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  1. Another interesting topic of discussion. When I was a kid there was never a thought of concern for cafeteria guidelines with regards to peanut allergies. These days my kids are not allowed to take peanut butter and jelly sandwiches or peanut butter crackers or even peanut butter cookies for snacks if a single kid in their grades has allergies. The risk is not great that my kid eating a sandwich sitting 5 tables away from the kids with the allergies is going to cause him to have a reaction, however the schools policies are such that they go to an extreme to ensure the safety of the one kid out of hundreds. Far as the flu, last season both our school aged kids got the flu while at school. It was pretty bad, an outbreak here last October and November that shut down several schools. Our 14 year old came home and said I will probably get the flu, the kid sitting behind me had it and came to school anyway. It is those same parents that have total disregard for others that create a problem. Couple days later Allison had the flu. Our son, 8 at the time, also ended up with the flu and strep on top of that. He cannot take medicine due to his sensory issues related to autism, ended up having to get him antibiotic shots 3 days in a row for the strep which cost us out of pocket nearly $300. Schools are ill equipped for dealing with sickness even when they take precautions. I think in large part that is due to the I don't give a rip "parents". Society has changed dramatically in my lifetime. Unfortunately it seems to me as though the truly genuine concerns for others in this day and age is not like it was 30 years ago. Far more self serving people.
  2. No doubt this raises cause for concern. There have been a very few that have remained consistent only adapting what they are telling the public with new facts supporting what they have to share, and those are likely the most trustworthy. Honestly don't think it wise to trust what data we are getting from outside our own country. Not really trusting even our own when seeing such wide discrepancies in numbers. The Tennessee health Dept at the local level is really a joke, at least where the regional hospital is located. The director has IMHO been politically motivated to follow the local and county mayor's directives rather than be straight with the public. You are right. I think schools do need to reopen at some point and maybe with an adjusted schedule to help alleviate some of the burden being put on those who have to work. I don't however think it is wise to rush something because the president is threatening to withdraw federal funding. I plan to vote for Trump this fall, but I am not in support of his latest threats that are putting undue pressure on already stressed school systems. Our schools here are trying to figure this out, but as of yet other than middle and high school kids being made to wear masks there has been no real plan given to parents. The schools are set to open the first week of August. I can foresee mass confusion especially since there will be no ability to hold a meeting at the school for all parents as has taken place in the past prior to schools opening. Not heard any tentative plans for elementary kids. We had heard about some potential plans for kids to go alternating days to start to help with social distancing in the classrooms. But that does not lend any help to those folks trying to get back to work.
  3. Looks like you have a nice herd of elk hanging around. Is this the buck eating your rose bush?
  4. Guess it boils down to perspectives Jerry. I get what you and Dave are saying and do not disagree that life must go on, however for the parent of the 7 year old little girl or boy who sends their child to school because they were told it was safe, only to later have to bury them. I would think they would not be so likely to agree that it was for the "greater good". Or heaven forbid if you were the teacher who was positive but had no symptoms and gave this virus to your students and a kid who noone knew had underlying condition and ultimately loses their life due to their exposure. Real possibilities. Unfortunately there is no way to predict just how many parents might have to deal with such an outcome. Too little at this point is really known about this virus. Some schools starting in just weeks may not really be properly prepared.
  5. wtnhunt

    COVID-19 - Impact

    Still wonder how the mask mandates work in places where it is being enforced by counties or states. County south of us passed mask mandate that no business or public place may allow patrons without them wearing masks. Obviously at a restaurant you cannot eat while wearing a mask. Wife offered to take our family out to eat last month for my birthday and I declined. So far the word here is high school and middle school students will be required to wear masks. Elementary school was not mentioned. Unfortunately that is a part of the issue we have with our son. Being he is high functioning autistic and has sensory issues, we know he is not going to keep a mask on. He has social issues as well, and is not so good with personal space. Concerns for others as well as for him especially since Catrina along with a couple of her nurses are testing around 115 employees a week at her work, which even with ppe and all the precautions still has her concerned. Sounds like something I could get into. Have lost almost 30 lbs here since this coronavirus crap started, almost to my target weight. At 51 with the cardio issues I am having, figure the better shape I am in when I have to have my valve replaced the easier recovery will be, not to mention bmi above normal weight has been mentioned as increasing risk for more serious complications if you contract coronavirus.
  6. wtnhunt

    Trail Cam Pics

    First one looks like a good one from my phone, will have to take another look from the laptop later on. Any sign of the one you hit last year?
  7. He sure does like those roses. Don't think the deer there have ever bothered Catrina's roses.
  8. Still no rain here. Forecast now looking like it might be next week before we get any.
  9. wtnhunt

    COVID-19 - Impact

    Masks don't work to protect the person wearing them unless they are n95 and yes a full face shield covering eyes or goggles should also be used. When Catrina tests her staff, she wears a full face shield over an N95 mask and wears a gown and gloves. She is testing every Monday and Tuesday now, all employees get tested weekly.
  10. Kids here go back the first week of August. Only 4 weeks away. Send them and hope your kid is not one of the few who has that wrong blood type or does not have some underlying condition you don't yet know about. Or hope this virus does not hit any schools near you. Fact is some kids are dying from this and while they say the risk is low, there is a risk. Would it make a difference the kids age or if there child had special education needs. How crowded the school is. How much in your decision making do you factor in the situation in your local area. Thoughts......
  11. Has clouded up and looked like rain here on and off all day, but not gotten a drop, yet.
  12. wtnhunt

    COVID-19 - Impact

    Tennessee is not doing so well, too many people still taking this not so seriously and having no respect for your space. TN had another record yesterday with nearly 2500 new cases. Deaths and hospitalizations are ticking upwards and showing no signs of slowing down. There were 25 new deaths today alone. News here reported last night that the area hospital had to open a new wing dedicated to covid, they had 50 beds dedicated prior, the person from the hospital being interviewed was on the brink of tears as she was asking for prayers for the hospital staff. Small rural county here has 158 confirmed cases with 176 pcr confirmed probable cases, only 80 people recovered. County to the south of us the majority of positives there are just over the county line.
  13. Mowed the clover yesterday, second time this year. A lot of seed and good healthy stand with just a little grass. Will fertilize and lime it ahead of a rain sometime in August. May still hit it with clethodim to knock back the grass. Looked at the soybean plots, considered using the little Kubota to roll the seed in but noticed a few spots where there was germination. Guess there was just enough soil moisture and humidity to get them going. Really need a good soaker. Have not had any rain since planting despite several days that were forecast with a 40 percent or better chance. Was also several dust bowl in the plot, sure the turkey poults and hens are finding some of the seed.
  14. Sure would like to see one of these guys from last year in velvet to get a bit more excited. I know these made it through last hunting season. Dunno about this one, suspected he had something going on, was hunched up in the second pic. There were a couple other bucks I know made it through that would probably have my interest this season, especially if they are coming around late August for the velvet hunt..
  15. Nothing on the first pull to get excited about. Several little bucks. Had at least 3 different 8 points I know made it through last year that should be interesting this year. Hopefully in the next month we get something interesting coming around.