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  1. I'm still hanging around but been busy getting ready for a move. My new house in north Mississippi should be finished around the end of March. I've been going through everything in the house I've lived in for 31 years to decide what to get rid and what to keep. Lots of old files too since I worked full time out of my house from 2002 to 2007. Since then I've been sort of semi-retired.
  2. I prefer a bow quiver. It's quiet and light weight. I usually take it off when in a stand and hang it up. I have a hip quiver but I haven't used it for many years. It's too easy to snag arrows on brush and make noise with it. Easier to loose arrows too, especially in the dark while slipping in or out of stands back in cover.
  3. LOL on the ice in Maine. We still have this month to go but I don't have any bucks on cams in MS with over 10 points...virtually no chance for an upgrade. Wish we knew what was going on with Shaun300's deer season. He's never posted in the team thread. He was on my team last year too and checked in once late in the season. Frustrating when 25% of the team won't participate.
  4. I spent most of the holiday period in the woods but didn't bag another buck yet. Passed on a number of them. Had a great hunt New Years morning seeing 10 different bucks. The 1st one was a tall 8 but I didn't have a clear shot. Saw the other 9 bucks that morning multiple times but the tall 8 didn't show again. 2 of the other 9 bucks were mature but I was holding out for another crack at the tall 8 that didn't happen. The next day and a half the deer appeared to be in lockdown. Headed back to the woods tomorrow. BTW...a friend of mine killed the big 4x6 10 point (trail cam pics abov
  5. Congratulations! Yep...you had a great year. A 4 bearded gobbler is a very rare trophy. Nice deer too!
  6. Congratulations Frank! Hope your new neighbors work out.
  7. Rhino

    10 point down

  8. Understand...The chase phase of the rut where I'm hunting in Mississippi should start in around a week. Yep...real late here compared to most of the country. The tough part for me lately has been staying patient so I don't start to feel burnt out when I really need to spend more hours in a stand...soon now. Headed to camp this afternoon to hunt and check cams. I won't have a wind to hunt any of the stands where I'm getting the 4x6 on cams until tomorrow though.
  9. Thanks Frank! I've been focusing on figuring out a buck I caught on one of my cams in MS. So far I have him on 4 of my cams 1 one of my buds cams since 11/25. He's a 4x6 ten point so no upgrade but cool looking buck. Is anyone else on the team still hunting?
  10. Got back from Missouri late yesterday from my 2 week road trip. Catching up on chores at the home so this will be short. I didn't fill my gun season tag or either one of my 2 archery turkey tags. The best buck I saw was before the gun season opened...a big wide 8 while I was archery hunting for gobblers. During the gun season the best buck I saw was a mature 9 point but I was hunting 1 of 2 bucks I had on cams better than him. Like the old saying goes...with 1 buck tag, you can't kill a big one if you kill a smaller first. My buddy bagged his target buck during the gun season with 2 hour
  11. If a hunter bags that buck, we'll see him in a magazine.
  12. Hope you have more fun days like that one coming up MH. Still slow here in MS. They are just starting to scrape in MS. I'm headed back to Missouri tomorrow to help my buddy and his brother. Since I killed my 1st MO buck, I can't fill my next MO buck tag until the opening of their gun season (11/14). I may be there for the next 2 weeks or so.