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  1. wish I lived closer William, I'd help ya out!
  2. Compared to what William got goin...I got a pretty easy weekend.
  3. YUP I believe we would
  4. I thought so.... but it is a SAD deal for our Farmers 58% of corn got planted and only 30% of Beans in U.S. as of Today June 2nd
  5. MANY fires in western Minn., North Dakota, and yes Alberta
  6. ours are late in coming up, getting concerned; j/k
  7. We finally seen an 80 degree day this week...short week but a busy one. try to get some fishing in if weather allows
  8. two days to go and they are safe until Sept. 15th when our Fall season opens;
  9. so far, Breylen helped me set up a tent, so we will be outside next two eve., then we went to Hayward and did the Go Carts and Breylen put me in the pickers after I passed him wide, he just dunn did an "Earnhardt" on me the little bugger!! Then mini Golf, Breylen (61)beat his Mom(68) and Me (63) I had the only Hole In One. Cook out tonight and then smores by fire pit..FUN FUN FUN!
  10. MoHawk.mp4 sir top'em hat.mp4 sir top'em hat.mp4 sir top'em hat.mp4 sir top'em hat.mp4 sir top'em hat.mp4