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  1. Some nice finds you had. Hope 2021 is even better!
  2. Update: the Burris FF3 arrived and just ordered an EGW mount for it...it will mount it a little lower than the factory mount that comes with the Stevens. Now just trying to find an aftermarket choke. Red alot of reviews that the choke that comes with the gun, they are not consistent on their diameter.
  3. So I have a Burris FF3 on the way for the .410...finally some of the Red Dots are back in stock. Was able to find it online at Cabelas and saved some $ as well.
  4. LOL! Around here squirrel hunting gets tough after winter sets in. Season ends the last day of February so I'm hoping we get a warm spell to get them critters moving...I think I still have a couple in the freezer...time for some deep frying.
  5. I've heard good things about them...but they are basically illegal in NY to hunt with at this time...until NY changes their regs...
  6. Oh boy...I might have trouble adjusting to this one, lol.
  7. Yes, I'm over winter, lol. We are staying in the 20s this coming week, next weekend looks like a high in the teens...snow isn't going anywhere fast.
  8. Definitely feeling ready for the snow to melt and spring thaw to begin. Saw lots of turkeys this fall on camera and in person while deer hunting so I am hopefully for an exciting spring season...some big old gobblers are around. Working on getting some TSS ammo for the .410 an Indian Creek choke, and a sight as well. Working per diem, I should have a good amount of time to chase turkeys this spring 🙂 How's your 2021 season looking for you?
  9. I was just thinking the other day what ever happened to Knight & Hale and their shows...I didn't mind watching their show
  10. Right....lol....perhaps once turkey season starts rolling around it will pick up
  11. No way to weight him but had to be my biggest bodied buck I've shot...huge body...I'd have guessed 175-200? All I know is when I went to drag him, it was like I tied onto a rooted tree, lol.
  12. I picked up a .410 back at the end of summer and need to get a Red Dot or Reflex sight for it but I am looking forward to a different challenge and also a nice lightweight gun for hiking and maneuvering. Anyone else been using one or planning to use one?
  13. Elkoholic...agreed, that is one of the concerns we have discussed at work in the hospital...that the vaccine does not necessarily mean one is 100% immune from the virus. and how long the vaccine immunity last, I have yet to hear a concrete time frame...I fear there could be a false sense of security with the vaccine....people need to continue to be cautious. So much yet to find out about the vaccine and questions to answer. I still take all the precautions necessary, even with having the vaccine, because we just do not know.
  14. I use a bow mounted quiver but when I get to my stand, it comes off and I hang it on the tree or in my pack, within easy reach. I used to hunt with it on my bow but when I found out how much better it was to shoot without it on, I stuck to taking it off. I take my crossbow quiver off to when in the stand.
  15. I received mine and will be receiving my second dose in the next week or so. No one was forced to receive the vaccine at my facility. Also the concept of the virus mutating is not new...the flu virus mutates as well along with other viruses..it's just that this virus is so new and not much is known about it still...I dislike that social and televised media only create panic over concepts not new to medicine and healthcare. I definitely understand the skepticism out there with the vaccine; make your choice based on what you are comfortable with but please make sure to listen to or read reputable resources as there is a lot of false information floating around on the internet and social media. I had my concerns as well BUT I did it if it means protecting my family, co-workers, patients, and community. Getting the vaccine or not getting the vaccine, there's some sort of risk no matter what.
  16. I finally entered my buck for us from November, sorry for being late to the party, lol.
  17. Awesome to see you stop in Buckee!! Merry Christmas! I hope you and family are well!