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  1. He's a great deer, congrats!!
  2. I'm still here. Work, life, school has kept me occupied but how could I forget this place!
  3. Hi guys! I'm still here. There was some glitch and the forums was not displaying the text box to type in. Anyhow I got an 8 point the last day of archery season so I will get him entered! 🙂 Still hoping for a buck with the gun but it's been slow for movement since season started on the 21st
  4. I've been in the same situation...sounds like a shoulder hit...he might be ok. Hopefulyl with trail cams, you can catch him on camera. I've seen some pics of coming out of Maine...you do have some beauties!
  5. Tagged a doe on this Monday! She is delicious! Plenty of season left so waiting to see if a buck gives me a shot!
  6. Nice job Ultradog! Looks like my type of place! Hope you get a big one out of there!
  7. Wow beautiful buck Rhino! Congrats! Great way to start your season!
  8. So sorry for your loss Buckee! Losing a pet is rough...it wouldn't hurt if we didn't love them 😞
  9. Been out a few morning and few evenings, been slow here. Seen alot of turkeys though! Warm and windy today but cool down tomorrow so I'll be out in the AM.
  10. I'm not familiar with that specific one but based on my experiences with a cheaper kit, from Walmart, you get what you pay for. Definitely go with a good gun cleaning kit the first time!
  11. Looks like an abnormal antler to me...pretty neat...looks like a young deer.
  12. Wow...I'll take one please! That is awesome, nice job! I love to just sit in the stand...your mind just stops thinking and worrying...sometimes, lol. I'd camp out in that blind!
  13. Hi guys! Checking in here! Season starts with archery this week on Oct. 1st...I'm not quite ready but I hope to be out by the weekend...weather is going to be cool! Corn is just starting to get chopped so I hope that makes for more deer movement....nearly every field on my road was corn this year so it kind of kept the deer movement to a minimum. Season runs from October 1st to mid-December...shotgun season is mid-November then late archery/muzzleloader after gun for about 10 days in December.