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  1. Strut10

    Let's make it 9

    Just nice when a game plan comes together on a hard-fought bird. Yep. I hadn't listened for this bird all the past week. All I knew is that he was there LAST Saturday. But, as many times as me and him have gone round and round, I pretty much knew where I'd find him roosted. It was on and off rainy yesterday. I had a feeling that he'd want to maybe head for the fields after flydown. So, since it's easier to call a bird to where he wants to go in the first place.................... And I had it in my mind I was NOT going to call to this bird once he hit the ground. I planned to let him know exactly where I was while he was still on the limb and put a real vivid picture in his fat head then just shut up. Which is what I did. What I hadn't counted on was him having 4 or 5 hens. Around here, hens will most usually take their boy straight away form another hen (my calling).....................especially if she (me) gets aggressive. So I guess it was fortunate that I went the semi-conservative route on him. His hens lead him straight to his demise. Thanks, girls !!!!!
  2. Strut10

    Let's make it 9

    Thanks fellers !!! To be clear...... I only shot 5 myself. The other four were my brother and my daughter's kills. Of the 9, I got to witness 8 of them. Devil bird is right, too !!! This bird has jerked me around for two or three years. He roosts in a place where he can go in any one 3 different directions after fly down. No matter WHICH place I'd set up.......he'd gobble like a nut but go another way. Last year on opening morning, I had the dot on his neck and my finger on the trigger at 20 yards. But he needed to take one more step up the hill for me to be SURE he was a bearded bird.........even though I knew. That's when a hen went right and he followed. When he came back into sight, he was outta range.
  3. Strut10

    Let's make it 9

    Got a little damp this morning. But I had an idea that a date with an old friend (this bird has given me FITS for two years !!) might be in order today. I got set up within about 100 yards of this dude. He started gobbling and I fed him a few tree calls which got him fired up pretty good. I laid off for about 10 minutes and left him just gobble. Then I tossed him a few more tree calls and got a little excited at the end. He was ALL sorts of wound up. I shut up. Couple minutes later, his hens started falling out of the trees between me and him................ 4 or 5 of them.............then he hit the ground. About two minutes later, he came pushing his hens past me, a bit up slope. Wasn't sure he was going to stop and just before I was going to stop him he did it on his own.................. Flattened him out right there. He makes the 9th longbeard to get a ride in my pickup this spring between me, my daughter and my brother. 1 3/8"+ spurs if you measure the curve. 11" whisker He's my 3rd 20 gauge bird this spring. Not sure my 3 1/2" 12 gauges are ever going to see much turkey action any more.............
  4. Strut10


    Hoooooo boy................... !!! I'm still turkey hunting for another couple weeks LOL !!!
  5. Strut10

    Chester County hunting

    Chester county borders Philadelphia on the west.
  6. Strut10

    "IT NO WURK"!!

    I was actually referring to The Gipper, but................
  7. Strut10

    "IT NO WURK"!!

    ..............again. It's been a while.
  8. Strut10

    New pics

    Good lookin' crew up in that tree !!!! Yep.
  9. Strut10

    Well here we go again

    Ya went too early, this year, buddy ..................... This past week was AWESOME out in that neck of the woods !!! I posted some stuff about me & my brother's trip in the Turkey Hunting forum.............
  10. Me and brother took a road trip. We started in Wyoming and I must say............Wyoming gobblers are the most IGNORANT birds I ever tried to kill in my life !! But Saturday morning, at 5:45 I evened the score just a little. About 3 minutes after flydown, this guy popped over a roll at26 yards and ingested a Longbeard XR. Really nice spurs for a Merriam's but weighed maybe 14-15 pounds. He was an old warrior. Exactly an hour later and a mile away, my brother brought a horse of a strutting snow-tip over a rise with his hens and laid him to rest with a 20-ish yard shot. So, with Nebraska our next stop, we headed east and on Sunday afternoon, brother's Winchester 1300 spoke again and his first Nebraska bird was down. Monday morning brought us back to the same area as we had heard multiple gobbling birds the previous afternoon. I stayed low and brother started for the top of the world. Shortly after flydown time, a big old boss came pushing 10 hens up an old road right toward me. But, in range, but behind the last few limbs before I could shoot, the whole wad of them cut up over the mountain like a herd of bighorn. My brother spent the rest of the morning playing cat & mouse with them but never quite winning. Meanwhile.............some more loud work from the boxcall (30-40 mph winds in the bottom) brought a nice gobbler with his two hens up the same road and I had MY first Nebraska bird. So that afternoon we decided to hunt together in a creek bottom, set up on either side of a BIG old cottonwood tree. Brother was to handle any bird that came from his side and me mine. His side had a bird commit first and another Longbeard XR through his 1300 and............... I had switched over to my SumToy enhanced NEF 20 gauge for the afternoon hunt. About an hour after my brother's bird kicked up dust, a bird gobbled waaaaaaaaaay up a road into the mountain. I fired up a loudmouthed boxcall and he answered. Next time he gobbled he was somewhat closer. Then he gobbled with another bird and they were MUCH 300-400 yards back over my left shoulder. Don't know where the second bird got to. But a few minutes later, I see a bird jogging down the road to my left and a beard swinging in front of him. He stopped up short of where I was expecting him to and left the road for a climb up the mountain away from me. I scooted the red dot in his direction and when he cleared a downed limb on the hillside, I loosed a swarm of Heavyweight 7's and he went lights-out. I had my second Nebraska Merriam's. Agreeing that neither of us really had a need to buy and fill a 3rd Nebraska tag, we packed up and left for home Tuesday morning, arriving home 3600+ miles later around 7:00 PM Wednesday night. Yesterday morning, I headed up to one of my favorite crime scenes on our property. I hunted/dodged raindrops til shortly after 10:00 when a nice, sharp spurred bird came strutting in and at 31 yards, fell to that little 20 gauge single. All this from Saturday to Thursday and AFTER getting to watch my daughter ice a VERY solid bird on youth day.............. If it gets ANY better than this in THIS life, I don't know how that could be..............
  11. Strut10

    Season ending gobbler

    Good job, as usual, Al !!!!!!!!!! CONGRATS !!!!!!
  12. Strut10

    We got it done

    Big CONGRATS !!!! Well done !!!!!
  13. Strut10

    Opening Day Missouri

    Way to play the hand you're dealt !!! CONGRATS on a fine pair, fellers !!!!!
  14. Strut10

    Number 14

    Solid bird !!! CONGRATS !!!!!
  15. This morning, Pickle made it 3 Youth Day gobblers in as many years. Poor bird never stood a chance.................. He wasn't on the ground and alive long enough for his feet to get cold from the frost. He gobbled some from the tree across the field from us. I tossed him a couple tree yelps and shut up. When he gobbled from the ground, I cut at him hard. He fired back and I cut him off. I told Pickle get the dot on and get ready. About 60 seconds later he came on the run straight to a jake decoy I staked out front. He slammed on the brakes and started posturing and strutting. When he stood still and ran his neck up.............. Pickle capped him at about 27-28 yards. Game over. 6:15 AM 19-20 lbs, 1" sharp spurs, 10 1/2" beard