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  1. Wow!..I have had lightening issues too in the past Al, chasing everybody down and getting insurance in order is not fun. Then dump a water line and vehicle breakdown on top of had a PLATEFUL!
  2. Now that I killed him, here he is in velvet, date and time not set on cam, but around time of this thread posting.
  3. found this image, reminded me of Buckee!!😁
  4. never saw your post Tim until Jim bumped it up!
  5. Looks Good. yup loader or skid steer are VERY handy indeed!
  6. Dakotas are seeing snows down already on D.U. Reports
  7. Cool Vid! How many banded or Collored birds?
  8. On DU site...guy north of you said the snow geese flew south already??
  9. actually was the chisel tip Rage I used:
  11. 36 and snowing, not as bad as Dakota's yet to have a frost here, but prob. get one tonight
  12. Too bad we gotta wait another 13 months...but we got the swamp creatures nervous!
  13. 36 and snow falling here with 25 mph winds
  14. My understanding is windmills need about 20 years to amortize their initial purchase expense and at 20 years they are in need of major rebuilding and maintenance. Where is the savings? De ice.jpg Expert.jpg
  15. What a bag of "SCHIFF"...