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  1. Tominator

    We're Back!

    I like the big icons.
  2. Eat one and let us know. :D Honestly, don't know. I know it's been an epic year for all sorts of mushrooms in my parts. Must be the right conditions for them.
  3. Good deal. Good to hear you're alive and kicking!
  4. Tominator


    Difficult to say whether the geese I see are migrants or resident geese there's so many of them. Guys I know that hunt them in these parts call them "Sky Carp."
  5. Tominator


    I'd like to learn how to weld someday.
  6. Tominator

    I Might...

    I appreciate the sentiment bud. My wife and I are almost in a position to sell the current house and land and buy a bigger parcel. My dream is to buy enough land to will to the kids so that they can enjoy the rural life they grew up with if they so choose.
  7. Tominator

    Golf Story

    One of the true greats. Classy to the end.
  8. Tominator

    I Might...

    I guess my biggest reason for dwindling interest is access to land. I'm just getting tired of begging for permission. When I do get permission, 5 other guys have it too, and they can mess up chances for decent deer. Other than that, I'm pretty busy with my career and my son who is very active in his HS marching band. They have competitions nearly every weekend in October and early November. He's not driving yet, so I have to taxi him around quite a bit, which I don't mind. He really loves it, and it's just as satisfying watching him succeed as it is for me to go hunting.
  9. Tominator

    I Might...

    I didn't make it out. Wind was wrong Saturday, and not quite right Sunday. Sunday evening was a bit too hot for my liking. I did set up a ground blind in my field though. Hoping the deer get used to it by youth season. Corn looks good. Hopefully it will dry out before the first frost.
  10. Tominator

    I Might...

    I might actually go sit in my stand tomorrow, because I can. Good luck Ohio
  11. I didn't see it, but my nephew sent me a picture of a 160 class deer sitting on his buddy's patio one day. Right in the middle of town.
  12. Sunday and Monday night have been nice. Daytime temps still in the mid 80's though. Bring on the cooler temps, I'm tired of the heat.