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  1. Friday the 13th April check-in

    Due to severe weather between here and NE Missouri, heading that way tomorrow instead of today.
  2. Friday the 13th April check-in

    Driving to Missouri Saturday. Takes me ~10 1/2 hours driving time to get there pulling my Ranger EV. Spring turkey season opens in MO Monday.
  3. hey

    Nothing much except enjoying turkey season. Like William said, the forum is well into that slow time of the year. Next event I'm looking for here is Tim's 2 Merriams turkey hunts.
  4. Crazy recovery!!!

    I wish Paul had videoed it with his phone!
  5. Crazy recovery!!!

    LMBO at you Martin...yep...that was a 1st and will be the last time I EVER do that. BTW...talked to Redbeard, he laughed and shared one of his stories when he snatched one by the neck that was standing like a flamingo (on 1 leg) behind a big oak he'd shot. As usual, a funny Redbeard story.
  6. April 6 Friday check-in thread

    Heading to my best friends new house tomorrow morning for the weekend. House warming party there tomorrow night.
  7. Crazy recovery!!!

    Wednesday was, to say the least, a very memorable turkey hunt going for the last of my 3 gobbler limit in MS. I didn't get on a cooperative gobbler that morning but a friend of mine bagged his 1st bird of the season. That afternoon me, my buddy Skip, and Paul (killed the bird that morning) decided we'd all go set up in a place near where Paul killed his bird that morning. With a lot of pig sign there from falling water in the Big Black River that had flooded this 70 ac. field, they were looking for an opportunity to cut into the pig problem while I turkey hunted. I set up my DSD decoys and we set out our portable turkey blinds with 3 turkey hunting chairs. After about an hour Paul says "is that a turkey on the other side of the creek". There's another 12 ac. field across a still flooded creek ~400 yards N of the 70 ac. field we're we set up. I glass...yep...2 mature gobblers. Paul and I start calling and to our surprise both birds fly across the creek and slowly start working toward us. In business. As they are working toward our front left side they are suddenly spooked by something SW of us where we can't see. They hit the air and touch down somewhere inside the timber ~80 yards from us. I whisper to Paul & Skip...they didn't spook from us so good chance they'll be back. About 20 minutes passes when they ease out at ~80 yards. Paul and I crank up clucking and purring. Both birds start slowly coming in. When they get to what I that was about 35 yards but behind some thin dead weeds growing though a disk in front of us (you can see it in the pic) I felt like I had a good open shot in a thin spot though the higher part of the dead weeds. It ended up being 43 steps. I roll the thicker bearded gobbler over there. He gets up and hits the air. I knock him back down with my 2nd shot. His partner hits the ground with him and breaks into a strut with my wounded bird that gets back to his feet. When a clear 3rd shot is offered my gun misfires...panic mode now...I reload and it doesn't fire again. Now I slam a new shell in as both birds head toward the timber. The unharmed bird leaves 1st. My wounded bird is slower since he's real sick. When I have a clear shot I knock him down again flopping just inside the timber. Paul and I do a high 5 and then we go over to recover him. Now...what happens next is going to sound unbelievable but I promise it's true and fortunately I have 2 witnesses. When we get to where the bird was flopping inside the wood line, he's not there. This is at the base of an extremely steep ridge. I start climbing the ridge slowly looking for my bird. Suddenly, there he is about 10 yards above me...standing up. I freeze and point. Paul says you found him. I respond...he's still on his feet. Paul...WHAT!!! I point to the bird and Paul eases to his right below me to where he sees my bird. Now...I made the mistake of leaving my shotgun in the blind, convinced my bird is dead. Wrong thing to do. My gobbler has his head up and turns to his left and I can tell he's left eye has been knocked out. Yep blinded on his left side. I opted to do what is probably a bad decision (hindsight) but in the excitement of the moment I figure I can get him right there. I ease up 1 step at a time. With each step the bird turns his blind eye toward me and I freeze after each step until he turns his head away. I finally get within a yard of him...one step at a time. This ridge is so steep he's at eye level now when I'm that close. Now...I know my only chance is to grab both legs of this standing up bird at the same time or he's going to tear me up with the spur on his free leg. I lean forward and quickly snatch hold of both of his legs. Now the bird starts beating me with his wings. Paul's hollering...stomp on his head. I'm trying to but every time I do I start slipping down the side of the ridge off of him. This goes on through several attempts until Paul gets up to me to stomp on his head for me. Paul looks at me and says...if you had told me that story I would have said there's no way that happened but I saw it with my own eyes. Then he said someday I'll be telling my grandkids about this and they're going to look me in the eye and just say...come on pop! My 3rd MS gobbler has a 9 5/8" thick beard and 1" spurs...along with a flattened out head.
  8. The Milestone Gobbler

    Shaun...the 1st one is always a milestone and the hardest one for most of us to kill...unless you're lucky. I turkey hunted for 4 seasons before I killed my 1st bird. Back in those days there weren't as many birds here as there is now but they weren't hunted much by too many people either. Now turkey hunting is WAYYYYYY more popular.
  9. The cost of hunting.

    Here in Mississippi I buy a sportsman's license. I won't break it all down but I include the state duck stamp, freshwater and saltwater fishing, and all big game hunting in my license. That cost me in MS is a little over $78 each year. Now in Missouri, we get hosed pretty good. I buy a gun season deer license (includes 1 any deer tag) and an archery season deer license (includes 2 any deer tags and 2 turkey tags) each year...total cost for those is $450. Then add in a couple of doe tags at $25 each and it's an even $500 each deer season. Then comes spring turkey season...another $225 for that and we get 2 turkey tags. That's just the license part. I won't even go into how much I spend going back and forth to Missouri along with the expense of all the things we have to do to maintain our property.
  10. The Milestone Gobbler

    My heart beat gets faster, along with the hair standing up on the back of my head when they start gobbling close, especially when they are so close it seems like it vibrates across the ground. By the time they show up I'm usually a little more composed...usually...but still excited. That's just part of turkey hunting.
  11. The Milestone Gobbler

    The birds were henned up real bad during my last 2 day hunt. With the forecast calling for 2 clear sunny days I took off again in quest of my milestone gobbler. By that I mean my next gobbler would be my 100th gobbler. Yep...been turkey hunting a lot of years and in a number of different states since I started turkey hunting in my 20's. I'm now 64. OK...on to the hunt. Friday morning I woke up to an unexpected overcast sky and somewhat balmy air. The weatherman was wrong again. I hit the woods and started close to where I'd heard a bird on my last outing. When gobbling time arrived I heard nothing on our property. I heard 2 distant birds to the N and NE on the neighbors that gobbled only a few times. At flydown time I issued my 1st call. Within a few minutes a hen eases in from behind me...then I hear another hen behind me. Heck...I'm in birds so I sat tight but that was the extent of the action. At 9:00 I opted to head to camp and take a break until the clouds cleared and the hens had a chance to leave the gobblers. Thankfully by 11:00 it was clear and sunny so I headed out for a midday hunt. Easing into the same area where I'd killed my opening day bird I'd issue a call every 200 yards or so...never got a response. When I reached the same place where I killed my opening day bird near the SE corner of our property I decided to set up and sit for an hour of so. I issued my 1st call there and a gobbler to the E immediately cut me off that sounded like he was about 150 yards away. Game on! Being that time of day I didn't want to call too much so I tried to space my louder calls out with clucks and purrs between them. Every loud call I made was answered with a gobble. It sounded like he was moving away until I realized there's 2 gobblers that way. About 30 minutes into the action, I dish out a yelp and don't get an answer. Hummm...well I figured he's either coming or he now has hens with him. From that point on I delivered nothing but soft clucks and purrs. About 10 minutes passes and he suddenly appears to my right...in full strut slowly easing in through open timber. Sometimes you just have to enjoy the few moments watching one like that even though he was easily in my kill range. I let him slowly strut about 15 yards enjoying the show before putting my holosight on him. At ~20 yards he raised his head slightly and I dropped him there at 12:15 in the afternoon. My milestone gobbler has a 9" pencil beard and 1" spurs. It was also one of those classic midday hunts when...if you find a bird that will gobble at your calls that time of day, you have a good chance to work him in. The hardest part is finding a gobbling bird during the midday hours. Sorry...thought I had a pic in my iPhone but I can't find it.
  12. Turkey season

    Good luck on your road hunts Tim. Hope you bag a limit in both states. Looking forward to seeing some Merriam pics and reading about your hunts.
  13. Easter weekend check-in

    Started my weekend Friday turkey hunting. Had a great day killing a bird at 12:15. I'll have to post the story in the turkey forum when I upload pics. Scouted a different area at dawn this morning then came home for the rest of the Easter weekend. Nothing else special planned.
  14. Congratulations to team 1, and....

    Thank you William for taking care of the contest again this year.
  15. 2017-18 best ofs

    Best story...Frank (fly). Also a lesson to learn there too...take enough water.