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  1. was this the one??..very funny!
  2. all i did was mow lawn and set a couple more cams out, went to a nephews wedding reception sat eve. then church out on the new foundation slab, and potluck dinner. (Arson took our old building)
  3. Could be a tool to help find a wounded/no blood trail animal, if it was still carrying the arrow...
  4. oh ya, the brush I cut in my shooting lanes was only finger sized..the high flow unit will do up to 4" even the low flow unit would kick chewed up grass 20 feet out ahead when it got balled up inside the mower if I pushed it too hard. Was very impressed with the unit. Just had to listen to the whine of the bl;ades to know if you were bogging it down, and adjust your travel speed accordingly...I went back on my plot the next day with my JD Zero turn and chewd up the grass clippings the big mower was powder dry and blew apart, now the clover can come back and not be smothered out in those spots
  5. Yes, I have an LS180 New Holland Hi Flow or Standard Flow The standard Vernig was open for the weekend so I opted for that. I wanted to get things cut so it can grow back in time for bow season, two months away. Plus we had rain coming monday, so great timing! plot is an acre and trails are porb a mile long three passes to get it all done, some of the trails were 6 foot tall grass..I sharpened knives a couple times, so that really helped it chew it up.
  6. I never
  7. weekend...thats like next week? let ya know when it gets here I bet I'll be doing something ey?
  8. Al how do they "hang on"? website dont show any more than what you did...I suppose they are $250?
  9. Rented a 72" rotary last weekend and got my trails and plots mowed back. Standard flow Hyd mower, it did ok, but was a bit slow.
  10. no changes here..gonna have to take a look at those Al wow that looks comphy
  11. got everything done today I wanted to...heading for cool shower and kick back in my lazy boy
  12. some day I will have new eyes and a body that feels no pain..
  13. did some lawn early todat before I went and helped a farmer friend with some haying today, got a food plot to plant this eve, then sat Im going to take skid steer and rotary mower and cut one plot and all my trails that may take most of sat., not sure whats goin on sunday yet. got some lawn mowing to do yet too this eve.
  14. That was a 4 a.m. wallope!, then I did milking and chores BEFORE I went to Dentist got emergency root canal, went to Dr. for broken cheek bone/ laceration, then on to eye doctor. at the time they could not fix that, however today's with lazer technology they can. (My tear is too old to be fixed)... Got home late for evening milking.
  15. Had that done too, NO you dont want that. Had a cow kick a scraper handle back at me once, it broke a molar in half cracked my cheek bone and knocked me out, oh ya it also forced fluid out of my retna smack dab center my right eye, causing a permanant blind spot..cant aim with it anymore, had to switch to left handed shooting and NO i didnt beat the wasnt her fault..I spooked her