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  1. Congratulations Dave. Way to go with adjusting and getting it done.
  2. wtnhunt

    Property Dispute

    Good luck with it Frank. Shame it has turned in that direction. One thing I would be certain to do is to take many pics of the fence in question. If it has not been kept up and is not in a straight line, think you have a strong case for arguing the fence is not a maintained structure that follows the deed. Unfortunately no way you can know how long the guy has kept the fence.
  3. Yep, cook indirect on gas after searing and use a wood box directly over one of the burners, can get some real good flavor. Just did burgers last night with mesquite and a few pieces of charcoal in the box. Don't think I could ever justify the expense of a big green egg. That being said, with your metal skills Ross, surprised you have not made a home made cooker. No experience with pellet grills, like the idea of being able to use chunks of wood with anything wood burning since we have no shortage of hickory available. No idea for a brand suggestion, but would stay away from the uniflame stuff that walmart sells.
  4. Sorry to hear this Joe. Prayers on the way for you and your family.
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    Hmmm, poster posted this from korea, figured it was spam before even looking at the thread. Cut and paste........... With that all being said, yeah the above content seems a person with common sense should see how far out of touch with reality the left is.
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    Skeeters been very bad here this year already, and the gnats or whatever or face flies or whatever they are have been ridiculous. Maybe some of the local yote population will be hit with heartworms, but doubt it. Not had any ticks on me yet, but our dogs have picked up a few, to be expected really. My mom gave us a few avon skin so soft wipes that had picardin in them, those seem to work pretty well for deer flies.
  7. wtnhunt

    May 3 check-in

    Saturday is a parade day for our girls, so will be watching them march. Christina is bringing the baby over to visit Saturday afternoon and have other company also supposed to be coming, so will likely not get much done. Will need to mow sometime this weekend if it is dry enough. Need to figure out what I am doing with our 20+ year old above ground pool that is almost all the way drained. It needs a new liner, a new skimmer, new pump, sand redone, and probably more. May be time to just be done with it. Hate throwing money into it at this point.
  8. Could not see the link, took me to a facebook dead end, but the knife in the pic looks like an interesting piece.
  9. wtnhunt

    What if?

    Still have animals on our place, am outside working with the cows and keeping up our property, so pretty simple answer here for this on me. Yes. Have actually gotten into more other aspects of managing more recently with learning to trap and expanding from conibear/water kill traps I have been running for beaver for a few years now to land sets for yotes. Guess in a way it is in my blood. I never got to hunt with any of my family though with losing my dad when I was only 2. My grandfather was pretty big into fly fishing, a story I was told by a distant cousin about 20 years ago was that he fished with Lawrence Welk, I cannot verify that though. My aunt gave me some old turkey calls she said belonged to my grandfather years ago. Grandfather passed when I was 9 and did not really get to get close to him. My dad and his sisters were all pretty outdoorsy and into camping and boating and from what I was told of my father he liked to hunt and fish, and was a licensed scuba diver as well. Grew up being drug to lake Mead as a kid by my aunt(dad's oldest sister), would take a load of us kids out on her boat and then camping. Then later mom and my step dad would take us out boating regularly. Wish I could afford and justify a boat, great times I look back on. Still garden too. Don't have, to but nice to see the end result after putting in the work.
  10. When prepping to send my oldest and wife to Alaska to hunt 10 years ago I was assured that the .270 with 150 grain corelokts would be effective on black bear. Personally have no experience hunting bears but all I have been told and read on them echo what you say here that they are not difficult to kill. Have had a couple 700's and even done trigger jobs on them and never had a failure here either. Unfortunately only takes a few idiots to smear a company and risk loss of life by poor choices.
  11. Kinda surprised by the complaint on corelokts. While I know deer are not the same as a bear, had great results with 150 grain corelokts from a .270 on deer. Killed a lot of deer with 150 grain corelokts, never lost a single one. I reload now, but would not be afraid to take my old .270 with 150 grain corelokts for any animal the .270 is suitable for.
  12. Sure you will enjoy it Ross. Should be some fine eating.
  13. Yesterday Will, our youngest, turned 8. Wife took Allison to her band banquet yesterday evening. Have yard work today, and have Christina bringing our granddaughter over for us to babysit this afternoon while her and her Austin go to a movie.
  14. Good pic Don. Congratulations.
  15. Very cool she was with you Shaun, be something to look back on for both of you. Congratulations to you.
  16. Have plywood under ondura composite for our roof. No issues with the roof. I need to get back there with my tractor and small trailer and take the box off the platform and bring back to my garage to work on it. Used one inch square tubing for the wall framing. My old Lincoln ac/dc machine I used when i built the blind would never allow me to tack sheeting on but have a 140 handler now and think i could probably tack metal to the frame with it with it turned way down.
  17. Welcome to the forums. Good idea. Ours is in need of a major overhaul, had not thought of using steel. Currently the squirrels birds and wasps have taken over our 6 x 6 box blind. Metal roofing would work, or could order straight panels that have not been crimped. We have a metal roofing place about 20 miles away, sure they would sell the flat that has not been run through. Check your local building supply stores. We have several in our area that sell metal by the foot for shed quality to house quality. Last I checked, I could buy painted 20 year for $1.79 a linear ft for 5v crimped.
  18. wtnhunt

    What would you do?

    Sounds like a bit of a headache Frank with a lot of folks either not knowing or trying to pull a fast one. Hope you can get it resolved without too much trouble. Some attorneys will answer questions or give advice over the phone without paying them anything. Does not hurt to pick up a phone, all you lose is your time. As far as the taxes, not sure if you pay taxes on the land that it necessarily makes the land yours. Our property assessor here has made changes to maps and we had paid based on 60 acres for nearly 20 years. More recently our online property assessor map was adjusted to the disputed line the newest neighbor tried to push, while it is further past where the fence going onto the neighbor it is more onto us taking away nearly 5 acres. The old tax map showed us going beyond the fence by more than 100 ft in most places. Getting this surveyed will run over $4000 due to having to find the old pin at the originating point and go 3 sides around to get back to the line in question. Neighbor does not want to pay it, I am not paying for it for him to try to make a claim. Still hanging onto hopes we get another chance on the place beside us down the road. Good luck.
  19. wtnhunt

    Our first

    Thank you all. Time sure flies. Good to see you check in Ben. Hope all is well with you and your family. Been a few years since Christina has gone hunting with me, hoping down the road she gets the joy of taking her kids and looking forward to hopefully taking them some too myself. I remember one of those incidents here, think she was maybe 13 at that time, so probably 10 years ago.
  20. Good deal Don, congratulations to her. Great pic and bird. Always nice to read these posts with the kids tagging a bird or deer or whatever.
  21. Congratulations Al. Another nice bird.
  22. Congratulations Martin. Cool you got it done on opening day. Allowed 4 here, I have not even heard any birds since our season has been open.
  23. That is nice Lewis. Good work Ross.
  24. wtnhunt

    What would you do?

    The discussion between Dave and Martin is precisely why I would talk with an attorney in your state who handles land. Maybe the attorney that closed your deal. I do know that with the property beside us, we had a "back up offer" in on it for the same price the boy paid for it. We had waited until the bank approved an amount and told us exactly how much they would lend us. We came in less than 24 hours late. Anyway we had an otherwise identical contract to the primary buyer, the realtor handling it if I remember right had right on the contract that the land should be surveyed that the fence lines were not the exact existing barriers. Some people sign these things without reading them fully. It was nice when we had our disagreement to be armed with the knowledge of knowing what the boy and his wife had agreed and signed on, he was pretty well dumbfounded when I asked him if he read what was in his contract. You also should be able to get a copy of the neighboring property deeds from your local courthouse and find if yours matches. Also agree with Dave on the survey, wonder how accurate some of these surveys really are. I measured off a reputable surveyor's pins on a line according to the deed. The next pin measured with a 300 ft fiberglass tape measured in segments pulled along a straight line was off significantly from what I measured.