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  1. ~2017 RT Christmas X-change Pairs~

    pm sent Ruth
  2. Turkey Day check-in

    huck you up in Canuck land right? of my bucket list is to hunt northern Sask or Manitoba or Alberta.
  3. Turkey Day check-in

    Not many checking in my apron on, and timer button gonna pop soon!
  4. Turkey Day check-in

    Im watching my gun season tick by, not seen any decent shooters here, what Ive seen I let go to grow up...gonna take a few years to get deer numbers back. Not seeing many wolf tracks anymore. Pretty much Chefs helper Thurs., slept in today and helped vacuum and start to get ready. Heading out soon for p.m hunt.
  5. Deer Camp 2017

    Hard to believe you don't find many out there with that many acres to hunt Frank. Sure seems to work for you guys, looks like you camp in the parking area? One would think a couple fifth wheeler trailers would be hunkered down in there, kinda like out west.
  6. CHRISTmas exchange?

    With welcome arms BUG!
  7. This season and a wish!

    Glad to hear some actually have decent bucks left to shoot; here however, it's the scene in Christmas Story where the Bumpase's dogs ate the Turkey, except here the wolves got the deer. You thought EHD was bad... Oh Ya, Happy Thanksgiving
  8. Team 2

    at this point Im convinced seeing a shooter buck here is like getting my order From RT gift certificate from last years contest NOT HAPPENING
  9. Buck Tag Filled!

    Well done Ruth! Amazing how far you have come, pretty much self taught too! Yes indeed, you had a great season, God surely has blessed you!
  10. Need your help for a class

    some of the answers are not what I would have chosen, had no choice in the matter to answer incorrect answers on a few occasions, survey gonna be flawed in my veiw you arnt a Demacrat are you?
  11. Team 2

    Opening day I let that 8 pt walk 2xs many other small ones came and went, noticed most of the fawns this year are all button bucks. 22 hrs on stand in two days hunting
  12. Missouri rifle

    congrats! I started hunting with gun like that and a weaver scope...Ha!....just seeing it takes me back to many kills
  13. Solid Illinois 9 pointer

    mainframe 8 with sticker pt =9pt. Yup
  14. 11-17 early check-in

    Rifle season also opens here Sat., pretty much ready and have things organized. Grab what I need for the day and drive up to tower. Got my Mr. Buddy heater and a 20# tank set up if I need it. Rem. 270 was 3" high at 100 yrds... prob run some goodies out Friday eve. just so I have less to remember. Good Luck to all and be safe!
  15. Some Christmas Cheer