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  1. hit clover plot with another round of 0-0-60 kill plots with 19-19-19
  2. William is most likely correct and I agree, even tho an ancient post, thought I'd have some fun; maybe get a laugh to this Answer; Horseshack; ''I KNOW MR. KOTTOR"! While in front of a camera by a treestand, sticking out their tongue is a deers way of saying... NA NA NA BOO BOO, Im here and YOU'RE NOT''!!
  3. SO, if a mask works, WHY do you need to stay 6 ft. apart?? Questions the effectiveness of the mask does it not?? If Eyes are not covered too, wearing just a mask is MOOT is it not? Pondering like
  4. Mathews XT Man


    know what Anthony would do with people like this;
  5. Fortunately, we are past those years. I do have a grandchild who really wants to go back badly. The Flu still has been worse than C-19. people have thrown out all or most of the practices most followed. Thats the crowd getting hit now. If Schools follow strict guidelines, I dont see why they cant reopen. Some countrys never shut down. Testing should be MANDITORY imo
  6. FINALLY!!! We got a FROG strangler! Power was out, and we had one road wash out, with 4.5 to 5 inches, one person two miles S.W. said he got 7 That pounded in my seed, which is all it needed. Clover plot will now take off , new plants were looking for moisture. Just need to fertilyze the new kill plots, and prob mow the clover one more time.
  7. we have cities now that require a mask in public. Wore one at Dr. Office other day, ONLY IN the building. Then, He tried to shake my hand coming in and before he left exam room.!! I gave a fist bump, THATS IT! he did the SAME 3 months ago! So our County now has 4 positives 1 dead
  8. On The Star Spangled Banner;
  9. NICE! Good looking buck Dave
  10. too bad you not get them in before last week, nothing like a good wet soaker to get things off!
  11. Pop up T Storms late today, looks as we may have another on the way, got my Honey Hole seed out as storm moved in. Hope it gets a good soaking right off.
  12. GREAT!..Lets rub HILLARY'S NOSE in it!
  13. pretty much sat in the shad and watched the world go by. Went to L and M late in the day to get a bag of Honey Hole seed for a small food plot by a bow stand. Then had a to stop at my fav. pizza place. FRANKIES Happy 4rth all
  14. another one...spotlighting and shooting deer off a BLACKTOP COUNTY Highway! On private property?? That has happened here several times. WHY CANT I DO THAT?
  15. Dont even GO THERE! wink What about replacing our aged Pipelines? /Green energy. Yet "we" still want to have life;s luxurys as we now have it, oh and How did you get to the "protest"..Hmmm?
  16. Martin Hamann Mathews xt Man 62 Wis. Archery and Crossbow Sept. 12 - Jan. 3, 2021 Gun Nov. 21 - 29
  17. Willliam, yup that looks wet! mowed my clover for 3rd time today. Need rain here, got a bit Wed eve...just enough to keep things growing.
  18. masks make people feel safer, but yes the Covid-9 microns are smaller than what the masks can filter out. Plus if you do get covid-9 on the mask, and you touch the outside of the mask while taking it off, you now have it on your hands. Without eye protection, you can get it that way too.
  19. those younger bucks didnt like it much, not sure a Mature buck would either. Maybe if it had more of a round deer body shape than a flat body, kinda disappeared when it turned toward you. Made then on edge for sure.
  20. our County still only 3 confirmed one dead
  21. Happy Birthday! look forward to seeing the finished bunkhouse/
  22. Hope that works out for you William! Here, we miss that chance by about two or three weeks . Only velvet buck I ever got my hands on was a car kill.
  23. Bet his Jacknife does too!!! ROFL Ya William..I know it's an old post..but hey..Buckey's as old as