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    at the moment it is SNOWING HERE!! when they all come out,.... it's going to be a CLOUD!!
  2. Congrats Dave!! Ya got er done!👍
  3. we got as much planted this week as we could, rain to start about 9 p.m. here, and continue all weekend, up to 4+ inches! Im going to go run forwarder sat. get caught up some.
  4. Mathews XT Man


    Not seen a single tick here yet...nor a skeeter
  5. Wow..U dun got serious about chasin them TurkeeBirds!! Cool pics!
  6. Althought I do not have one, have heard Big Green Egg is really good;
  7. Hey Joe, sorry to hear that man...She's in a better place bud prayers and condolences u and to family
  8. seems they are roaming a bit now, looking for the last hens;
  9. Mud, we woke up to snow! 8.2 inches on our log job! day before dust was flying in fields that we were in Mon. and Tues.,so got my Co. truck serviced this p.m. planning on working Sat. get caught up in woods BEFORE I GET CALLED BACK TO FARM AGAIN
  10. Mathews XT Man


    not seen a tick here yet....skeets may have froze the other eve..woke up to 23
  11. HERE HERE!!!!👍
  12. good one Tim! I never even bothered to look this year
  13. Niece got her Gobbler this a.m. thats tag 5 and we are done here in Wis
  14. Update, my nephew got a Gobbler this a.m. 4 for 4 my niece hunts this w.e. 1 more we are all tagged out here
  15. Woke up at 3 a.m. to a bad ''FARM" nightmare, water cups overflowing, cows not bred back and not producing well.... NO WAY was any more sleep off to work, turned the key on the job at 3:45, worked till 11 and serviced machine Eng oil and fuel filters. came home to work in yard. Sun is 70 degrees Field work to start SOON!
  16. Mathews XT Man

    What if?

    If that happened, nothing would change for me other than I'd not have a license
  17. Looks like the tool the Innuets use in Alaska
  18. I also have made one tower with 1 inch square tubing as the frame. Treated plywood and foam Insulation. Vinyal siding plexiglass windows
  19. Good work Don! wish we got two tags in the spring..I do have a FALL tag tho