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  1. Turkeygirl

    ATA Show 2018

    Yeah the price of bows is getting nuts. I actually sold my Mathews Halon. Just didn't shoot it as well as my Hoyt but I did try a Bear Sole Intent recent;y and I have to say Bear has some nice bows for the price, which is pretty much a few hundred dollars less than the rest!
  2. Turkeygirl

    ATA Show 2018

    I don't know who that is. I do know everyone is going crazy it seems over this Garmin bow site. I think it is just taking away part of the challenge of bow hunting. I go to the woods to get away from technology. Almost a $1000 for a bow site is nuts.
  3. Turkeygirl

    ATA Show 2018

    Anyone watch any of the coverage online? Lots of coverage this year on Facebook. If so, what caught your eye?
  4. Turkeygirl

    2018 - Where you going or applying for?

    Going to start applying for Elk in PA. Might be a few or many years till I'd get drawn but figure might as well start putting in for an elk tag.
  5. Turkeygirl

    Double Pedestal Mount

    Wow...you have a good taxidermist, beautiful mounts! My 8 point I shot this past season with the muzzleloader is going to be in a similar pose as your bottom buck - wall pedestal with a little bit more turn. Will be an exciting day to get him back, which won't be for awhile. Congrats on your mounts there!
  6. Turkeygirl

    3 Generations trip of a lifetime

    Great story and photos! Congrats to everyone! Good shooting!
  7. Turkeygirl

    And were off!

    Amazing how fast season goes isn't it? Seems like it will never get here then it comes and next thing you know it's over
  8. Turkeygirl

    The smallest and the biggest

    Checked a couple of my cams yesterday; this cold is brutal on the the cams. The morning of NY's Eve was a busy one apparently. Got what looks to be a forkhorn fawn....usually they are all button bucks so he's got a good start. Also this beautiful 8 survived and I hope to not only find his sheds but see him next season, he'll be a stud!
  9. Turkeygirl

    how old, and what will his antlers do...

    Does it looks like both this bucks will make it to see next season? The broken one sure is a fighter!
  10. Turkeygirl

    Got it done with the Blackpowder

    Yes, give them a try, you might be suprised ;-) I got a CVA Accura V2 this year, tried some hornady sst out of it, wasn't grouping how I'd like so didn't take it hunting. Going to try a different load or two and a new scope.
  11. Turkeygirl

    Last Friday check in of 2017

    Worked a few hours today. Hopefully get some trail cams checked but nothing major planned. A little R & R.
  12. Turkeygirl

    Great deals here!

    For any of the women hunters or maybe some of you guys looking for the women you know, Prois has some great deals going on, 70% + off on almost all camo. I just got some stuff ordered. Check it out: https://www.proishunting.com/
  13. Turkeygirl

    2017 sheds

    I was wondering if with this deep cold in my area if bucks will start dropping a little earlier this year.
  14. Turkeygirl

    Muzzeloader Season Success

    Congrats to your and your boy, how awesome! Looks like a pretty nice hunting area!
  15. Turkeygirl

    Got it done with the Blackpowder

    Forgot to add a doe I took this year with the TC, almost similar shot to yours, just a little lower and right on the crease....destroyed her heart but didn't have a great blood trail...I think when they are running the shoulder/hide keeps blood from blood pouring out. When I cleaned her out her chest cavity was just full of blood.