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  1. New arrival on the way

    Yep. Right-O
  2. New arrival on the way

    Get some HTL shotshells for that dude and the geese won't be safe ANYWHERE !!!!!!!!
  3. Monster Antelope Island velvet muley

    YOWZER !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. sightings on trip

    We see mink pretty regularly when we're out that way. But never a lynx. Cool for you !!!!!
  5. Pic hosting sites

    Flickr for me, since Photoracket alienated 99%of their users. Seems to work pretty smoothly so far.
  6. Getting Ready for a NIP

    Some day you wanna go to Thunder Bay and head west on 17, gimme a holler....................... I know a place.............. When we go, we cross at the Soo and head west on 17 through Nipigon, TB and keep going thataway. How many hours does it take you to get to TB ??
  7. Getting Ready for a NIP

    Do you cross at Grand Portage and catch 17 east out of Thunder Bay ??
  8. What about these....

    That's what we call a "target-rich environment" around here. Yep.
  9. Enid, Oklahoma

    Looks to me like the only suit & tie wearers are at the Awards Reception dinner. All the other stuff seems to be suitable for your good pair of overalls.
  10. He's a Nice One! (trail cam)

    Good lookin deer !!! Any chance of him surviving til next season where he's at ?? He'd be hard to hold off of this season for sure, but he'd likely be a brute next year.
  11. Alaska Fishing

    Now THAT'S some good eatin right there !!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Getting Ready for a NIP

    Oughta be a great time !!! Looks like a nice lodge too. Just so ya know................. You're gonna be driving past a LOT of good fishing to get there ........... Lol !!!
  13. Wisdom teeth

    Got mine done in two sessions a couple years apart. First two came out pretty easily in a dentist chair. The other 3............................... Yep. I was blessed to have 5 wisdom teeth.................. were in there all sorts of sideways and messed up. So they came out (awake) in an oral surgeon's office. Didn't really bother me all that much.
  14. Personal Battle

    Best of luck to you !!! I know folks who have done it. They ALL were glad they did for many different reasons
  15. Invasive species on the Canadian-US border

    I think the mute swans are the LEAST of your invasive species worries.................