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  1. Sorry I haven't been very active on the thread, but I have been active in the woods. I shot a nice buck the third week of November with my bow but never found him. 25 yards broadside. From the blood trail, my exit was lower than I had liked but he was pouring blood. Trailed him for 300 yards and lost blood. Got a friends bluetick hound but couldn't get on him. I'm fairly certain he didn't make it but I have yet to find his remains so maybe he did? I'm heading to Pond Creek Refuge in Arkansas on the 26th for a 4 day bowhunt. Will try to shoot a decent buck but plan on killing a couple doe for sure.
  2. Still at it down here in Oklahoma. Haven't gotten my bow back from the shop, so it's still crossbow for me. Went a couple times this past weekend and only saw one borderline shooter. Hoping the action picks up. I go on two week vacation November 6th.
  3. Mine is my right elbow. It's pretty bad. It will wake me up at night when I let it sit in an awkward position too long. Shot 3 times last week and paid for it all next day. Guess I'm gonna have to break down and go to the doctor. Hunted yesterday morning and didn't see a deer. Headed back out this morning. Feels like 38 degrees so maybe the deer will be on their feet.
  4. Well, the good luck didn't rub off on me. Sunday, I drew back on a 140ish 10 point and pulled my string off my bow. It was a combination of being in an awkward drawing position(hunting out of a saddle) and having tendinitis in my right elbow. Needless to say, it was one of my worst hunting experiences ever. I took my bow to the shop and I'm looking at two weeks before I can get a new string and stirrups. In the meantime, I purchased a cheap crossbow. Right now, with my elbow, I can't shoot enough to sight a new bow in, so crossbow it is.
  5. Rhino, you sound like me. We're in the process of building a commercial cabin up North. Between that and my two daily jobs, hunting may be a little stressed this year. I did manage to get out this weekend for two morning hunts. Had three does offer shots but I hunted a spot that was a mile back on public land so I didn't feel like dragging a doe that far. LOL Good luck to everyone this weekend.
  6. Won't get to hunt until October 3rd. As of now, we're not planning on going out of state, but that could change. Good luck to everyone!
  7. Kevin Brittain MCH 47 Oklahoma, possibly Arkansas
  8. MCH

    COVID-19 - Impact

    I work for a small community bank and I have been busy the past week reserving and funding these small business PPP loans. We've funded over 2.5 million in loans so far. The logistics and difficulty of navigating the SBA's system was tough to overcome, but I'm glad to see it benefiting our area. We only have 3 confirmed cases in our county. Oklahoma is behind the curve for the moment but rapidly catching up. We have an area that is similar to the Ozarks and we're steadily getting vacationers from Texas, Arkansas and even Louisiana.
  9. Congratulations! Great buck! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Yesterday morning was my last hunt of the year. Took my saddle and sticks and hunted a ridge. One spike from stand and a doe on the way out. 2019-20 was a good year. Now it’s time for scouting for 20-21. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Thanks guys. She’s recovered from the surgery but now she’s got fluid on her lungs. We’re just waiting for that to clear up. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Wife had a cyst on her liver removed. We were hoping to be in the hospital for a few days but that’s turned into a week. Really hoping we get to go home Wednesday. Hoping to be back in the woods this next weekend! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Anyone hunting? I’m stuck in an Oklahoma City hospital with my wife. Wishing I was headed to the woods this weekend! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Team #1. MCH. 10 scoreable points Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. Not quite as dark as these but I see more dark horns than we do “white”. The buck ended up scoring 146 5/8 which is my new personal best bow kill. Couldn’t be happier with this buck. Just dropped him off at the taxidermist. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk