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  1. Well Midway USA has their CVAs on sale this week! I think I'm going to get an ACCURA V2 with thumbhole stock.
  2. Working a double shift on Friday. Saturday prepare for Sunday. Sunday is the IBO NYS Championship shoot so headed out that way.
  3. I use lithium batteries in the majority of cameras. I like to have my pics set to 2 or 3 rapid/burst when triggered, especially on a trail. If it's a feeding spot I'll do 1 or 2 with a delay between. Depends also what settings the specific camera can do. Just make sure there is nothing like weeds or branches to trigger or camera or you'll end up with a few hundred photos of such,
  4. This guy decided to show off....would like to see him this season. He'll be a big guy next year but I doubt I'd hesitate to shoot if I see him this year!
  5. Well got my Elite back and set-up but decided I didn't like the Axcel Accutouch Accustat on it for hunting so I'm selling it. Picked up a Montana Black Gold Rush sight, the shop had one in a custom 4 pin (.029, 019, .010, .010 sizes), all green pins. Simple is good.
  6. I go back full time next week 3-11 and there will be 1 day a week I'll be working a double (16 hr). Come September I'll be 7-3 with 1 double shift but that will give me a 3 day weekend every other week. Cams have slowed down a little here. I've already put in my request for the last week of archery off, including the opening weekend of shotgun season.
  7. Well I had a pro-staff meeting last night, today I'm working a few hours in the ER and tomorrow going to the last IBO shoot in the series for me before state championship in 2 weeks. Next week is my last week off before I return to full-time work (had gone part-time to complete my BSN).
  8. I've got 6 trail cams out right now, would like to get 1 or 2 more out on state land.
  9. Thanks WTN, will do that!
  10. Happy 4th Tim! I've got some nice trail cam pics already this year....here's a nice WNY summer teaser
  11. Talk about time going by fast...congrats Strut10!
  12. Well we've made it to another Friday. I'm going to play catch up around home, Sunday I work. Going to get some bow time in today, between the rain the drops.
  13. I do not watch their show...saw it once or twice....it's poorly done and obnoxious and now there is the wildgame girl reality show...ugh...that's just as bad.
  14. Wow, that's a treestand! Spend all day in there and room below to store your lunch pale
  15. Any one getting anything new or changing anything for the 2017 deer season? My 2013 Elite Hunter I used for 3D is getting set-up for hunting and I'm likely selling the Halon....I just can't get consistent with the grip or weight of the bow. Nice bow but I've fought with it, just not clicking. My Hoyt Pro-Defiant is a shooter and I'm shooting that for 3D. Other than maybe a new treestand harness, no earth shattering changes. How about the rest of you?