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  1. Unfortunately, it happens and then we play it over and over in our minds. Maybe for years. I hit an elk in the shoulder my first year elk hunting and still think about it almost 40 years later. I know that elk survived that hit, but still. Maybe that buck will give you a second chance.
  2. Imagine a person undecided on the topic of guns and hunting goes for a ride and sees this. Although not apparent in the photo, this gate is also bent/bowed in an attempt to push it over. The two shotgun blasts on the center sign were very fresh and obviously from close range. Almost every gated road (gated for good reasons) is in this condition. These gates and signs are expensive to replace. A waste of taxpayers dollars, but maybe more importantly, a blight on the image of hunters and gun enthusiasts. On which side of the fence will the undecided minds fall?
  3. elkoholic

    it's time

    I guess it's time to take down the humming bird feeder. A preview of the coming winter. It could just be the Farmers Almanac is right.
  4. Excellent! Congratulations and good luck tagging a buck. Some good, from the stand pictures, for sure. Pretty nice buck with a lot of potential too. Last day of archery season today. Did not go out and woke up to this. Rifle season starts next Saturday for deer/elk and I'll have five weeks to get it done. There has been little deer movement the past month or so but with the rut not far off and the colder weather that should change. Good hunting everyone!
  5. Sounds like the right bow and the right stand. It looks fairly thick around the stand with the leaves on and at that height not much chance of being spotted. 27 buck in 7 days.....wow.
  6. Looks good and the whole area is pretty as a picture. I second that thought. Growing up with the friends and family I had, a thick skin was a necessity. All the ribbing and mental jousting that took place was all in good fun and that's how I see life. I don't take myself too seriously and poking fun is really what being a friend is all about.
  7. I like! That looks to be the good life.
  8. Didn't want to go there. Besides, I have room for a recliner or two. I have to think there are times when one is allowed the simple pleasures in life. Not sure anyone would measure across the eves and then bother with such a small discrepancy. Just one question; How are you going to get it off the trailer? Hope you make it okay and post a picture when you have it in place.
  9. Maybe a bobcat, but probably not a lion. I've seen a lion bring down a deer and once they get a grip there is little chance the deer would get away. I still go with the fence idea having seen the results of startled or pursued deer after running through a barbed wire fence. Miles of the stuff all over and much of it falling down and no longer needed. RMEF volunteers have removed hundreds of miles of old fence over the past couple of decades. Hung up on an old fence to die, I would rather a lion get me. That doe should be giving birth to your next trophy buck next spring.
  10. Dang, you did good last year! Good story too.
  11. Hard to tell how bad it is, but if the weather is cold enough and it doesn't get infected she should be fine. Deer are amazingly tough. I would suspect a fence from the location, but a bad shot may not be out of the equation.
  12. I'm here. I've been hunting since the 5th of this month, but not for deer. Trying to fill an elk tag and having no luck so far. Hunting in smoke so thick you can scoop it up with a fork the first couple of weeks and then to the past couple days of cold rain and 30 degree temps, it has been a little bit of a challenge. The older, mature bucks have gone nocturnal since shedding their velvet, but I might stumble into one while cruising the mountains. Probably won't do any serious deer hunting until late October through November. Happy hunting everyone!
  13. How do you stop those thoughts? I have more than a few lost/blown opportunities due to not being focused when I'm still-hunting as my mind wanders from the task at hand and sitting on stand it is even easier to drift off. While not my cup of tea, I must say you did an outstanding job building it. The shoot through curtains are an excellent finishing touch and the deer should have enough time to get used to it. Enjoy your time there and hopefully a big buck comes by.
  14. Nice! Nothing like a good story with a happy ending.
  15. Week one under my belt and nothing but exercise obtained. The last couple of days have been so smoky (terrible fires in Oregon, Washington, and California) that my lungs and eyes are burning. With all the smoke and warm temperatures there has been little game movement. The elk rut should be kicking in and hopefully the smoke will clear and the temps drop. As for the deer, the big bucks have gone nocturnal and even the doe and fawn are moving very little. Need a change in wind direction and some moisture.