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  1. Names below are already entered Fly Mathews XT Man Maine Hntr elkoholic Shaun 300 NS Whitetail RangerClay abrown mrswtnhunt Allison the huntress
  2. Before signing up please read and understand the rules posted in this room. First of all this is of course an unofficial contest run and moderated by forum members and not sanctioned by the good folks at Realtree/Jordan Outdoor Enterprises etc. There may or may not be prizes awarded at the end, in order to participate you must be a member in good standing with at least 10 posts at the time of the contest start, or member of active military duty with 5 posts. A new member with a consistent regular member vouching for them can also enter. Any questions with regards to post count do not hesitate to ask here or pm me. We reserve the right to disallow any member regardless of post count. This contest is simply an "all-in-fun" thing and if someone is disruptive to either the forums or their teams they will be replaced. Sign-Up will end on Sept 21st, may be extended or may take alternates if need be. At that time I will randomly make up teams (youth hunters will be evenly distributed though) and will have them assembled before the 23rd when I know many states have openers. Additional late teams can still be made up as they are formed, so if you catch this thread after the deadline, by all means sign up anyway. There are always no-shows and we need alternates. REMEMBER YOU ARE EXPECTED TO PARTICIPATE. NO ONE LIKES TO BE STUCK ON A TEAM WITH NO-SHOWS! Once the teams are announced we'll allow about two weeks to check in, so please check back before the end of the month or you will find you have been kicked off the team and to the back of the line. Please sign up below with Name, Screen Name, Age, States to be hunted, and Dates. Names of those from the lounge will be entered, if I miss your name be sure to post in this thread.
  3. wtnhunt

    Deer Contest

    OK, I will take all the names from here and get a sign up posted in the announcement room. Will give it until the 21st for additional members to sign up and then draw x number of teams depending on the numbers.
  4. Reckon robert will lead by example and have his security detail hand over all their "assault rifles", and semi auto sidearms? Hypocrite!
  5. Had a lot of rain here, should be a bumper crop.
  6. wtnhunt

    Trail cam bucks

    Well well well, pulled cards from the 2 cameras I have out this morning and after a months disappearance looks like we have a few bucks back around. I think Allison's little 8 from last year she didn't shoot has made his first cam appearance this year too making his way by 2 cameras on 3 different days. He grew just a little, like I told her he would and he will be the buck I want to try to get her on this fall. Hopefully those you had pics of will be back around and the right one shows up in front of you at the right time Frank.
  7. wtnhunt

    Deer Contest

    Looks like 9 if I am counting right. Catrina said she might participate if our 13 year old could also play but they would have to be on opposite teams.
  8. Don't think Robert o'rourke would have the guts to go to one door of a gun owner and tell them he is taking their guns away despite his arrogance on stage. Big talk from a dope head that should have a felony record disqualifying him. He is the epitome of privileged but acts like he relates to common people. But hey he put to bed a question most of us have known the answer to for a long time, other dems won't admit they want to take your guns. Anyone thinks it is just "assault rifles" they want to confiscate better take their heads out of the sand.
  9. Where I was what I was doing when I heard the initial reports on the radio is etched in my mind like it happened yesterday.
  10. Good to see you around Corey. Hope things are going well for you and your family. Good luck in Colorado.
  11. wtnhunt

    Deer Contest

    Absolutely. Encourage everyone to share their stories and pics.
  12. wtnhunt

    Deer Contest

    Looks like 7 of you so far if I am counting right.
  13. wtnhunt

    Trail cam bucks

    Maybe an August lull Frank? Went the entire month of August here without a single buck picture, had a second camera out for about half the month too.
  14. wtnhunt

    Weekend check in

    Good luck Dave. Got the yard work done yesterday afternoon, was a nice change seeing temps around 86 with a light breeze and significantly less humidity. Forecast for today looks like Al is sharing the heat with us this afternoon with the humidity also returning, reckon I will limit how much I do outside. Need to spray some fencerows with a mix of gly and 2 4d, and still need to spray clethodim on my clover. Doubt I get to doing any trimming out of the two person stand in the bottom this weekend, but don't need to let it go too long, the young sportsman deer hunt will be here before I know it. I am not even going to hang any of my hang on stands this year, might put a single 16 ft ladder in the same tree I killed my deer from last year for Catrina to hunt if she wants to have a different wind stand for our back field.