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  1. I'm not sure, but I think liking this music might give away my age. She makes me feel young again. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7hHZnvjCbVw
  2. Expand your horizons. Maybe you already have, but if not, have a listen. Oh, and bonus points if you can understand what they are saying. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v4xZUr0BEfE I find this weirdly enthralling.
  3. elkoholic

    the future

    There is no doubt in my mind that most gun owners would not voluntarily turn in their firearms, but that would not stop confiscation. Registration is the first step and the ATF already has hundreds of millions of files on firearm purchases, and although not an official "registry", it is certainly a first step. Confiscation will be piecemeal at first (New York state is currently doing just that) and in the end only the true outlaws will be armed. The loss of our rights as citizens has accelerated with each passing year and shows no signs of slowing down. It is amazing to think of all who gave their lives for the freedoms we have and to think that perhaps many more shall perish in the fight to keep those rights. The truly sad thing is that many feel that surrendering those rights will bring about a "safe and secure" existence. It happened during the Civil War when family members took opposing sides. Some are easily brainwashed and some are just fools. The question is: Which ones are the fools? We'll know if registration leads to confiscation which leads to genocide, but by then it will be too late. Silence those who do not think like you seems to be the mantra of the left. It seems everything has a beginning and an end, and I just hope this isn't the beginning of the end.
  4. elkoholic

    the future

    Should maybe be in with political posts, but not much activity there (or here). I'm not sure how many are aware of the current gun control push. There are two pieces of legislation that have passed the U.S. House of Representatives and are now before the Senate, H.R. 8 and H.R. 112. Personally, I do not believe that the Senate will pass these bills, and if they do, the White House has indicated a veto would occur. These two legislative actions are a sign of what is to come should the liberal, progressive left gain control of the Senate and White House in 2020. Unfortunately, the future does not look promising for gun owners as our government continues its efforts to control the people and the liberal majority is too blind to see it (or maybe they want to be controlled). I've said it before and I'll say it again: If you are a gun owner and not a member of the NRA (or NAGR or both) do not complain when the confiscation begins. We'll see how many have their cold, dead fingers pried off their firearms.
  5. elkoholic


    Some great pictures for sure. Looks like everyone had a good time and have memories to share.
  6. Obviously I use mostly Stealth Cam, the older version is a Delta 8 and the newer one is Model: STC-G26NG. I do not think either one is still being manufactured. I have had good luck with the Stealth Cam models that I've used. Picture quality and battery life is the main factors why I like them, along with price point. I also have an old Leupold RCX-2 that is currently high in the mountains which I need to go check. Although Leupold discontinued that product line, I found it to be one tough camera that takes excellent pictures. I'm currently in the market for another trail cam and am looking at the Stealth Cam G36NG. I had two cameras destroyed by bears last fall and an old Bushnell Trophy Cam quit working this spring. There are many fine trail cameras out there and just as many opinions on which one is the best. Many are priced under $100.00, but depending on brand and options you can spend a whole lot more.
  7. Gonna spend more time in the mountains (if that's possible), but mostly early morning jaunts as afternoon temperatures are climbing into the upper 80s and low 90s. With the higher temps and decreased rain fall the lawn needs mowing less often. Still need to work on getting firewood if I plan on burning the wood stove come winter. Also have a fly fishing excursion in the works, which is something I haven't done in a while. I second that. Between the deer flies and the mosquitoes a transfusion maybe needed.
  8. elkoholic

    bow or gun

    The tag is not weapon specific and as such, allows for the use of a rifle or bow. I have considered the option of carrying both and the thought, while appealing, is not practical taking into account the terrain I will be traversing. I do carry a pistol while bow hunting, as the bears can be a bit grumpy, and my 454 Casull has enough energy to take out a moose at 100+ yards. I can keep Hornady's 300 gr XTP load in a 6 inch circle at 100 yards so that could be an option if a bull stopped just out of bow range. That is the general opinion I've been receiving. The other issue is that the archery season for elk and deer will be open during the first 5 weeks and if an opportunity developed where I could make a play on a big bull elk or buck, not having a bow in hand would be frustrating. I've shot my share of elk and deer so maybe I should just concentrate on filling that moose tag.
  9. elkoholic

    bow or gun

    So, I've been thinking about the luck of the draw and the odds of filling a once in a lifetime tag. The options in this eleven week journey are to hunt with either a bow, rifle, or both. My original thought was to archery hunt the first four to five weeks, which covers the rut, and then switch to a rifle as the rut ends. The sense that I'm getting from people is that I should stick to a rifle as the shot opportunity (if it happens) may not be one that is conducive to archery equipment. That could be true. A moose quartering to, even at point blank range, is not the shot I'd want with a bow and a head-on opportunity might be worse. Moose coming to a call tend to turn broadside (to show off their size) when they get in close, but there is no guarantee. Then there is the long range possibility. Moose have a large kill zone and I'm confident to 60 yards with my bow given a broadside shot, but I'm confident at 400+ yards with my .300 Weatherby. There's more to take into consideration, but in the end, just getting the tag and having the hunt to look ahead to is far more than I expected. Anyone have any thoughts?
  10. I know the hunting season is months away but it will go by pretty fast and this buck makes me think of cool crisp mornings filled with anticipation. Hopefully everyone is seeing a few good deer already.
  11. Happy and safe 4th to everyone!
  12. As we head into this week of July 4th I shall cuss the discovery of fireworks. In this area of Montana we are blessed with many Canadian citizens who own property here or who cross the border to party and raise Cain and they like to celebrate Canada Day (today) with a healthy dose of fireworks also. It started last Friday and the late night fireworks will no doubt continue through this coming weekend. It is amazing that fireworks over a mile away can sound so loud at 1:00 AM. Many pets do not handle the barrage very well and many prescriptions for anti-anxiety medications are purchased to relieve their stress. Fireworks on federal and state lands are prohibited, for obvious reasons, but there is virtually no enforcement. While sale of fireworks is legal here from several weeks before and one week after the 4th, it is limited to types sold. That being said, many of the fireworks being set off are not of the legal variety and their origination is questionable. The best I can hope for is the continued wet weather to help alleviate forest fire probability and maybe decrease some of the insanity. I would also like to volunteer to present Darwin Awards to everyone injured "playing" with fireworks. There are better ways to celebrate these holidays and not just use them as an excuse to party.
  13. elkoholic

    Happy Canada day

    To all our friends to the north I wish you a happy and safe Canada Day. Extra points for all who know what it is a celebration of and what happened on July 1, 1867.
  14. This month seems to have gone by really fast. Not much happening this week besides the usual lawn care chores. We have been getting a lot of rain (some pretty impressive thunder storms) and the temperatures have been running 20 degrees below normal so the lawn is growing an inch or two every day. With the archery season ten weeks away I need to start shooting the bow more, and moose season (still can not believe I drew a tag) opening the very next week there is planning to do. Need to spend more time (if that's possible) hiking the mountains. I will start adding weight to my pack incrementally and with any luck my back will not give out. Most of the planning will be centered around getting the meat out when/if I get a moose on the ground.