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  1. Cyber Monday Deals

    They seem to be running this promo about once a week. 10 percent off and free shipping again today. Code is 17club1214
  2. 2017 fall plot

    Clock on camera is still an hour fast. They seem to be enjoying the plot.
  3. kinda cool

    Sitting in a stand along the old river channel one morning a few days ago it was kinda slow. I had seen one doe early on going from my right to left towards our field with food plots. About an hour and a half later I flip the can call over twice. Within just a few minutes there are half a dozen deer busting out from the heavy brush across the channel down in front of me. I sit watching as the deer make their way around behind me and towards the back of our property. Then something smaller catches my eyes following the same path the deer had taken and first thought through the trees was a yote so up goes my rifle immediately. I wait for what I thought was a yote to come out from behind tree it stopped behind ready to kill it and i see when it steps out that it is instead about a 20 lb bobcat. I have seen plenty of bobcats in the past even have one i killed mounted. Here is the cool part as i turn and put my gun down on my lap i see another bobcat in front of me about the same size. Anyway thought it was pretty cool seeing two together, not sure if they were just passing along and bumped the deer or if the can may have had anything to do with it.
  4. New to bow shooting

    Definitely check your draw length, would be the first thing i would check. Might try practicing "floating your pins" to the target then releasing rather than focussing too much on how steady you are.
  5. might regret it, but...

    Took a walk this morning to check a beaver trap in the bottom, took my 308 in case i happened to walk up in a good deer. The contour of the land is rolling hills into bottom, I was walking towards a valley of sorts between hills and where it drops out into the bottom. Walking the fence row between the pastures i get to a point where there is a brush pile in front of me about 80 yards away and standing at about 60 yards away is a deer just off the corner off the fence. Cannot tell for sure what he was with some limbs between us, he is locked looking straight at me but could see the beams were good. Got my gun up and had a good hold behind his shoulder with finger on the trigger guard. He stood for plenty long enough for me to shoot and as he turned pretty sure he had at least 4 not counting brow on his left side. Still probably had a shot but just watched as he jumped once and was gone from my view. That was about 9:15 a.m. so is probably bedding nearby? Cannot say for certain it is the same buck but a good one none the less. This late in the season hoping most others around here are done.
  6. he's a skipper this year

    Posted that hunt details in a new thread Frank. The busted up buck has an almost golf ball sized spot(possible injury from fighting)under his jaw and has probably lost 20 lbs. Saw him at 55 yards this morning and looked at the jaw with bino's, spot is bigger now than in the picture. Weight loss probably more to do with changing food availability and typical rundown from rut.
  7. might regret it, but...

    Thanks Al. Guess the way i see it, had i killed him they had zero chance. They may not ever see him but at least with passing they have hopes of seeing a big buck that we know has been around.
  8. Is premium ammo worth the extra $$$

    Hornady eld x perform pretty well. Loading 178 grain for 308. Good groups and performance on first deer i shot with them resulted with deer dead in it's tracks. Shattered near shoulder and recovered 78 grains of lead in skin on off side. Also shot yote with same load, left quite an exit. Have some 145 grain 270 eld x rounds loaded and acceptable groups but yet to shoot a deer with them. I may move on to the 6mm eld x for the 243 as well, but I have about 400 of the interlocks in 6mm. Don't see me ever buying anymore factory ammo for deer hunting or other hunting rounds.
  9. might regret it, but...

    Kinda miss having the user daily journals. Killed a decent 8 on December 1st, not a wallhanger and I thought I might pass the deer if I saw him based on trail cam pics but ended up taking him. Wife has had issues with her work, and with everything with the kids and time for hunting had been kinda limited. Wednesday the 6th my wife was working local so she took the the kids to school and left me an opportunity for a morning hunt. Planned on calling for yotes, but took my .308 just in case. There was a good frost that morning, so as I got up the hill to our back field and started walking there was loud unavoidable crunching through the beans as I am carrying the speaker for my caller to set out about 70 yards in front of me. As I neared the crest of the hill I hear a deer blow. She took off straight away from me, could hear her stomping on her way. I drop the speaker and go back and climb in the stand. About 10 minutes later, it is still before legal shooting light and pretty dim, I hear another deer blowing off and down to my right near another stand I have next to the old river channel. Pick up my nikon monarch binos and am glassing the dim field and see a doe standing in our clover and winter rye plot just looking straight at me and just standing there. I pan around and see another body behind one of our cages around the apple trees. I can see bone on his head but no idea what he is. He is eating in the plot and I had a side view but no idea just what he was. The other doe I cannot see blows a few more times. By now it is right at legal shooting light and the doe that was standing in the field starts walking off. She walks over the hill and the buck I had seen heads that way as well, eating on his way. I could see his side and looked like good long beams. He turned as he was going into the woods and I could see he was past his ears, probably close to 17 inches wide inside. Not long after they are gone I see the busted up buck I think is probably at least 4.5 years old that I posted about in other threads here. He comes up the edge of a brush pile towards me and gets within probably 75 yards of me and turns and walks back away and disappears into the brush pile. Again had several shot opportunities on him. About 15 minutes later had a doe fawn and a button buck come out. Had seen this button and doe fawn numerous times along with the momma doe, but momma doe was not with them this time. About 40-45 minutes later I see a doe come out from behind the crest assume she came out of the end of the brush pile. I had that feeling I knew it was probably the doe that the buck had followed off the field when it was dim. I started to reach for my gun in the corner knowing there was a good chance the buck would show. The doe was not too concerned at that point, she would go between looking back and looking up towards my stand. The first time she looked back I knew there had to be a buck behind her. I was focused behind her and then I saw tines just over the crest. I still could have gotten my gun up, stand is wrapped with tent canvas and getting the gun up at that point would not have been an issue. Back of my mind, this would be a great deer for my wife or 12 year old daughter, ad the split second thinking would I feel right having taken a second deer before either of them got one. Needless to say I held my bino's up and just watched the buck. Looked like he had been a main frame 9, with two busted tines and a busted brow. Little doubt in my mind this one is the one that did most the damage to the busted up buck. This deer if he were not busted up is probably mid 120's, probably as good if not a little better than the 9 I killed last year. I continued watching and let the doe get around about even with where I dropped the speaker. She had been watching me and I had put the bino's down as the buck had gotten to close enough view I could see him pretty well. I can see the doe from my peripheral view but am looking at the buck. I think the doe saw me blink kinda hard and she finally had all she could take as she trotted off. She never blew and it was not a wide open run, think she was just unsure. Buck looked up like what wrong with you and he also took off. He was not in an all out run, I am sure I could have gotten my gun up still and probably could have slowed him or stopped him for a shot, but instead just watched as he rounded the corner of what see as a scrapeline year after year. The buck got one pic made, think it is the only pic I have of him, unfortunately it is not a great pic but can see he has long beams. I sent my wife out that afternoon, and she has hunted several times since and has seen several deer, but has not seen that buck. In a way I regret not taking the deer, I would have been tagged out on bucks, but on the other hand I think about the chances that the wife or my daughter have on taking a nice buck if I had taken him. Had a similar situation last year with passing on one with my accura in my hand and then missing the deer a few times, ended up taking that one. Oh well, cannot go back and change it, hope passing him pays off.
  10. Muzzeloader Season Success

    Congratulations to you and your son. How does the bike do pulling the wagon.
  11. With a heavy heart

    Hope to see you check in as often as you can in the future Dave, always enjoy seeing pictures you post.
  12. 12-8 weekend check-in

    Probably be cutting and packing meat a good part of the weekend. Need to check the passenger side front wheel bearing on our car, just replaced the driver side a few weeks ago. Will get some time in treestand too, hoping this cold weather gets deer moving around..
  13. he's a skipper this year

    Think this one is likely responsible for the most part of the busted bucks antlers. Watched him Wednesday morning feeding for a little while before the doe watching me decided she was not sure about my eyes blinking and trotted off with him in tow. He has broken tines, but is still pretty nice. Past his ears, nice long beams, and pretty good mass. Don't think we had any other pics of him, but hopefully he will show again and in front of Catrina. Don't think if I saw him again that I could let him walk again as late as it is in the season. Most recent pics of the fighter that has the splintered antlers shows his jaw to have an issue, hoping to see him closer in the field to maybe assess that.
  14. Cyber Monday Deals

    You helped them sell out Tim. lol. Checked from my phone earlier and said limited stock, just got on my laptop and says sold out. Free shipping with cabelas still too with no minimum purchase requirement.
  15. corn, shelled or standing

    Is there a way to tell from a busted open gut pile if the corn it is from a pile or a standing corn field? I barely covered the buck carcass and gut pile from the buck I killed last week, upon looking at the area this morning saw that there was what looked like shelled corn from a bag, whole kernel. Baiting is not legal here, most corn I know of around the area came out by the end of October. Thinking even if there was standing stalks left after the end of October picking how much corn would even be left in December and would it lol like bagged shelled or more like chewed cracked corn? Not sure whether I need to give our warden a call or not? A drone would sure be handy for something like this.