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  1. This was the signup for last year, but I will add another team and put you on it if someone else wants to play. Or I can put myself on a team with you, and if someone else wants in later on, let them take my place.
  2. Congratulations to her.
  3. That is awesome, congratulations to your father. Post some pics if you can.
  4. Got your first one to go, by removing the img code.
  5. Cool character on that big boy Frank. Congratulations.
  6. wtnhunt

    Been awhile!

    Good to see you back. So sorry to hear you lost your daughter. Congrats on retirement and good luck this season.
  7. Yep, I may still have some of those wraps as well. Good to see you post. Hope all is going well for you.
  8. What are you looking for Joe? I am seeing some hunting ammo available, but it is high.
  9. Some great shots there Steve. What camera are you using now?
  10. That is a good trail for sure. That last buck looked pretty decent.
  11. That is a nice buck Dave. With the water tank, guessing he is hanging around the house? Do you still not hunt those deer?
  12. Congratulations Corey. Glad to hear things have gotten so much better for you.
  13. Looks like another team to me. Team 6 I think.