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  1. got half an inch about 1 a.m. with a Spectacular Light Show! Started raining at 11 a.m. and it has been one of those wet, drippy days, that come with spurts of showers on and off.
  2. looks like it got a good soaking...we got another shot here over night too, plots are coming along, after a long dry spell. more rain later today
  3. the disrespect of officers is very disheartening! Warped minds by far left thinking.
  4. I know, another old post... They made them that way, so loggers could sneak up on protestors chained up in the "old growth" timber in the northwest and cut 'em down! Spotted owls will find a new nest site somewhere else.
  5. GOOD for you William👍 I too do not drink soda, and have cut out some things, my numbers are boarderline diabetic, so I am on medication and diet to reduce risk. Fun gettin old ey?
  6. New York City 1 yr. old shot in park, officer put in headlock, Diblazio needs to go!
  7. Problem we are seeing now is OUT OF TOWN vistors are coming in with it. Then calling back to inform us after they travelled here and spread it! Thats why I like staying HOME!! I only go out sparingly anyway, always have. Guess when you were a dairy farmer for a good part of life, you get used to being at home all the time??
  8. ROFL...Not sure how u did that! Having just the OPPOSITE problem here....sure have not lost weight being home and layed off. Gal at Dr. Office laughed when I jumped on scale and I told her "Your scale is STILL BROKEN"!! It did not help we had our Annual Family picnic over the 4rth holiday weekend. Only good thing is my "Honey DO" list dont exist any longer.
  9. hit clover plot with another round of 0-0-60 kill plots with 19-19-19
  10. William is most likely correct and I agree, even tho an ancient post, thought I'd have some fun; maybe get a laugh to this Answer; Horseshack; ''I KNOW MR. KOTTOR"! While in front of a camera by a treestand, sticking out their tongue is a deers way of saying... NA NA NA BOO BOO, Im here and YOU'RE NOT''!!
  11. SO, if a mask works, WHY do you need to stay 6 ft. apart?? Questions the effectiveness of the mask does it not?? If Eyes are not covered too, wearing just a mask is MOOT is it not? Pondering like
  12. Mathews XT Man


    know what Anthony would do with people like this;
  13. Fortunately, we are past those years. I do have a grandchild who really wants to go back badly. The Flu still has been worse than C-19. people have thrown out all or most of the practices most followed. Thats the crowd getting hit now. If Schools follow strict guidelines, I dont see why they cant reopen. Some countrys never shut down. Testing should be MANDITORY imo
  14. FINALLY!!! We got a FROG strangler! Power was out, and we had one road wash out, with 4.5 to 5 inches, one person two miles S.W. said he got 7 That pounded in my seed, which is all it needed. Clover plot will now take off , new plants were looking for moisture. Just need to fertilyze the new kill plots, and prob mow the clover one more time.