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  1. could use some prayers

    Sorry to hear about your mother William. I'll sure say a prayer for her.
  2. Team 1

    Teammates...hope you check in soon. Heading to Missouri Monday for 6 days of bowhunting. I'll take a short break (few days) after that to catch up on bills then head back again. My son & his best friend will join me during the 2nd trip. While I'm there, I'll be out of touch with the forum.
  3. 9-22 Friday Fall check-in

    I'll be gathering, organizing, and packing up my bowhunting gear to make the 9.5 hour drive to Missouri. Went to the grocery to take care of next week's groceries today. Leaving early Monday morning since it is finally going to be cool enough to sit in a stand in the afternoons next week.
  4. Hunting season?

    I understand your still hunting on your type of turf. I've made 2 elk hunts...1 bow...1 muzzleloader. Same type of still hunting tactics you talked about. Stalked to within bow range of an elk and missed 2nd guessing the distance. Killed a bull the 2nd day of my muzzleloader hunt. Covered ~3.5 miles in rough terrain the 1st day. Got to where we wanted to start before daylight the 2nd day where I was able to move in for that bull. I've made 1 mulie hunt...spot & stalk. Covered lots of ground glassing to make stalks on bedded mulie bucks. Killed one the 5th day of that hunt. Like William said...the terrain and amount of acreage a hunter can utilize is different on my home turf. I can only recall 2 bucks I've been able to stalk and kill bowhunting in Mississippi. Tried in Iowa once on a very windy day. Got to about 60 yards of a big, mature 10 point but there was no way I could figure out to get any closer without spooking him. Not sure how many deer I've killed still hunting with a gun. Not too many though here in the south. Obviously it's easier than still/stalk hunting with a bow. As far as encountering other hunters on public land...Over the years, I can probably count on 1 hand the number of times I haven't in the south. The norm is having to hunt around other hunters on public land. The last time I hunted public land was a turkey hunt in southern Missouri. I was on a gobbling bird all by myself...within 10 minutes I had 5 hunters behind me and to my left & right behind me. The bird was in front of me so I was in their line of fire. It wasn't worth it so I got up and walked right through them to get out of there. That's why I quit hunting public land and only hunt private land now. I have to agree with you about naming deer. In my mind it seems to humanize the animal or put him in the same train of thought as a pet. I rarely do it and when I do it's only to make it easier to ID him in discussions so I don't have to describe him every time I talk about him. I prefer to refer to a particular buck by other means. BTW...got a new recipe to try this year.
  5. Buck Down!!!

  6. And were off!

    Congrats to Andy. Good luck this coming Friday Martin.
  7. Team 1

    OK teammates...ready to go! I'm waiting on cooler weather before I go to MO to kick off my season. Looks like I'll head that way this weekend. The season opened on 9/15. Cory...I'm picky in what I'll shoot but no promises on giving you a head start. Also, I'm a bit more handicapped than most hunters choosing to bowhunt mainly in MO. Their gun season is only 11 days in mid November. If I kill a nice one before the MO gun season opens, I'll probably bowhunt during the gun season too. I mainly gun hunt in MS but MS doesn't have near the quality of mature bucks that MO has. Last year I didn't kill a buck in MS but I did kill 2 real nice ones in MO. BTW...odd number years have been unlucky for me in MO. I haven't killed a mature buck in MO yet during an odd number year. I hope to break that jinx during this 2017 season.
  8. 9 - 15 Checkin

    Figured I'd start it since I'm leaving soon. Bow season opened today in MO but with temps in the 90's the next couple of days, then rain the following 3 days, I'm waiting until Wednesday to drive to MO to bowhunt. Heading to the MS club soon to do some last minute stand prep, run my 5 cams there, and some other chores. Season opens in MS on 10/1 but this will probably be my last chance to go there before the MS opener.
  9. Super Excited - 2017 Bow Hunting Season Will Be Great!

    Welcome back to the stick & string crew. Good luck this year!

    Will do Tim. Season opened today in MO but with temps in the 90's now & rain in the forecast through Wednesday, I'm waiting till Wednesday to go there to bowhunt.

    I spent the Labor Day holiday period + a day or 2 finalizing our hunting preparations in MO. Including a few blinds, we have 59 stands ready to hunt now in MO. Hung and prepared our last stand on Labor Day...a Millennium 360 Revolution. Saved the hardest for last in this huge oak tree near the NW corner of a standing bean field. The platform of the stand is ~22'.
  12. Understand...weak turnout so far. William...it might be a good idea to post another thread in the Lounge about extending the sign up.
  13. Getting closer

    I've been watching the weather too. Season opens Friday in MO. Forecast shows temps up to 90 Friday & Saturday, then good chance of rain Sunday through Tuesday. I'll keep watching the weather forecast and drive to MO when the weather looks better than those 5 days.
  14. Hunting season?

    You guys think too much...hunting is by definition however the applicable state your hunting in defines it. Not how Websters dictionary defines it. We follow the rules and laws as defined by each state as it relates to hunting. For those of us that hunt using stands or ground blinds, the advance preparation before the season opens is just that...preparation for hunting. The indians weren't hunting when they were preparing their buffalo hides for camo to stalk buffalo. They were preparing for the hunt too. Are we fishing if we build a lake and stock it with fish to catch and eat later when they grow big enough? Same train of thought used for hunting preparations. As for "harvest season", I'm with Martin. Harvest season are those warning signs I see on the roads warning us to watch out for combines, tractors, & trucks that are going to harvest or transporting crops.
  15. beginner compound bow for the money

    Here's my $0.02...for what it's worth. Since you're a beginner, I'd suggest you go to your local bow shop and check out what they have. See what feels best in your hands. That way...if you need more help from them you can go back. There's really not enough difference between the budget type bows you're looking for. Better for you to have easy access to a local bow shop that can help you out with whatever you'll need. I hunt with a Bowtech Invasion and have a Bowtech Guardian as my backup bow.