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  1. wtnhunt

    10 point down

    Nice buck. Congratulations.
  2. Man to me those cedars and tall grass look like the kind of stuff deer like to bed in close to food. I could be wrong, but think if it was mine I would probably let most of that grow up. With corn in other nearby fields, I would definitely consider beans.
  3. Welcome to the forums. Used to be a few knight shooters on here. Not familiar with them myself. Would probably try triple 7 for powder. No idea what bullets that gun would run well but would not hurt to try some cheap sabots to start. Not sure if hornady has an offering in 54 cal on their ml xtp sabots but would be a good start of they do.
  4. How big is the field? What is in the other surrounding fields? What ag crops around you. With 14 total acres, looked to me like you maybe have 2-3 acres open field, the rectangular piece between the woods on the south side and the semi wooded area to the north. If that is the case, then yes I would plant it in beans. Leave the semi wooded area to the nw to grow up some with the exception of a trail. I am no expert, but that is where I would start if it was mine based solely on the map. Getting feet on the ground obviously may change perspectives and ideas and others may have tot
  5. I would probably put beans in that open field. Leave the wooded areas alone. Leave the beans standing. Eagle beans would be my recommendation. We had good luck for years with rural king soybeans until last year, but after last year's experience won't likely use them again.
  6. Still here. Good to see you check in Joe. Hope all is well for your family. Tell your dad to check in some time too.
  7. Tennessee put our county in high risk for cwd for this season. That meant that during the muzzleloader season you would be allowed to hunt with rifle. So, I sent Catrina to our back field with her .243, loaded with the handloaded hornady 100 grain interlocks. I expected for her to see some activity on the scrapeline where we had been getting daytime pics of a decent 8 pt. That line is about 170-185 yards away from the stand. Our soybeans this year were a bust, so no draw with them in the field, but deer still hit the scrapes. She had not been in the stand long when she saw an
  8. Tracking in snow is not something we have happen here. Congratulations on the doe.
  9. wtnhunt


    Got in the stand about 2:30 Tuesday afternoon, this scrapeline is about 185 or so yards away to the far side. Catrina took the week off, and she got a deer on Saturday, so I got to go some this week. It was warm and drizzling on and off. Anyway, I had to wonder how I missed seeing this deer and then realized time fell back but I did not set my cameras back. One of the better bucks we have gotten on camera this season, not sure I would have shot him but still would have been nice to get a better look at him. It is early in the season, hopefully timing will break my way at some point.
  10. That's cool Frank. Always fun when you can call them in. Had some does looking for me this morning after grunting. Think they had already been bred, had their fawns back with them.
  11. Congratulations. Always nice to get one down early on, kinda takes the pressure off of getting something in the freezer.
  12. wtnhunt

    Cousin's Buck

    Awesome buck. Congratulations to her.
  13. Sick of the lying news period. Can't even trust fox news anymore. Disgusting what is being attempted in this country. Catrina killed an 8 point opening morning here, this past Saturday. Told her she needs to share her story and pics here.
  14. Biden will not last 6 months. Remember both biden and harris called themselves the harris biden ticket. I hope and pray the Trump legal team somehow manages to pull it out, but not looking good.
  15. wtnhunt

    COVID-19 - Impact

    Seems to be a very bad week here. Gotten several notifications from the schools over students and staff testing positive. Highest single day death rate earlier this week, and new positive numbers are higher again.