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  1. Strut10


    Never. EVER. My personal opinion is that crossbows are the participation trophy of the archery world. If someone chooses to use one in an archery season........fine. I do not and will not. And I really don't want to hear about anyone's trophy taken with their "bow" in an archery season. Use one in a firearms season ?? Sure !! Fine !! But they're arrow guns..........not bows. Right now, I'm dealing with some pretty good tendonitis in my right elbow. I'm not sure, at this point, if I'll be able to draw my (real, vertical) bow this season. Will I buy and use a crossbow if I can't ?? NO. I'll reduce the draw weight of my vertical bow until I can manage it. If I can't draw 35#...........which is my state allowable minimum and also PLENTY enough to be effective..............then I'll sit the season out. No participation trophies for me. YMMV
  2. I set up a little H&R .410 single this spring for my son to use some day. Surprising how snappy those little Federal TSS shells are.............
  3. Thank you !! Irony is...........this IS one of the most perfectly beautiful places on the Strut10 Ranch to kill a spring bird. Problem is, the way it is laid out, it is, without a doubt, THE HARDEST place to make it happen. So many variables. It's frustrating most of the time.
  4. Great story !!! Great bird !!! Way to stick with it !!!!!
  5. So.......... I was in the woods and set up tight on a group of 7 gobblers (2 longbeards and 5 jakes) shortly after 5 AM this morning. Long story short, I spent the next 5 1/2 hours playing cat and mouse with them. Twice I had the hammer back and a longbeard 1-2 steps from dying, only to be picked off BOTH TIMES. I still have no idea how.............. 10:30 I headed back out the ridge to where they roost. Wanted to do some recon on tomorrow morning's setup. Got almost there and I hear somebody calling out in front of me. It was coming from very near the property line. So I put the stalk on......taking a step.......glassing for 5 minutes......repeat. Got to the point where I thought I should be able to see the guy. The calling was coming from a little ways off our property........from a big tree line at the end of the neighbor's field where it drops into our woods. Lots of overhanging limbs along the edge but I can't see the guy. Then I glass a little past where he's at and there's a mature bird in full strut !!! He was in a roll in the field terrain. That's when the lightbulb went on. It wasn't a hunter. It was a hen. And I knew which one !!! She and I had quite a discussion Saturday morning. We had a real shouting match for a while. Then she settled down as did I and called her and 6 other hens right to me. Wasn't a gobbler within 500 yards......... But that was Saturday. I know she's mouthy. So I started to work on her. Copy-catted her every threw some purrs, whines and even a couple kee-kees in because she did that to me Saturday. She started coming. But she swung a semi-circle into the woods and around below me. The hill slopes off pretty hard. So sitting down, you don't see very far very well. But I could follow the gobbler by his fan tips and occasionally his big, fat white head. She was headed to a small gas pipeline that went down over the hill between us. I figured when the tom got to the pipeline he might strut right up the hill to pick me up. I was sitting just yards off the pipeline. Then the hen started coming at me. Straight up the pipeline. She popped up about 25-30 yards from me. But she didn't see what she thought she would, apparently, and queered a bit. Not spooked, per se. But not all cozy either. She turned and started back down the pipeline. I just kept calling reassuringly to her. Now, I'm thinking this tom HAS to be RIGHT HERE. But I can't see him. I decide to slide my back up the tree I was against..... into a standing position ever so slowly to see where he was. Initially as I came up, I was looking across the pipeline where I had last seen him. But oops !!! He's straight down slope from me !!! He's in full strut !! He's behind some stuff............. A step and a half in front of me there's a small maple I can get a finger wrap on. He goes behind a huge triple maple and I step up and brace my gun on the maple. He comes out from behind the tree clump in full strut. He comes out of strut but his head.......all but the very behind a log. Slow as slow can be, strutting again, he takes a couple steps in the right direction. Comes out of strut......still the stupid log. Back into a strut.......takes a step or two..........starts to drop strut and his head came clear. Bang. It is done. 11:59 AM. We gotta quit at noon.
  6. Strut10

    My daughter scores

    CONGRATS to the young lady !!!!!!!!!!
  7. Go get 'em !!! Tomorrow's our youth day. Our general opener is the latest one in the country (and Canada, apparently) this year............. Our game commission is ridiculous.
  8. Now, THERE'S a guy who knows how to quarantine !!! CONGRATS on a great season, so far, and best of luck with that 3rd tag !!!
  9. Way to knock 'em down !!!! CONGRATS !!!
  10. CONGRATS !!!!! That's what it's all about, right there !!!
  11. CONGRATS on a solid bird !!!!
  12. SWEET scattergun !!!!! CONGRATS !!!!
  13. A MILLION smart a@$ replies come to my mind...………………...but customs agents hold "The Power" and, from my experiences, a majority of them ACT like it. You do NOT wanna tick them off...……….
  14. Looks good, Al !!!! We're running Sumtoy tricked-out H&R singles, now. It is simply AMAZING what a 20 will do, properly tweaked. And we're shooting "old skool" Federal Hevi 7's...………..not TSS 9's.
  15. Not yet...……………. But I haven't been to WalMart for a while.