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  1. Here is the link to the GoFundMe page.
  2. I know I have been gone for quite a while but since my accident I have had 29 surgeries and left with 63 pieces of Titanium in me...Then in 2015 I was diagnosed with cancer and have had 2 operations to get rid of that...I am cancer free now. I have started a GoFundMe. I know most of you will remember Julian Ohmer. The Young man who joined us at the event I put on at Wilderness Hunting Lodge. Since that event and my re-injury I was forced to shut down the DHNA. I miss it so much...BUT, Julian picked up my torch and started his own organization!! I am wanting to raise enough money to g
  3. Being I was one of the original Moderators for this room . I am proud my saying still adorns the title. I am just curious if anyone else is having the same trouble getting folks to help then hunt as I am......I must say something about what I am finding out about the state of disabled hunting. I have been well enough to hunt (with help) for about 5 years. I have begged folks I thought were my friends if they would take me hunting with them plus people I meet at the local gun shops, hunting shops etc. I am promised the moon and stars all year until about a month before season starts..
  4. My daughter is now a Deputy Sheriff Seargent for the county next to mine and she is going to college at the same time to get a job (hopefully) with the FBI. This one will give me misty eyes and goosebumps....I am not supposed to say anything to a lot of folks but I will share with you. Do you remember my son from the hunt we had at Wilderness lodge in Tn? That little kid who always wanted to be around us? Well, he is now 6'4" tall and has been in the Navy for 7 years. He is currently done with his submarine duties and is stationed at Pearl Harbor. Well when he was home for the first Christ
  5. Talk about a motley crew... How in the world are you folks? I need t catch up with you folks. I have been recovering since my accident. I have wound up with 26 operations and 47 pieces of titanium. If you remember I re-injured an old injury slipping on a wet marble floor. I broke my neck and back in 6 places, both my arms and my left leg...the slip broke all the bone graphs I had in my spine so they had to remove all of that and put in MORE titanium...You all were with me through all of that...I was bed-ridden for 4.5 years and have been doing pretty well with the help of a pain specialists.
  6. One of our Olympians ran his race, won second place then grabbed the American flag AND the flag of Mexico and waved them do you feel about this? His parents came here illegally when he was a kid...I am not too happy about it at is a disgrace, I feel...What say You?
  7. BOO!!!! Just wanted to stop in and whip you girls back into shape...Naw, unfortunately not doing any better but I think I get used to hurting like 12 kinds of heck...naw, that's a lie...LOL How's everyone doing??? Catch me up??? What is new? How many world record bucks (ok or does) did you guys kill last year?? No more surgeries since my last one this past December (made number 26) can you believe it??? Dang...How many more?? SO What's up???
  8. If anyone is interested in a great used truck, check out the classifieds!
  9. I have a 2001 GMC Sierra Z71 Off road 4x4 I am wanting to sell pretty cheap. It books for just under $11k. It has 183K miles on it but they were 99.9% highway. I changed the oil more then regularly (I am a bit crazy that way). I used Mobil 1 oil. I also changed the transmission filters every other year and changed the transmission fluid every year. Mechanically this truck is sound. 4x4 works flawlessly. Tires are almost new and have lots of tread on them. Paint shows some scratches from hunting but nothing extraordinary. Interior is leather, charcoal color. Has all the bells and whistles from