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  1. Nice. Do you have a fall bear season?
  2. That's pretty cool. This year I've only seen one fawn around my property, which is somewhat disturbing.
  3. As family units, along with friends, disperse to find employment or living conditions that suit them it will continue to become more difficult for traditional hunting camps to maintain their yearly gatherings. Out of state tags are often limited and expensive. Here in Montana there is a Come Home to Hunt program/license which allows for a reduced price license for nonresidents who come back to hunt with family, but those are limited in quantity and must be applied for. The call for hunter recruitment is almost ridiculous in the face of limited tags on ever shrinking habitat that is open to hunting. So, with limited tags at increased cost along with changing lifestyles moving family/friends apart added to the loss of hunting land, I believe traditional hunting camps are not that feasible anymore.
  4. When a 30 minute time slot is filled up with 20 minutes of commercials and maybe 10 minutes of "action" it is pretty hard to get into watching anything on TV. That being said, this time of year when the temperature nears 100 degrees I will sometimes retreat to my walkout basement (30 degrees cooler) and watch some TV. I tend to watch hunting shows which often mimic how I hunt, such as Jim Shockey's Hunting Adventures, Leupold's Fresh Tracks with Randy Newberg, Winchester Deadly Passion with Melissa Bachman, Driven with Pat and Nicole, or MeatEater with Steven Rinella. I prefer the YouTube channels as I can be more selective in what and when I'm watching.
  5. Those poor roses just don't stand a chance. He was within 20 feet of the house for over an hour tonight, feeding on the lawn and the few roses that were left. Sort of strange to be within feet of him.
  6. elkoholic


    I am sure that it is happening everywhere that crossbows are legal and probably even where they are not legal. I can only hope that here in Montana they will never be legal during archery season. I realize that not everyone can shoot a compound, recurve or longbow. I also think that there needs to be limits on how we go about things and if one does not have the skill set to meet those limits, that is just the way life goes. In a life or death situation it would be a different story. In our search for the "easy way" we have lost our "way". The unethical and unscrupulous individuals take advantage of lax, unenforceable laws/regulations. The TV ad shooting 3 inch groups at 100 yards has people buying crossbows thinking they can shoot deer that far away. Archery seasons were set up based on short range capabilities of equipment and skill set required of archers. Now it is governed by technology, laziness, and greed. Strange to see old posts coming back to life. New members equals new life, and welcome Steve.
  7. Although the idea of using "famous" people to market products did not start with MJ, it was certainly a sounding board for more endorsement deals that raise the price, but not the quality of a product. He has currently been paid over 1.3 billion dollars by Nike since 1984. That for endorsing a sneaker that sells for as much as $400+ dollars a pair and is made of questionable material in China, Vietnam, or Indonesia by people who are payed a few dollars for working an 18 hour day. He did not even wear Nike shoes prior to that deal. Greed, and a lack of ethics is all I see. Unfortunately, this has also spread to the hunting and fishing world and only adds to the cost and not the quality. Does a famous person in the commercial or advertisement influence your decision to purchase a product?
  8. I like those four things. I might add to the second one making it "perfect practice, makes perfect" and on the third one add in perseverance. If you are watching hunting shows and want to consistently shoot big bucks like the "pros", I suggest you acquire multiple farms of several thousand acres each and purchase thousands of dollars worth of equipment to turn them into "honey hole" hunting spots. Also, make multiple friends who own like properties in other states who will let you hunt there. If unable to afford the necessary acreage, one can just make friends with those who can and hope they invite you to hunt their properties. If you do shoot a few "monster bucks" then you can convince some of the manufactures to give you free stuff and pay you to promote it. Of course in that scenario the cost of the products go up to others, but you got yours. Ah.... I regress. It is such a shame that hunting became "big business".
  9. That is true. Also, just a sales gimmick from day one. At least the price has come down now that every manufacturer has a model or two with this "must have" feature. I think the insane prices and the realization that "must have" equipment does not put meat in the freezer or antlers on the wall are the most likely causes in the drop in bow sales. New and improved will not make you a better hunter, but it will make your bank account smaller.
  10. Since we have pretty much beat the covid issue into oblivion, I thought maybe a hunting related post might be a change of pace. Actually more along the lines of hunting products. More specifically, products that are advertised as "must haves", to make you a better hunter. How about we list products, or innovations to existing products, that offer little (if any) benefit to hunter success. One I've wondered about is the angle compensation feature in range finders. For all practical purposes it is a useless feature. If you question that statement, do the math. Say you are 30 ft up in your favorite tree and a deer is 30 yards from the base of the tree, and that would put the line of sight distance at 31.62 yards. Not enough to make any difference in the real world. As the deer gets farther away the difference is even less. Even if you are 60 ft up that tree the line of sight would only be 32.83 yards for a deer 30 yards from the base. Now at 10 yards from the tree we get a line of sight of 14.14 yards, but the point of impact from 10 to 20 yards is probably less than 1-2 inches. Shooting from the roof of my house (27 ft up) I can confirm that the angle makes zero difference in point of impact, but if shooting almost straight down one needs to consider shot placement on an animal. All of this holds true with a rifle at five times the distance (300yds instead of 60). So, after that little speech: Do you have a product that you think is not worth the hype?
  11. I'm not sure I understand it, but I do appreciate the fact that there are people who can not keep any medication down. We have several adult patients at our pharmacy who struggle with that. They can drink Everclear and/or eat Durian and Stinking Toe fruit or poorly prepared Lutefisk with no problem but gag up any type or form of medicine. No, thinking about it, I really don't understand. Yes, I do believe you made the best decision for your child. The challenge of raising a child is difficult enough without adding obstacles to the equation, but it looks like you and the Mrs have it under control.
  12. It is pathetic that the schools would, or could, be held liable. Unfortunately, in the litigious society we live in the school system is merely trying to cover their butts, although in a court of law a signed waiver does not necessarily carry the day. Whether for money or just to place blame, the lawyers are always the winners. Do we blame the schools when there is an influenza, common cold, pink eye, or lice outbreak? Surely they must be responsible and should cover all medical expenses, along with compensation for pain and suffering. May as well sue yourself as the taxes you pay have to cover that "cost" of education. Sorry for the rant. It sounds like you've made your decision, and now just have to make the best of it. When the virus has run its course (it will never be totally gone) then your son can transition back into school. A lot of the emotional/mental trauma caused by this "pandemic" will have far more of a lasting effect than the virus itself. The economy? It will never make up for what is being lost.
  13. elkoholic

    vaccine or no

    Most of the initial testing on humans involves healthy male med students, and sometimes prisoners or military personel. Those subjects are carefully chosen based on certain criteria that will maximize desired results and minimize side effects and they are usually well paid. That is why you sometimes see less than stellar results once a vaccine or medication hits the market to the general public. Even birth control pills were first tested on male subjects to assess safety (the side effects must have been interesting). If a person wishes they can apply to be part of a study. I seriously doubt there is a vaccine ready this year. The cost? Much like the free tests you can get, somebody has to pay, and it is either the taxpayer (many of whom are now unemployed and not paying taxes) or an increase in insurance premiums down the road. Manufactured in China or India most likely. An interesting aside, GSK has it's Shringrix vaccine manufactured in Belgium but part of the vaccine (the adjuvant) is produced in Hamilton Montana. So, like your vehicle, it may be manufactured in one place from pieces that came from somewhere else. When someone is dying you try anything that seems logical to prevent them from dying, and sometimes it backfires. Like chemo and cancer, the treatment can be worst than the disease and may not work or, at best, prolong the inevitable.