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  1. Done growing here

    Still waiting on my 1st hard horned photo.
  2. Got my boy back today

    Great buck and a great job on that mount, congrats!
  3. 2017 2018 deer contest signup

    Ruth Turkeygirl New York Archery: October 1 - mid-November Gun/Rifle: mid-November - early December Muzzleloader/late Archery: early - mid-December
  4. Lost a good spot for this year

    That is a bummer. The year the land I grew up hunting on got sold out to the big conglomerate farm in the area was a sad year. I now hunt a small area bordering it that we lease from a neighbor but lots of memories in the old woods. Farmer has also demolished a lot of habitat to make more field. I do have another neighbor you let me hunt last year and I made sure a few weeks ago to check in again about hunting which I got the go ahead. Definitely hard to lose land that has so many memories.
  5. Some trail cam shots

    Wow...got a little zoo there! Some awesome shots! That's a big kitty...
  6. No, it's not Realtree but liking the looks of it, might order something from the women's line. https://treezyn.com/collections/ladies-vixzyn
  7. What about these....

    How does one choose...
  8. Hey Ruth

    I love that commercial! Seen it a couple times on one of the outdoor channels...it's a good one!
  9. Who's still running trail cams

    I have 5 out right now. Want to check one today. Hoping to get at least 2 - 3 more cams out. Some to see what's out there and some just to try and get cool photos :-D
  10. He's a Nice One! (trail cam)

    Here's a newer cam photo of this guy
  11. Hey Ruth

    Well I have to say very good ;-) Finished 2nd in my class at the state championship then found out I was Archer of the Year in my class for the state based on the scores from the series shoots and state championship. Now it's time to pull out the hunting bow!
  12. Looking into a new ML - suggestions?

    I don't know much about Konus but I'll let you know. The gun arrived on Friday...I'll tell ya the Accura V2 shoulders nice with the thumbhole! The scope is a KonusPro 3 -10 with lighted reticle. The reticle is black or you can change to blue or red lighted reticle. Few reviews I read on Konus people seem to like them. Now I just need to play with the gun, figure out out to open it to expose the breech, etc. I have the triple seven pellets. Also got some more hornady SST sabots and some hornady xtps to try out.
  13. Looking into a new ML - suggestions?

    This is good to know wtn, thanks! I'll have to check it. Are you saying an inline" muzzleloader type scope may better fit the dead on mount vs. a rifle scope which my need the different mount? I ordered the CVA Accura V2 with thumbhole sock, nitride stainless steel with the scope/case package. I figure I'll see how the scope is but might get something better for it. Looks like it'll be here Friday. What load do you shoot out of yours?
  14. Looking into a new ML - suggestions?

    Well Midway USA has their CVAs on sale this week! I think I'm going to get an ACCURA V2 with thumbhole stock.
  15. Check in now for 7-21-17

    Working a double shift on Friday. Saturday prepare for Sunday. Sunday is the IBO NYS Championship shoot so headed out that way.