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  1. At the rate I shoot it...............about 5 lifetimes. I would suspect 1500-2000 accurate rounds would be easily do-able. If I'd ever manage to burn the throat out...........barrels aren't that expensive. Screw another one on and good to go for another 5 lifetimes. LOL !!! It's like a lot of other things in life. Ya gotta pay to play. Sometimes the playing is SO WORTH the paying. This is one of those times.
  2. You're about to fall in love. The STW is a real HAMMER. Shoots a 140 grainer to about the same trajectory that a .220 Swift shoots a 50 grainer..............til you get out around 500 yards. Then the STW passes the little Swift right up. Mine's in an accurized Model 70 Classic Stainless. Weaver Grand Slam 6-20 on top. I load my 140 grainers over a Layne Simpson charge of IMR-7828. I won't tell you what that is because some manuals would consider it excessive. But Layne invented the STW. So I'm using HIS data. I will tell you, my pet load runs a 140 grainer out the end at
  3. Good luck getting rid of stuff.......... When we moved (350 yards up the road) we filled a 40 yard dumpster before we came up here. I need to fill another one to get where I'd be happy.........
  4. Right now, there's a $29 BSA 30mm tube sight on it, just to get a feel for the gun's potential. I put a Weaver rail on the gun for a mount. When all's said and done, I have a N.I.B. Burris 135 Speed Dot sight that will go on it. I love that sight for a turkey gun. Have it on several of mine. Wish they still made them.
  5. I picked up a .410 single last year and set it up with a red dot for my boy. It's a fixed full choke gun and it shoots the 3" Federal TSS #9 shells pretty darned well to 40 yards. But, I'm about to send the barrel out to have Mr. William Lambert at Sumtoy Customs work his magic (and this guy DOES work magic !!) on it. I think I will take it to Florida as a backup gun to my (also tricked out at Sumtoy) 20 gauge single.
  6. You are gonna L-O-V-E the 7-STW !!!!!! Loaded to Layne Simpson's (the guy who invented it) data, it is one AWESOME round. 140 grainers at over 3600 fps !!!! Very few standard SAAMI rounds can hang with it at distance. The 6.5 Crapmore can't even hold the STW's jockstrap.
  7. Nice deer !!!! CONGRATS !!!! I've been fighting my flintlock for a week. Been using this gun for 6-7 years and it ALWAYS goes off. I'm up to 5 misfires from this past week. ALL of them on sure thing shots at big, meaty does. I'm .............slightly aggravated, let's say.............
  8. As soon as ANY new round comes out.........the wildcatter crew will neck it up and down to EVERY bore diameter imaginable. So, I'm sure the 6.5 WSM was done YEARS ago. A lot of modern SAAMI chamberings started life as wildcats. .220 Swift .22-.250 .25-06 6.5-.284 .30-.378 7mm STW The list is much, MUCH longer....................
  9. Correct on the high B.C. in the .264's AFAIK........... there was the .243 and .25 WSSM's and the .270, 7mm, .300 and .325 WSM's
  10. MERRY CHRISTMAS to the whole Realtree Forums family !!!
  11. Thanks. Looking forward to the trip.
  12. CONGRATS on the buck, TG !!!!!!!!! Our gun season opens in the morning. 33 1/2 years with the company and i still can't get the day off. I won't be hunting again until flintlock opens after Christmas. Good luck to the rest of you !!!