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  1. wtnhunt

    regrouping pairs or groups

    What are the chances a bachelor group or pair that survives a season gets back together at least in part the following spring/summer. Had a buck we suspected was a 1.5 year old 5 pt with no brows last year that during velvet that was regularly running with the mature buck I posted pics of last fall/winter that had shredded his antlers to nubs by mid October. I guessed he was a 4.5 year old last year and posted a thread where guesses from that thread agreed that he was mature. Fast forward to this summer, have a 2.5 year old 6 pt with no brows running with this mature buck we think is most likely the same buck that busted off his antlers early on last fall. The only thing that has me stumped is that last year his left side was typical/normal and right side was a beam and a long brow, this year his right side is mostly normal with a split brow and just a bunch of junk on the left. Some other distinguishing features that have me thinking it is the same buck are an ear notch in the same location on the left ear. Of course if his antlers are shredded by the middle of October again will be pretty safe to say it is the same deer. Hoping he sticks around into season and someone in our family gets a crack at him, even if his antlers are all busted up again this buck being mature will be one to take out.
  2. wtnhunt

    Been a Long Time

    Look like nice bucks to me Bill. Welcome back.
  3. wtnhunt

    a keeper?

    Cool character with the kicker off the back of the right 2. Really, I don't know that that buck is older than 3.5, I think the further buck in the first pic may be a nicer one. Guess that would be one of those have to see first hand while on stand, and also would depend on what else I was seeing where I hunt. I know we have had a 5.5+ year old buck around here that is not very pretty, but I would be happy to kill him myself or put one of my family members on him.
  4. wtnhunt

    Team 3

    Those dogs look very healthy and 4 in one frame, been eating all your fawns? You need to be whackin them too Martin.
  5. wtnhunt

    A safe trip

    spammer, just removed the link they posted at the end that looked like a weird question mark.
  6. wtnhunt

    Hunting Rangefinder comparisons

    Personally I will not buy any bushnell brands ever again. Bushnell is not the same as it once was. When they bought out another brand, they abandoned owners of many of those optics products, many of which had lifetime warranties. Stinks to have the upper end of a known name brand product that was sold with a lifetime warranty only to have the warranty being worthless. Further, when I asked them some questions they got rude. They actually continued producing the very same optic I wanted to have repaired under the cabelas name for a short time which also sold with a lifetime warranty. I asked bushnell point blank and they lied to me. Poor customer service, there are too many other companies out there that are willing to make it right when faced with issues. That being said I do own a bushnell compact 800 rangefinder, have had it for several years and no complaints, but then that was purchased before some of the bushnell transitions and acquisitions. I recently had to send my nikon monarch binos in for repair, only cost me shipping one way, had them back to me in a couple weeks. Nikon to my knowledge is only nikon, under the bushnell umbrella there are brands such as tasco and simmons. So your bushnell rangefinder made in china is probably manufactured in the same plant as simmons and tasco and possibly other brands you may not even recognize.
  7. wtnhunt

    Faster than you will live to be

    Good movie, been a few years since I have seen that one, but watched Josey Wales a couple weeks ago.
  8. wtnhunt

    A safe trip

    Thought this looked familiar Appears poster cut and pasted Ross last year post???
  9. Post your entries here. Good luck to all.
  10. wtnhunt

    Hybrid maybe?

    Is there a fallow deer farm near you? Imagine it could be possible if there were escapees. With that being said though, would speculate when winter rolls around and that doe gets her winter coat that the spots will fade away.
  11. wtnhunt

    My Georgia gator hunt.

    Congratulations Anthony. Glad you got one.
  12. wtnhunt

    Deer teams posted

    Teams are posted in the announcement/contest room. If you signed up, be sure to check in. If I missed anyone, let me know. Hope everyone has a great season. Good luck.
  13. wtnhunt

    Team 5

    Stinger-Hunter Rdy2hnt1 Adjam5 Dawg
  14. wtnhunt

    Team 4

    Rhino Strut10 RangerClay abrown´╗┐
  15. wtnhunt

    Team 3

    elkoholic MUDRUNNER Mathews XT Man ny_gun