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  1. If I'm correct the Vegas rounds are shot at 20 meters, not yards. It comes out close to 18 1/2 yards.
  2. Bears are cool. I hunt in bear country and have never had any trouble. I hit one with a rock once, not recommended.
  3. Wish that I could help but unfortunately I can't right now. Hope you can reach the goal and I'll pray for yall. Hope you get to feeling better as well.
  4. Two friends of mine on a elk hunt stopped to listen for bugles on a hunt I was guiding stopped to locate a bulging bull one morning. I had to take the pic and for lucky enough to get everything in focus.
  5. pick your favorite outdoor pic that you have taken what would it be and why?
  6. Most fun I've had was when I got to guide Mossy Oak here in KY.
  7. After guiding several elk hunts here in East KY I was fortunate enough to get a tag. All self guided and had a blast. I will admit, it more fun to guide than to hunt IMO. 39 yards, 363", and weighed around 1000 lbs. I got back 494 lbs of meat.
  8. What happened to all my post counts? I know I had over 5000! I look like a newb! Wheres Tominator, Buckee, Turkeygirl and the crew! We used to laugh, cry, fight, makeup, hate each other and sing God Bless The USA and THEN move onto the next post. wtnhunt is only still on here because, if I remember, nobody else would have him, lol.
  9. I was fortunate enough to get a KY elk tag in 2011. Scores 363".
  10. Whats up ol' man?

  11. I used to win a lot of tournies with my hunting bow. 3-d. field, 5 spot and vegas rounds. I won several thousand dollars with a camo Mathews MQ, pin sights and a 10" stabilizer.
  12. Sup everyone? I joined this forum way back in 2002, back when all we had was dial up internet. I used to live on here when I wasn't in the woods or on the water. Looking forward to talking with some old friends and making new ones.
  13. Congrats. I have a snow camo Bear Empire. It looks very cool. Offsets my Blackout Hoyt Spyder.
  14. I shoot year round so all I have to do is tune my broadheads. September 7th here. Be here before ya know it.
  15. Pinwheel5


    Welcome back, I just returned myself having been gone for a few years.
  16. HAHA! Surprised so many of you all are still around.
  17. I'm sure nobody remembers me. I used to hang out in here all the time about 8-7 years ago. Just wanted to say hi and that hopefully I'll be hangin out in here more often. Job, kids, hunting and fishing got in the way of hangin out in here. Kinda just forgot about how nice this place is. Anyway, hope that y'all doing ok.
  18. They work great, hard to beat a picture of a real turkey for a decoy. Just be sure to place them where the turkey are going to see them from the front or back. They are useless if the birds come in from the side.
  19. All of our sights move when we are aiming. Even the top pros I've shot with pins move at full draw. Main thing they do is not worry about it and just concentrate on the target. Easier said than done but we all could be better if we concentrated less on our pin and more on what we want to hit. And like said before, aim small miss small. Don't look at the deer, look at a specific spot on the deer.
  20. Pinwheel5

    Remember me?

    Hey guys, long time no see. Just checking in with y'all. I used to be a reg here, bout 7 years ago, and now I'm back. Looking forward to it, y'all were like family to me.
  21. Tony, you will love it. I got mine a few months ago and it still impresses me. It is the quietest, most shock free bow I have ever shot. With the long riser and as stiff as it is it holds like a 40" target bow. Good luck with it and hope you like it as much as I do.
  22. Hi dan, nice lookin bows. Glad to see you left the darkside. Hope to see you and Tony in London this year, ****, i live 10 miles away and have still not made it.
  23. Hey guys, just hear to say hi. Had not been in here to post in forever, just lettin you all know that im still alive and can read more than i post. So, Buckee, Tominator, Tony, yall keep em straght in here!!
  24. An STS is an accessory that I add to every new bow I have had the last 4 years. There are many other string suppressors out there and I have tried a lot of them. They all work, I just like the STS guys. Look at it this way, if they did not work, why would a lot of bow companies start adding them to their bows as a standard piece of equipment?
  25. Get to know your local dealers. Most companies have some sort of national shooting, hunting staff that is left to the dealers discretion. Don't be pushy, that will just turn them away, but do business with them all the time, even if you get a better price with a huge retail or mail order store. The more you can befriend the owner of a local shop the better your chances. Oh yeah, it don't hurt to sell stuff for them. The store owner will be very busy at times and can't get out of the store to drum up business. So every time you can get someone to shop there be sure to have them drop your name a