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  1. 4-20 check in

    Turkey season is here in Wi., it started Wed. Im going out with a brother and his son, Sat a.m., temps are near 60 now and snow is melting off fast. Got a few Gobblers located, were going to try to pull off a Triple. Skipped last two morning as well as today, roads are freezing overnight and we are chipping until noon before we get mudded out.
  2. Been awhile! Checkin in!

    Heck NO!! I dont have time for that stupid drama on there, I'd rather spend time with Buckee watching paint dry!
  3. Been awhile! Checkin in!

    Hey, sure has been awhile!!! It's slow here most any time of year! Few of us left that will not bow to electronic media!
  4. Well here we go again

    Good luck Tim I usually hunt in snow here 1rst plenty and season started today..NO I worked! givin them half a chance, gonna wait til Sat.
  5. Illinois Long Beard

    Nice one Frank!
  6. Crazy weather

    finally got opened up here, had 5 foot drifts to chew through with Erskin blower on my skid steer. report was 13" or better for total right here
  7. Any new Realtree patterns?

    Here ya go!;
  8. Crazy weather

    generator is up and running here, trees down with high winds
  9. Crazy weather

    it just got a whole lot Crazier!
  10. Friday the 13th April check-in

    just updated to a storm warning;
  11. 203

    bow season starts here; Sept. 15
  12. Crazy weather

    wind at 30 mph, gusts to 50, I think a B-52 is practicing touch and go landing outside the house
  13. Friday the 13th April check-in

    Grant was ok, hard to understand his southern drawl, and he talked way too fast, I got about half of what he was saying, many said the same
  14. Friday the 13th April check-in

    Got a Sportsmens Banquet to go to this eve, Dr. Grant Woods is speaking. Wind is picking up here and by Sunday chance of heavy snow.
  15. Crazy weather

    dont feel bad guys, we broke 50 degrees Wed, first time since Oct 26th...gonna have lots of wind, poss. ice/rain/snow mix, Gladly send it on east!...ENJOY!