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  1. My wife and I went to a local Nursing home Late Fri. to check up on one of my Town Supervisors recovery progress and rehab, he is technically a disabled Veitnam Veteran. So we are sitting in the open visiting lounge out front chatting. Up pulls a 90 yr. old gal in her wheel chair. She comes over to me and says; We are having SHRIMP! Do you like shrimp? I said, "yes I love shrimp". she says, "when we have shrimp everybody goes CRAZY!, WELL, you can have all my shrimp''! She then pears over at Kim and says, "who is that, your wife"? I go "Yup", then she gives Kim the stinkeye look and says,"Well, no use for me to hang around here then"!! She abrubtley turns her chair around and peels out heading back to her room. We broke out laughing, I got hit on by a 90 yr. old
  2. Moving to Federal Sale, Sooo, started cleaning tracks on processor and dozer at 6 a.m. Got processor done by 9 a.m., You cant have ANY dirt on equipment coming into Federal Forest. Got dozer done by noon. Still have Forwarder to do...Monday a.m. Then Forester does an inspection, if it is clean we can start killin trees. Deer flies were bad, I'm a pint low now
  3. What??..Like you expected HIM to have a BRAIN?? Seriously? Oh, I forgot, He was ;protesting Police Brutality...Ya,.... RIGHT!
  4. Thats all past us again, including our annual family picnic. 20th year already since Dad and Mom wanted to do that...They both gone and the rest of us still here...alot of work to pull it off, my grillin aint killed anybody yet!
  5. Think this was my 5th time on the water, got my limit of Gills and few decent bass had the they were good
  6. Mathews XT Man

    Heat wave

    Been hot 90 and humidity of 66% this past week here, got 2" of rain late today, that cooled things down some. Not going to any fireworks here. was on the water at 5:30 a.m., off to bed soon for me. Had a Bald Eagle swooping down by boat for the bluegills I threw out for it.😎 I kept some for me and a few decent bass.
  7. I have no heading, across top, browse, whos online etc. then all the posts just have the image of the poster on far right...weird
  8. Not seen this site come up, it is different. When did it change?
  9. I have issued several Fireworks permits this past week, we are so green , a wildfire is almost impossible
  10. Must be a UPS thing? What can Brown do for you?
  11. Oneida WHO??? J/k I still got my Onieda's
  12. Ok, been a busy week as usual, on road by 4:30 and on job at 5 to pull trucks if they get stuck. Mowed a bit a couple diff. eves between showers. Up to 19 Pidgeons I dusted with .22 Hornet at 100 yrds off the silos since March. May go fishing Sat. local JD/Polaris dealer has a used equipment auction..I see a set of used set of tracks for a polaris Ranger there.
  13. _The King.mp4 sir top'em hat.mp4 _The King.mp4 _The King.mp4 _The King.mp4
  14. Just so you guys know, this was littered with "spam" links when it appeared
  15. WOW!! Can almost smell them!!👍
  16. Ashley Turned 30 today!! Her and Breylen will be here soon, and we are having a cook out and fire pit/smores and of course some BD Cake. Small family get together, good times. Couple nights in the tent for Breylen and me!
  17. SAD state of mind these kids are believing in
  18. wish I lived closer William, I'd help ya out!
  19. Compared to what William got goin...I got a pretty easy weekend.
  20. YUP I believe we would