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  1. Definitely been quite a while!
  2. Thx man! I'm excited for the season for sure. I've been in occasionally, but I guess don't post.
  3. billkay

    New Pup

    We've been dogless for several years now, but decided it was time for a new addition. This is Finn. He's about 1 year old here. Hoping he'll be my new duck hunting buddy!
  4. Been a while since I've posted. Had a couple good bucks on camera at the place I hunt near home. Whatcha think?
  5. billkay

    RT Fishing Stuff

    Anyone notice Realtree's entry into the fishing world?
  6. Can they be uploaded to the User Photo Post section?
  7. Hope it clears up for you guys soon and you all remain safe.
  8. Nice pix! Amazing how quickly they grow that bone!
  9. Very cool! I thought the hunter was going beat his shot string to the bird. He's quick!
  10. billkay


    Thats cool! Did you know it was going to pass overhead, or just see it by chance?