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  1. This is a shout out and a call out, who out there was part of the original Realtree Forums ?? I’m talking back when it was dial-up and cell phones were the size of a Honda !! Remember when there was only like 150 members, and I think we were on like Monster Bucks 6 lol…..then things just exploded…..when Realtree became HOT. Next thing the member tally was 5 figures and we were all made moderators/administrators to help keep up with the mayhem lol. Then I log into the Forums today….one of the first times since my divorce in 2008….which found me giving up my mod-status and falling off the face of the earth. But what is shocking to me is seeing the huge drop off in posts etc…..most alarming of which is the Youth Room, no posts in over 3 years. is hunting dying off, are we loosing youth hunters…..or is just with all the social media platforms, that this platform has become more of relic… us OG members ?? Happy to see a lot of familiar names, and hope you all are doing great. TreeWalker……alias Iminrut
  2. It’s good to see you still around and that your surgery went well !! I myself just logged in for the first time in years… may or may not remember me as a fellow mod back in the day. Remember when we all found the Realtree forums when there were hardly any members….hell that was back in the day of dial-up and damn few cell phones lol. It’s good to see so many of OG members still on here. Most alarming thing I’ve seen is no youth room posts in over 3 years. Not good.
  3. So I just logged in myself for the first time in years……and this is the most alarming post I see…..there used to be a ton of youth hunters in the forums daily……the last post I see in this room is from over 3 years ago.
  4. Wow, I remember those days, I used to be a Mod back then. I just logged in for the first time in YEARS, and what a great memory and topic to come across. Congrats !!!
  5. Well howdy gang !! Long time no see. This is my seemingly bi-annual post.....just so much going on all of the time, I miss when things were simpler. Update. I live in northeast Montana now and work for a fantastic company, Basin Electric.....Steve, same company that has Dry Fork down at Gillette. I've been hear 8 months, and still living out of an apartment....well lets just say, and efficiency apartment would look good compared to this. But being up here and the oil boom n all, there just ain't no places to be had. I'm trying desperately to find a few acres to build on, but what was once $2-400 an acre before the oil boom, now finds people paying up to $'s frustrating. Id simply like my lil piece of heaven.....20-40 acres, build a house and some corrals, get a horse or two.....back to what I love. Heck I havent even had a chance to find any place to hunt yet, and opener is a mere couple weeks away. Good thing though, is I am now a Montana resident....bring on those tags I will say, I still entertain the thoughts of going back to Wyoming, maybe even transfer within company.....I'm drawn to Wyoming, it's hard to explain. So that's what's going on with me in a trail cameras up yet either. Geeez, I know....tell me about it, LOL. I look forward to getting settled in somewhere....find some nice river bottom to hunt, and get back to what I miss.....horses and hunting How's every one else out their doing ??
  6. Holy %&$, have the forums gotten huge....OMG. I still remember the days when there was just a couple hundred of us.....if that, LOL. I still have a couple of threads saved on my old harddrive, from one of the original Realtree formats....too funny... I just wanted to stop in, I don't get on much now-a-days....not like in the good ol' moderating days, LOL. But I didnt want it to keep me from stopping in and saying Hi to all of my friends Ive made here through the years..... May 2012 bring you all lots of smiles and wonderful memories....oh and big bucks !! LOL Clay "iminrut" Olson ;-)
  7. Thanks everyone, Ill sure to do that Bugleward...and LOL Steve. I remember y'all going on antelope hunts, and I could never seem to break away even tho I was in ND....but it's been a while since Ive been online, so my memory kinda failed me, LOL I live up in the Foothills area, and the other morning there was a nice 4x Muley munching grass out on the Blvd, lol.....gotta love it. Hope you all had a great Halloween weekend......Clay
  8. Thanks Everyone Well, I am settled in !!! Got a few weeks under my belt, an awesome apartment less than 15 minutes from work, and meeting alot of cool people !! Traveling back to ND in the morning, to see my kids, and to pic up some of the last of my things...especially my MOUNTS, LOL...the walls are bare, need to bring the rest of my framed prints too, LOL.... Hope this finds you all having a great fall so far.....and thanks Buckee, I forgot Steve was out here, drrrr LOL. Take care and God bless my friends and ttys, Clay
  9. Hey Hey.....long time, no see !! Ya I know, I been kinda MIA.....lot been going on, and still ain't been bowhunting !! I know, ME ???!!!! Well anyways, I figured I better check in....took me a while to even remember my password, hahaha. Latest and greatest news, is I just got hired on at the WyoDak power plant in Gillette, I will be moving to the great state of Wyoming either Wednesday or Thursday of next my enclosed trailer all loaded up, just tying up some loose ends back here in NoDak country.... I don't even have a place to live yet, but it's a great company and they're putting me up in a hotel for up to 30 days till i can find a place....not sure If I live in Gillette, but leaning kinda towards Moorcroft or Sundance. Buffalo would be nice too, but it's just a little to far of a drive for work. I am so excited for the hunting opportunities that Wy. offers. Sucks I have to wait a year after I establish my residency....but it will be worth it. Hope this finds you all doing awesome.....gonna be a crazy next few weeks, but I will try to stay in touch a little more often. God Bless you all and ttys
  10. TreeWalker

    Hey Y'all

    Thanks's funny how busy a guys life can sometimes get...if you let it, LOL. But it feels good to get a chance to surf the forums again :-)
  11. That's awesome...the GF and I are thinking of heading down to the Sandals Resort down at Antigua, maybe within the next two months. I've never vacationed out of the lower 48, so I am pretty excited about even the opportunity to go..... Have an awesome time, and congrats on such an amazing milestone !!!
  12. TreeWalker

    Hey Y'all

    hahaha....and believe me, she is proud of that heritage !! It endears me to her even more :-)
  13. TreeWalker

    Hey Y'all

    I ain't been in the forums for quite some has been busy, between work and kids and a great woman. My kids are growing like weeds, LOL I didn't get a chance to go hunting this year...I KNOW ?!?!?! Crazy huh. I just couldn't break away. But last years winter really killed alot of deer off up here, and nothing promising showed up on my trail cams, so I obstained for the year. several of my friends around the state did the same thing... God found me fit for another blessing, and it was obviously by his hand, cause how else is a yankee from the tundra of North Dakota ever gonna meet a "coonass" from the southern part of Louisiana ?!?!?! Our cultures are a bit different, lol, but we seem to connect on every level is such a breath of fresh air, and something I've been hoping and longing for, for quite some time....she cooks me gumbo and boudain and I cook her venison and pheasant :-) I hope this finds you all doing well and having a successful 2009, and leading into an even better 2010. Im actually gonna try and make a couple indoor 3d tourneys in the next several weeks.....take care everybody and God bless !! Clay
  14. Well guys....I've felt pretty convicted lately about getting in here, especially since I pushed so hard for this room, and so glad that others saw a need and a place for it.... But I haven't felt very worthy or justified to come in and visit with you all....I know it was the devil telling me I wasn't good enough alot of the time, and combine that with the fact that after my divorce last fall, I pretty much fell away from everything....the church, my faith somewhat, and those positive influences in my life.... Well recently I have met a woman and we have started dating, that is nothing short of amazing. I've thanked God so many times this past week for all of the UNanswered prayers, and blessing me with the one that mattered most. I wasn't leading a very good life these past months, and was living selfishly to boot. But God saw something in me worth saving...again...I've got a long way to go, but there's a great woman in my life now that gives me a reason to live and a passion to live it, and a want to strive to be a better man. I'm a long ways from where I was a year or so ago, and have a lot of forgiveness I need.....but I'm back out of the ditch and Im gonna try and stay on the road this time. Praise be to God, for his love and grace knows no boundaries.
  15. ....can we be in flood, severe thunderstorm and blizzard warnings all at the same time, LOL