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  1. Dunno, we seem to have some regulars here some years that we get hundreds of pics from May/June into the season and even post season. Then other years we may go a full season with never getting a single pic of a decent buck. Then like last year the buck Allison killed got his pic made several times and we saw him the day before she shot him. The buck that Catrina killed, I had seen the deer the week before but we had no pics of him. And the buck I killed, which was in December, the only sighting or pics were the morning I shot him. Guess in my long winded ramblings what I am getting at is that every buck is different. Maybe he will stick around long enough for you Dakota.... Or you get another "surprise" show up.
  2. That is a real nice buck Dakota. Good luck.
  3. Good to see you back on here Dakota. Glad to hear things are going better for you. Looking forward to hearing some hunting stories from you this fall.
  4. wtnhunt

    Scent Control

    Have 3 plastic totes. I wash as needed in scent away or sports wash. I have put cedar limbs in the totes, there are cedars all over our property. When it's cold I usually put on my base layers by the door, then walk outside to put on my outer layer. When it is warmer and I am wearing just one layer I usually get dressed outside. I almost always take a shower before heading out, use saw soap and shampoo on my hair and dove unscented soap. I do use saw spray most of the time but not always. I have gotten away with deer getting pretty close in swirling or shifting.winds, but have also gotten busted my fair share of times.
  5. Unanswered questions as to why China and WHO were not forthcoming with what they knew about this in the beginning. Then their adamant denial that this thing could become a pandemic. Did they want it to spread to other countries? They sure didn't do anything to attempt to stop the spread away from China. Then the convenience of the origin of this being next to a bio tech lab?
  6. We don't get much in the local news on our county with regards to schools, but while scrolling stories on google found and read a news report this morning that the middle school our 14 year old was in last year has teachers that are positive for covid. Schools have not opened to students yet due to being delayed 2 weeks. At this point, the transmission rate here in our county is more than 4 times higher than what is specified as acceptable by the cdc for opening. There is only one county in the state of 95 that is within acceptable range. Also saw a report last night on our local news that over 7000 students had signed up to be online or distant learning in the county schools where we get the news from, some 5000 students would be going for on campus classes. Guess in a way that is good for the schools in that it might alleviate some of the overcrowding. Would be nice if our schools would give us more feedback in these regards, but they have been very quiet.
  7. Dunno why but for some reason Joe Rogan comes to mind here and then the idea of madagascar hissing roaches. lol. Guess I saw a few too many episodes of fear factor. Seriously though those sound pretty good Dakota. I like a good coffee rub for pork, have made my own many times.
  8. Saw an interesting piece on the news on this where dogs were being used in airport in Dubai airport to test human sweat for covid. Said they were with 92 percent accuracy. Would guess some of that error might be in the human handler.
  9. Very true. Personally I would not trust any state labs.
  10. I don't agree with the commission's ideas on this or their idea on liberal limits. All it takes is a couple in an area to ruin the hunting. Just have to hope there are enough neighboring property owners here to understand that this mindset does not make for sound management of the whitetail population.
  11. Well it's happening. Two Tennessee schools have already had to shut down after being open less than two weeks. Cases here have not slowed down. The first local child death just being reported today, a 6 year old little girl. Knew it was coming, still sad to hear.
  12. Changes here this year with our county going into the cwd zone. We are a high risk county with no positives, but the regs have it so that there are loads of opportunities to kill countless deer. The Tennessee commission for a change has been be honest in their goals, they want to pretty well decimate the deer herd in the entire cwd zone. "No deer, no cwd transmission."
  13. Have heard similar stories of testing sites and the health dept. Catrina is doing all the testing for her employees in house with a private lab. They have had a few more come back positive and have one that is really bad sick test positive. That person was exposed at a church revival where the pastor was positive and exposed several.
  14. Good luck Dakota. A months worth of trail cam images from two cams here has not shown a single decent buck around. Hoping we have a nice one show up soon.
  15. Great story Dakota. Thanks for sharing it with us. Congratulations again.
  16. Never really done the hunting camp thing. Walk out the back door to my stands. Guess our home is our camp.
  17. It is a real challenge when he gets a fever. I hope this will get better when he gets older. Our governor has rejected Dr Deborah Birx and other white house covid task force recommendations. Tennessee has made it to the top in the country in one regard, not one that is good https://www.wkrn.com/community/health/coronavirus/pediatric-covid-19-cases-surge-in-tennessee/. At this point with 37 new cases in the county today and most days this week in the 20's, the school does not meet criteria to open at full capacity. Numbers here are still going upwards.
  18. Turned off by the commercialization of most channels and shows.
  19. Quit watching any of them years ago.
  20. Good luck Dakota. Some day I would like to get back out west and go after mule deer and antelope, but that will be a ways out. Stay safe and healthy buddy.
  21. Sad news to hear. Real shame the media is exploiting his death and blaming Trump.
  22. Nice deer and mount Dakota. Congratulations.
  23. Welcome back to all of you. Hope everything is going well for all.
  24. No sir. Sickening to see the salaries of sports figures, then many like you mention sign ridiculous greed ridden contracts for companies. While some do a little good with what they "earn", you don't hear much of most of them "giving back". Wonder how many sports figures are still getting paid, despite not being able to work due to coronavirus, or getting cut pay? I should probably stop there and not get started on the greed in the music and movie industries. Sadly most of those same wealthy out of touch individuals are the ones that today's kids follow on social media platforms.
  25. wtnhunt

    COVID-19 - Impact

    People pull them off or pull them under their noses after they get in the stores. Pretty sure Lowe's and tractor supply are among the stores nationwide requiring a mask. I did a curbside pickup order at tractor supply the other day and saw several people walk back to their vehicle to get their masks. Governor said he would not mandate masks, also has said he will absolutely not close our economy again. No mandate in our county, but there is in the closest neighboring county, which is also the county with the hospital serving our area. Ironically that mayor, according to public data, pushed opening before his county should have opened. Read an article that said Walmart is still serving customers without masks. They cannot get people to follow the arrows marking direction on the floors or get people to stay 6 ft apart either. Numbers here are not looking so good here. More data than the state gives on their website is is posted daily for the county our news channel is located in. There have been 117 kids there under 20 out of a total of 800 some odd people that have tested positive. With schools out, would not think kids would be as likely to be exposed. Tennessee had ranked very poorly early on with regards to social distancing, really don't understand why it is so difficult for some people to understand.