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  1. I host a private closed to the general public taxidermy facebook group. Anyone and all welcomed if you care to join. https://www.facebook.com/groups/177743289473178/
  2. RTF

    Some Deer Mounts

    The first buck in the pics is on the McKenzie 8900 left turn Turkeygirl
  3. RTF

    Cant Wait

    Almost time boys and girls. Boogiti-boogiti-boogiti lets go racing! BTW, isn't JR suppose to be an announcer this year on NBC?
  4. Good job. Cant believe you guys can hunt past 12 in the spring.
  5. RTF

    Gobble Gobble

    Looks like the original pics got lost. Re-uping
  6. RTF

    Cant Wait

    So what does everybody think of the new season so far? How do you like the new format called stage racing? The only problem I have so far is that I feel the Monster Energy Girls are being a little exploited and too risqué in their appearances. I don't think they fit too well into the Nascar family theme especially since most drivers bring their kids onto pit road.Would love to know how the Nascar wives really feel about them too. LOL.
  7. RTF

    Cant Wait

    New season, new sponsor. Boogiti-boogiti-boogiti lets go racing boys!
  8. He'd make a great team owner with some younger talent behind the wheel
  9. RTF


    I missed JJ's win. Started to watch the race, but decided to jump into the woods. Should have stayed and watched the race
  10. RTF


    Why is he so damn fast? He's like unstoppable. He almost lapped the whole dang field in the last race.
  11. I like the new site. Played with it yesterday a bit and it is very smooth. You guys will love it.
  12. RTF

    Gobble Gobble

    Thanks guys. Once the new forum is up and running I will be posting more.