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  1. Thought we needed some new pictures in here. With the exception of the humming bird, these were taken while out bear hunting. My daughter gets credit for the first three pics as she accompanied me on one hunt/hike.
  2. With the season ending this coming Sunday, I thought it best if I got serious about filling my tag. I had been hunting turkeys in the mornings and going bear hunting in the afternoons. The problem being that in the mornings there was competition with the hens. The gobblers would gobble from the roost in response to my calling but after flying down would take off with the hens in a different direction and no calling I did would bring them back. I even tried staying silent and guessing which way they would go after flying down so I could head them off. They would seem to wander aimlessly about the mountains, but at least they weren't holed up on private property like early in the season. Yesterday, I decided to change it up and hunt turkeys in the afternoon as they headed up the mountain towards where they tended to roost. Original plan was to try and intercept them but as they started working their way up I realized that I had missed the mark by almost a quarter mile (there's a lot of mountain). Time to try my limited calling skills. With a few clucks and purrs every five to ten minutes I managed to pull them my way. There were four gobblers and a couple of jakes. As the lead gobbler came strutting to within 25 yards, I let the 870 speak and 1&3/4 oz. of #5 Hevi-Shot did it's job. It is amazing how heavy that bird felt toting it the 2 miles down the mountain to my truck. Must'a weighed 50 lbs. Actually, a tick under 20 lbs. and a nine inch beard. When it comes to spurs, most of the birds I've shot have none, just a rounded bump, but this one did have 1/2 inch spurs. I'm not sure if the dry, rocky terrain has anything to do with the lack of spurs or it's a genetic thing. It had been trying to rain all afternoon, with the occasional raindrop, back just as I reached the truck the sky opened up, a real toad-choker as my Oklahoman friend would say. A fitting end to the afternoon.
  3. That's a whole bunch of birds! You done good. Great pictures too. I'm not sure I'd spend the kind of money that journey must have cost just to hunt turkeys, but follow your passion.
  4. After watching this video, I might need a new toy. A step up in bear stopping power from my 454 Casull. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nkOLRFIbBts&feature=youtu.be
  5. elkoholic


    Lucky you😉 I've been averaging over two dozen ticks on me per each hunting/hiking excursion. A combination of Deet and permethrin seems to have lowered the totals but nothing seems to totally block or repel them. On top of that, the skeeters seem to have woken up. The black flies and horse flies will be next.
  6. It is going to be a cool, wet weekend here. It went from mid 70s and sunshine over the past week to mid 40s and pouring rain. If the rain lets up, I really need to mow the lawn again. There's firewood to cut and split along with other outdoor chores. With two weeks left in the spring bear season I'll be out in search of a nice color phase boar. Actually saw a good one colorwise last weekend but he was on the small size. I feel sorry for the various sporting events happening in the area this weekend. With school sports winding down, there are tournaments of every kind, I hope all goes well.
  7. I second that thought. I have a friend who has a mini version they take camping and claim it is the best grill they have ever used.
  8. Thinking of you, wishing you hope in the midst of sorrow, comfort in the midst of pain
  9. elkoholic


    Well the little creepy crawlers are thick this year. I had over a dozen of the little buggers on me (on my skin) at the end of a fairly short hike. I carry a lint roller in my truck to go over my clothes after an outdoor excursion this time of year and also have one in the garage for out the back door adventures. A lint roller also works great for getting them off your skin (if they haven't dug in yet) and then a shower and another tick check. The ticks here seem to like the DEET and permethrin. I haven't been able to find a product containing picaridin locally, but would like to give it a try. I guess as long as I find them before they attach it's all good but the constant showering and clothes washing takes time and uses a lot of resources. At least the mosquitoes aren't swarming yet.
  10. elkoholic


    And.....so it is. A downward spiral.
  11. elkoholic

    May 3 check-in

    There's lawn mowing to do and some brush to clear. Even with the colder weather early in the week the grass has been growing at an alarming rate. I also need to get the studded tires off the truck. The summer tires are on rims so it's just a matter of getting it done. Probably do a little hunting if the wind quiets down as the turkeys are starting to wander more. It is amazing how much ground a turkey will cover in a day. There's two more weeks to connect on a turkey and til the end of the month for black bear. I'm getting kind of picky on what I'll shoot so probably won't fill either tag, but maybe. Happy Cinco de Mayo.
  12. Now you've gone and done it.😀 I'm sure you'll find something to do. Congratulations on filling your tags!
  13. I really like the look of that knife. I have watched TV shows where the Inuit were using the Ulu design with incredible skill and have wondered if it was as easy to use as they make it appear to be. Ross, have you actually used this design? Anyone?
  14. elkoholic

    What if?

    There is no more, or maybe never was, a legal hunting season. Then what? Would you still spend time (many hours) in the woods? The food plots planted to "improve the health" of the herd. Would they not exist? Is the only reason you spend time in the outdoor world because you can legally kill something? If you took away all the modern "creature comforts" that have sissified (no offense intended to the ladies) outdoor adventures, would you still participate? Just wondering. Are you an outdoors person or is hunting your reason for being outdoors?
  15. elkoholic


    It is hard to argue with that sentiment. In my mind, I do find it hard to comprehend that one would need a reason to spend time outdoors. If you are only in the woods because you are allowed to carry a weapon that you can kill something with, then I am confused. As a farm kid growing up in the 50s I basically lived in the outside world, whether throwing hay bales or just enjoying the solitude when the chores were all done (it seems they never were). I need a reason to go to town, but to be in the woods, I need no reason.