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  1. HEY DAVE...Look...Another CAT!!
  2. Ok Dave,..I'm done kickin this cat
  3. Close as I get to Hockey is this statement...
  4. I'm not an Attorney, "But I did stay at a Holiday Inn once" I had a neighbor farm clear land up to our fence and to this day is farming it...when we put the fence in the dozer operator did not put fence line in correct place. My Dad decided since he paid for that line to be dozed, he wasn't going to doze and pay for a second CORRECT line. When I sold my farm land several years ago, the correct line was marked. We have always known where that line is. In the length of the 80, the fence was off 100 foot or so on far end. As far as that goes, they plant it and are feeding deer off it, so I more than get my share of deer fed off it anyways. Anyway, getting back to GPS, I helped a Surveyor mark the lines of the Dick Rose Family property they had us log off. after two days of clearing and marking on a 300 acre woodlot, 8 different corners. We made the last turn back to where we would tie in the last leg of the parcel. Surveyor said turn north and go about 240 feet and stop, I put up the mast...was a few more moves than what follows, but kinda went like this...step back about 10 feet...move to left a foot, look down, there should be a survey pin right there....I kick away some leaves...THERE IT IS!! DEAD NUTS!
  5. Fence lines do not fly here
  6. Thats the way to thin 'em out some! looks like you are getting it figured out, hole set is a good set also. lots of good sets on utube to learn from.
  7. Existing fence does NOT qualify as a property line PERIOD! We find this alot in our timber sales, with sattelite/GPS surveys, that is what determines the lines of property within 2 inches. Fence is no longer a valid factor.
  8. Gotta getcha one boys!!!
  9. nice pics! would love to kill one with bow
  10. "Redbeards" 4 track Birdseye Maple call brought 'em in again
  11. it was nice to see the UMD BULLDOGS capture the title again, dont follow any hockey here
  12. was having my usual Sunday morning coffee last w.e., watching an early morning fishing show before getting ready for Church... out of my picture window runs a big'ol Gray Squirrel in the yard....yup that one wont be back to chew on wires or try to get into the house. I had an ENTIRE NEW electric cord destroyed by those rodents this past winter! Chewed all the protected coating off! WHILE being plugged in! Too bad they not bite the live wires!