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  1. I do not, at least not on my property or within a quarter mile or so of it. The past couple of years as my back and legs have gotten worse I have hunted the Forest Service land that borders my property multiple times. I know where this particular buck beds on a ridge about a half mile from my house. He seems to only move at night and trying to sneak in on him during the day results in him moving further down the ridge to some private, offlimits, property. I could probably shoot a decent buck every year from the house, but I don't consider that hunting and it's the hunt that I enjoy. Ahhh....that's another post and I would most likely stand alone with my thoughts.
  2. Maybe a couple more? I saw these two at least a dozen times this archery season.
  3. Some good ones there for sure. Bucks two and four do look to be old timers. Hope you can put a tag on one of them.
  4. Wow! That's a biggin right there. I miss a week or so and you get it done. Way to go Frank! This Sunday closed out the archery season here. I passed on some small, young buck and couldn't get the only one I'd have shot at to stop as he walked past at 18 yards. He was either deaf or indifferent I'm not sure which. He had a very gray, roman nose and a heavy, wide, short tined rack. I thought the cold front here (morning temps in the low teens) would produce more movement than it did. Next Saturday starts the five week rifle season and with the rut approaching, maybe, just maybe.
  5. Sure wouldn't care about the score on that unique rack. If the score matters, maybe 130+ as a main frame 8 and possibly another 30 inches of "junk". A big mature buck for sure.
  6. A little update. Nothing on the ground yet and have pretty much given up on the elk. My legs just won't work well enough to allow much mountain hunting like I'd like to do. Have been mostly sitting and watching game trails, which still could offer a chance at an elk. Sitting on the ground does offer some interesting close encounters as I had a bear pass by at about six feet. Have also had multiple buck within 20 yards but nothing I wanted to put a tag on. Biggest one was a young basket rack 8 with long spindly tines. He did have a chocolate colored rack and given several more years (If the wolves don't get him) might be interesting. The next several days are forecast to be rain filled as a cold front arrives from British Columbia and I'm hoping there will be more game movement the day after it moves out. I'll rest up until then and then get back to it.
  7. elkoholic

    I'm back...

    Dang! Everything looks great!
  8. Frank, the sooner the better as I've decided that serious run and gun elk hunting is more of a young man's game. On top of that, you never know what the future holds. You will love elk hunting, especially during the rut. Think about other states also as I think you may get a tag sooner. For some reason there seems to be almost no deer movement in the mountains here. I've seen a few doe and one spike over the past two weeks. I see moose and bear several times a week and the elk bugle in the early morning hours before first light. It has been quite chilly at night with temps in the 20s and daytime highs 40-50. You would think everything would be moving. Snow is forecast for this weekend so that might get things moving. The best hunting has yet to come.
  9. a couple more from the camera 50 yards from the house I took this picture from my front balcony and could have easily filled my bear tag. Not a color phase and not overly large, but does have a nice coat.
  10. The ammo supply at the local store appears adequate but the prices have gone up. Then a trip to the bigger stores 80 miles south shows a limited supply on most popular calibers and a few empty spots on the shelves. The salesman at Cabela's said there were supply issues on most ammo and reloading supplies.
  11. Let's see if we can get it done. Archery season has been open here for a week already and I've focused on elk. Not having much luck seeing anything, deer or elk. I have until mid December between bow, rifle, and muzzleloader, so if my back holds up there's plenty of time. Good hunting!
  12. A link to photo galleries from a local newspaper that give a small glimpse into life in Northwest Montana. The photos from the fair feature some of the youth that are our countries future. The rest of my favorites contain scenes from the outdoor world, like the Bison Range and Glacier National Park. The flocks of geese at Freezout Lake each spring is an experience everyone should have. Life can be good, if you let it. https://dailyinterlake.com/photo-galleries/
  13. Here in Montana there is a block management program that currently provides access to almost six million acres of private land while also providing access to over one million acres of public land that would otherwise be landlocked. An incredible program that gives hunters a chance to roam some prime country. Unfortunately the continued involvement of many of the private landowners is in jeopardy. The reasons, there are issues with littering, OHV use and vandalism. Then there are issues with livestock, either getting loose (not closing gates) or worse, being shot. Those same issues are very apparent on public land as well. One does not have to travel very far on a Forest Service road to observe litter, bullet riddled signs, and illegal off-road excursions. It is just a total lack of respect for the land, irregardless of the owner. Slobs, idiots, criminals, whatever you want to call them, must be stopped. The loss of access is unacceptable. The blight upon the land is unacceptable. Stop them we must. The question is: How?