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  1. Merry Christmas to everyone!
  2. I would like to thank everyone for their thoughts and prayers. Just knowing people care is good for the soul. There are many fond memories of times shared. Perhaps the hardest part is thoughts of moments one will miss after they are gone.
  3. elkoholic

    Lost-a sad post

    I'm lost and feeling empty. One week ago I lost my son to sepsis, a blood infection, and my brain is struggling to process it. A parent is not supposed to outlive their children. This is almost a repeat of two years ago when my wife of 41+ years lost her battle with cancer within a week following Thanksgiving. I think I'm beginning to hate that holiday. As before, my daughter and I were there at the end. Hard to watch and experience. He was only 36 years old and leaves behind a wife and a ten year old daughter.
  4. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
  5. More like a more than adequate food supply over the past six months or so. The deer here are carrying a lot of fat and I credit the wet summer with allowing the food sources to provide the calories. Then, if the wet weather continues into winter, there could be snow up to our ears.
  6. I've been busy between work and hunting. Work tomorrow then four days of trying to find a moose to hang my tag on before work on Saturday. After filling my deer tag this morning I can concentrate on finding a bull for the last three weeks of the season. Another cold front blew in this afternoon and temps will be in the single digits in the morning. I'm hoping for snow to help in locating a bull because there hasn't been much luck otherwise. I might just have to settle for tag soup if my luck doesn't change.
  7. All Gave Some, Some Gave All, Bless Them All
  8. First of all, congratulations to Frank and Chris on bagging a couple of good bucks. I notched my tag this morning on what was planned as a few hours spent in the woods with little expectation of firing a shot. Getting old and gimpy has caused me to take it easy on the day before a scheduled work day. Forget that, as a small buck following a doe came my way and he was sporting a nasty wound high on his neck. I debated shooting him for several minutes before deciding to put him down. Apparently someone tried to shoot him in the neck and was a little high to get the job done. This buck was well known to me as I have many trail cam pictures of him and had seen him on multiple occasions over the past couple of years. He was just 3.5 years old and for the past two years sported just three points per side with no brow tines. I'm not sure if he would have recovered from the neck wound, but barring an infection (it was full of dirt and pine needles) I think he would have. It was pretty nasty looking. He looks better from this side. Almost forgot to take pictures but I remembered just before the skinning started. I see Catrina has shot a dandy 8. Congratulations!
  9. Nice one! Congratulations Allison!
  10. Thought I had better check in. Not much luck on the hunting front. The bucks should be starting to chase and with that I'm hoping for some more deer sightings. It appears that everywhere I have gone there are wolves in the mix, which unfortunately makes for little game movement. We definitely have a predator problem here in the northwest corner of the state. The temperature has also been on the cold side, with several mornings on the negative side of zero, making it seem more like December or January. I'm still hoping to get a moose in my sights, but I'll be concentrating on deer for the next couple of weeks. Good hunting everyone!
  11. elkoholic

    Winter begins

    It was 18 degrees here this morning. I only have a couple of inches of snow at my house as most of the snow came before the temperature dropped and the snow was melting as soon as it hit the ground. Yesterday morning it was 58 degrees (warmest it had been in a month) and sunny on my way in to work, which had changed to 34 degrees and snowing by the time I headed home last night. Fortunately the road surface was warm enough so that it was melting as fast as it hit. South and east of here was a different story. Some pictures if interested: https://nbcmontana.com/news/local/weather-alert-day-travel-impacts-from-snow-and-wind Not all the pictures are from the recent storm, but they do show what western Montana is like if you've never been out this way.
  12. Well, my hunting has gotten a little derailed as I'm stepping out of retirement to help out with a staffing shortage at the pharmacy I used to work at. I hadn't been seeing much game movement, even with the colder weather, and maybe a little break will change my luck. I should still be able to get in a few days hunting each week. The next couple of months should be fun.
  13. elkoholic

    CWD here

    With all of the "new" cases of CWD, I believe that it will be coast to coast before long, and it may already be. Both Montana and Wyoming have confirmed cases west of the Continental Divide. There is one certainty, those prions did not move by themselves, and with that, humans are the most likely cause of the rapid spread of the disease. Personally, I am not sure it is worth the resorces (money) that is going to be put into trying to stop it. I think we should just let it all play out naturally and go into a complete panic when the first case of transmission to humans is confirmed. There is nothing like a panic situation to get people's attention. Truth is, it only really affects us hunters at this point and resources allotted to it are probably mainly from license revenue. Transmission to humans would be another story. Maybe......... The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse; War, Famine, Pestilence, and Death. Think about that.
  14. elkoholic

    Winter begins

    I'll take the 20s and 30s we have been experiencing every morning, and daytime highs around 50, to the heat that is throttling the east side of the country. The weekend forecast is calling for a rain and snow mix in the valleys and possible heavy snow in the mountains. The colder weather hasn't improved game movement but it does make for more comfortable hunting conditions for me. They are still digging out from the 4 feet of white stuff over in Browning. That's a lot of snow even for the big critters: https://www.kpax.com/news/video-big-grizzly-bear-trudging-through-snow-in-glacier-county