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  1. Shaun only has problems at the crossing when "GOING BACK HOME"!! 🤣
  2. Hope Newman is ok, sure hit wall hard, then a direct drivers side hit
  3. No mercy here, a good bear is a DEAD bear!
  4. Nope...but what do WE do??? Haul everybody back here that MAY have it! DUH!
  5. wondered what you did with all those Gobblers🤯
  6. Daytona ready to go Boogity Boogity Boogity LETS GO RACIN BOY'S!!!
  7. anybody catch the "Clash"?? or perhaps I should say "CRASH" handful of cars left at the end..WOW!
  8. you will use it Im sure. Im hooked to run entire house also, like you, just gotta plug in. I have a box with a throw switch to by pass putting current back on line.
  9. Yup gotta go with MCH and those chocolate horns.... Pat's 9 pt was VERY nice, Al's buck was a nother nice one
  10. Those wild game feeds are AWESOME!
  11. She has a Court Room Show where she processes real Civil Private Lawsuits on TV Here it is just before Eve News at 5 P.M. Can be entertaining at times. But I will not watch any longer since she is backing Mike DOOMberg
  12. Cant watch her anymore after this endorsement. And she seemed like she had half a brain...WRONG!
  13. I have one of Steve's Wood Duck prints....and WELL DONE I may add
  14. thats cool!..not even seen a yote track here yet this winter..all the deep snow early locked 'em down where they were at. I suspect once we get a warm spell and crusted snow, they will be running, mating season gotta be kicked in here soon.
  15. Now that's a OTPG kinda gun! Congrats AL!!
  16. know what they say...
  17. Ours is coming back from waaay too many wolves....Beef farmers got shoot to kill permits here...they must be doing so...not seen a track all winter
  18. HAA!! Thats about the size of it...NO THANKS!.....DONT NEED THE DRAMA!
  19. He does looked hunched up, not sure he is posturing for an off cam buck? Could be vehicle injury? or perhaps a buck got the best of him in a fight?......HOPEFULLY not CWD
  20. GREAT story Pat! YES!..Tons of sweat and time, Food Plots, Cam pics, and still those older bucks are tough to figure out! What I have learned....Between the Rut and late season food..that is the two times you can catch up with 'em.
  21. Very NICE buck Pat! Is there a link to the "story"??... I dont find it anywhere??
  22. Probably all wore down from all the fun of tending does. MHO. lol