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  1. Congrats Al, very nice buck! You guys always seem to find success on the missouri farm.
  2. Slow week. Unfortunately the neighbors wounded a good buck two days ago. We tracked him for nearly 2.5 miles with a tracking dog and finding blood the whole way. At the end of the track he popped out of the corn at 400 yards tailing a doe. That was enough of a signal that he isn’t mortally wounded right now. Unfortunately who knows whether he can survive long term after being shot in an extremity with a 20 gauge slug. I’m headed out tonight, but not expecting too much. More just looking to get back in a stand after not sitting for nearly a week.
  3. Opening weekend was fun. I got to lay eyes of a few good 3 year olds, but not any target deer. I’ll get out a few times this week, just not sure which days yet. It’s about to get real tough as our deer climb into the bunker when the guns start booming.
  4. Been burning everyday here, but only seeing 3.5 year olds and younger. Big oaks was a bust, but fun adventure overall. Gun comes in this weekend and I will be taking my wife out Saturday. It probably will grind into late season before I shoot anything besides a doe unless I get it done before this weekend. Here’s a view from the stand tonight. Rare southeast wind this late in the season.
  5. Well getting my tail kicked so far at the big oaks military hunt. No deer and three other hunters spotted so far. Here’s a few pictures from the stand.
  6. I’m a stand tonight. Last night was good with 7 bucks and 8 does, but no shooters. I also just skipped an arrow off a yotes back at 15 yards. Had my slider set at 25 and forgot about it. Lessons learned….. nothing but a pile of hair.
  7. Slow evening last night and morning hunt today. Pulled a few cards, but not much showing up on them. I’ll be back at it tonight.
  8. Looks like you are the team we all have to run down now! Congrats both of you!!!
  9. Had a great morning hunt by rattling my target buck in to 35 yards. Unfortunately not shot and he lives another day. Definitely got the heart racing through. Back at it tonight as well.
  10. Things are shaping up for a decent few weeks. Weather is cooperating, shooters are starting to daylight more, I have significant time off work plus I’m headed on the military hunt next Sunday. I have to say cell cams are a double edged sword. Amazing to get real time information about your hunting area, but it will also eat you alive when you can’t be out there! They certainly got the big 8 killed by dad and have also caused some heart burn the last few days not being able to hunt.
  11. Nice work Martin! Sounds like the crossbow is getting a workout! FYI, make sure you change that string every year. Ravin have a known issue with strings breaking. I have two buddies who both had their bows blow while in the blind just sitting there this year.
  12. I’ve been out a few times and seeing a lot of 2.5’s and 3.5’s. Probably won’t get out again until next week.
  13. Here’s a recent trail cam picture of him.