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  1. Remington was out of the picture for quite some time, just now getting fired up under the new ownership. Then there were covid shutdowns last year. Couple that with hoarders and scalpers and then also an election year last year and this new "admin", and it has been the perfect storm for ammo and reloading component shortages. There are scalpers using bots to buy primers as they come available, then they are reselling them, mostly on gunbroker. Has made finding primers difficult and much more expensive. Add to it now that this illegitimate administration has banned importation of Russian ammunition, and things are again deteriorating. Remington fired back up a few months ago. Afraid however it is gonna continue to be a bumpy road for ammo for the unforeseeable future. That said, I saw more on the shelves at academy this morning than what I saw a month ago. Still slim pickings though.
  2. That's a shame Pat. That was a nice buck.
  3. If we get another member that wants to play, will just add another 2 person team with you. If not I will see if Catrina wants to or will add myself.
  4. wtnhunt

    I'm back...

    Very nice. Good to see you back.
  5. Teams drawn, posted in the contest and announcement room. Will add to those teams if we have anymore post here.
  6. Team 1 MaineHntr NS Whitetail Team 2 Rangerclay Strut10 Team 3 Elkoholic fly Team 4 Ravin im your huckleberry Team 5 hoosierhunter Zizzer59
  7. Have not checked lately, but get emails daily for in stock ammo online. Some of it sells out pretty quick.
  8. The more the better. Will try to see what we have this Friday, and draw names for teams and post in the contest room. So far we have: Ravin, elkoholic, hoosier, fly, Zizzer NS whitetail, Strut, huckleberry, and Maine hntr
  9. Guess I will draw names from here and post teams in the contest room. With 8 so far, could do 4 teams of two.
  10. wtnhunt

    Pronghorn Hunt

    Congratulations Frank. Nice goat.
  11. wtnhunt

    be concerned

    Definitely concerning. Have to wonder how that would play out with insurance companies and state game commissions. Sure they want to keep hunting going.
  12. wtnhunt

    Still kicking

    Going pretty well Ben, thanks for asking. Kids are back in school, so changed to 3 days a week cardiac rehab. My capacity is definitely improving. Have a pretty good outlook, still looking forward to feeling better than I did before the stenosis got bad, not there yet. No odd thoughts really, but Vanderbilt's billing people and the insurance have surely been testing my patience.
  13. As slow as it is, didn't figure there would be enough participants.
  14. Wow. Those first two are great bucks. Good luck with them. I haven't gotten any cameras out this year, don't know if I will or not.
  15. Think I would look at Missouri in that situation. Not surprised Iowa is that high though.
  16. wtnhunt

    forest fires

    Hope they get the fires under control. Agree, a huge thank you to all the firefighters for the work they do, heros for sure. Stay safe Dave.
  17. wtnhunt


    So watched a few of those. I like Darius Rucker singing wagon wheel better than your clip for the vocals, he just has a better voice imo. 4 non blondes vocals in that clip was great.
  18. wtnhunt


    I will have to try to listen to some of those when my internet is acting better. I like a mix. Listened to a lot of Rock and classic rock growing up. Then more country. Lately have been back to listening to more of the music I grew up on. Man the lyrics in most of it sure does not fit today's PC/woke nature.
  19. Hope they stay up forever Martin, but who knows. Sure would be nice to see activity pick up here again.