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  1. ok the 21rst I will be out...I did not catch the traditional date had been changed from THIS week. to the THIRD week of April....That was close... I never caught that until today..wow
  2. this time Thurs. I will be out listening and calling. Hope to add to my "beard" collection.
  3. Daysland AB. Sunday, Apr. 11, 2021 Chris C. reported Incoming: increasing numbers Time: Late Afternoon Weather: Sunny Temp: 31-40 degrees Wind: Calm from West Comments: Millions of snows south of daysland AB
  4. I got a Huskavarna..gotta love the "Wissconsin accent!
  5. Gee, maybe if they wouldnt dump it into rivers, we would not have that problem?
  7. Just let the poor "Genetics" weed themselves out! YUP
  8. HA!!!!...We find two or three on EVERY logging job we do!..I found several just shed hunting last week. They are EVERYWHERE!!! Dont hear about those in the news now do ya?
  9. Found three dead deer so far also. Wolf kills ?
  10. Dave, I bet you can relate to what you find in the "backcountry" Some People are SLOBS! I went to a walk in lake early last summer. went light, bucket bait pole. Came out with half a pail of TRASH!
  11. Alice N. Dakota; Saturday, Apr. 3, 2021 Jesse G. reported Incoming: increasing numbers Time: Early morning Weather: Sunny Temp: 51-60 degrees Wind: 5-10 mph from South Comments: 500,000 snow geese using alice waterfowl rest area. 50000 birds on waterfowl production are south of alice.
  12. wow...I never came back to this thread till now...ya I thought he was 45 or so, he was up a very steep incline on field edge. Could not believe when I paced it off. killed him dead. Wow, ya'll went and got yer undies in a bunch over that?? Ive absolutely DUSTED a gobbler at 30 yards, took feathers off, looked like he exploded...and HE FLEW AWAY! set his wings and floated down the coulee a half mile...onto land we not have permission to hunt. I bet he never recovered. That was the only one I can say I never killed. Same gun, same choke, same ammo. Go figure.
  13. WELL Ruth, frankly I do not expect to find many this year, as we did not have standing corn here all winter. Also many bucks had shed early before they came onto my property in Dec. I did however find three so far within an hour. Will post a pic.