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  1. I resemble 7 and 12 for sure, with 16 and 21 not far behind. There is a lot of truth to most of those "getting old" sayings. Thanks for giving me a chuckle.
  2. Over the past 4+ decades I have witnessed an ever increasing lack of respect for nature and the land. Having hiked and hunted the "Bob", and multiple other wilderness areas, including the Great Bear, Rattlesnake, Mission Mountains, and Cabinet Mountains, I am constantly amazed at the garbage left behind. Along with the garbage there is the vandalism and wanton abuse evident wherever humans have visited. One thing that is also present and can not be attributed to human presence in the area, is the remains of mylar balloons. I have found over a dozen in some years. When walking a trail or g
  3. Next Saturday is the opener and it is finally feeling like spring here. Have not seen any birds strutting or even heard a gobble yet but it getting close to that time.
  4. Obviously hit him low with no pellets in the head or neck and turkeys are tough. You would have broken a tooth on a pellet when eating him. You have to love some of the old posts. On that paced off 70 yd shot, I doubt it was really that far. It is difficult to take a very long step/stride when going up or down a steep hill. Your original estimate of 45 yards was probably about right. In open terrain it is not always possible to get the birds within slingshot range. The longest shot I've ever taken on a gobbler was close to 50 yards and his head looked like it had been run throug
  5. elkoholic

    This and that

    An interesting read on where society is going or has become. https://dailyinterlake.com/news/2021/apr/04/influencing-influencer-generation/ What about the spring at Freezout Lake. Be sure to cycle through all the pics. https://dailyinterlake.com/news/2021/apr/04/photos-migratory-birds-take-skies-over-freezout-la/
  6. The thought that having to have proof (a "vaccine card") of being vaccinated to gain entrance to various facilities or events is a little concerning. For those opposed to the vaccine that would create a conundrum. You may need a vaccine card to get in the grocery store. There are still to many unanswered questions about the various vaccines, and the ability of the virus to mutate. The reason there was a drop in reported covid cases was social distancing or simply keeping people separated. That simple fact is what brought about the tremendous drop in influenza cases this year. It had noth
  7. I hope everyone is having a good Easter weekend with a little less insanity than last year. Time spent together with family and reflections of the past to go along with some good food and merriment.
  8. Montana has an early archery season that opens August 15th and I'm thinking about heading over to the east side of the divide to give it a go. It would allow for almost three weeks of hunting before archery elk opens up. I just have to decide in time to apply for a tag. The one real negative is the mid August heat, although this particular hunt (900 archery) is open until Nov. 14th and could offer a chance for a cooler weather excursion. Application deadline is June 1st so there is time to think about it.
  9. Since the quota set was for 200 with 81 tags going to the Ojibwe Tribe, the harvest of 216 is not that much over quota. I'm not sure if the tribal members were required to report, but I doubt they even filled any of their reserved/allotted tags as wolves are sacred to them. So, the news reports that way too many wolves were killed is probably off the mark and should be addressed. Also, since no hunting was allowed on reservation land it is hard to understand how the Ojibwe Tribes can make a declaraion that they should be able to reserve tags. It is hard to believe that treaty rights ha
  10. It is interesting to see the discord that has resulted from the hunt. Although the quota was exceeded by 80% it does not even come close to bringing the population down to the DNR desired population of 350 wolves. A couple of thoughts, one being that I am amazed that they allowed the use of dogs, which were used by 90% of successful hunters. Also, there are probably a lot more wolves than the estimated population. I also wonder about the wolves there, as the wolves here in Montana kill dogs for sport. If Montana FWP allowed the use of dogs to hunt wolves, I'm not sure how many hunters
  11. Depends on the gravy. I've tasted some that was little more than semi-coagulated grease.
  12. If you really want to hunt wolves, the season is open here until the 15th of March. Total cost should be $75.00. It is not as easy to hunt wolves as you would think. I believe that most of the wolves harvested here are taken by trappers. I am aware of several that were taken (by trappers) that weighed well over 200 pounds. The wolf population has stabilized based more on prey species numbers than hunting. Hopefully the wolf hunt there is a success and manages to trim their population. Better luck next time with drawing a tag.
  13. The Keystone line already exists from Canada to the Texas gulf. It currently runs through North Dakota and the replacement line would take a more direct route through the northeast corner of Montana. The older line is smaller and has been subject to multiple leaks and will continue to be used if the more corrosive resistant, and larger line, is not completed. The tar sand crude is some nasty stuff but as long as there can be money made it will be moved to the refineries somehow. The amount of resources already put into the project is staggering. The demand for oil is not going to end but
  14. I think that the opportunity to pursue a better life (within legal and moral constraints) is the "American Dream". Happiness, on the other hand, is often unattainable in the long term. One would have to be completely satisfied with who they are and where they are at in life, and humans seem to have an insatiable appetite for "more". As hunters, we constantly look for something that will kill something deader, as if that will make us happier. We will never be happy (beyond the moment), simply because we are never satisfied.
  15. There is nothing like enjoying a cup of coffee while looking out the window at a frozen landscape, knowing you don't have to go out and work in it. Although I am sure the workers laid off by the shut down of the Keystone project would prefer to still be working. Hopefully the Enbridge project does not get stopped also.