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  1. Mathews XT Man

    Trap shooting ( my new obsession)

    Nope, cant say I share your passion. Shot clays at home for practice. Never acquired the taste for those little birds...a bit crunchy texture, then you get those little orange pieces stuck in your teeth...😜
  2. Mathews XT Man

    LOTW Early Ice trip

    filling the bucket;
  3. Mathews XT Man

    LOTW Early Ice trip

    last walleye Second days catch 17 inch sauger Three good fish frys
  4. Mathews XT Man

    12/14 Check In

    machine in shop all week, computer board went bad, in turn took out CDI box. At this time CDI not come , so I got a few mystery leaks solved pulled 18 oil samples , and total grease job on entire machine. fixed a light on boom, exhaust manifold gasket replaced. took a vacation day Thurs. went ice fishing today cleaned off bunk, tightened all bunk bolts, replaced a bad grease line. more ice fishing Sat., also have to pull my HSS Lifelines down and loosen stands/straps etc.
  5. Mathews XT Man

    Little Buddy Heater

    It does alert them for sure, I only use it in my tower blind. I'd use a Heater Body Suit if I was in a stand
  6. Mathews XT Man

    Got on the Ice

    got back to the same lake today, 16 crappy came home
  7. Mathews XT Man

    Got on the Ice

    Went out with my youngest Brother, we got on a crappy lake, 7 inches of ice already! WOW Earliest I ever been on hard water. got a 5 lb. northern and 12 decent crappy nice to be watching my Vexilar again, yup that 3rd blip on bottom right came up the hole right after I took the pic.
  8. Mathews XT Man

    Best 9 days hunting I ever had

    Looks like a great time! Who dont like Bacon and Backstraps? Cant imagine how many hogs are out there
  9. Mathews XT Man

    ready to get down..... late season buck

    hard to stay in with that kinda weather William, I been there too...Congrats!
  10. Mathews XT Man

    What constitutes a trophy hunter??

    I agree mud....funny how the Liberal LEFT Media can twist words to characterize people in a negative manor.. Just look what they try to do to TRUMP; Media really likes throwing this word into any so called "news story", just to give it a bad light. con·tro·ver·sial
  11. Mathews XT Man

    I see you ...

    so our back ups shot each other, and we survived ey?
  12. Mathews XT Man

    Hunting arrow

    Gold Tip Expedition Hunter 5575 cut to 31 inch draw 8.2 grains per inch
  13. Mathews XT Man

    Done growing here

    Just got first pic of a buck with velvet coming off....
  14. Mathews XT Man

    You know THAT look?

    When you realize how much $$$ you've spent on jigging spoons:
  15. Mathews XT Man

    12-7 Friday check-in

    You can thank ADAM for that one! "By the sweat of your brow He says"!!😞
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  17. Mathews XT Man

    12-7 Friday check-in

    With Early ice, were off to Lake Of The Woods for Walleye and Sauger as my Buddy Harold Ensley would say; last you saw me, He Had "GONE FISHIN"
  18. Mathews XT Man

    I see you ...

    Was wondering what my backupman shot at...huh! 👍
  19. Mathews XT Man

    I see you ...

    I got him to post a little🧐
  20. Mathews XT Man

    What constitutes a trophy hunter??

    Al, I caught a "Trophy" Lake Trout on Nipagon 30+lbs
  21. Mathews XT Man

    I see you ...

  22. Mathews XT Man

    What constitutes a trophy hunter??

    I shot two "Trophy Does" with my bow, then shot a gun buck some guys would prob. call a trophy to big deal.."Eye of the beholder"etc. To some, shooting a Wolf would be deemed a "Trophy", most would just call it Duty.
  23. Mathews XT Man

    I see you ...

    that photo was taken after the muzzle blast! HA!
  24. Mathews XT Man

    Team 3

    Thank NY...even a spike will put us in lead