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  1. If one did not check in daily here, you would be waaay behind in reading content. I knew things are slow, but now, being home 1 day a week, shucks, I gotta LOOK for any new posts!! JEEPERS!
  2. Still not have any accidents on our spread. Were a couple forwarder/truck crinkles on other work sites last week. heading back for week 7 Sunday My Covid test was Neg. on the 12th, as was my room mates.
  3. Heading back for week 6. No accidents so far on our spread. One operator banged up the side panels on a hoe. HE GONE!
  4. Got my '21 spring tag last week. First season again. 4-21 to 4-27th
  5. several operators have been sent home for various reasons. some for covid.
  6. he will prob. get by, providing he dont have any lead in him. up north,? he's wolf bait.
  7. 4 weeks done and so far everything is going great!...Monday week 5 begins. Had Fri., new years day off. Did not go home, we had to work today Sat. I watched more westerns! Gun Smoke, Virginian, Palidin, Wagon Train....funny thing, my buddy I work with and is rooming with me, loves them too!! Life Is Good.. Happy New Year!
  8. wasnt going tp buy the knock off name boots they had... Have not had any issues with Rocky, would have preferred Lacrosse, like I said, inventory was pretty well picked over.
  9. Union Steward stopped everyone last week. Told us we get $150.00 BOOT PAY ON THIS JOB. Go buy what you want and turn in the receipt by Wed. eve. Went to L and M in Cloquet, got me a pair of Rockys. I had to settle for 800 gr. pair, the 1200 gr, was picked thru already. Camo knee boots, 1200 gr., they only had a size 14! not buying
  10. Stay on it Frank..he gets it posted we got a decent cushion, and maybe another WIN !!!!
  11. heading back Sunday for week 4..we are doing 6 -10's
  12. Guess they wont be goin anywhere after
  13. with wolves around, Mercy Kill is what I would do. May as well make ;em work for it. goes or yores too lmo
  14. As such, cant argue with the pay. $42.17 per hr. JEEPERS!
  15. put him on MY wall...enjoy the blizzard AND Nates buck for a day or so..
  16. My tax. Jimmy Robertson, did another awesome job. Buck was killed Nov.13th Picked him up on way home today.
  17. Storm was rolling in behind me all the way home too!..No sooner got truck unloaded, ( picked up Nates Mount on way home), man did she start blowin and snowin....Goona just sit and watch it all out my picture window...
  18. aint far behind ya bud! turned 63 last Sunday
  19. you better believe it!..before they let us off at noon today, as major winter storm was heading in, I set my Pro Heat for engine to start Monday at 5 a.m. It will be hot and ready when i go to crank it up!
  20. merry CHRIST mas Steve!!.... from our gang here to you and yours!
  21. another link I found;
  22. Ditto...maybe you can get your Daughter to be your vid cam gal. I never had the urge to film and try to shoot, and get it ON CAM. I figured Im here to Kill not film. And sometimes THAT is a tough deal just to get to full draw!!