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  1. Hey Team! we got 5 pts! Frank we DID get on same Team! AwEsome!
  2. Grand Prairie Alberta REPORTS WEATHER SUBSCRIBE Monday, Sep. 21, 2020 A H. reported Incoming: increasing numbers Time: Early morning Weather: Partly Cloudy Temp: 51-60 degrees Wind: 10-15 mph from East Comments: The sky is full of Canada’s and specks , fields filling up fast as migration is on in the North !
  3. so does MY team, be cool if we on SAME team ey?
  4. Congrats! best kinda Wolf right there! Too bad you didnt have 2 tags
  5. Thanks..we just missed hearing about all your hunting adventures..
  6. We hunted hard, bucks are in the post shedding velvet, relocating to core area transition. They are showing up, but not consistantly here. We came in Sat eve., enjoyed an eve by the fire pit. International Space station made its fly over. We all slept in late,(6a.m.), Spent the morning boning out Nates doe and got everything all cleaned up. Had a great time and look forward to another hunting weekend soon.
  7. Nichols, Wis. Saturday, Sep. 19, 2020 Connor K. reported Incoming: increasing numbers Time: Early morning Weather: Sunny Temp: 31-40 degrees Wind: Calm from Northwest Comments: Tons of geese flying with the recent cold front, shot a few that decoyed good. Couple flocks of snow geese up high as well
  8. NICE!!! sure can be fun eliminating tree rats..and TASTEY!
  9. so I put Nate in my best stand, and he had doe tag burning a hole in his pocket.... YUP about 7:45, he let his Mathews Vertex EAT,,, the doe turned as he shot, so we waited in stand for an hour, then we tracked her a bit, jumped her, backed out and after 3 hours we followed up, and found a dead deer.
  10. We had a KILLER FROST last eve,24 degrees. Nate and I were in the stands before daylight. He got a pass thru on a doe, hope to have a pic of it today at some point. (and story). I had up to 7 under me. Got 1 doe in freezer, I was so tempted to smoke another, Here is a pic from about 8 a.m.
  11. AWESOME!! Very nice buck! Thanks for sharing the story too...grunts do get attention, it worked for you.
  12. oh the right number Joe is around 834 I'm to trust this BOZO?? He dont even know where he is or WHO he gave then card to...GIVE ME A BREAK! TRUMRP2020