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  1. I guess most are made my Suzuki, not Isuzu. Anywho, just google "minitrucks"
  2. Have you checked out the little street legal 4x4 Isuzus? Those are pretty sweet, plus they're fairly cheap and they have heaters (and ac I believe). I would definitely give those a good hard look.
  3. I haven't tried to access on a laptop, but on my iPhone and iPad I can seem to find the sidebar that has "forums" in it.
  4. No doubt, I'm going to get a bid or two to finish, but am prepared to do it myself if the price isn't right. A contractor would definitely be able to do it faster than me simply because he'll have more hands on deck, but he won't do a noticeably (to most) better job than I can do. It all comes down to the dollar ultimately, but if I can save $1000 dollars, that's money that I won't be charged interest on. I'm smart about how much money I save vs. time involved.
  5. I have finished a kitchen before. It's been a few years, so I'm sure I'll be reminded of how bad it was when I get started on that portion of it. I remember when I did it years ago being tired of sanding...Lots of sanding..............
  6. Hey guys! Don't post often, but beware- I lurk! First off, how do you get to the forums with the new site? I had to search "forum" in the search bar on the home page to get in here! Second, hope you all are enjoying life and had a great hunting season! I killed a decent 9point with my bow and I was with my wife when she shot her first deer ever (a doe- bigger than any I've ever killed @136lbs on the hoof) with a muzzleloader from the ground at 20 yards! Now for the good stuff. We're just about to break ground on a house (I'm GCing it) but one sub I don't have is a cabinet guy. Any Okies have recommendations? I won't pay retail price (you know, the big companies that have heavy advertising- the guys the average homeowners bring in) and I dang sure won't be buying cabinets from a box store. I'll also be finishing them. I've done it before and know the effort involved. I've found several subs in the past by just driving new neighborhoods and giving out my card, getting a phone number, etc, but cabinets seem to be a little different.....any pointers? Hope all y'all are doing good!
  7. Man I'll have to take you up on that. That would be fun. What'd you do to your arm?- steer wrestling?
  8. Congrats you old codger! I don't post often, but I check in occasionally. Good to see a big buck on the ground for ya! I got a pretty little 9 ptr on Monday. Hope all is well!!
  9. You got it jeramie. I lost one of my best friends to suicide just 4 months ago. No one can ever be prepared for it. I'll be praying....
  10. I am at a loss?! I'm interested as well. Shoot me a pm with what you're making and price. And as others have said (and now you obviously know) contracts are worthless without a deposit nowadays, unfortunately.
  11. Thanks strut. Did some looking around on that cam and also saw that ohiobucks got the same cam and you're right, it does take great photos! anyone else have any other opinions?
  12. I should add, I'm at a point where photo quality trumps zoom capabilities. I suppose there is the possibility that the newer point and shoot cameras have better manual focus controls. Here's an issue I ran into that somewhat describes why I'm looking for a camera as described- this past November I had a decent buck come in that I didn't want to shoot, but started trying to get some pictures. Problem was, my camera kept focusing on the brush in front of the deer. I truly appreciate the camcorder suggestion, as I had not considered that, but will look in to it
  13. I'm looking for a camera, but can't figure out exactly what I want. Ideally, this is what I'd like to have, but forgive my 'simplified' explanation. I'm trying to figure out if there is a camera like this on the market. So here's what would be my "ideal" camera- if I could "freeze" what I see through my binoculars. Something with a high zoom capability and high quality, sharp manual focus. I don't particularly want to learn all there is about dslr's, but would love to have the ability to blur foreground and background. I have an older long zoom camera that I'd consider a "bridge" camera. The problem I've found there is the manual focus has a lot to be desired, unless lighting is perfect. Is there anything like what m describing other than an slr? (I guess you could call it a point and shoot camera with an slr-style manual focus)
  14. I heard the same and don't want to go to a one buck rule either. I'm at a point in my deer hunting career where I could care less what anybody else shoots- there are plenty of deer and plenty of big bucks around for everyone, even with tons of hunters shooting small bucks (which I believe is spurring on this regulation). It does require more effort to get on those nice bucks though. I hunt public land and see big bucks every year, doesn't mean I always kill one, but I know they're all over the state. All it takes is age and good genetics don't hurt....