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  1. wtnhunt

    COVID-19 - Impact

    As of yesterday the death toll in TN was at 72, with over 400 hospitalizations. Over 4000 confirmed positives. There were 13 positives in our county and 47 in the county to our south where the nearest large hospital and majority of physicians in this area are located. Expected peak here will be in the next 2 weeks. An article I read said the ihme has made some adjustments to their speculations on the fatalities in the state with significantly lower numbers than they put out early on.
  2. Video removed by uploader message. I don't make a habit of watching you tube anyway, unless I am trying to find a fix for something I am not familiar with in which case it is extremely useful. Far as social media, wife gets stuff from nursing on her fb. She had a story earlier this week that some nurse in Oklahoma was shot at while pumping gas for wearing scrubs. The story warned nurses not to wear scrubs outside of work that they would be targeted. Person shot at supposedly said the person who shot at her told her she was infecting everyone else because she was wearing her scrubs out in public. I had to look the story up on a reputable news site. Unfortunately many out there believe everything they read on social media. Turned out that the highway patrol put out a statement that the story was not accurate and they had no reason to believe that nurses were being targeted or in any danger for wearing scrubs. Imo, those creating this type hysteria and fear especially under the current situation should be charged with whatever authorities can throw at them.
  3. Good to see you check in. Saw something last week on the news that showed about Cook county Illinois coroner. Reminded me about you, stay safe.
  4. wtnhunt

    COVID-19 - Impact

    While rates are gonna be great, suspect it may be a very bad time to try to sell. Honestly thinking a housing market crash is on the horizon and may be some deals to be had. It may seem wrong, but Catrina and I have talked some about trying to pick up a rental or two in the future.
  5. wtnhunt

    COVID-19 - Impact

    Saw an interview last week where a guy in the ozarks was complaining about folks from New York showing up there. So much for Cuomo's orders for his own. Supposedly people here were nearly back to pre covid19 level activity. Governor here just signed a new order today prohibiting all non essential travel. Amazes me how with all the death some people are still not taking this seriously. I am a little nervous about exposure. I had a wedge resection of the upper lobe of my left lung in 03. On carvedilol and lisinopril, have read articles that said lisinopril and other bp meds may increase risk, has to do with ace2. My last cardiology visit in January the doctor said we would likely be talking surgery next year, actually had planned on changing doctors prior to this covid19 starting up. Have moderate to severe aortic stenosis of a severely calcified bicuspid aortic valve, and have a dilated aortic root. Knowing if the need were to arise sooner the resources at local hospitals could be tied up is a bit concerning too.
  6. Good to hear you and your girlfriend made it through self isolation Lewis. Adjusting ok here. Honestly it seems a little like summer, having the kids home from school. Except for the part where we are having to do schoolwork with our 8 year old.
  7. Just wanted to come back to this and give a big thumbs up to Jim at granite ridge outfitters. Bought the same barrel from them for the price it was before arm or Ally jacked up their price, great to work with and fast shipping. Noticing several gun and ammo related sites that are maintaining their pre covid19 prices. Will definitely remember them when the time comes for future purchases.
  8. Runs on soap and typical cleaning supplies, did these geniuses that stockpiled not wash their hands and/or clean up after themselves before this virus? Eggs and milk don't get it, neither freeze nor do they have any shelf life. Our local Walmart did have plenty of milk but had signage limiting customers to one gallon. We have kids and go through 2-3 gallons a week, not feasible to make extra trips in the store and increase exposure risk. Cereal and canned goods were still scarce here. Was plenty of fresh meats. Toilet paper still hard to come by last week. At some point some of those same geniuses out of work will max out their credit and the stores should recover. The hysteria and stupidity seem to go along with the self serving imo. Unfortunately no shortage of either around here.
  9. wtnhunt

    COVID-19 - Impact

    That is terrible. I have heard that Tennessee is allowing family members in to homes only for residents that are at end of life situations. Otherwise no visitors without exception. All it takes though is one and they may not even be symptomatic. Hoping the home Catrina runs can continue to avoid having any staff or residents get it.
  10. wtnhunt

    COVID-19 - Impact

    Math.... Someone please correct me if I am mistaken. 1 million tests conducted, 330 million people in this country. So 1 in every 330 people in this country at the current have been tested? 160 thousand plus positives of that 1 million, 1 in 16 positive of those tested? The experts still say some will have this and recover and never know they had it, don't imagine those folks have any reason to get tested. Tennessee numbers will eclipse 2000 positive cases today. Deaths related to Coronavirus was at 16. A lot more local positives being reported. Another nursing home in middle Tennessee has had a positive test of an employee. Guess my takeaway from my math perspective is that someone at the store you run into does have this.
  11. wtnhunt

    COVID-19 - Impact

    Some sad stories coming out around here over the weekend. Tennessee cases expected to skyrocket. Country music singer songwriter Joe Diffie was said to have tested positive on Friday, he passed away from covid19 early Sunday, he was 61 years old. Nursing home rehab center in middle Tennessee has 23 residents positive, 2 died over the weekend. Report I read said one positive employee started the spread and 30 some odd employees have now tested positive. New update this morning has 59 additional residents of that home also testing positive. Local case numbers expected to tick upward with drive thru testing. However results will not be made public by Tennessee Dept of health in a timely manner. As of this morning there were 1884 confirmed cases in the state and 10 deaths according to a Nashville report. With all the seniors at the one home testing positive, afraid that number may rise dramatically.
  12. wtnhunt

    COVID-19 - Impact

    Numbers are confusing to say the least. A Nashville station has been accurate with their numbers everyday for Davidson county. They stay ahead of the government site. As of this afternoon statewide total of confirmed cases was at 1203, however that has Davidson with only 216 and yesterday afternoon there were 293 confirmed in that county. Shelby county confirmed cases have jumped significantly. Total tested is up to 16093. County to the south of us now has a drive up testing center so expect those numbers to go up. Hospitalizations 103, and the fatalities number doubled to 6. Real shame some people are not following recommendations and orders. Biggest group of positives is the 21-30 age group.
  13. wtnhunt

    COVID-19 - Impact

    Just curious, is the hospital testing her anyway to see if she had one of those mild cases? Symptoms seem to be extremely broad, could be she had a mild case and a strong immune system? Would surprise me if they did not test to be on the safe side with the concerns for carriers. On the other side of the extremes, read a story this morning about a healthy 21 year old that died from this virus. Supposedly blood type is a factor as well as which strain a person gets in how bad or how mild the symptoms are.
  14. wtnhunt

    COVID-19 - Impact

    That is good to hear Frank. Hope she is able to avoid getting the virus.
  15. wtnhunt

    COVID-19 - Impact

    Governor yesterday pushed schools to not open back up until April 24th. Supposedly there is something in the works with local PBS stations to bring educational content over the air. Realistically I doubt at this point our kids step foot back in the school buildings for classes the remainder of this school year. Hopefully this all settles down soon. More data with today's report, now including hospitalization numbers. This week they started showing numbers for tests NOT conducted by the state lab. Nearly 12000 total tests conducted. Today's update reported another death, makes 3. Report says 53 hospitalizations. Total case count now at 784 statewide, yesterday was at 667.