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    It's Finally Friday 2-22 check-in

    We got in the 30's today here, so I did my Eng oil and fuel filters on forwarder, as colder weather moves back in Mon. Last two eves, I snowblowed the 8" we got on Wed. Another major snow storm is on way for Sunday. I WOULD have been at JAKES, in NW Angle Inlet this eve.,as this is the weekend I ALWAYS reserved. But when ya get a knife in yer back from a "friend", and the "newbie" steals the trip date with that so called "friend", I guess one finds out how much that friendship really meant. OH well, there must be a good reason I got left out
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    Traveling in Alaska - What Should I Take?

    Take a hike off SPAM Mountain
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    Climate Change

    Yes, we see signs, but it's not man that has caused it. [h=3]Climate Change And Bible Prophecy[/h] Hail storms, droughts, earthquakes, hurricanes, tsunamis, super storms, and more! Why are these happening with ever increasing frequency? Arguments are raging around the world as to the reality or otherwise of climate change. And also, is man causing it? Now I'm no scientist and so cannot weigh in to the debate from that angle. But I can provide a view from the Bible as one who reads and believes what it says. Climate change is real and Bible prophecy supports it. There is no doubt about it and regardless of the sceptics; this is not just a natural cycle of events. The world is baffled at the events taking place in the weather, and yet it was foretold two thousand years ago in bible prophecy that this would happen. Jesus said, "...there will be great earthquakes and in various places famines and pestilences..." (Luke 21:11) In the recent past there have been plagues of locusts and mice across sections of Australia. Earthquakes are being reported with alarming regularity in the news. The United States Geological Survey recorded 16,590 earthquakes in 1990 and this has risen to 31,777 in 2008. Bible prophecy also says, "...upon the earth distress of nations in perplexity at the roaring of the sea and waves..." (Luke 21:25-26) The frequency and magnitude of tsunamis are clear evidence of the roaring of the sea and waves. The Boxing Day tsunami in South-East Asia (2004) and the recent tsunamis in Fiji and Samoa were unparalleled disasters. Tsunamis have caused such anxiety amongst island and coastal dwellers that unprecedented efforts have gone into development of early warning systems. In all of these matters the nations are perplexed as to what is causing these chaotic and dramatic shifts in weather. Governments are discussing climate change to an extent previously unheard of across a background of conflicting scientific experts on both sides. Arguments are raging about carbon footprints, emissions trading schemes and the like in attempts to try to do something about these events. Which brings us to the question: what is causing these dramatic climatic events? The answer: God. Bible prophecy stated that this would occur in the last days, along with other signs of the times. Signs such as nation rising against nation, kingdom against kingdom, wars, tumults and rumours of war, all of which point to the end times. These climatic changes were prophesied to herald the last days in preparation for the return of Christ. Now if these things are signs from God, is there any likelihood that man can prevent these things occurring? Not a chance! If the hand of God is indeed behind these events, then man would have more chance of holding back the tide than trying to prevent these things from happening. So should we be concerned about this? In short, no we should not. These are prophesied as events that must happen. Christians can actually take heart because these signs are telling us that the time of the Lord's return is soon. We can take comfort in the knowledge that as these things get worse, and they will, we know that the Lord is not far away. But how bad will it get? Well I can't answer that but it will get worse than it is today. What we are seeing is just a beginning. However the Bible also tells us that when the Lord returns it will be like when God flooded the earth or when he destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah. He says that the people will eat and drink, marry and be given in marriage right up until the day the Lord returns (Luke 17:26-30). So this tells us that mankind will be doing all of the normal things they do right up until the end. So is climate change a thing to fear? No. It is a necessary part of the process that God set in train thousands of years ago and from which he will save his people. He has told us two further things in the scriptures from which we can be encouraged. He says, "When these things begin to take place, look up and raise your heads because your redemption is drawing near." (Luke 21:28), and, "...when you see all these things, you know that he is near, at the very gates." (Matthew 24:33), so take heart and be prepared. By Heat, Flood or Icy Cold, Extreme Weather Rages Worldwide WORCESTER, England — Britons may remember 2012 as the year the weather spun off its rails in a chaotic concoction of drought, deluge and flooding, but the unpredictability of it all turns out to have been all too predictable: Around the world, extreme has become the new commonplace. Especially lately. China is enduring its coldest winter in nearly 30 years. Brazil is in the grip of a dreadful heat spell. Eastern Russia is so freezing — minus 50 degrees Fahrenheit, and counting — that the traffic lights recently stopped working in the city of Yakutsk. Bush fires are raging across Australia, fueled by a record-shattering heat wave. Pakistan was inundated by unexpected flooding in September. A vicious storm bringing rain, snow and floods just struck the Middle East. And in the United States, scientists confirmed this week what people could have figured out simply by going outside: last year was the hottest since records began. “Each year we have extreme weather, but it’s unusual to have so many extreme events around the world at once,” said Omar Baddour, chief of the data management applications division at the World Meteorological Organization, in Geneva. “The heat wave in Australia; the flooding in the U.K., and most recently the flooding and extensive snowstorm in the Middle East — it’s already a big year in terms of extreme weather calamity.” Such events are increasing in intensity as well as frequency, Mr. Baddour said, a sign that climate change is not just about rising temperatures, but also about intense, unpleasant, anomalous weather of all kinds. Here in Britain, people are used to thinking of rain as the wallpaper on life’s computer screen — an omnipresent, almost comforting background presence. But even the hardiest citizen was rattled by the near-biblical fierceness of the rains that bucketed down, and the floods that followed, three different times in 2012. Rescuers plucked people by boat from their swamped homes in St. Asaph, North Wales. Whole areas of the country were cut off when roads and train tracks were inundated at Christmas. In Mevagissey, Cornwall, a pub owner closed his business for good after it flooded 11 times in two months. It was no anomaly: the floods of 2012 followed the floods of 2007 and also the floods of 2009, which all told have resulted in nearly $6.5 billion in insurance payouts. The Met Office, Britain’s weather service, declared 2012 the wettest year in England, and the second-wettest in Britain as a whole, since records began more than 100 years ago. Four of the five wettest years in the last century have come in the past decade (the fifth was in 1954). The biggest change, said Charles Powell, a spokesman for the Met Office, is the frequency in Britain of “extreme weather events” — defined as rainfall reaching the top 1 percent of the average amount for that time of year. Fifty years ago, such episodes used to happen every 100 days; now they happen every 70 days, he said. The same thing is true in Australia, where bush fires are raging across Tasmania and the current heat wave has come after two of the country’s wettest years ever. On Tuesday, Sydney experienced its fifth-hottest day since records began in 1910, with the temperature climbing to 108.1 degrees. The first eight days of 2013 were among the 20 hottest on record. Every decade since the 1950s has been hotter in Australia than the one before, said Mark Stafford Smith, science director of the Climate Adaptation Flagship at the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization. To the north, the extremes have swung the other way, with a band of cold settling across Russia and Northern Europe, bringing thick snow and howling winds to Stockholm, Helsinki and Moscow. (Incongruously, there were also severe snowstorms in Sicily and southern Italy for the first time since World War II; in December, tornadoes and waterspouts struck the Italian coast.) In Siberia, thousands of people were left without heat when natural gas liquefied in its pipes and water mains burst. Officials canceled bus transportation between cities for fear that roadside breakdowns could lead to deaths from exposure, and motorists were advised not to venture far afield except in columns of two or three cars. In Altai, to the east, traffic officials warned drivers not to use poor-quality diesel, saying that it could become viscous in the cold and clog fuel lines. Meanwhile, China is enduring its worst winter in recent memory, with frigid temperatures recorded in Harbin, in the northeast. In the western region of Xinjiang, more than 1,000 houses collapsed under a relentless onslaught of snow, while in Inner Mongolia, 180,000 livestock froze to death. The cold has wreaked havoc with crops, sending the price of vegetables soaring. Way down in South America, energy analysts say that Brazil may face electricity rationing for the first time since 2002, as a heat wave and a lack of rain deplete the reservoirs for hydroelectric plants. The summer has been punishingly hot. The temperature in Rio de Janeiro climbed to 109.8 degrees on Dec. 26, the city’s highest temperature since official records began in 1915. At the same time, in the Middle East, Jordan is battling a storm packing torrential rain, snow, hail and floods that are cascading through tunnels, sweeping away cars and spreading misery in Syrian refugee camps. Amman has been virtually paralyzed, with cars abandoned, roads impassable and government offices closed. Israel and the Palestinian territories are grappling with similar conditions, after a week of intense rain and cold winds ushered in a snowstorm that dumped eight inches in Jerusalem alone. Amir Givati, head of the surface water department at the Israel Hydrological Service, said the storm was truly unusual because of its duration, its intensity and its breadth. Snow and hail fell not just in the north, but as far south as the desert city of Dimona, best known for its nuclear reactor. In Beirut on Wednesday night, towering waves crashed against the Corniche, the seaside promenade downtown, flinging water and foam dozens of feet in the air as lightning flickered across the dark sea at multiple points along the horizon. Many roads were flooded as hail pounded the city. Several people died, including a baby boy in a family of shepherds who was swept out of his mother’s arms by floodwaters. The greatest concern was for the 160,000 Syrian refugees who have fled to Lebanon, taking shelter in schools, sheds and, where possible, with local families. Some refugees are living in farm outbuildings, which are particularly vulnerable to cold and rain. Barry Lynn, who runs a forecasting business and is a lecturer at the Hebrew University’s department of earth science, said a striking aspect of the whole thing was the severe and prolonged cold in the upper atmosphere, a big-picture shift that indicated the Atlantic Ocean was no longer having the moderating effect on weather in the Middle East and Europe that it has historically. “The intensity of the cold is unusual,” Mr. Lynn said. “It seems the weather is going to become more intense; there’s going to be more extremes.” In Britain, where changes to the positioning of the jet stream — a ribbon of air high up in the atmosphere that helps steer weather systems — may be contributing to the topsy-turvy weather, people are still recovering from the December floods. In Worcester last week, the river Severn remained flooded after three weeks, with playing fields buried under water. In the shop at the Worcester Cathedral, Julie Smith, 54, was struggling, she said, to adjust to the new uncertainty. “For the past seven or eight years, there’s been a serious incident in a different part of the country,” Mrs. Smith said. “We don’t expect extremes. We don’t expect it to be like this.” By Sarah Lyall - See more at:
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    CWD press conference

    WOW!! I hope this discovery of the bacteria is correct, and will wipe out cwd, and can lead to solving some of the Human diseases out there too. That would be AWESOME!!
  5. Mathews XT Man

    Team 3

    DEER ENTRY DEADLINE - Contest will run from the opening of the first legal deer season until February 28th, 2019. At midnight on February 28th, 2019 the contest will be closed to further entries. Another week and Think It is safe to say we Got this one TEAM 3!
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    A Few More

  7. Mathews XT Man

    Archery Target Panic...

    EXACTLY!...I used to shoot on a .22 match Rifle Target Team That is just what you did, time the movement and squeeze. AMAZING how accurate one can become with practice.
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    Truck Series finish

    Video does not show restart, Craften had a run on Hill before getting shuffled back. Cant find that restart vid.
  9. Mathews XT Man

    Truck Series finish

    Craften should have put him up the "hill" and went around, I would have done an 'Ernhardt"
  10. Mathews XT Man

    February 15 check-in

    Well, Had a District Towns Association Mtg today, I cut out after lunch, came home and did some more snowblowing. May check out the Duluth Boat/Home/Sportsmans/RV Show sat.
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    Dual; 150's

    Great Pass and timing;
  12. Mathews XT Man

    Got snow now

    Day before Christmas, it was all melted away. Good to have some insulation now.
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    Saw this on a car today.

    have not seen that one before either
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    CWD here

    6 years ago Lake Superior was at it's lowest level EVER! Today, it's at it's "HIGEST" level ever!! and it aint from melting icebergs!
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    CWD here

    cwd is like "climate change" been going on forever
  16. Mathews XT Man

    CWD here

    This is why I got out of the Deer Corn Business, limited feeding and baiting had already been implemented and the writing was on the wall. It's just a matter of time before it all gets banned. Fortunate to find a local seed farm that was expanding while corn & land prices were high . That Gold ring comes along you grab it. Not looked back.
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    Team 3

    Kinda think we close to celebrating mud
  18. Mathews XT Man

    2-8-19 Friday check-in

    busy week,finished job we were on and moved to next one; got a foot of snow thurs. so I got some snowblower work done;
  19. Mathews XT Man

    Did NOT Watch

    State Of The Union Speech; Why would I SIT AND STARE AT THAT WITCH??? 4 MORE YEARS OF TRUMP coming as far as I'm concerned!!👍
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    halftime blow

    Never heard of Morons 5 Crap music is just that! CRAP They even had to edit out parts of it HOW SAD. Best part was the drumline and fireworks
  21. Mathews XT Man

    halftime blow

    At least morans were better than that FREAK Prince
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    A new year is here soooo.

    Don, I do not understand why either, I know RT Pro Staff got their plates full. I'm glad they provide us a free site for us to use, but sure would be nice to hob nob with 'em once in awhile.
  23. Mathews XT Man

    halftime blow

    I thought it was a pretty good game Defensively on both sides. Not a blow out like some games have been in past. Refs did a good job on the field as far as what I saw. Gladys did Well;
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    Four Progressive Steps into Apostasy Throughout the 2000 year history of the Church, we have seen a continual departure of people and churches from the faith of the apostles. As incredibly tragic as this has been, it should not surprise us because Paul warned: "The Spirit explicitly says that in later times some will fall away from the faith, paying attention to deceitful spirits and doctrines of demons" (1 Tim. 4:1). Shortly after our Lord began building His Church, the apostle John records one of the first occurrences of apostasy. "They went out from us, but they were not really of us; for if they had been of us, they would have remained with us; but they went out, so that it would be shown that they all are not of us" (1 John 2:19). Since then, many other professing Christians, churches, denominations, and seminaries, who once upheld the truth and authority of God's Word, have drifted into apostasy. One of the interesting characteristics of apostasy is that it does not happen overnight. It actually develops over a period of time through a process that can be categorized into four steps. First Step into Apostasy God's word is neglected as the supreme authority for faith and practice. Man's words and wisdom become as important as God's Word. Traditions and movements of men cause confusion and divided loyalties. People start following "Christian" personalities instead of the Word of God. Pastors discard the Lord's blue print for building His church and create their own strategy. Pastors win the approval of men for the size of their church, rather than their faithfulness and fidelity to God's Word. The power of the Gospel is weakened by compromise and made more inclusive to gain a larger following. Biblical evangelism is replaced by man's methods of conversion. Churches give people what they want instead of what they need. The pursuit of sanctification is neglected. Biblical warnings to expose false teachers are ignored. A little leaven in the form of heresy is allowed to circulate. Contenders for the faith are labeled as divisive and intolerant. Women are allowed to teach men. Second Step into Apostasy Scripture is twisted and distorted for self-serving agendas. Truth becomes subjective and relative. Doctrinal error and sin are tolerated by pastors who neglect their responsibility to protect the sheep. Satan sows his tares with little resistance. Pastors become more determined to build their own church rather than the Lord's church. The Gospel becomes more inclusive to attract more people. Expository preaching is replaced by topical messages. Biblical ignorance in the pew provides fertile ground for false teachers to prosper. Trials and persecution expose dead and spurious faith. The exhortation to contend earnestly for the faith is ignored. People honor God with their lips, but their hearts are far from Him. "Infallible" men claim to be successors of the apostles and are embraced as brothers-in-Christ. Ungodly men creep in and turn the grace of our God into licentiousness. Contenders for the faith are asked to leave. Third Step into Apostasy Entertainment, idolatry, liturgy and rituals have replaced the Lord Jesus from the central focus of worship. Pastors are more interested in entertaining the goats than feeding the sheep. Ear-tickling messages give people what they want instead of what they need. Sound doctrine and truth is suppressed for the sake of ecumenical unity. Hearts become hardened and love for God grows cold. Doctrinal error flourishes and is embraced with stubborn pride. There is no love for the truth and no discernment. People stand for nothing and fall for everything. A form of godliness exists, but it's void of power. Idolatry is practiced and encouraged. Sin and immoral lifestyles are tolerated. Women are ordained as pastors. Fourth Step into Apostasy Teaching is heavily influenced by doctrines of demons. Jesus has been removed from the church. Deception is full-blown. Lying signs and wonders, including apparitions, are embraced as messages from God or Mary. Idolatry and prayers to the dead are encouraged. Those who proclaim the Gospel truth are condemned with anathema or put to death. Grace is turned into a license to sin. There is no longer any evidence of the fruit of the Spirit. God's grace and forgiveness are sold for a price. The church's lamp stand has been removed, and a certain terrifying judgment is now unavoidable. Perhaps you are in a church or denomination that is drifting into apostasy. Will Jesus Christ use you to contend earnestly for the faith and protect the sanctity of His Church? In these last days of growing apostasy and deception, we all need to heed the warning of Peter and encourage others to do the same: "Therefore, dear friends, since you have been forewarned, be on your guard so that you may not be carried away by the error of the lawless and fall from your secure position" (2 Peter 3:17). Will you defend the glory and honor of our great God and Savor and protect the purity of His Gospel? May God's Word exhort and encourage us to fight the good fight of faith!