation.
  9. wtnhunt

    Team 4

    LMBO. Ummm yeah, been there a few times with our older two daughters, been blessed to be with each of them killing deer. Unfortunately Don it does not end at 14 and seems to only worsen as they get further into the teenage years. Our youngest Allison, 13 years old, has for the most part done pretty good at paying attention to me, although it was right opposite with not encouraging her to shoot the does with 6 of them in front of us. She just wanted to shoot something to which I said a doe was better than a small buck, she held off though and killed a mature buck this season.
  10. wtnhunt

    A new year is here soooo.

    "Back in the day" chat room would be very active at any mention of any of the "pro's", not even a chat room here anymore. Is what it is, yeah no excuses. Seriously though, there was a time when those guys/gals would drop in from time to time and even post and YES Waddell did really forget his user names and passwords to the forums. I recall helping him resetting his password for one of the usernames he had, think it was bowtarist, only for him to post a few posts and never check back in. Too many posts that folks look at and maybe even write that they never reply to. Kind of discouraging when someone creates a topic and they seem to abandon it. I mean what is the point of posting a reply to a topic if there is no dialog. Been some good posts with very little response, perfect example is look at the young ladies successes this year, a low number of congrats to the girls in comparison to the number of views. See a lot of regular members that don't even post or reply, that used to always be right there to offer congrats and support. Surely they have not become too busy, so what is the reason they don't post?
  11. wtnhunt

    A new year is here soooo.

    Waddell would never be able to remember his username or password. lol. He had a few profiles here at one time. Dunno how much play those guys get these days, if the videos are still as popular as they once were. Several of them had been members at one time or another.
  12. wtnhunt

    Ruger American Predator and Tract scope

    Looks like a nice setup Ross, good to hear it shoots well for you. Good luck in Texas.
  13. wtnhunt

    1-11-19 check-in

    Doubt it ever makes it to that 44 forecast today, at least not where we are. Only 35 now and sleet and mix starting.
  14. wtnhunt

    1-11-19 check-in

    Have our late juvenile hunt this weekend, so I am looking to get our 13 year old, Allison, back out if she can take the weather. Seeing a few flakes hear and there this morning with the temp hanging around 29-30, supposed to get to 44 today though. Tonight might get interesting, calling for a mix but temps not supposed to fall below freezing so should not stick. Nothing else planned here.
  15. wtnhunt


    She is demented, seriously. Pretty sad that is what we have just 2 heartbeats away from the presidency.