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  1. The 3-16 check in thread

    Our 16 and 12 year old daughters have had some sort of respiratory crud, they are supposed to go to do some volunteer work with the wife at the horse riding academy tomorrow, but dunno if they will go. Our 12 year old has missed school the past 3 days so I know she won't be going. If it is not too wet and cold, I will take my son and try to do some work outside. Should have some cows ready to calve soon, so will be checking on them. Not too long back TN passed legislation to not comply with federal law with regards to black vultures, in other words it is legal to kill them in TN. They have been a big problem killing calves. Been a LOT of them hanging around the bottom here lately, last thing we need is the rotten buzzards killing newborn calves, so....... Need to ride around and do some walking this weekend to see if we have any new beaver sign, killed a couple and busted their dam a couple weeks ago and they had not been back as of yesterday.
  2. 2016 buck on the wall

    Have had this one back for 4 or 5 months and finally gotten around to taking some pics to post here. Not sure why, but my cape is darker than the deer was and darker than any other deer I have mounted. Wanted the ears pinned back more like in the trail cam pic of the deer just minutes before I shot him, and not a huge fan of the eye shadow look(black around the eyes) either. Happy with the pose and the rest of the detail work though, deer was posturing and pushing off an 8 point when I shot him.
  3. nice kitty

    Interesting clip. Didn't look like the cat was hunting the shed hunter, but he sure was not scared of him either. We know there has been at least one make its way around in the bottoms right behind our house, hope to never cross paths with one.
  4. 3-9-18 Friday check-in

    Oldest daughter, Christina turns 22 tomorrow. She is going to be home this evening. Have a crockpot of veni chili on, her request. Probably go out to eat at our favorite mexican restaurant tomorrow for her birthday. Supposed to rain tonight and again tomorrow, dang'it just won't dry out here. Our 16 year old has her prom tomorrow, so will be taking some pics at some point. May do some shooting over the weekend.
  5. 2017-18 survivors

    Very disappointing results here this post season. The one 9 I passed on twice has not come back around our cams since just after the last time I saw him. I just went on and pulled the cams yesterday, figure most the decent bucks have dropped their antlers by now anyway.
  6. March 2-2018 Friday check-in

    Gotta pick some odds and ends up from lowes in the morning, then make two trips hauling hay. Hopefully will dry out a bit and make it a little easier to put it up in the barn. Probably try to do some spring cleaning, yard work over the weekend if things dry up enough. Nothing planned though.
  7. Tick ID

    LOL. Tick is a good nice name for her.
  8. The cost of hunting.

    Lifetime sportsman hunting and fishing for under 3 year old was $200, bought my youngest son his, wish I had bought them for all the kids. He will never have to pay a thing to hunt in in this state other than for special hunts or waterfowl if he would chose to take that up. For me, so long as I hunt my own property it is nothing hunting with the landowner exemption, BUT I do pay my taxes on my property, so costs are really probably higher than what I would pay for a license to hunt elsewhere. We are looking at buying another farm in the future, if I hunt it I may have to pay. For TN resident last time I bought mine it was $28 for annual hunting fishing and then $28 additional for each weapon type license, so $56 for big game gun with hunting fishing, another $28 for muzzleloader, and another $28 for archery. Or you could buy your annual sportsman which includes all. Prices from what I understand have gone up quite a bit here
  9. Friday 2-23-18 check in

    Too wet and rotten to do much around here. Wife was at a church stew sale good part of yesterday, took the family to a late valentine's dinner last night and said as we were getting in the durango that it felt prime for tornadoes. At that time we were under flood warnings, by the time we got home tornado watches popped up and then not long later had 2 tornadoes on the ground less than 10 miles to our north. They tracked east and missed us but still pretty rough here, had pea sized hail. Gonna survey the damage after I put out hay. Dreading getting the tractor out in this slop, but animals have to eat and not quite enough grass yet although it is coming in pretty quick.
  10. Is it spring yet?

    They say the groundhog saw his shadow, the only groundhog I have ever seen on our place did not live to see groundhog day so he did not see his shadow. lol. Looking like spring here, gonna have to mow my weeds and wild onions very soon. Been unseasonably warm too. Have buttercups blooming all over the place. Yeah, flooding going on here too, been a very very wet season so far.
  11. olympic coverage

    The absolute poorest coverage I can remember ever. Seems all they are showing is the same events over and over on the few nbc channels that are carrying coverage.
  12. Man cold alert!

    What you describe sounds familiar, but add in body feeling like been run over by a train and no energy. Just getting over a week of the flu here, woke up this morning feeling much better. Hope you get to feeling better soon Joe.
  13. Friday 2-16-18 check-in

    Trying to get over the flu here, dunno that I will be doing much. Our 6 year old hasn't quite kicked it yet either
  14. big trip

    Beat me to it. lol. Maybe Tim at least found Bill's place. Worked out of Macon for about 3 months back in the early 90's, made it to the Columbus area pretty often. Probably drove by rt headquarters and didn't even know it.
  15. No excuses lol

    Sounds like it worked great for you Lewis. So no excuses for missing now, if you can see it you better be able to hit it right. lol Had great vision most my life but has been rapidly getting worse and worse the past 5 or so years more so my near vision. Wife says my heart and blood pressure problems probably hadn't helped matters.