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  1. Rhino

    Team 4

    Don...BTW...sorry to hear you were so bummed out not to shoot anything yourself later when she couldn't hunt with you. But at least you had you the choice on getting groceries. Also...William is right. PS: Female logic (as you call it) applies to all ages. A close friend of mine calls it an open plumbing problem. 🙄😁
  2. Rhino

    Team 4

    LOL Don...never had that problem with my son. If I whispered just the "shoo" part of shoot...he never heard the "t" cuz of the BOOM!!!
  3. Rhino

    who are they?

    Ditto to what Jerry said.
  4. Rhino

    A new year is here soooo.

    Well Tim...I'm not sure how to boost the site to get people to post. Like you said, members spend more time on social media and we all have a limited amount of free time. A far as new...I took 4 bucks to the taxidermist today. Never done that before in one season. My 2 MO bucks, and 2 MS bucks. Got the 4th wallhanger here in MS Sunday afternoon (130 class 8 point). That's it for me in MS...filled my MS buck bag limit this year...stick a fork in me, I'm done. Except...I guess I'm going to be a guide for my son (Bailey) when he comes to hunt the weekend of Jan. 19th. We'll celebrate my 65th birthday when he comes too. Yep...next time I play golf, I can play from the senior tees. That will be new!
  5. Congratulations Allison! Nice one! Great shot too!!!
  6. Rhino

    Team 4

    Thanks Don...and Happy New Year to everyone too. Been in the woods since Christmas afternoon. Haven't knocked another deer down but enjoyed being out there. It's prime time rut here now but the weather has been terrible. Warm and wet for the most part. Haven't seen any mature bucks lately. Rain moves out and cooler temps roll in Friday so I'll give it a go later this week.
  7. Rhino

    MERRY Christmas

    Merry Christmas!!!
  8. Rhino

    WOW...Double Droptines!

    Got these pics back in late Oct. about a 1/2 mile N of where I got him in velvet. Didn't get a good side view pic. Haven't got him on a cam since then. Heard the neighbors have pics of him too but they haven't killed him. He appears to be spending more time on them than us. The pics I've gotten have been fairly close to our W property line. His drop tines curve backwards making them appear shorter than they look on pics too.
  9. Rhino

    Been a tough few days

    Sorry to hear about the loss of your Grandfather. My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family.
  10. Rhino

    IL 8 point

    Congratulations Frank! Just saw this.
  11. Rhino

    ready to get down..... late season buck

    Congrats William...looks like a nice cape for Catrina too!
  12. Rhino

    Team 4

    Hope you put a hole in him Joe...good luck!
  13. Rhino

    12-7 Friday check-in

    Rain started here yesterday morning so I came home from deer camp yesterday after hunting 1 1/2 days. Supposed to rain through tomorrow morning so just catching up on inside chores and online Christmas shopping this weekend.
  14. Rhino

    Team 4

    OK Don...good luck when flintlocking season arrives. Been real slow here...lull before the rut stuff I guess. Rut here in MS should start cranking up in a week or so.
  15. Rhino

    I see you ...

    Welcome back Luke. Good to see you drop in and at let us know you're watching.