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  1. Either/or, I think. The Merriam's and Gould's I've shot usually have thick, but rounded, spurs. Has to be a result of wearing them on the abrasive landscape where they live. But a buddy of mine has told me about one particular place in Montana he has hunted Merriam's. Says the gobblers in that one particular area have NO spurs...………..not even a button where they SHOULD be. Weird.
  2. Great story and great bird !!!!!!!!!!!!!! CONGRATS !!!!!!!!!!
  3. Strut10


    Just found one embedded in my tricep this morning. 😡
  4. I hope the Blues get their act together...……………….. And I hope Boston loses control. 😁
  5. The New #4 primer was the shotshell primer that replaced the # 4 1/2 and preceded the 209. They were used from +/- 1904-1933
  6. I'd like to see a Blues/Canes final. Glad Tortorella's BJ's went down the crapper. Now if we can just see that Boston gets flushed, too...…………….
  7. Strut10


    Had one embedded in me last week. Had to call the Doc for a doxy-bomb.
  8. Strut10


    Bravo !!!!
  9. Two weeks of vacation to hunt turkeys and I'm done on day 4...…...… I suppose now I'll have to actually DO something around here, now...… This is one of a pair of birds that hosed me yesterday. So I decided to hose him back today. Yesterday, I had this dude and another longbeard strutting for about a half hour 30-40 yards out of range. Then 2 hens dropped outta the trees right into them and they all drifted off. So this morning I got in on the same spot...….just a tree or two away from where I sat yesterday...…….and waited for them to fire up. When they did, one was about 150-200 yards behind me and the other was about 300-400 yards in front of me. I got up and moved to tree about 15-20 yards in the direction of the closer bird and set up facing thataway. Gave him a few tree calls. He was gobbling...…..but not AT me. Just gobbling. Then things got quiet for a minute or two and he gobbled from the ground. Gave him a flydown and he hammered RIGHT back. I cut him off, then did a flydown with my hat and did some sharp cutts. Got the gun on the stick and the dot turned on. About a minute...….maybe two...…. I look right and he is out through the timber in full strut. He just starts picking his way toward me........strutting...…..breaking and walking...……..strutting some more. At 34-35 yards he gave a textbook opportunity, which I obliged and my season was over. 6:19 AM. Just an AWESOME hunt and an AWESOME morning to be out.....taking in the sights...….. breathing in the smells...…….hearing the sounds of God's AMAZING creation !!!!! Praise Him from whom ALL blessings flow !!!!
  10. Atta boy !!! Good lookin bird !!! Trust me......... daughters can make SUPER "best turkey huntin buddies".
  11. 6:54 AM This morning didn't come up as crappy as the weatherman said it was gonna. 42 degrees and breezy at gobble time. This dude roosted off a field edge about 250 yards from where I set up on him in the dark. A little tree calling to match his girlfriends and a bit later he came in silently, pushing 2 hens and 2 jakes ahead of him. A fairly simple 30-ish yard shot and the tag was hung. I've got a 2nd tag in my pocket and 2 weeks of hunting every day to fill it, so...…………… Looking forward to going a few rounds with the boys. Hope to have to go looking for some of my buddies to go hunting with/calling for real soon.
  12. That DOES sound pretty weird...………….. For the most part, black bears are not bullet proof and any heavy-for-caliber bullet in a .30 cal will do nicely on a broadside shot. Sounds to me like you had some freak of bad luck. If it makes you feel better, find a factory loading with a 180 or 200 grain Partition or similar.
  13. Aww, come on...……. The butt hurt has to fade after 10 years. 😁 The Wings just got what they had coming from 2008.
  14. Ooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh, you'll LOVE me, then...…………………. 😁 Pens season ticket holder, here. I've got a lot of free time, now...…… But the Pens sure saved me a bunch of money in playoff tickets. At this point, I'm hoping for the Leafs. Can not STAND the Craps and it hurt me to the core to see Infection hoist the cup (I actually didn't even see it...…… I turned it off). Can't stand Chara the Goon or Marchand the Weasel, so the B's are on that list. And John Tortorella is a single-cell life form, at best. He's a jagov (check the Pittsburghese dictionary, need be) and his Blue Jackets (with Dubinsky leading the way) are on that list, as well. So, GO LEAFS !!!! Or ANYBODY but the Craps, B's or BJ's …………………………. 😁
  15. Yesterday was our youth turkey hunt day. After a rough ride on a windy morning and a pretty major set-up change, my best turkey huntin' buddy sealed the deal for the 4th youth day in a row. Our original starting point was a long way from any of the gobbling birds we could hear. Knowing we were in a good location, we stuck it out til around 8:00. We decided to pull up and move about 600-700 yards up the ridge to put us on the same plane as the one group of birds we had heard from the limb. But higher up was windier and made hearing rough. But the first series I ran from my box at the new spot brought a group gobble from a few hundred yards away. I wanted to close in but with the wind and the woods still being so wide open, I decided to stay put. I knew I had been heard and hoped the birds would show up before the noon quitting bell. Called every so often and did manage one shouting match with an old and very pee-ohed hen. At 10;30, I was looking one way when Pickle whispers "Ahhhh……….Dad...……." I glanced right and here comes 2 longbeards, already in range, doing the mean walk, followed by a jake. At 30-couple yards, the longbeards would not separate far enough for the longest time. Add to that, Pickle was whispering that she wanted the strutter……...not the other one...………. I'd liked to have just had a heart attack on the spot !!! After about a freakin' ETERNITY, the birds separated by a couple of feet and I told her "SHOOT THE STRUTTER...…...NOW !!!!!! " And she did. Tale of the tape is 23 lbs...…… 9"...…….. 1" & 1"