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  1. 1st. crossbow harvest

    Congrats Vermont Hunter! One of these days I may get a crossbow...there are some advantages.
  2. ~2017 RT Christmas X-change Pairs~

    Here we go. Names were drawn out randomly. Everyone needs to make sure to contact your X-change buddy and trade addresses, etc. Have fun and Merry Christmas! Pair 1 = The Bug House - ALAN Pair 2 = Fly - Hammerforged Pair 3 = Turkeygirl - Mathews XT Man
  3. Turkey Day check-in

    Long weekend? lol not for me, working Friday through Sunday. Thankful to have turkey day off though. Going to get out and do some trail camera checking.
  4. Missouri rifle

    Congrats hoytshooter, thats a great buck!
  5. CHRISTmas exchange?

    Awesome!!! If not tonight then tomorrow after work I'll post up the pairs. At that point what ya'll will do is need to contact each other with addresses and any other info you might want your exchange partner to know.
  6. Butchering deer

    My family, we do our own deer. Skin and hang it same day it's shot, usually within a couple hours. If cold temps we try to hang about a week in the cellar for aging. Cut our own steaks, loin chops, grind for hamburger and sausage. A couple times we sent meat out for hotdogs but they wanted it cut up a certain way and specific amount so we haven't done that for a few years now. If warmer temps, we'll only let hang maybe 3 days at most.
  7. The Double Beam Buck

    Wow Rhino, what a deer, congratulations!!
  8. Team 5

    Well a beautiful 8 point is tagged for gun season. Will get him entered for the team instead of the bow buck since they're both 8s. How's everyone else doing.
  9. Buck Tag Filled!

    On this nice 8 point! Got him 11/19/17 around 9am with the .50 cal TC Muzzleloader at about 40 yards. Braved the cold wind yesterday morning. Had been catching glimpses of deer around 8am but had just been seeing a doe, was staying in some hemlocks and I had a feeling there was a buck nearby. I finally caught sight briefly of some white, tall tines darting around and realized there was a big buck dogging this doe around; was surprised really. Tried a few times to get him to stop but he was on a mission. Finally got him stopped and sent a 250 gr Hornady SST behind the shoulder and through his lungs. Decided to do a shoulder mount with him, very happy, 2nd best gun buck to date and even have summer cam photos of him. Truly blessed this year, thanks be to God.
  10. Team 5

    How's everyone doing? Got a nice 8 point on 11/6. Just gotta get it entered. Would love to top it during gun season but hey I have been blessed and am very thankful. Will get it entered so we have some points on the board
  11. Any new Realtree patterns?

    There is a Realtree Edge pattern...saw it came out on the new Hoyt Bows. Haven't seen it on clothing yet.
  12. BBBD!!! (Big Bow Buck Down)

    Thanks fly! A wonderful blessing and hunt. Was a challenging season between working and hunting and the weather.
  13. Hey wtn....

    Thanks for the help wtn...yeah I'll try just clean and dry swab and avoid the oil protectant stuff...maybe that is contributing to the excess build-up. I have some of the hollow point hornady as well I wanted to put through it and see how they flew.
  14. Hey wtn....

    What bullet/sabot are you using wtn? I'm using hornady sst. I see CVA recommends Powerbelts? Do you still need the plastic sleeve on those do you know or not? I see they have a plastic base on them
  15. Hey wtn....

    I'm using Winchester 209 primers....was just reading online some recommended the CCI primers, specifically with the blackhorn powder. I may have to try the powder next year. I was running a rust protectant patch down the barrel but maybe I should just do a dry patch after cleaning it if I'm going to be shooting....