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  1. Mathews XT Man

    deer contest?

    Think I'd delete this thread William, and swap Abrown over to sign up page jmo
  2. Mathews XT Man

    refund or exchange?

    wow, Dawg, thats not good to read stuff like may be correct
  3. Mathews XT Man

    refund or exchange?

    Thats too bad, perhaps Larry will get it right for you, hope he dont let this slide.
  4. Mathews XT Man

    Bristal Baby!

    Xfinity in 5 from Bristal
  5. Mathews XT Man

    10-17 check-in

    day of moving equipment today, finished expansion on gravel pit, back to job we were at. Got lawn mowed and checked cams....just have to vacuum yet. Ashley and Breylen are coming over tonight for weekend...Sat will be packed, with go carts, perhaps water slide...eve., we have annual get together with cousins up from Racine. Elk burgers and potluck dinner then bon fire/ smores etc.
  6. Mathews XT Man

    Bristal Baby!

    Even tho it's just the trucks
  7. Mathews XT Man

    I missed the special day?

    yes hot and humid here too, looks like we may get into our August cool down next week here
  8. Mathews XT Man

    refund or exchange?

    I'd demand to talk with Larry
  9. Mathews XT Man

    refund or exchange?

    I'd call midway, and see if they wont issue a call tag at your door, you should not have to go out of your way to return it.
  10. Mathews XT Man

    I missed the special day?

    August 15th! wow indeed ! Only 30 days until bow season, it will be here before you know it
  11. Mathews XT Man

    Where are we heading?

    no we may not be in a full out war, only thing missing right now are the bullets flying, unless you are in Chicago
  12. Mathews XT Man

    The new setup

    U wear dis to choot das gun?
  13. Mathews XT Man

    Checking in/saying hello

    all I can say is....
  14. Mathews XT Man

    2018 -19 deer contest signup

    Mathews Xt Man 60 Wis Sept 15 /Jan 6 Bow Gun Nov 17/25
  15. Mathews XT Man

    deer contest?

    OK so everybody signed up on this thread needs to resign on the official contest page, correct?