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  1. Buck Tag Filled!

    Congratulations Ruth...great buck!!!
  2. Missouri rifle

    Congratulations Jared...nice buck! I like those kind of drags too.
  3. The Double Beam Buck

    It was a wild and entertaining rut this year in MO. The double beam buck was one of the bucks near the top of my hit list. I was getting him on several trail cams in hard horn up to 1.25 miles apart. During an early October hunt I got a good look at him at ~75 yards. Too say the least, he sure looked impressive on the hoof. On Nov. 3rd a friend of mine saw him about a mile from where I saw him in early October. On the afternoon of November 9th I had the wind perfect for a stand I hadn't had the chance to hunt yet this year. It was close to a creek in a timber bottom below the end of a ridge. It also appeared to be where I thought he might be traveling back forth between the 2 general areas where I was catching him on cams. With it falling down to 20 that evening and a strong wind blowing, I dressed for a long cold sit. The walk to the stand had me perspiring so, once in the stand, I opened my jacket and bibs to cool off & dry out before gearing up to bowhunt. I set out my mask, gloves, release, etc. and put my binocs on first. About 3:15 I see movement of the 1st deer of the afternoon coming off the end of the ridge toward me. I raise my binocs to glass him...OMG it's the double beam buck. Caught with my pants down (so to speak), I quickly put on my release and ease my facemask on. He comes down, goes down the side of the creek bank and starts drinking. Although he's inside 30 yards a leafless bushy tree offers no shot. If he goes to my right...no shot. I decide I have to do something to coax him toward my left. I ease out my grunt call & deliver a single grunt. He whips his head up looking to my left. A stoke of luck was a doe and fawn followed by an 8 point is heading down the ridge toward me at the same time the double beam buck looked to my left. He walks up the creek bank to check out the new arrivals. Still behind the bushy tree, he stares down the 8 point that backs off. He then moves to a tree & starts tearing it up I guess to further intimidate the 8 point. As he's rubbing the tree the doe & fawn walk past my tree at ~10 yards. After finishing whipping up on the tree, he starts walking right at me. In the open now but still no shot. He closes to 20 yards...15...10...coming right at me. Finally he turns to go around the left side of my tree. Having the stand in the right fork of a double truck tree has me watching him pass by the left truck. I moved my bow between the left truck and my stick when he went behind it and come to full draw. He eases by at 5 yards...quartering away. My pin goes to his heart...release the arrow and it smacks him there. He went about 40 yards past where I last saw him at ~75 yards leaving a blood trail Ray Charles could have followed. Gross score 158 2/8"...nets are for fish. He was such a regular at one of the cams I set up on a mineral lick from early July to mid September, it was easy to watch his antler growth. I'll share some of those pics later. Playing catch up now.
  4. Got a good One

    Congratulations! Nice!
  5. Solid Illinois 9 pointer

    Congratulations!!! Nice buck!
  6. Team 1 Rhino 10 point killed November 9, 2017 If you need pics of the hooked tine on the lower right beam I'll take and post them later
  7. Team 1

    here's a good picture...story to come later...shot him at ~5 yards.
  8. Start of the 2017 Hit List

    Wild hunt...story to come later but here's a good picture.
  9. Start of the 2017 Hit List

    Well...I put a hole in the double beam buck yesterday afternoon. Recovered him last night. I'll take daylight pics of him today and post the hunt and pics when I get home later next week.
  10. Team 1

    Teammates...I'm on the board with a real nice NT buck...10 points total including the double beam on his right side and a hooked tine off of it ~2 1/2" long. I shot him yesterday afternoon at ~6 yards and recovered him last night. Didn't want to take any chances of pushing him so I waited 3 hours before tracking him. He didn't go 50 yards past where I last saw him. Left a blood trail Ray Charles could have followed. Here's a velvet picture I posted from my thread in the Bowhunting forum (Beginning of the 2017 Hit List). I'll take daylight pics today and post them in the entry thread when I get home later next week.
  11. Got a good One

    Congratulations!!! Nice one!
  12. Saskatchewan buck

    Congratulations Tim...very nice 8 point. Hope your about to tag a big Nebraska buck. Keep us posted!
  13. Team 1

    I'm still trying to fill my 1st MO buck tag. Rutting activity the past few days is picking up a lot but no shooter bucks have come in bow range yet. I'll be spending a lot of time hunting here in MO until after the first couple of days of the MO gun season. Then I'll take a short break and go after them again. Heading out to a stand in about an hour.
  14. Congrats TIM

    Congratulations Tim...for both the nice NY buck and getting it all on video too. I know how much that means to you. Good luck in Saskatchewan, Nebraska, and Wyoming! Hope to see a few more successful hunter pictures. I'm heading to MO on Oct. 30th and I'll be there for about 2 weeks on this trip. Hope to share some pics soon with you too!
  15. Iowa blackpowder deer

    Congratulations again teammate! Lots of rope and at least 1 buddy with an ATV or UTV makes those drags easier. I keep 600' of rope handy for dragging with my UTV. Takes 2 people though. Someone has to stay with the deer to make sure it doesn't get hung up on anything during the rope drag while the other drives pulling...real slow.