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  1. elkoholic

    who are they?

    Thanks for reinforcing my thoughts guys. I could not fathom the idea, pushed by the mutual friend, of disowning a "family" member. I wonder if there is/was an ulterior motive, or maybe that's just the way they think. Life pulls us in different directions but good relationships should never be let go.
  2. elkoholic

    who are they?

    Something that came up over the past couple of weeks which I considered somewhat trivial at the time but I'm curious what everyone's opinions are concerning what the status becomes for in-laws once a spouse has passed. The holidays were an emotional roller coaster as it was just over a year since my wife lost her battle to cancer. The previous season I was in shock and this time around I was and still am mostly despondent. I still consider my in-laws family and was somewhat taken aback when informed (by a mutual friend) that they were no longer in-laws/family and their children were no longer nieces and nephews. I was told since there is no blood relationship they were friends at best. They are both friends and family to me. How should I refer to them? I know family relationships can get pretty confusing, and, the actual relationships/interactions are more important in my mind. Along the same thought path, my sister's step(?) granddaughter called me uncle this pass summer when I visited and I thought that was just fine. It sounded better than grand-uncle although maybe not as good as great-uncle, but being either grand or great is okay 😉
  3. elkoholic

    youtube rabbit hole

    My son had sent me a link to a video and then I fell down that rabbit hole. Thought I'd share a couple, but, be careful and don't fall down that hole.
  4. elkoholic

    What constitutes a trophy hunter??

    The real problem to the original story is that the wolf killed was anthropomorphized by people who are out of touch with the natural world. This was further clouded by the shooting several days later of the female pup/daughter of the first wolf killed. Even though the biologist did not give names (only numbers for each individual wolf) to help alleviate this humanizing of an animal species, visitors were still inclined, as is the press, to look at these animals as human characters. There are many different dynamics going on in our national parks and in Yellowstone it is very pronounced as the natural world tries to balance itself every time man attempts to regulate it. As an example, there is an interesting cascading affect caused be the reintroduction of wolves which has caused a ripple in ungulate, grizzly and fish populations. There were good affects such as regeneration of riparian zones that were over grazed by elk. The issue being that the elk population had gotten way too large because human depredation is outlawed in the park. So then, the reintroduced wolves have not just controlled the elk population, they have pretty much decimated it. It is strange how the killing of a couple of wolves is frowned upon in the press but the wolves killing thousands of elk is okay. Cow to calf ratios have plummeted since wolf introduction and there has been a shift in elk populations to lower elevations and often to more human populated areas. This has happened in much of the western side of Montana. A buffer zone around the park is an absolutely ridiculous idea and a better idea would be to allow controlled hunting for both predator and prey species within the park. Man is a predator and has been for thousands of years and as such should be allowed to participate in the "natural world" we are striving for in the park. And, predators kill other predators. Ah, but I regress. To answer the original question, I believe a "trophy hunter" is one who seeks something that which will help inflate their ego or feelings of self worth. I, personally, have never met anyone who hunts for that reason. A "trophy animal", I'm pretty sure the critter didn't try to grow to "trophy" size or be a prized species. A trophy is something you earn, be it a special achievement or through competition. In truth, trophy is an overused word in the hunting community. The "trophies" hanging on our walls are really mementos of a time, place, or event. A memory. I have several memories/decorations hanging on my walls and no they are not trophies to me.
  5. elkoholic

    Team 3

    Congratulations on a couple of nice bucks. Wish I could have been of some help to the team, but the season ended today and I never caught up with a buck I wanted to pull the trigger on. If it were legal to shoot a doe I would have filled my tag this afternoon. Saw some young bucks over the past couple of weeks and one that may have been a shooter that slipped by in a dense ice fog, nose to the ground and grunting with every step. I couldn't see him very well as he was more of a shape moving through the fog. Tried to get him to stop, or maybe come back, all to no avail. The weather here has been less than favorable for hunting but that's the way it goes. Still had a good season even with the low deer numbers and crappy weather. I did see several dozen elk (no bulls), a wolf, grizzly bear and a couple of moose. On top of that, I had an ermine hop up on my lap and check me out. Even without filling a tag it was a successful season. Once again guys, Congratulations on a couple of dandy bucks!
  6. elkoholic

    11-2 early check-in thread

    More hunting and hopefully less getting rained on. There has been very little deer movement (maybe because of the weather) but at least there has been an uptick in sign in the way of rubs and a few scrapes have appeared. The bull elk have retreated to the thick blow-down jungles. Some colder weather and snow that stays would help.
  7. elkoholic

    Team 3

    Not sure what to make of the season so far. Hunted five days in a row and did not see one deer while slipping through some prime habitat. I did see some tracks and droppings but with the full moon I'm thinking they are moving at night, although it is strange I didn't even kick anything out. We have had two rough winters in a row and even the squirrel population is almost nil. It only takes one and I'm sure I'll see some movement in the coming weeks. I won't be hunting this weekend but will be back at it Monday.
  8. elkoholic

    10-26 Last October check-in

    Ah....I usually miss the check-ins but today it's raining and the mountain tops are covered up in fog so I'm not out hunting. Tomorrow I'm off to Missoula for a continuing education lecture in the morning and going on a hike with my daughter, who lives there, in the afternoon. Sunday I'll be back to my auto mechanic days as I install a trailer wiring harness on my cousin's Hyundai Tucson. I have some trepidation on the wiring job but hopefully it will go as smooth as the hitch install. We should get some snow Sunday night which, hopefully, should make for some improved hunting conditions to start the week. With any luck my drive to Missoula will be uneventful as I have to pass through Kalispell and Donald Trump Jr. and Kimberly Guilfoyle are scheduled to be there for a political rally. When President Trump was in Missoula on the 19th it had traffic messed up for hours.
  9. elkoholic

    Team 3

    Rifle season opened today and I will probably head out in the morning for the first time to see if anything is moving. The deer population appears to be down quite a bit from previous years but with the rut approaching there should be some buck activity. I'm hoping for some tracking snow in the next week or so. Good hunting!
  10. elkoholic

    pygmy owl

    One of the joys of spending time in the outdoor world is spotting something you would never have seen sitting at home in the recliner. Yesterday, on a hike with my daughter, we had the privilege to witness a Northern Pygmy Owl at a distance of less than ten feet. The little guy was about 6 inches tall and maybe as big around as my fist. It had flown down from a nearby tree to check us out. Good stuff.
  11. elkoholic

    bears around the house

    For some reason there have been a sow and cubs hanging around for the past week or so. The past couple of days one of the cubs has gone missing, but one of them was more adventurous and may have just wondered off.
  12. elkoholic

    Been Busy

    I like! Such craftsmanship and artistry amazes me.
  13. elkoholic

    Team 3

    Headed into the last week of archery season here and I think that I'll give up on elk for now and concentrate on sitting on stand for deer. Only allowed one deer here and looking for a good buck but have seen very few deer so far. The larger buck all seem to be moving at night but as we progress through October hopefully they start looking for the first receptive ladies during daylight hours. Rifle season starts on the 20th of the month and I'll be putting my still hunting skills to work. Early morning stands on most days followed by sneaking along with occasional stops for rattling/calling. I'm really looking forward to tracking snow and the chance to creep up to an elk or buck in their bed. I've got till Nov. 25th to get it done.
  14. elkoholic

    It's coming

    Well, my knee has been holding up pretty good, although I believe the pain and dysfunction is coming from a nerve impingement in my lumbar spine. At least I've been able to get out and chase the critters. The sit in the stand resulted in seeing 8 deer, all doe, and getting soaked as the snow was melting off the trees and raining down, sometimes a baseball sized clump of snow would come dropping down. The past several days have been in the mid 20's every morning and the remaining snow has been very crunchy. It may warm up a bit this coming week which will make the last week of archery season somewhat nicer in terms of sitting on stand.
  15. elkoholic

    This one took me back today

    Oh how times have changed. In today's world most of the pranks and interactions between students and teacher-student interactions of my generation would result in someone spending time incarcerated. Fifty years removed from high school and just 23 years post college (was a non-traditional student) I find that we are going in a direction spiraling downward (if that is even a direction). Now, off to the principal's office😁