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  1. wtnhunt

    Axis mount

    That is pretty Ross. Turned out very nice. Congratulations again.
  2. Wanted to get Allison out with me some with the muzzleloader, but unfortunately she has had the flu and after going to the clinic yesterday the start of pneumonia. Still have end of November and all of December rifle to get her back out.
  3. Good luck putting that 8 down Frank. We had a spike Allison and I saw with each sit that had what appeared to be an entry just above the spine midway back and an exit midway back about half way down the body. Looked like he had part of an arrow in him as well and the bottom hole was still red like it was not closed up. Had trail cam pics of him early November. Have not seen him when I have been out solo and no more trail cam pics of.
  4. Congratulations to Kevin and Lewis. Awesome public land deer. Agree with Pat, those dark antlers are nice, do you see that much in your area?
  5. I don't save the ribs, but I use a porter cable recip saw for all the bone cutting I do. Would think any brand reputable band saw should work fine. Biggest thing I would look at would be ease of cleaning.
  6. Easier said than done for kids in this day and age. When a kid has any type of internet presence, their friends will tell them what is going on or their people who know them will tell them whether through messaging or physically face to face at school. Our 18 year old daughter in her sophomore year of high school was manipulated and stalked by a bad news kid who used multiple various types of accounts with several different names in his efforts to not let go after she finally came to the realization the kid was no good. The boy did not even go to her school. She deleted all her accounts and still would hear from friends what the puke was saying. There had been some tragic deaths in her graduating class and a couple suicides from middle school through high school and so she is very sensitive to that. The boy manipulated that and would tell her if she dumped him he was going to off himself. The high school SRO was made aware that this kid was not stable and could potentially be a school shooter. We made reports to law enforcement and had numerous calls to the boys mother, finally he got the message. The boy who was bullying our son was in his class in second grade last year. They are not allowed to be near each other on the playground or in the cafeteria. That boys mother teaches at a different school, but she is friends with the teacher our son had last year, they go to church together.
  7. Good story and great buck Pat, very cool when you get to take one you have history with. Congratulations.
  8. Allowed 3 antlerless a day here, from archery season start in Sept. to season end in January. Right, we have plenty of deer meat and have already given some away. No guarantees this buck will make it to January with the pressure around us, but no doubt I squeeze the trigger its one less possible nice ones for next year.
  9. Seen this buck 3 times now and had some great archery range opportunities on him with my accura in my hands. Figure he is a 3.5 year old. Has decent mass goofed up right side. This afternoon had him come from about 130 yards away in my beans and end up right under me. Think he spotted my finger on my phone pushing the button to snap a pic on my ungloved hands and was not quite sure what was different. Side stepped, trotted out of view, then heard him walk off once he was in the woods. We still get another week of muzzleloader before our long rifle season opens. With 2 already down from the girls don't really need the meat, would be giving away most of it. Not really one I would want to have a shoulder mount on, really hoping to see something better we have not gotten pics of. So with having seen only one better buck that may not still be alive, take him out of the gene pool or give him a pass with hopes he makes it to next season and maybe has matched antlers? There was another similar buck I had seen with a beam with only a fork and had a pretty right side.
  10. Congratulations Joe. That is a nice buck.
  11. With the girls having each killed one already and still having quarters from Catrina's to process I let this buck walk a little while ago and shot him with the phone camera. Think he is a 3.5 year old.
  12. Good luck Shaun. Sitting in a stand this afternoon here too. Deer on their feet early, just watched a little buck track a couple does but he was going the wrong way. Could be a good afternoon.
  13. Well fwiw we broke records for coldest temp recorded on this day and have had our coldest day of 2019. Actual temp when I walked out this morning was supposedly 13. Hope this is not an indication of how bad this winter will be. Al Gore and his global warming........
  14. Is that normal for Missouri deer? Catrina's deer was really lean but think he was most likely a year younger deer.
  15. All great bucks there Al. Congratulations to all of you.