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  1. could use some prayers

    Kim & I send our deepest sympathy to you and your family on the passing of your Mother William
  2. And were off!

    Hard to stay scent free when you are sweating like a PIG!.....think I may..oops somebody beat me to it! darn;
  3. Ron

    Whats goin on up ther bud? Heard some snows are down along with Honkers been out yet? Rose Valley Sask; off D.U. reporting site Comments: The amount of snow geese around right now is mind boggling pure insanity
  4. 343

    ok Bug, I know 911 but have NO idea what 343 means unless it's a rifle calibur you refering to this?
  5. Team 2

    That it shall be..William got alot goin on, so when he gets time we got a name. Anyways, it's so stinkin hot and humid here the deer are shut down, and layin low 85 degrees and humidity is nearly that too.. been in stand a few times, did not expect to see much and I did not.. all week here looks like T storms and heat...
  6. could use some prayers

    Sorry to hear of your Mothers failing health William, you got it bud, prayers sent; Hang in there it's a tough time i know...I think Mothers are tougher to let go than fathers
  7. 9-22 Friday Fall check-in

    I cranked up forwarder at 3 a.m. to beat a huge T storm that was due by came thru & shut us down for the day...then went to Ashland and picked up a free upright freezer from a gal kim helped out that went to nursing home. Got more room for venison now... showering and heading to stand, gonna spend first day of fall in my "Happy Place" Yes Al, big 'ol does are in danger tonight!
  8. And were off!

    Al, you sure know where I will be!
  9. Team 2

  10. Team 2

    Checking in lets get a name guys
  11. And were off!

    passed a smaller 8 pt this a.m. Had a huge old doe this eve, but being sunday eve, and off to work early mon.,...I did not want to have to do all the work to get her in the cooler all by if it were a friday eve...
  12. And were off!

    Doe down, andy drilled one
  13. And were off!

    Opening morning here in 'ol Wis. Me and Andy are just heading out to our stands..60 degrees ans overcast. Somethings gonna DIE! gotta go get up in my safe "Happy"place
  14. I made u tube

    Oh ya, I did ride with me...forwarder & I didnt even swat you with a tree cutting with processor! Hey, a guy has to know how to operate his equipment right?
  15. 9 - 15 Checkin

    First we are going to a local Bar/ Restuarant for a Fri eve fish Is Kims 60th B-day and the 10th was our 40th anniversary,(1977...2017)...time does fly