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  1. Holy CRAP !!!!! I just looked. In about 3 weeks (Aug 12th) it'll be 20 years hanging out in the RT Forums for me.......... !!!! Where DO da time GO ?????
  2. Strut10

    forest fires

    Just got to looking............ Several of the Ontario wildfires are RIGHT where we go into the wilderness to fish. Doubtful we'd even be allowed back in there right now. Yesterday there was a weird haze here at home in west-central PA. Pretty sure I heard the weatherman say it was from the Canadian wildfires.
  3. Strut10

    Getting Married

    CONGRATS !!!! Have a wonderful trip !!!
  4. That water looks like it should have some walleyes and northerns in it............
  5. Strut10

    Still kicking

    Hey, William !!! Sorry to hear what you had to endure. But glad the end result is a positive one. Now that you got a rebuild kit in ya, you oughta be good to go for a lotta more miles. Hoping that your recovery continues well and is as full as can be or better !!!!
  6. Good deal !!!! Saw a bunch of goats when we were turkey hunting Wyoming a couple years back. I think a spot and stalk hunt (with a rifle) would be a good time, too. Best of luck in tagging a stud !!!
  7. I ended up shooting a bird early on our opener. Then another 3 days later. Poof !!!! Outta tags. If I could figure out how to post pics.......... I would.
  8. That's the way ya do it !!!!! CONGRATS on a solid bird !!!!!
  9. Thanks for the kind words, fellers !!! And thanks for bailing me out on the pics, William !!!!
  10. THANK YOU, William !!!!!!!!! I'm too dumb to figure it out. Lol !! If you get bored and wanna work your magic on the first dead link, my guest.
  11. I don't understand why the images won't show. They are hosted and linked in the same format that EVERY other website accepts.............
  12. And I have NO idea why my hosted pics won't show up.....................
  13. Still 2 weeks to wait til our ridiculously late opener. I get tired of waiting sometimes. So a couple weeks ago, my cousin and I made a whirlwind (2300 miles in 5 days to hunt 2 days) trip to Florida to chase Osceolas for the first time. I was given lots of pointers before I went. The best of them being "They don't gobble much on the ground" and "Take a Thermacell". Both spot on !!! The first morning we hunted in the Gainesville area. Cousin took a long-spurred slammer at 10:30. Then I switched my deal up in the afternoon and called in a 2 year bird...........strutting down a sand road the whole way. But never gobbled. [img][/img] Although taken below the "official Osceola line", this bird shows lots of Eastern influence. The next day was a travel day, on south. Day 3 we hunted a big property we'd never seen or set foot on. Called in some hens at first light with a bird gobbling hard from 1/2 mile across a "savannah" field. We decided to relocate somewhere down through an ak hammock and see what was what. We walked a ways and found just a classic looking place to call a bird. The tom that was half a mile away was still hammering. For the heck of it I ripped some yelps with a longbox and he hit me back. I cut him off and he hammers back. Told cousin at least that bird knew where we were. We sat down and I started calling a little. Wasn't long that 3 hens came up the hammock the way we had come in. I noticed the mouthy gobbler had gone quiet. With the savannah field to our left, I told cousin to keep his eye that way as the goofy thing just COULD be coming. He was. Within a minute of me saying that, he came out of the fog and right into the oaks......headed to the 3 hens that were headed to me. At just about 40 yards, he strutted out from behind a palmetto clump and my second Osceola was down. [img][/img] I always love hunting different birds in different places and different habitats. I can't say for sure which has been my absolute favorite. They all have their attractions. But an untouched Florida oak pre-white man, gobble time is just magical. I don't know if I can go back next year or if I'll never do it again. But this was one of the most incredible hunts I've ever been on.
  14. 7, 8 and 16 are definitely me.