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  1. Overly N. Dakota; Tuesday, Apr. 7, 2020 Chris F. reported Incoming: increasing numbers Time: Mid-morning Weather: Overcast Temp: 31-40 degrees Wind: 10-15 mph from Southeast Comments: Watched steady stream of white geese headed NW sky high for about hour. Very few if any on the ground, looks like another fly over year.
  2. In reality, for me, NOTHING has changed, other than I have hand sanityzer and wipes in the truck. I interact with a pay at pump for diesel/gas. I wipe down what Im going to touch, fuel up, get receipt and leave. I dont go to bars, or out to eat very seldom. I'd rather stay at home anyways, NOTHING has changed for me!😉
  3. I know thy aint TRUMPS!!!...LOL
  4. Got some backstrap chunks marinating...will let ya know Sunday how it turned out.
  5. Ice fishing here is now done!..recent rain has put an end to that.☚ī¸
  6. I dont think we know just how long this will take to dig out from as a country...Fiscally, we, (USA), were not sitting good to begin with. imo
  7. Glad to hear everybody ok. We now have 3 cases in our County. One of them is in the local hospital. I am out in forwarder every day, doing my best to keep you guys supplied with T.P.! I interact with the "pay at" fuel pump, AFTER I wipe it down. Wife is cashier at local Kwik Trip...sanitizing hands between transactions etc. So far so good. Stay safe all!
  8. Edgeland N.Dakota Tuesday, Mar. 31, 2020 Brad S. reported Peak numbers Time: Not Provided Weather: Not Provided Temp: Not Provided Wind: Not Provided Comments: The last 2 days have been a snow goose watchers delight. Starting yesterday morning there has been a massive Southward movement of geese. In addition there are still birds coming up from the south and staging here. I drove the Churches Ferry/Leeds/Wolford/Cando area this morning. I observed huge flocks on the ground and in the air. One flock on the ground was over 2 miles by 1/2 mile. Most of the birds are adult bir
  9. thats why I dont go on it. Too much B.S.
  10. Devils Lake N. Dakota Sunday, Mar. 29, 2020 Dane L. reported Peak numbers Time: Early morning Weather: Partly Cloudy Temp: 31-40 degrees Wind: 15-20 mph from West Comments: Snow geese by the hundreds of thousands just west of town 10-25mi flying in between open water and fields solid geese for miles
  11. nascar ran a race from ' I forgot what real racing "USED" to be like!!!
  12. Our Steelhead season opened here, no prob. spent a good part of Sat out walking my woods shed hunting, and found a few. Dead deer count is two so far. My woodlot wintered around 50 or more deer as standing corn was on both sides. Needless to say , you cant find a cob with any corn on it now! Deer look like Feeder Steers!
  13. it's almost as good as the real deal;
  14. Since I'm working every day..not really into the news all that much on the virus...was surprised to see the dramatic jump in N.Y. this week...but....then I see videos of high up officials the second week of March, telling people to go about your normal life, this is not that serious...same down at New Orleans, go to Mardi
  15. I do believe I dun caught it!! Only cure is GO OFTEN!
  16. I did Social Distancing Sat. WENT ICE FISHING! Lake to myself!
  17. AGREE! Taking advantage of this is WRONG!
  18. SO, does that mean you cant be outside piling wood?
  19. That aint a bad will be fine and time does fly! Gal here that has it was out and about posting pics on fb! HOW DUMB!
  20. Full time employees are now staying home, either because of health issues, or a spouse that has them, and not wanting to get infected and spread it to them. Amazing to see people out who should not be. Much less traffic than normal.