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  1. Awesome, congratulations! Nice size doe!
  2. Hi N2H and Dakota! Glad to see you guys are still here!! 🙂
  3. Congrats on the grandson Rhino! Sure sounds like you've had a busy year! Hope things settle down soon for you and you can enjoy the deer woods! 🙂
  4. Have not had a morning like this in years. Several years ago lost the land I grew up hunting on. Have a small lease to deer hunt but do the majority of squirrel hunting now on public land. It's tough to find a good area full of squirrels these days. This morning hiked up into a spot I've hunted last few years that has red oak, pignut hickory, shagbark hickory and have gotten a few squirrels from...well hit it right this morning...apparently I found where the squirrels were traveling back and forth from some shagbark hickory. I'd say in no more than an hour, sitting in just this one area, occas
  5. Congrats Fly and XT! They best eating right there!!
  6. Earlier this year I picked up a TC Encore ProHunter with a 20 ga rifled barrel for deer hunting this year. Any recommendations for a scope mount? Will be putting on a Vortex Crossfire scope which needs 1" rings. Was looking at the scope mount TC already has, I see there is a medium height and high height....wasn't sure which one to go with or if there are other mounts of there you recommend? Thank you! 🙂
  7. The last 2 weeks of archery in NY, which is when crossbow season is, also tends to be when rut activity fires up. I ended up having a wrist issue which made it hard to hold my bow so I opted to take the crossbow out. November 4th the woods came alive in the morning...I heard grunting and deer running and then had a couple small bucks coming my way when this guy came up behind them. Game on...archery season had been slow to this point...I missed a doe with my bow about a week prior. This 7 point came in, about 30-32 yards broadside and I sent a bolt right behind the shoulder, a little low but a
  8. Good luck and stay safe out there! I hope those fire wind down soon.
  9. I know....seems once FB and social media took off, it took away from forum activity for alot of forums 😕
  10. XT - well check the Deer Hunting room for a story 😉 Archery starts October 1st so not far off, gun in mid-November. Definitely ready to hit the woods with bow in hand! Last season ended up tagging a decent 7 point during crossbow season...I am glad I had a crossbow because my wrist was messed up, otherwise I still love hunting mostly with my regular bow! Then tagged my biggest buck ever during gun season...that's the story 😄
  11. Good luck and welcome to RT! Usually by the time our deer season starts in NY, it's not typically hot but we have had some warm falls and I do not like hunting in warm weather because of wanting to keep the meat cool....and our deer here do not move much. I don't want to worry about hurrying to recover a deer because it's so warm and risk meat spoilage. 40s to 50s for a max day time temp. I like...if it hits 60 or higher, I'll like skip the deer and hunt small game instead.
  12. It's been way too long since I've been on here and sharing in everyone's hunting stories and successes. I'm back and figured one of the 1st things I should do is post a photo of my biggest buck, taken just this past season in 2019, with the 20 ga shotgun. I'd actually had trail cam photos of him in 2018. 2019 got 1 photos of him in August then when season started, he was showing up on my trail cameras and I knew then he was staying in the general area and while I made no expectations for myself of him showing up in daylight and getting a shot, I was sticking it out and though maybe we'd meet u
  13. I'm so glad to see this still going. I'm signed up! 😉