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  1. Rhino

    11-16 early check-in

    Playing catch up at home now after being gone so much in Missouri since 10/25. Gun season opens here in MS tomorrow. I might go to the MS club tomorrow and run my trail cams and move some.
  2. Rhino

    Team 4

    Thanks Joe! Good luck to your son...and to you too!
  3. Rhino

    Great 2 days in Missouri

    Thanks guys...bagging that big, wide 8 on Nov. 1st made it easier to pass this 8. If I hadn't, this one would have taken a dirt nap.
  4. Rhino

    Great 2 days in Missouri

    After taking my big 8 on 11/1, I was on the sidelines in MO until the gun season opener on 11/10. After making making a short trip home I arrived back in MO the afternoon of 11/9. My buddy was still there bowhunting. Although he hunted several areas most of his attention was in a area where we'd had a real nice typical 10 on cams. That afternoon he saw him again. Never got inside 70 yards. Needless to say, he was headed there on 10/10 for the opener of the MO gun season. Opening morning it was 13 degrees with a breeze so I wasn't going to sit in a tree. I chose to hunt an area where I'd seen a 14 point that I also had on cams from ground level using my short pop out turkey blind and chair. I set up inside the edge of a fresh cut corn field ~300 yards N of the S end and ~250 yards S of the N end. The field is less then 100 yards wide. Saw a nice 8 point opening morning along with several small bucks, a few does and lots of fawns. Left the blind there and went back that afternoon. My buddy had seen the big 10 but couldn't get a shot off with him in high gear behind a doe. I saw more of the same including the same nice 8 I passed that morning except a lot closer for a a few pics this time. Here's 2 of them. About 3:45 though I heard a shot from my buddy's direction. Neither one of us are hunting where we had a cell phone signal. That evening when I arrived he is all smiles with his big 10 point. I was thrilled for him. He'd had terrible luck so far this year. The plan was (as usual) get daylight pics the next day after my morning hunt. With a perfect wind...back to the same spot. I figured it was just a matter of time before either one of the 2 shooter bucks I was after in that area would show up behind a doe. The morning started out pretty slow compared to the 1st morning. I'd see a few small bucks early and a lot of fawns but not much else. About 8:45 a doe appears close to one of my bow stands ~140 yards NW of me. She eases in and the buck we'd just referred to as the 14 point appears behind her. He turns broadside and starts working a lick branch. I got that! Lower the boom on him and he runs into the cut corn field falling ~10 yards from our farm road through it. My kind of tacking and drag! I head back to camp to get my buddy. 1st words out of his mouth..."you must have killed...you're back too early". I tell him the story then we go get mine. We've been hunting together for ~30 years now and this is the 1st time we'd ever had the opportunity get pics together of trophy bucks. His 10 point gross scores 155 3/8"...my 13 point scores 156 7/8". The 14th point (a short kicker point) was partly broken off with 3/4" left so 13 points score. It was a GREAT deer season for me in Missouri this year! Tagged out there now...time to hunt the MS home turf.
  5. Rhino

    Team 4

    Thanks Pat! OK teammates...I entered the 13 point for the upgrade, including extra pics of NT kicker points over 1". I'm tagged out in MO but still have my home turf to hunt in MS. No chance of getting a deer with more points than 13 in MS though.
  6. Team 4 Rhino Upgrade - 13 point Buck Note...the 2nd NT kicker point on his right side was less than 1 inch. The NT point by his left brow tine is over 4". If you need a picture of it, I can take one.
  7. Rhino

    Wife killed 2018 target buck

    Congratulations to Catrina! Hate to hear the yotes got to him 1st. Bummer! I'm sure you can get another cape for the mount.
  8. Rhino

    Team 4

    Here's couple of pics of me and my buddy with our bucks. Mine gross scored 156.875"...my buddy's gross scored 155.375. I still have to take pics of the NT points over an inch for entry and cape him out today.
  9. Rhino

    Team 4

    I will have an upgrade posted soon. Shot the 14 point this morning. 13 points over 1"...broke off the end of one of his kickers. It's this buck that Don liked the best from velvet picks. Scores 157" I'm tagged out on bucks in Missouri now. Great season here!!!
  10. Rhino

    Team 4

    Congratulations Joe! Strange your rut isn't cranked up good yet. It's going strong in Missouri right now. Headed back tomorrow and hunting through next Thursday . Spending the night at my son's house in Memphis, TN tonight. Makes for only a 6 1/2 hour drive from here rather than 9 1/2 from home. I have the 30-378 Wby Mag with me...just in case. Going to bowhunt from the start when the gun season opens Saturday but may break out the big gun if I don't have my 2nd buck by Tuesday. BTW...going for more points on the 2nd buck. Hope to catch the 14 point making a mistake.
  11. Rhino

    Team 4

    Just got home for a short time to catch up on bills, etc. Heading back to MO Friday since I can start trying to fill my 2nd MO buck tag Saturday. A guest of my buddy's killed an 11 point on my hit list. He scored 163 2/8" gross. I'll post a picture later. Got to unpack and regroup. Thanks Pat!
  12. Rhino

    Team 4

    BTW...yesterday afternoon my young buddy (35 now but known him since he was 14) was hunting one of my ladders on the S end of a fresh cut corn field. He saw 3 shooters...2 went close to a hang-n stand we have in the timber there off the field. They stayed in the cover. He's headed to that hang-on stand this afternoon. One of them was the 14 point you liked Don (4 NT points) I posted velvet pics of. The other was a big 10 point. Hot rut action is on here right now. I bet I'll be in a recovery group later today. Another older buddy is headed to the N end where the other big frame buck was seen. Hope to share kill pics soon!
  13. Rhino

    Team 4

    Cool and entertaining hunt Don. The morning of 11/1 I videoed two 8 points with my iPhone X. One was nose down cold trailing. The other was just cruising. Never tried to post a video. Quality of my iPhone 7 plus was too poor to zoom. The iPhone X is pretty good up to ~50% zoom.
  14. Rhino

    11-2 early check-in thread

    I'll be relaxing around the camp in MO and playing guide for a guest or 2 coming in here tonight. Since I bagged a big 8 point 2 days ago (post in Bowhunting Forum), I'll be guide and scout here until I go home Tuesday. Then I'll drive back next Friday for the gun season opener on Nov. 10th.
  15. Rhino

    Team 4

    OK teammates...I entered him for the contest and posted the hunt in the bowhunting forum.