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  1. Mathews XT Man

    Team 3

    Corn is pretty much off here, and beans are in progress...leaves are falling fast, deer are moving more now, and am seeing bucks on the move some with cooler weather we got now. Hope to sit this eve.
  2. Mathews XT Man

    10-18 Friday check-in

    Spent Wed, Thurs, and part of today helping Ash get "her" house in order, hauled a lot of stuff to the dump that got left behind, and got it winterized. Showed her how to use snowblower too..gonna need that in the U.P. I'm going to be working all weekend to catch up on logging job best I can.
  3. Mathews XT Man

    Climbing sticks and stands

    …"I bought the company" (only us old timers will get that)... must be a great stand to do that!
  4. Mathews XT Man

    Fall success

    fun to get grandson in on it..he took fan to school for show and tell
  5. Mathews XT Man

    Team 1

    Congrats Pat...just starting to see a couple moving here now
  6. Mathews XT Man

    Climbing sticks and stands

    !0/4 on that...when I do sit, Im in for the long haul, comfort becomes a huge sell for me. After a landowner sold her place, I have not had my Tree lounges up. I sure miss my afternoon naps in a swaying tree.
  7. Mathews XT Man

    Any ideas on this doe??

    Pic not the best, looks a bit fuzzy to me....not sure whats the deal, almost looks like she has a brand...she sure is big old nanny
  8. Mathews XT Man

    Team 3

    Sat this eve with snow falling, Northern Robins are in full migration mode.
  9. Mathews XT Man

    Fall success

    My little buddy helped me shoot a Jake Turkey this morning...Great Day!
  10. Mathews XT Man

    It's coming

    first morning the puddles had iced over here today
  11. Mathews XT Man

    10-12 check-in thread

    I usually drop that much, not pick it up!
  12. Mathews XT Man

    10-12 check-in thread

    after my back problem, Spinal Stenosis, I had the lazer surgury which fixed it, but not suppose to lift more than 30 lbs. now. Lawyer said he was positive he could get me onto SSI, met with him and he told me I'd have an income cap, and cant make more than the monthly SSI check. I said "GOODBYE"!!! We have many geese holding in the area, and may go try for some of 'em this weekend, Ash and Breylen are coming over, so we will see what time we have to work with. I know we have the Corn maze at the farm Sat. scheduled, perhaps Breylen and I will sit for the eve feeding flocks, depending on weather etc. We have had snow here ground was white, but has melted off
  13. Mathews XT Man

    It's coming

    snowed on logging job to the point ground was white
  14. Mathews XT Man

    Happy Columbus Day