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  1. That is an excellent training video. I am not sure people understand how fast a forest fire can spread, how hot it is, or are aware that a fire can generate its own weather. I still hear people asking "Why don't they just stop it", as if that is even possible. There have been six firefighters overrun by fires here in Montana so far. In one instance a small tanker truck burned and the firefighter had burns over 80% of his body and is currently in a Salt Lake City burn unit. He has undergone multiple operations to remove burnt tissue and is expected to remain hospitalized for six months. In the other occurrence, five firefighters were trapped and sustained injuries and are being treated at local hospitals. Over the next six to eight weeks there will be hundreds of fire starts (most hopefully will be quickly controlled) and with there already being a shortage of personnel and equipment, I think the worst may be yet to come. The shortage of aviation fuel has grounded some of the air support which only increases the likelihood of property damage and personal injury. The unforeseen results of the shut down during the pandemic and the push to limit fossil fuel production. That is fodder for another post.
  2. Some good looking bucks for sure. Hope you get an opportunity to take a shot at one them.
  3. elkoholic

    forest fires

    A hearty thank you to all of the fire fighters. The men and women who risk their lives in an effort to control forest fires and prevent property damage are some of the toughest and dedicated people. A slide show from Idaho and Montana: https://nbcmontana.com/news/local/gallery/slideshow-firefighters-at-work-as-thousands-of-acres-burn-across-montana-idaho#photo-1
  4. Looks like you had some great hunts. That part of Idaho is overloaded with both bears and wolves. Never looked at what areas were reduced fee for bear but that is a relatively inexpensive hunt. I have hunted the pan handle of Idaho for elk and deer as the border is a short drive from my house. There is some good hunting in the St Joe River drainage and excellent fly fishing for brown trout.
  5. elkoholic


    I have to admit that Darius has the smoother voice, but still prefer the Old Crow Medicine Show version. It is too bad Dylan never finished the song, but here is the original: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VNTsYfjBcuQ The last group, Larkin and Poe, was here in Rexford at Abayance Bay on the 10th of this month and their concert was outstanding. Big and Rich will be here August 1st and I am looking forward to it. I might be a little old to be going to concerts but a little entertainment between hunting seasons makes the time pass a little faster.
  6. Welcome to the forums. I have a couple of spinner targets similar to that one. They are great for practice with a .22 to improve shooting skills while keeping the cost of ammo somewhat in line. Then there is the fun factor.
  7. elkoholic

    Sept. 4th

    With the scheduled archery season opener less than 7 weeks away, I am hoping for a change in the weather so that it is not delayed because of the dry conditions and the ever increasing amount of forest fires. If it is postponed it would not be the first time but hopefully we get some rain in the coming weeks. It looks like my back/legs (barring further decline) will allow some hunting and with relatives arriving to hunt and help retrieve downed game (if any), I am already getting the itch. The top half of me is still in good shape and my old Bear Carnage at 76 lbs is launching arrows as accurately as ever. Although I haven't spent much time in a tree stand the past couple of decades it had always been an option, but not this year as my legs simply do not function well enough. With over 60 years shooting a bow and this being my 56th season hunting with one it may be my last and I am looking forward to it.
  8. elkoholic


    Nobody? Well, I'm bored and stuck in the house due to heat and to smoke so thick you can taste it. I have a rather eclectic music play list and here's some good ones, or at least I think so. ZZ Ward: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EmEdyFIi-n4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m6YkSItejP4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rLqQEy84qow 4 Non Blondes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6NXnxTNIWkc Larkin Poe: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6NXnxTNIWkc https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wy0RGsd2-JA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HW1Vg9lR7UQ duo with Keith Urban
  9. If it doesn't cost them anything and is just a small part of their web site, probably until the next "best thing". Realtree personnel lost interest quite a long time ago. It has been a good couple of decades and I have to say that most of the people who have passed through here would be excellent companions at hunting camp.
  10. Wishful thinking. Current cost for a nonresident to hunt bear in Idaho is $426.75. The bear tag alone is $231.75 and a second tag can be had for $41.75. If you plan on baiting add $34.75. Add $81.75 if archery or muzzleloader (double if both) hunting. A deer tag is $351.75 and an elk tag goes for $651.75. Tag costs are on top of base license and access/depredation fees of $195. Junior (age 14 - 17) tags are less expensive. One interesting aspect in ID is that the deer tag can be used on bear or cougar. Like I stated previously, it is about the experience. I have hunted the pan handle region of ID which, as hunting goes, is the same as my home turf here. Some people spend a lot of money to go to Disneyland. I spend a lot of money to have the opportunity to pursue big game in the mountains for an extra week or two.
  11. elkoholic


    Well, it continues. The temperatures had dropped to the mid 90's the past couple of weeks but are predicted to climb to triple digits again this weekend. Low humidity and constant winds have added to the dry conditions. We are currently in stage 2 fire restrictions which are: Building maintaining, attending, or using a fire or campfire. Smoking, except within an enclosed vehicle or building, a developed recreation site, or while stopped in an area at least three feet in diameter that is barren or cleared of all flammable materials. Logging operations must stop between 1:00 PM and 1:00 AM. There are so many fires that personnel and equipment are in short supply. Sometimes the smoke is so thick you can taste it. I feel sorry for those who have lost their homes to fires and hope those who had to evacuate, just in case, have a home to come back to. Maybe the weather pattern will change in the next couple of weeks. A week or two of rain would be nice.
  12. That cost is probably on the low side if compared to most of the western states. It seems that if a state is a popular hunting destination it becomes a matter of charging as much as the market will bear. I see a lot of DIY nonresident hunters here every year and most are regular people who are willing to spend upwards of $1000.00 for a license and that is only part of the cost of a hunt. Hunting isn't cost effective beyond what you value the experience at. Even if successful at harvesting an animal the real value is in the journey, not meat in the freezer or the antlers on the wall. The Mo tag would be cheaper and with basically the same kind of hunt, that would be a less expensive option.
  13. elkoholic

    Getting Married

    Nice! Good looking family there and a sharp looking couple. Congratulations!
  14. elkoholic

    boat launch

    How not to launch your boat. Oops! https://nbcmontana.com/news/local/gallery/truck-submerged-in-somers-lake-while-launching-boat I am surprised this doesn't happen more often. I doubt insurance covers it (if they had any) and what about the cost to retrieve it.
  15. I know several youth hunters and they have no interest in participating in these forums. Even Facebook no longer has a hold on them as Instagram, Twitter, and Tiktok are the major players, where almost anything goes. It is a sad fact that a harsher, more in your face, world is taking over.