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  1. Anyone notice Realtree's entry into the fishing world?
  2. Nice!
  3. Really good stuff!
  4. Great pix!
  5. Very cool!
  6. Can they be uploaded to the User Photo Post section?
  7. Hope it clears up for you guys soon and you all remain safe.
  8. Nice pix! Amazing how quickly they grow that bone!
  9. Very cool! I thought the hunter was going beat his shot string to the bird. He's quick!
  10. Congrats!
  11. Thats cool! Did you know it was going to pass overhead, or just see it by chance?
  12. Pretty cool!
  13. Had a great time at the SHOT Show last week in Vegas and got to meet up with Snapper and Suer Shot! Great guys!
  14. We've had about 6 inches of snow a few weeks ago but it went back to the 50's and 60's again. It will be in the 30's today and tomorrow but then back to the 40-50's again. I got to admit, I really don't mind so much...
  15. Don't be startin' nothing with ol' Hicks now Tominator! He'll be coming for you too. It was Wilderness Hunting Lodge outside Monterey, TN, I think.