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  1. another doe down this eve.; Ashley and Nate came over this w.e. Nate got it done.
  2. I know first week of Nov. is not peak rut here, (Northern Wis), second week is pretty much dead nuts.
  3. Heat wave and HIGH humidity has sent bucks off cams for now...cooler weather for this w.e.
  4. and a TASTY one, I was batchin last weekend and I wrangled up some tenderloins, tater tots and easy over eggs, I'm not the greatist cook, but It wasnt bad.
  5. Mathews XT Man 61 Wis. You Betcha Archery and Crossbow Sept. 14 - Jan. 31, 2020 Gun Nov. 23 - Dec. 1
  6. I need a selfie stick..but here is best I could do at the time;
  7. Well,...I let 11 others walk first!....this one was headed AWAY form the bedding area, and TOWARDS my Ranger, she got 30 yards closer to I had an ITCHY trigger finger that has been waiting since NOVEMBER...could not take it no more..TOM PETTY HAD IT RIGHT, the waiting is the hardest part. Tenderloins tater tots and eggs is what I had when I got in from the stand this a.m. I'm good now👍
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    Whoa... the "Gauntlett" has been thrown down!..😲😱
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    Get me on a TEAM I got 5 pts!!...LOL
  10. And INDEED I did have luck! Saw 12 deer and shot a doe at 10 yards double lunged her with a Muzzy. She ran 30 yards and dropped ! pic when I get to it.
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    jump on in Allison and Catrina NOT A PROBLEM
  12. I will also add this; "And there came a voice to him; "Rise, Peter; kill and eat," -Acts 10:13
  13. Fellow Wis. Bow Hunters, Good Luck and be SAFE will be up in my "HAPPY PLACE" Prob have this tune in my head; maybe even do a little Mathews Air Guitar!...LOL
  14. Our Oaks here are LOADED, we just finished an Oak unit...cripes, looked like Grape clusters
  15. old post, but all I could think of was;
  16. 48 just cant catch a break...
  17. poor Matt, he was trying to sqeeze into a 6 and he prob. got 13's!!
  18. By the way..THAT "GUN" didnt shoot ANYBODY! A DERANGED IDIOT that should have been STOPPED DID By the way there Beto, YOU just shot the DEMS in the foot! TRUMP 2020
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  20. yup I was at a Pot Latch Mtg in Cloquet...after the first plane hit, and second one came in... THE MTG WAS CANCELLED
  21. get you a glass of milk to go with the "fudge"