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  1. Shut out this morning which is very unusual for me. I’m in a blind tonight over looking some Kate planted beans and a rye plot that was planted two weeks ago.
  2. Opening date is here! Never mind the fact that I left my jacket at the truck and forgot my ozonics battery at home. Feels like home being back in a stand!!!!
  3. Yeah here’s a picture of him dead and from last year. He was a good 4 year old that added some serious inches. Last year be probably would have went in the 130’s as a 3 year old.
  4. Alright partner let’s get it done! I’m pretty good about updating at least weekly on what’s happening here in Indiana so keep me up to date on what is happening on your end. My season starts Wednesday and I hope to get a doe down quick to free up a second buck tag. In terms of targets, I have a few options. Unfortunately my top deer got hit by a car in July. It’s the second time in 3 years that has happened. All good though, looking forward to a productive season!!
  5. Anticipation is the perfect word! Waking up and starting to feel those cool mornings right about now. Beans are starting to turn. Bucks are cleaning up. Overlooking this plot is where I’ll likely being opening evening…..
  6. Awesome trip! Looks like the fishing wasn’t too bad either!!
  7. Very nice and I’m sure they have you excited for when season rolls around.
  8. Yeah it’s been 21 years for me this fall on the forum. Certainly a downturn in activity for the last 10 years or so. I don’t do social media, but getting married and having 4 kids certainly takes up time. I have shown up for the deer context every year, but not much time spent outside of that.
  9. Hopefully all is going well. That stuff with A fib sounds scary to go through. Good luck in your recovery!
  10. I would consider that offer a once in a lifetime opportunity and I would jump at it. It’s nearly impossible to gain true quality access as a NR without paying a significant fee.
  11. I don’t get around here much anymore, but I do show up for this. You can count me in.
  12. There is a reason nearly every medical professional in the world has gotten the vaccine. It’s because vaccines work. I’m as conservative as it gets, but there’s way too many conspiracy theories out there about these vaccines running throughout the Republican Party... This virus is like russian roulette and nobody knows who it’s going to get next. Do your family and friends a favor and don’t be the naive one that doesn’t get vaccinated and then gets them sick or killed!
  13. Season officially is wrapped up here. I enjoyed another fun year with the team and congrats to everyone on their harvests!
  14. Getting one last hunt in tonight. We have a snow storm blowing in that’s supposed to hit at 7PM tonight. Fingers crossed they move.
  15. I haven’t done any hunting since the last doe kill, but I’ll probably try to sneak a few in before season ends in the 31st. Still no mature deer to shoot, so likely to be a doe tag filled unless something new shows up.....