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    kinda cool

    One of those wonderful wildlife encounters. That's what makes hunting so wonderful
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    It's sure not as busy as it used to e in here....eh
  3. buckee


    Hey, nice to see you made it Ross
  4. buckee


    I just wanted to stop in and wish everyone a very Merry Christmas
  5. So sorry for your great loss Dave. I have lost 2 of my sister to cancer in the last couple of years, so I know your pain. God be with you
  6. The world is getting to be a scary place and fast.
  7. Gorgeous pictures Ross. I might have seen your ship go by
  8. Six, because snakes don't have armpits, Ice-cream doesn't have bones, and Elephants don't wear running-shoes in the winter. See, I'm not as stupid as you thought
  9. That's too bad, since we all know Realtree is the best Camo going. Mossy Oak's newer Camo, is looking more like Realtree camo every time they come out with a new pattern.
  10. buckee

    Need a name

    He's beautiful Ross. How about Forgy
  11. Yeah, it was pretty cool. We have quite a few deer that hang around our neighbourhood. It's pretty cool . I enjoy just seeing them.
  12. She was peaking at me through the fence, and I at her I even talked to her for a while
  13. " 2 bullet holes in no mans land on the back part of the ribs " ...sounds like a gut shot to me, and that can spoil the meat also if it is not cleaned out properly. The cavity of the deer must be wiped out as best as possible, and then I spray it with vinegar the kill that gut shot crap. Otherwise that nasty stuff will get absorbed into the meat.
  14. Yeah, if it wasn't for Advil. That was the worst headache I ever had in my life.
  15. We sure had fun fishing while everyone else was off Elk Hunting eh buddy. It was so awesome
  16. Yep, you got it Turkeygirl. That tarsal gland is bad news
  17. buckee


    Here ya go . Spring