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  1. I hunted Friday and Saturday afternoon here in Mississippi. Zip Friday...a doe and a fawn Saturday. Needless to say it was real slow. It appears the tropical storm from 8 days ago blew a lot of acorns out of the trees so the deer have plenty of mast available in cover right now. At least it was cool enough to enjoy relaxing in a treestand.
  2. Bummer about your bow MCH...especially with it happened at the moment of truth. Hope you get a 2nd chance at him with the crossbow. I have similar issues practicing due to tendonitis in my left forearm. I can't shoot more than about a dozen arrows before I need to quit. After that my forearm gets too sore to shoot accurately. Sucks to get old!
  3. Rhino

    too decrepit

    Sorry to hear your deteriorating back issues may keep you from running the mountains after this year. Although I've only had back issues once I understand the balance issues you're talking about. At 66 years old now (67 in a few months) I'm not where you are yet but I've been wondering how many more seasons I have left to spring turkey hunt the way I prefer hunting. My preferred turkey hunting style is run and gun (I can't run though either). Covering ground and using tactical maneuvering to get in position to work a turkey is a lot more fun to me than taking a position to call from and ho
  4. Thanks Shaun! Some beautiful country area your camp. Looks like the kids love it too.
  5. Bummer you didn't bust him. With the slim chance of something like that happening, doubt it happens again. Still though...just in case you may not want to rest directly on the deck rail again. Who knows why the yote wheeled around. Bullet fragments might have hit around the area where he was. Just a pure guess though.
  6. BTW...consider this about shoot through netting (why I hate it). Before you draw your bow you're going to want to be aiming toward the deer through the window, especially if your wife is in the blind with you. Now at the moment of truth you have to make sure your broadhead never touches the shoot through mesh before and when your draw your bow. It's highly likely the end of your arrow will need to stick outside the shooting window to draw your bow so the elbow of the arm you draw with (right or left handed) doesn't hit the back of the blind and make noise. I've hunted from a number of diff
  7. First...welcome aboard! My ground blind hunting days go back to the old days before popup blinds. I used to make them out of full foliage limbs, etc. cutting out shooting holes to bowhunt. I used electrical tap to tie everything together including the edges of my shooting holes. Zip ties would work for that too. I'd add camo netting to the back of the inside of the blind to make my camo clothing blend in. I still have brush/limbs on the back side of the blind but not as thick as the front. I've had deer within several feet of those natural blinds before. On average, it would take me ab
  8. Sorry to hear you lost him. From the details it sounds like you may have hit the shoulder/leg joint area right in front of a heart shot. Unfortunately, I've been there once before. I saw the arrow hit a buck there thinking it was a good hit too but saw I had very little penetration as the buck trotted off. Never found him. A few days later I was talking to my buddy Gene about it. His said his son had recently had the same thing happen to him. Gene went into detail explaining how what looks like a great shot can hit that one spot and a broadhead won't go through it. In 2018 the same thi
  9. Looks great! Nothing wrong with being as comfortable as possible while enjoying doing nothing. Looks like a great peaceful setting to let your mind rest...until some venison interrupts your rest. Looks like most of your deer drags will be pretty easy too...another bonus. 😉
  10. Same here...I used to Gary but quit about 10 years ago or so. My computer crashed and I lost it...9 years of organized entries...bummer. I still have my hand written note books for each of those years though. I don't hunt any of the properties anymore where I used took those notes. When I kept a journal data included all weather conditions, moon phases, along with details for each deer I saw (ID, time seen, direction came from, direction went, etc.). BTW...from reviewing that data annually, at least for Mississippi deer, it was obvious moon phase wasn't really a factor for deer movement.
  11. Yep...that's a toad of a buck. That one will make it easier to put time in on stand.
  12. This has to be a new one. The other one I think you're referring to was this one. He was mature 2 years ago. I think this year's odd one is a 4 year old. It is the same side messed up on both though. This one from 2018 vanished before shedding velvet. If the wild looking 12 point is still around at the opening of the gun season, he'll be my target buck. Gun season doesn't open till Nov. 14th. In Missouri bowhunters can only kill one of their 2 bucks before the November gun season opens. I have my gun tag. Till then I'll chase Mississippi deer. I'll probably go back for the
  13. Thanks Don...posted the hunt story...lots of pics to go with the hunt.
  14. Posted the story...lots of pics in it. I was extremely lucky to have everything come together with trail cam pics of the 2 encounters I had with this buck. I sure hope my luck rubs off on the rest of the team.
  15. I left for my 1st Missouri bowhunt for the season last Wednesday (9/30). I set my 5 cams out the end of July but haven't had the chance to return and check them. Arriving late that afternoon I went to glass a field where I have several stands before I lost daylight. This is the southern part of the field I was glassing. We have a clover plot on the southern end (bright green area). The rest of the tillable ground is in beans this year. I was glassing from cover ~500 yards N of the clover plot. The tan pin on the north end of of the plot is my ladder stand. The red pins are ha