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  1. Texas Drawn Hunts

    Dawg, Any luck on your Matador hunt? Did you see any good bucks?
  2. 2018 - Where you going or applying for?

    Already struck out for elk in Wyoming & AZ and antelope in AZ. Applications in for everything, just about in Utah. Will be applying in Texas, Nevada, Colorado, & AZ (deer & sheep). Haven't decided about NM yet, probably will just because it is cheap to do in the long run, although very poor odds. Will probably apply in SD for deer and bison. Now for actual draws, my best chances will be Colorado ( have plenty of points for both deer & elk) and AZ deer will have about a 30 - 40% chance of drawing. If nothing comes through then I will probably just go OTC elk in Colorado.
  3. Texas Drawn Hunts

    That's cool, we struck out on the draws they had yesterday. More to come...
  4. Texas Drawn Hunts

    you are right about someone has to get drawn. It happened to me last year on the Private Land Antelope hunt. 1 tag and over 1500 applicants and I got drawn. My son and I have gone on a few hunts. I think there are quite a few deer hunts that the odds aren't real bad, but the ones that are more trophy type are long odds. I have been applying since the late 90's for some of the hunts. Mule deer is my main attraction, also, but I'm looking more towards the west Texas hunts. Good luck to you.
  5. Let's meet up Oct 2017

    I don't think it is going to happen. No interest. I have a whitetail tag ML tag in Kansas this year and then a cow elk in Wyoming. Tennessee is a pretty state, what part you planning on going to?
  6. TV Star Busted for Poaching

    You would think these guys would realize they have to much to risk to do this type of thing. Hope all of their sponsors drop them. http://wyo4news.com/news/star-reality-tv-hunting-show-wildgame-nation-sentenced-poaching-lincoln-county/
  7. Took the Plunge

    Had my brother-in-law build me a new rifle... 28 Nosler.
  8. CO elk backdoor

    Congrats on the draw. Good luck, get us some pictures. I got my points for both elk & deer. Got way too many elk points but not near enough, don't know what to do with them.
  9. Arizona Deer & Sheep Regs

    The Arizona Deer & Sheep regulations are out. Application deadline in June 13th. Here is a link. https://s3.amazonaws.com/azgfd-portal-wordpress/azgfd.wp/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/28135605/mainregs.pdf
  10. Colorado Regs

    After applying, I continued to research and ended up chickening out due to the supposed winter kill in the area. I changed my application to points. Or at least I hope I did, they accepted the change but stated there was no guarantee that it was actual done. Anyways, I just applied yesterday in Kansas. Pretty much guaranteed the whitetail tag, but also put in for the mule deer upgrade in far NW Kansas, about a 20 -25% chance I get that. The Smokey's are awesome, vacationed there in 2001 in June and had a great time. Different than Colorado, but beautiful none the least.
  11. Nevada Application Deadline

    This is a little late, but if you are wanting, you still have a few more hours. Deadline is at 11:00 pm Nevada time today. Here is a link. https://www.huntnevada.com/ If you are just wanting points you have an extra week.
  12. New Mexico Deadline

    I was wondering if you had any luck with that yet. Maybe one of these days. The only good thing I can say about NM is they get the draw done quick and the refunds even quicker. I paid on the Credit card, and it was refunded in the same month before my close date, just like it never happened.
  13. New Mexico Deadline

    New Mexico posted their results this morning. If you can get onto the site. I was finally able to check. No luck for Jacob or me.
  14. Arizona Elk & Antelope

    The results are posted, more points for me.
  15. Colorado Regs

    Two more days for applications. Got mine and Jake's done yesterday. Points for Jake, elk points for me, and if the odds remain about the same, I should be in the Gunnison area for third season deer.