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  1. Congrats all around, Al !!!!!!!!!! What lot size are you building on ?? Love to se a pic of what you're building.
  2. Good deal !!! I need me one of those for the canner. Probably wait til flintlock season to down my baldies.
  3. How ya gonna haul a deer on THAT !!! 😁 Nice bike !!!! ENJOY !!!!
  4. I've got a pair of them. An Ithaca 37 Featherlite that was my late father-in-law's. I have, honestly, never shot it. And a 1948 Winchester Model 21. Single, selective trigger......28" barrels.........choked full and modified. 6 3/4 pounds of American awesomeness !!!
  5. I'll quit first. If I can't shoot my bow........and I turn it down as far as it'll go............. I'll shoot my 15 year old daughter's bow. Or, I'll spend 2 weeks hunting bear with my flintlock.
  6. Thanks for the well wishes, fellers. Only time will tell if the chiropractor did any good. I know that I'm constantly irritating it at work.............. Fingers crossed
  7. Our opener is October 3rd. I won't hunt until about the first of November. But, I'm currently in a bind............. Been having tendonitis or something similar in my right elbow AND my right shoulder is jacked up, too. I'm afraid to even try shooting my bow at this point. Gonna go see the chiropractor tomorrow night. Maybe he can help.
  8. Strut10


    Never. EVER. My personal opinion is that crossbows are the participation trophy of the archery world. If someone chooses to use one in an archery season........fine. I do not and will not. And I really don't want to hear about anyone's trophy taken with their "bow" in an archery season. Use one in a firearms season ?? Sure !! Fine !! But they're arrow guns..........not bows. Right now, I'm dealing with some pretty good tendonitis in my right elbow. I'm not sure, at this point, if I'll be able to draw my (real, vertical) bow this season. Will I buy and use a crossbow if I
  9. I set up a little H&R .410 single this spring for my son to use some day. Surprising how snappy those little Federal TSS shells are.............
  10. Thank you !! Irony is...........this IS one of the most perfectly beautiful places on the Strut10 Ranch to kill a spring bird. Problem is, the way it is laid out, it is, without a doubt, THE HARDEST place to make it happen. So many variables. It's frustrating most of the time.
  11. Great story !!! Great bird !!! Way to stick with it !!!!!
  12. So.......... I was in the woods and set up tight on a group of 7 gobblers (2 longbeards and 5 jakes) shortly after 5 AM this morning. Long story short, I spent the next 5 1/2 hours playing cat and mouse with them. Twice I had the hammer back and a longbeard 1-2 steps from dying, only to be picked off BOTH TIMES. I still have no idea how.............. 10:30 I headed back out the ridge to where they roost. Wanted to do some recon on tomorrow morning's setup. Got almost there and I hear somebody calling out in front of me. It was coming from very near the property line
  13. Strut10

    My daughter scores

    CONGRATS to the young lady !!!!!!!!!!
  14. Go get 'em !!! Tomorrow's our youth day. Our general opener is the latest one in the country (and Canada, apparently) this year............. Our game commission is ridiculous.
  15. Now, THERE'S a guy who knows how to quarantine !!! CONGRATS on a great season, so far, and best of luck with that 3rd tag !!!
  16. Way to knock 'em down !!!! CONGRATS !!!
  17. CONGRATS !!!!! That's what it's all about, right there !!!
  18. CONGRATS on a solid bird !!!!
  19. SWEET scattergun !!!!! CONGRATS !!!!
  20. A MILLION smart a@$ replies come to my mind...………………...but customs agents hold "The Power" and, from my experiences, a majority of them ACT like it. You do NOT wanna tick them off...……….
  21. Looks good, Al !!!! We're running Sumtoy tricked-out H&R singles, now. It is simply AMAZING what a 20 will do, properly tweaked. And we're shooting "old skool" Federal Hevi 7's...………..not TSS 9's.
  22. Not yet...……………. But I haven't been to WalMart for a while.
  23. Who was watching the border when YOU got in ??????? 😁 😁 😁
  24. You'll be glad you did it. I got sick and tired of the crap service of Larry, Moe and Curly's rural electric co-op where I'm at. Power has been going out 1-4 times a week for no particular reason here for 20 years. THEN there's the weather related outages...…… So, when we moved into our new place, one of the TOP priorities was backup power. We installed a 16KW Generac natural gas unit on a 200A ATS. Now...……….when the power goes out, you count to 5 and the Generac is up and running automatically and we can give the electric company the bird. The 16KW runs EVERYTHING in a 3150