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  1. Ditto William! ....I CANT MOVE! Desert will have to wait.
  2. Wait until CHINA threatens the U.S. with missles in the "K club cars" they got here ...Thanks to OWNED BY CHINA JOE!
  3. You can eat what you kill...I'll give you ONE guess what ya can do with your paper..
  4. Good Luck this spring! After the "DARK WINTER" uncle Joe is forcasting...some time in the SUNSHINE state will be welcome!!
  5. Sounds like a good turn of events while quarantining! Congrats!
  6. Well, Officially shut down the cooler today. 2020 season is history here. we ran 4 bucks and two does thru the skinning/cooler shed. the last of the rifle kills were cut up and everything got bleached down and washed. Im gonna eat a tag sandwich with my bow tag. Dont need the meat, and not looking like I will have time for any late season hunting this year.
  7. THAT DOE HAS completely HEALED UP! ALL YOU CAN SEE IS A LINE ON HER NECK! Hide has closed right up, wow!