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  1. wtnhunt

    New Pool

    Nice. Considered putting an unground in, may eventually. Fiberglass would probably be the route we would go. Have had our above ground for about 23 years.
  2. I had the single dose j and j and Catrina had the moderna. Neither of us have been contacted at this point about another dose. I like the idea the j and j was essentially an already used vaccine that was just modified. At least that was my understanding of it. Vanderbilt does not require being vaccinated, but strongly encourages the vaccine before admission for surgery. Without you have to pay for a covid test which also slows the process getting checked in. Figure I will have enough on my mind the morning I check in, one less thing to worry with. I had to go in to my cardiologi
  3. wtnhunt

    so it begins

    Hope your back is healthy enough for you to get out Dave. I have not checked my camera in nearly 3 weeks. Need to pull it.
  4. Nice birds Don. Congratulations again.
  5. Cooied the line in your image and looked in a new tab. Copied the picture and pasted it here. Had to upload, but can see it here now.
  6. Can't see the pics, but sounds like a great time. Congratulations Don.
  7. Thanks Joe. Hope everyone had a good Easter. Oldest daughter brought our granddaughter to visit, was a good day.
  8. wtnhunt

    This and that

    Could not agree more. Sad reality of what society is becoming. Society of participation trophies, the look at me mindset, and entitlements. Usually have a few a year end up on our property. No telling where they come from.
  9. Yes sir, very aware. I am still doing my stay away from people. I figured the j and j was my best option. Strongly suggested that I be vaccinated before my surgery in May. Biggest factor for me in deciding to get it was on the likelihood it would lessen potential damage caused by covid. Primary care doc, cardiologist, wife, and a cardiology pa all strongly encouraged me getting a vaccine. They are far more educated on this stuff than I am.
  10. I was a hard NO on taking the vaccine. MY decision had absolutely nothing to do with anything the government said. I was strongly encouraged to get vaccinated by primary care dr, wife and my cardiologist. After much of my own research and seeing how Catrina got sick and had some issues with her blood pressure with the second dose of moderna I was still on the fence, I said I would only get the johnson and johnson vaccine. I was eligible to get the vaccine beginning of this month. Found where the johnson and johnson vaccine was available, called and made an appointment and got it. Had flu
  11. Wife is working, so me and the kids. May load up some rounds. May ring steel targets. Dunno though, nothing planned. Really i need to be getting a lot of work done around here before late May, but it is so wet and rotten here right now.
  12. Sounded like you might have been a little winded after the "bushwhacking" to get back to the trail Frank. Looks like a pretty place. Hope Catrina and I get to do some stuff like this after the kids are all grown.
  13. That's cool Shaun. Looked like your pup got a good workout. We had about 8 inches here in the 2021 TN blizzard, our pup loved it.
  14. Good luck with it Lewis.