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  1. wtnhunt

    the future

    Tennessee passed legislation after Sandy Hook that said they would not comply with ANY federal confiscations or bans. Further if I understand that legislation correctly they would also not enforce as in state and local law enforcement would go against any attempts at federal enforcement of such. The legislation you speak of, if passed, may well precipitate the beginning of a second civil war in this country. Feds are outnumbered, how many soldiers are hard core enough for Uncle Sam to turn on their families. Scary stuff. With all that being said I have been giving serious consideration to this very topic and hope it would never come to it.
  2. Digging up bones....... Seems to be a few newb's doing this, not so sure the motives of the one in this thread. But gonna guess it will turn out to be another spammer.
  3. Catrina's is a 9. It does great with the Hornady critical defense rds. Bought several boxes of the Israeli stuff(dicut jhp) and it also is pretty impressive.
  4. Did not ever put a laser on it. She does just fine with the factory sights. She is not traveling for her work anymore either, so she does not pack it with her anymore. I have not first hand seen the new shields. Would not mind having something smaller to tote around with me when I am checking traps in the winter.
  5. An oooooooooold thread brought back....... Over 10 years old. Sure Dan(the op) has figured out what works for his gun by now. lol If I were loading a deer round for 30 caliber in 06 or .308 it would be a 178 grain eld-x. Been very happy with the hornady eld-x bullets I have loaded so far for my .308. Considered an 06 and if I get one will also try and likely use the eld-x. I tried sierra game kings from a .308 into milk jugs and for close range was not happy with the way they came apart. Best as I recall I posted a thread here with the results. Had great accuracy on paper cloverleafing groups, but think at over 100 yards they only penetrated into the 2nd or 3rd jug and fragmented terribly. They may do better at longer distances, but since I have shots often in bowrange I was hesitant to try them on deer. With the eld-x, have dropped 2 deer dead in their tracks.
  6. Was a pretty busy weekend here. Wife and kids took off Friday to middle Tn to church camp. Stayed home and took care of yard work, animals, and other stuff around the house Friday afternoon. After tilling and doing some weeding in the garden Saturday morning took off and met the family just in time to catch the Saturday sermon. Stayed until about 4:30, had to come back home to take care of our dogs. Got up this morning and got on the tractor and took care of some other stuff around the yard
  7. wtnhunt

    The moose hunt

    Moral of the story........ Take plenty of pics?
  8. wtnhunt

    bow or gun

    Rifle hunt for your moose and go back to bow for elk and deer. Especially with the potential bear issues, would be nice having a gun.
  9. Just another example of the insanity of this upside down pc world we are living in, when people believe the crap from this puke and the likes of aoc. I am choosing to ignore nike and anything related to that turd I once referred to as crazy legs kapernick. Think they have gotten way toooo much attention from the media only further driving nike's sales.
  10. That is a nice deer Dave. Not gotten pics of any here to get me excited yet.
  11. wtnhunt

    bow or gun

    Gun would be my choice, just because it is the opportunity of a lifetime and I would hate to end up having to pass on a nice moose for being just out of bowrange.
  12. Took these yesterday. One week after getting the seed broadcast and just a few days after they got moisture, super fast germination. Had a heavy soaker again last night, these should do really well if we can get a few more showers through July and August. Plan to try to hand sew in some sorghum later on in the summer at the edge closest to our stand. Beyond the oak tree in this first pic is about an acre of clover. Despite having a late frost, the pear trees on the left side in this plot have a few pears on them this year. Plot in the bottom, will put up the 2 person ladder in the same big oak just back up behind where I snapped this pic from again this fall. Our 13 year old Allison really enjoyed sitting that stand last fall, despite having better luck from the stand looking over the other plot.
  13. wtnhunt

    Heat wave

    Typical summer weather here, hot and humid. Heat indexes over 100 this time of year here are the norm.
  14. Border agents sure don't seem to like how she is portraying them. Shame the msm is not calling her out on her latest lies.
  15. Once again better late than never. Weather seems each year to not cooperate with getting beans in early, was shooting for mid June, ended up wrapping up Saturday. Same spots as last year, expanded the bigger plot a bit. Did spray a burndown mix of gly and 2 4 d about 2 weeks prior to tilling this time and all the vegetation was pretty well toast. Broadcast about 130 lbs of the glyphosate resistant beans over the bigger plot and about 60 lbs over the smaller, then pulled a drag over with my little kubota. Plot in the bottom. We got rain earlier in the week, checked yesterday and had beans popping up already, just 4 days after planting. Will post some updated pics with green in them in the coming weeks.