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  1. Today was our archery opener and the morning started out with a heavy fog and light drizzle which made for an interesting first few hours. I saw a dozen or so elk (hard to count in the thick fog) with a few calves getting as close as ten feet or so. I was a little surprised to see the elk even though I am always hopeful when up in the mountains. I did not see any bulls and although the cows and calves were talking, I didn't hear any bugles. Elk hunting in this area is mostly a matter of being in the right place at the right time and I got lucky this herd fed through the old clearcut I was watching. Unfortunately, if there was a bull, he passed unseen in the fog. I also saw a couple of dozen deer over the course of the day, all does and fawns. The rest of the week will be mostly spent hunting with the exception of Monday and Tuesday, when I will be filling in for a pharmacist who is on vacation. In my mind next Sunday looms and I can begin my quest to fill a moose tag.
  2. elkoholic


    mmmmm......bacon wrapped backstrap on the grill
  3. elkoholic

    Deer Contest

    Count me in. Surely there is a dozen members who have nothing better to do than go deer hunting. No need to feel pressured to kill something and just keeping abreast of how everyone's season is going is interesting.
  4. He is one of two "keepers" that frequent my property, but I only ever get nighttime pictures. I do know where his bedding area is and I might try to waylay him if he continues using the same ridge top.
  5. Just got back from spending some time up in the mountains. The elk have been bugling at night for the past several weeks and I got a glimpse of one large six point in the early morning light. Also saw multiple whitetail bucks that were definite keepers. Only saw one bull moose and he wasn't the one I'd want to hang my tag on. It is greener in the mountains than I have ever seen it at this time of year thanks to ample rainfall the past two months. This coming week I need to retrieve my trail cameras before the opening of archery season on the 7th. That will take a couple of days as a couple of them are a long way from a road. Then finish up preparations for the next three months of hunting, which will include one more session of shooting the rifle and launching another hundred arrows. The 15th of the month starts the moose season and I plan on carrying the rifle lashed to my pack and have the bow in hand. I'll have to see how that works out. I hope everyone is enjoying the holiday weekend!
  6. Yup, half way through August and archery season opens 3 weeks from this Saturday. One week after that I begin my quest to fill a moose tag. I've been shooting the bow every day and sometimes twice a day. Gear checked and this year I'll be using a climbing stand again for the first time in years. The anticipation and preparation is half the fun.
  7. elkoholic


    If you make it easy enough, they will come. I disagree with the thought that more hunters is a good thing. More opportunities, in the form of more access to uncrowded properties would go a long ways towards maintaining hunter numbers. Increasing the number of hunters by making it easier just causes more problems as this creates an overcrowding issue on an ever shrinking land mass accessible to hunting. Many of these "hunters" would not hunt if they had to work at it and many are not respectful of the game or the environment. Instead of a "good thing" we have more trespassing issues along with a gauntlet of other unethical practices. As we have put a high price on antlers and allowed hunting to become a monetary game, the closing off of thousands of acres to the general public to hunt has been the result. If one can not afford their own hunting property (relative or friend maybe) or afford to pay an outfitter to hunt on a property under contract, the chances are they are left to deal with overcrowded public land. If you are lucky enough to hunt the Rocky Mountains with an abundance of public land it is still possible to beat the crowds if you are willing to put in the effort to get away from the roads. Let's not make it easier. Every year there are more bow hunters here and a small percentage make it into the back country which puts more pressure on the game and eventually will result in shorter seasons or less tags. The "road hunters" would really love it if they could hunt with a crossbow here in Montana during archery season. I can see it now, just stick that crossbow out the window and fire away. I hear tell from relatives in PA that it's a happening thing there and that was before short axle to axle rigs that shoot 3 inch groups at 100 yards. The easy road is not always better. If physically you have to go crossbow, go for it, get out and hunt. If a crossbow is a choice, well, if it is legal, go for it, get out and hunt. The best part of hunting is not the kill and in that respect if one is constantly honing their hunting acumen then the choice of weapon used is academic.
  8. elkoholic


    The post on hearing protection got me to thinking (I know... not again). How often, and in what circumstances, should we be using hearing protection? Mowing the lawn? Running a chainsaw? Plowing the back forty? Then there's another big hearing destroyer and that's loud music. What brings that to mind is that last night I attended a concert at the Northwest Montana Fair and as the music started I reached into my pocket for my ear plugs and realized that I had forgotten them. I'm not sure what the decibel level was but I'm sure it was well above the 85 mark where hearing damage starts to occur. About 3 songs in the tensor tympani muscles clamped down on the ear drums decreasing the sound sensed and hopefully limiting any permanent hearing loss. The downside to the clamping down on the ear drums was that I couldn't hear normal level noises very well for several hours after the concert, but all seems back to normal today. Oh, the concert was excellent with Gretchen Wilson and Jessie G. Like the commercial says: "Protect it, or lose it" I really like being able to hear a distant elk bugle or this year it will hopefully be the approach of a grunting bull moose. A deer slipping down the trail or the wolf howling up on the ridge. Or maybe it's the call of a mile high flock of geese, the loons out on the lake, but maybe I could have heard even more if I'd used hearing protection when I was younger. Maybe I won't hear that grizzly charging through the brush until it's too late. Maybe.......
  9. I have used the same Silencio Magnum shooting muffs for the past several decades and have no complaints as they work just fine. The trick for me is to make sure they are sitting over my ears properly. On occasion, I will also use the cheap foam earplugs along with the muffs and an example would be when I'm shooting the Taurus Raging Bull 454 Casull with its ported barrel (that thing is loud!). I do not use any hearing protection when hunting with the exception of gopher (Colombian ground squirrel) hunting when using a short barreled 223 and the possibility of multiple shots, and then I use a behind the ear model of Walkers Game Ear, which muffles loud sounds while allowing me to hear normal sounds. Growing up on a farm I think I hear that. That brings up the question: Does everyone use hearing protection when working with loud machinery? I know the Game Ear (and anything similar) is a good option when working around equipment as they tone down the loud noises yet allow one to hear normal conversation (warning yells) and if not using the muff variety are a lot cooler to wear.
  10. elkoholic

    8-9 check in

    This weekend will be mostly spent in the mountains. I've got another camera to put out and an SD card to retrieve from another. The archery opener is now only 4 weeks away and in 5 weeks I'll start my quest to fill a moose tag. The search is on for more likely hunting spots where an old guy will be able to get an extra large animal out. The rest of the week will be getting summer chores completed before hunting begins. I really need to get up on the roof and clean the chimney and do a little bit of tarring and with cooler weather in the forecast this coming week will be a good time to get it done.
  11. My old Leupold camera was being ornery and would not let me set the time and date but through the month of July it still seems to be taking some decent pictures. I pulled it today and will try to get it right before I put it out again. Sometime in July:
  12. I've got the son and granddaughter coming up for the weekend and plan on just chillin and grillin. I need to stay out of the sun for a few days. Went and pulled a camera today and the last mile out to the truck I think I was approaching medium rare to medium. I have another location for the camera, but that will have to wait a few days and I think I'll start in at the first hint of light. Need to get some more staining done also, but definitely before the heat builds.
  13. elkoholic


    Yeah, I figure with my family history I'm more than likely in the last 5-10 years of my life. Hopefully I die on a mountain somewhere trying to pack out an elk quarter and not picking up trash some slob dumped on the ground. I will die ashamed at how "civilized" humans are leaving the earth for their/my children and grandchildren. “There is a sadness that only hunters know, a moment when lament overshadows any desire for celebration. Life is sustained by death, and though going to the field is an act of taking responsibility for that fact, the killing is not easy, nor should it be.” ― David Joy “I hope to die with dignity and not be on my death bed pondering the afterlife wearing a diaper named Depends.” ― Stanley Victor Paskavich
  14. Some keepers there for sure. It looks like you'll have an exciting hunting season this year.
  15. Some great pictures there. I was wondering if deer ate canola. There seems to be more canola planted out here every year and I've never seen deer in any of the fields. The moose looks like it has a collar on, or maybe I'm just seeing things.