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  1. She got lucky, she has been a tough dog. X ray showed nothing broken and her hip was not dislocated, vet said just some heavy bruising. Treating her with anti inflammatories. She seems to be feeling a bit better today.
  2. Our old dog was fine yesterday morning. I had our puppy out in the pasture with our cows and saw the meter reader come up. Yesterday afternoon she was acting weird. Then today when I was about to leave to get my kids from school I saw a swollen purple area under her hip and she would not sit down. Went to try to look at it and she yiped and nosed my hand away. Going to have to take her to the vet in the morning. Feel bad I did not know earlier this morning I could have gotten her in after taking my kids to school. Hoping she just has swelling in her hip but I know she needs an xray and hoping no internal injuries. My kids are going to be really tore up if she is not able to be fixed up. I watched back on our security cameras and the driveway camera shows her being thrown into my fence but it was too far down the driveway to be very clear. And shows what looks like a tire tread mark on her left hip as she walks back past the camera coming back to the house. He was going way too fast on our gravel drive. Seriously thinking I am going to call the utility company and try to make them pay vet bills. At the very least will be pushing that the meter reader was going too fast on my property and I won't have it.
  3. That's cool Lewis. I planned on doing a 21kwatt generator here but have never gotten to it for other stuff that always seems to come up. Could never decide on whether I wanted a fixed system or something portable either. I would have to get a propane tank if i did the fixed system too. Already have a 200 amp disconnect I could wire into. Does that plug setup have an auto disconnect to keep power from feeding back into the line?
  4. Sounds like a sweet setup Al. So a little over a month away you will probably have the new shotgun broke in on a nice MS gobbler.
  5. Always cool to meet other members. Had no idea you were in Knoxville. Best as I recall Will was banned but later was allowed to come back.
  6. wtnhunt

    Best of's 2019-20

    Post your favorites from this past season here.
  7. Never been to one but sounds like a good time.
  8. No more pics of that one, and yeah no doubt hope he does not have cwd. Here is the wide 8 I saw briefly the morning I shot my 8 pt back in December. He was really heavy on the hoof earlier in the year, has dropped quite a bit especially in the neck. Also appears to have a tumor/growth on his left above the shoulder into the neck. We had had pics of him after season closed and I did not recall seeing the growth or it least it was not as noticeable on other pics. This was him back in mid October. Guessed he is probably a 4.5 year old, if he hangs around will be interesting to see how much he adds.
  9. Knew something was up with dpms, discontinuing some of their uppers and rifles, but was not aware that remington had pulled the plug on all production of "msr's" until earlier this week. Article I read said bushmaster branded lines, also owned by remington, were also discontinued. Too bad, but needless to say there are some crazy good deals to be had right now like this https://www.cdnnsports.com/dpms-lr-308-7-62x51-16in-rifle-build-kit.html#.Xj14pWhKjIU. Doesn't include the bcg, ch, or lpk but still a great deal.
  10. Who. Not someone I would waste my time watching anyway.
  11. We have one of the moose prints.
  12. Best kind of yote. Cool you got one down already on first set and broke in the new rifle, congratulations. I really need to get after them here, killed one back in November out the back door, have not been out calling yet. Getting loads of pics on trail cams.
  13. Welcome to the forums. I don't do any waterfowling so no help there, but would seem you could find a more affordable call for a beginner than what you linked. I know the taxidermist we used for years also makes custom calls and many for less than that.
  14. Sweet setup Shaun, looks like you got it dialed in. Man that scope was close with those rings, your front cap looks pretty tight. Guess I missed that you got the rifle with a timney trigger. Highest end trigger on any of my rifles is a jp.