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  1. The accura mountain rifle in stainless black stock was $299 and even had free shipping. Saw where they have the current sale on all cva's yesterday afternoon. Some good deals but that mr @ 299 was a great deal.
  2. Still here, going on 17 years I think.
  3. Sure would be nice to mow in an ac cab, but yeah that is like second gear low range slow, would take a long time to get much done. Have heard mixed reviews on the hydraulic line powered accessories. The genius that had the old light duty 6 foot howse before me sharpened the blades upside down, needless to say it does not cut so well and it snaps the shear bolt anytime you hit anything of any size with it. Just last week I rebuilt the stump jumper on my old 7 foot heavy duty cutter and put on new blades. Had to settle for slightly shorter blades than the original, could not find the exact blades, but still getting a 6 ft 8 or 9 inch cut. The splines in the hub were stripped, had to grind off the old hub and weld on the new, of course the blade bolts had to be ground off too. Man does that thing cut now, closest thing I have ever had to a new bush hog. Cuts almost as clean as the 60 inch mid mount mower deck on my little kubota, looked like a hay mower had been run on my back field.
  4. A lot of odds and ends I need to try to get done, but having some back issues that if they are not better may limit how much I get done. Have beans needing to be picked in the garden, may have to send the kids out for that. Was going to bushhog some more, but jumped a fawn in my back field so gonna hold off a couple more weeks. Think I may drag the new 2 person stand out and assemble it, then take down the ameristep single ladder stand looking over the bottom. Beans down there are doing pretty well, may be the best bet to tag a good buck this year.
  5. Old thread brought back. lol. Original topic was about leaving cams out after season to see what you had leftover that made it through the prior season, kinda morphed into another topic. We had a real unique buck I know made it through that should be a pretty special deer this year for this area, and had a few other +/- 2.5 year old 8's from last season that also made it that should be nice this year. Had kind of hoped by now we would have at least had some pics of something to get excited about but nada. The one would have been a sure target buck/shooter if we were getting any pics, would be very easily identifiable. Mineral site activity has been very slow. Looks like he will be a real nice one Frank. As of yet this summer our trail cam activity is the poorest I have ever seen since I started running cams with the old film stealth cams way back when. Had about 20 deer pics in 3 weeks on the cam I checked yesterday, normal should be about 20 pics in a day. Last time I checked the mineral site had about 10 deer pics in a month, did not even bother to swap the card since that cam has a viewer screen and I could see there was nothing of interest. Mineral site activity there typically is around 200-300 pics a week, so disappointing to say the least. I may look at moving a camera around and getting my old homebrews fixed up and running and back out.
  6. The truck won't be a daily driver, it will sit some, may not be good for the diesel. In trucks equipped identically I can get the diesel for about $7500 more. Don't like the 10 mpg's expectation, my current 3/4 ton with the 350 does a bit better than that even with 4 1500-1800 lb bales on the 3200 lb trailer. Wonder how much increase in mpg's could potentially be gained with a tune and upgrades? As much as I would like to have the upgraded duramax, really thinking I am leaning towards the gas. In the 1 ton and 3/4 ton chevy trucks in crew cab standard box the 3/4 ton with the 6.0 actually has as high a towing capacity with a standard hitch and a higher capacity than the 1 ton equally equipped or with the duramax. Cost of maintaining is less. Now just need to find the right dealer to find us the truck. One local dealer offers a 250,000 mile and 20 year warranty on all vehicles purchased from them, excluding diesel, another selling point away from the diesel. Kind of holding out til I know the 18's are not gonna have another option for powertrain.
  7. Cant see the pics Shaun, but sounds like a lot of fun.
  8. That is nice Shaun. We considered an acadia when we bought out durango, but dealers were not willing to work with us on what we wanted. We specifically wanted an awd vehicle and the gm based dealers seemed to only want to sell us what they had on their lots and no local dealers had an awd version. Honestly kinda glad we went with the durango for the towing, has more towing capacity with the hemi than my old 3/4 ton truck has.
  9. At least a 9. Cool right side. Yep, by time he finishes growing he should be a nice one.
  10. Yep, they are pretty proud alright. If the aftermarket parts will work, I will try to repair what I can on that old wheel disc. It does a good job, plenty heavy. But for small stuff like the garden it is really too big. I have a 3 pt disc too, not sure who made it, I know my wife's step dad rigged up the frame from angle. The thing is very "rigged". It needs rebuilt, the angle twists too easy, back left gang will bite on the inside and the outside twists up to where it does not even touch the ground. Found a place local to buy steel fairly reasonable, I will lay it out sometime and figure materials and see if it is cost effective and may just rebuild the thing. Here is a pic of the third plot in the bottom. A lot of sand down there, surprising that beans do ok. This pic was right before I sprayed the grasses in the middle. The buck I killed last December walked across where this plot is, saw him down there twice but ended up killing him in our back field. There is a ladder stand back behind where I am standing to take this pic, and another one to the left of the fence up the hill a bit. Catrina killed her buck last fall about 50 yards in front of where I took the pic from. The other 2 plots have taken off pretty well, will try to get some current pics of them soon.
  11. That is gonna be a LOT of seed Jerry. I would actually be inclined to control burn that field off if that is an option. If burning is not an option, would mow it before spraying for sure, but might wait and spray at least a week maybe two after mowing, then spray again about a week later. Fall plantings where grasses have been definitely do better than spring plantings. Reminds me that I need to either get a call in or stop by our local cps office this week and see if they can order me some pennington wintergrazer rye and some clover mixes. I am going to broadcast some wintergrazer rye grain into my cow pastures this fall.
  12. Had to catch a 3 week old calf this morning and take to the vet, was limping pretty bad. Was glad to get that out of the way early, heat indices here are pretty miserable. Girls are leaving in a few minutes heading to middle TN for church camp over the weekend and will be home Sunday afternoon. My son and I are keeping up with the animals here, gotta keep them watered. Probably spend a little time in the pool. Good luck to Emma with the 5K and softball.
  13. Don't have them around here. Sure it would be fun shooting them.
  14. Never had mine pulled. Had braces and had straight teeth until my wisdom teeth came in. Bottom teeth crowded after they came in. Remember having some headaches when they were coming in. We had our oldest daughters surgically removed all the same day by an oral surgeon, she was pitiful for 4 or 5 days. When I had my wife get braces in her 20's she had to have hers pulled and she was ok after a couple days, but hers were pulled in a regular dentist office.
  15. Welcome to the forums. Good luck quitting.