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  1. It's going to rain here most of the day tomorrow so it looks like I'll be indoors tomorrow. When the sky clears, I'll go listen for gobbling turkeys. Season opens next Friday.
  2. Welcome back Pinwheel...been a long time since you stopped in here. Congrats on the elk...nice one!
  3. Rhino

    CWD here

    We now have a 4th deer tested positive for CWD here in MS. 2 of the recent ones, including the new one, are just across the line from where the bulk of the TN deer are spotted on the TN CWD containment map William posted. The CWD containment area on the MS side of the line bordering the TN area now covers 6 entire counties plus ~1/2 of 5 more counties. The 2nd CWD containment covers about 5 counties bordering the Mississippi River N and S of Vicksburg.
  4. Rhino

    Dream to Reality

    Congratulations Frank! Awesome!!! Nice being at the end of a dead end county road too. That should help reduce disturbance to your property...unwanted guest too. Looks like you have multiple options for stands for different winds too. Hope you can annually bag a bigun there!
  5. Not much here to do in all this rain we've had. Doing a crawfish boil tonight. Nothing else planned beyond that.
  6. There are multiple factors that come into play with deer getting on their feet. With that said...JMHO but from my experience (as a general rule) there's a temperature comfort range for the best deer movement depending on where you're hunting. That temp range varies across the country. Mid-western deer and deer further north have larger bodies and longer hair for colder temps than southern deer. The temp comfort range may be under 10 degrees (F) in Canada while it may be between 25 and 40 here in Mississippi. Other factors like wind speed, rain, etc. all come into play to. With that said, assuming all other factors being favorable, temps in the mid 20's to 30 degrees is, IMO within the comfort range for deer movement for most USA. That may be too warm for Canada and too cold for Florida. Hunters in those parts of the continent will need to chime in for that.
  7. The home hunting turf in Mississippi. It's a hunting club that's all leased land with a camphouse...1,320 acres. We have a real good relationship with the owner. Been hunting it for 5 years now. Topography: It's the most severe terrain I've hunted in this state. The property mainly steep ridges before it drops down into the flood plan for the Mississippi River/Big Black River. About 200 acres of it is bottom land adjacent to the Big Black River. Hunting Pressure...We have 12 members so pressure is average except during holiday periods when it can get a higher. Pressure is high on the property adjacent to us on the N, S, and E sides. To help reduce pressure on us, we have what we call quiet zones on our access roads. Inside the quite zone we walk to stands. Only drive in past them to recover game. Members (or their guest) can hunt each others shoooting houses, ladder stands and hang-on stands. The only private stands are climbers. I don't have a problem with that rule. The Missouri turf. It's all owned property totaling ~1,350 acres. My buddy and I started acquiring land there in 2011. The 1st tract was acquired in October, 2011...the last tract (4th) in December 2012. It's all contiguous property. Since it had been hunted hard in the past (pay hunts) we decided not to hunt it the 1st year. Since then we've been hunting it and managing it for mature, trophy bucks. My buddy bought the 1st tract on his own and built a house (really a lodge) on it. There was a small pond by it. We built a 5 ac. lake that included that old pond by the house. We've done numerous things to improve the habitat for deer hunting...too many to list since the spring of 2012. Topography: It's mainly rolling hills or bottom land (flat compared to the MS club). There's 1 main ridge running through the property that ends before our E line. There are several creeks running through it, one large enough to have a name on all maps. Most of the southern bordered is a river. About 600 acres of tillable land is leased to a farmer. Another 95 acres of a hill land field is in a quail habitat program. Paid better than CRP but requires more annual maintenance. We also took 2 smaller fields that total ~19 ac. that were tillable and we planted them in native grasses for cover. There's maybe another 25 ac. of overgrown field type land scaterred around in several places that we left to grow up in brush for cover too. The rest is timbered. Besides the crop land we have 14 food plots that range from 2 ac. to 1/3 of an ac. in size. Hunting Pressure...is light since we can control it. We've never had more than 5 hunters there at the same time. It's usually less than that. It's also light on the lands adjacent to us. The guy that owns the most property adjacent to us doesn't bowhunt so it's only hunted during the 11 day gun season....then only by him and his oldest son. He has ~600 acres. Another landowner that's adjacent to us on the eastern side doesn't bowhunt either. Heck...in the 6 years I've been bowhunting there, I could count the number of bowhunters I've seen going to/from the adjoining properties on 1 hand.
  8. Rhino


    DITTO!!! That same attitude about your conscience applies to a lot more than just hunting too. I agree with William about his opinion on trail cams. They are mainly best for letting you know what's out there to watch for. Not just shooters but younger bucks we want to pass up until they're mature. Sometimes there's only a matter of a few seconds to make a decision when you're hunting for mature bucks. They can show you a general area that a buck may confine most of his movement to (outside the rut), but I've noticed from running them for a long time now, that area is far bigger than most hunters realize during open hunting seasons. This past season I caught the same buck on 2 cams (about a mile apart) within a 6 hour time frame. As far as daylight pics vs. night...I'd say less than 10% of the mature buck pics occur in daylight in Mississippi and most of that is during the chase phase of the rut. In Missouri daylight pics on average are a lot higher (~25%) probably due to lower hunting pressure in the area over the past 8 years since we've been there.
  9. After the refs blew the call in the Saints/Rams game, I didn't watch most of the Super Bowl. Saw the end...glad the Pats won. Didn't see the halftime show.
  10. Rhino


    I pretty much agree with William. It would be very useful for getting an aerial view of your property but as a hunting weapon...that crosses the line by a long shot! That's why each state provides a list of legal weapons for specific seasons. I don't see any state opening a "free for all" weapon season. At the end of our season one of my hunting buddies had his drone with him. He flew it around for ~30 minutes going out to about a 3/4 of a mile away. Pretty cool aerial view now with no foliage. They have their limitations though. The drone needs to receive a signal and it was limited In our hilly terrain. It needed to stay high when it got beyond 300 or so yards (best guess). Details are hard to see too with the wide angle view at a distance. Everyone I know that's ever had a drone fly over while hunting says deer are spooked off...BAD. I know of 3 instances so far. The drone's noise is apparently loud enough and such a strange noise to them that they come unglued getting out of there before the drone even got near them...high up too.
  11. Dunno about anything extra yet. Season opens early here (March 15th) so that's where I'll kick off the 1st of my game plans. Then, depending on the weather and timing of bagging birds (3 gobbler limit here), hunt off and on until around April 10th before taking a short break before hitting the road north. I'll head to Missouri a couple of days before their 4/15 opener to hunt the first 3 or 4 days of their season for bird no. 1. Then return to MO sometime toward the middle of the 2nd week to go for bird no. 2 (I hope). We can only kill 1 out of our 2 bird limit in MO during the first week of their 3 week season.
  12. Rhino

    CWD here

    The 1st confirmed case found in Mississippi was during the beginning of 2017 (~25 miles north of Vicksburg, MS). Since then, 2 more cases have been found...1 within the containment area established after the 1st case...the 2nd was found recently in a county on the northern side of the state. Like other states, when a cwd containment area is established supplemental feeding (including mineral licks) is illegal in the containment area. At this point it's too early to tell what kind of impact cwd will have here.
  13. Went to the camp Friday afternoon through Sunday morning. Checked trail cams for gobblers (nice results). Also loosened up all my stands and did some post season trimming.
  14. Pretty sure he is mature too William!