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  1. Is it spring yet?

    Good to hear from you Jerry!...think we all are itching for warmer weather. Taking a few days off here to go on our annual ice fishing trip to LOTW Northwest Angle..see ya all Tues.
  2. Finally Time to Dangle at the Angle!

    Footage from one of Jakes heated ice house.....
  3. motor vehicles and hunting

    Elk, I know where your coming from... we have Natives that do the same thing here. Some white men also. Not everyone is a ground pounder, few of that breed left, but probably the purist from of True hunting. Easten's show that they do is right on, wear out some shoe leather and get back into areas few men see
  4. WOW!

    We dont have a "TRASH" Room, prob. where this should be along with Roazane Barr's version;

    There she goes, got collected up along with others

    "Boogity Boogity Boogity, Lets Go Racin Boys"!!! So what lap will Crashika go out of race?? If she wins,...I'll know it's RIGGED!!
  7. Man cold alert!

    I've not been sick or had a cold yet this season, either out in the woods or at home, my two favorite places
  8. No Bite

    Patiently waiting, w.e. I hope they are snappin up at the Angle
  9. olympic coverage

    Yup, and what I want to see is waaaay past my bedtime; What I have seen...if you fall on your A__ while attempting jumps as a Professional skater...even after other skaters just did a flawless get put into 1rst place! The other thing is all the hoopla over these gays....ya they can perform, still dont make SIN normal I dont care if they show it a day late, just have stuff on at a decent time , dont wait til 8pm eastern time, some of us actually work for a living yet.
  10. Drivers..START YOUR ENGINES!

    Tough to get used to all the young pups that have come along lately.....suspension change got those cars dancing around big driving on ice
  11. Man cold alert!

    Sounds like a bad one Muff....with what you got, I bet you sleep sitting up in reclyner
  12. No Bite

    went out today for crappy...front must got 'em shut down here..I did catch a 6" walleye..only fish I marked all day! bit on windy side, not bad inside my Clam
  13. texas 2018 deer hunting video

    couple nice bucks there..heard the wolf at the start, and almost grabbed the gun! How much for an Angus??
  14. Drivers..START YOUR ENGINES!

    wow, I actually stayed up to watch both!...past my bedtime for sure
  15. Friday 2-16-18 check-in

    worked til 2 pm, went to shop get stuff for next week, then gassed up truck and got diesl for Monday. may go ice fishing Sat. prob gonna watch Daytona 500 sunday.