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  1. Friday 2-16-18 check-in

    More rain moving in here tonight and tomorrow so post season work delayed, again for the next weekend...weather permitting.
  2. big trip

    Cool!!! Did they set you up with some hunts for this year Tim?
  3. Procreated

    Congratulations Ben!
  4. Check it in here-2-9-18

    Another weekend of rain here so my outdoor plans to loosen stands and do some post season scouting is spoiled again. 100% chance of rain tomorrow...50% Sunday. Bummer. I hope to do it next weekend. All my trail cams in MS are still out too.
  5. Texas bound

    What I consider bitter cold is when the chill factor gets below 10. We had a 3 day stretch of that in January. Several other days in January like that too. We don't get too much of that. Funny thing was, there were 117 city water lines busted when that 3 day stretch happened. They were able to fix 70 of them before we got low teens temps again. Then more to fix. Obviously, the city didn't bury water lines deep enough to handle that.
  6. Texas bound

    OH...I agree! That's why I still live this far south. Rarely get snow and when we do it's not usually too much at all. Bitter cold days aren't nearly as bad as yours and not nearly as many as you have to deal with.
  7. Texas bound

    So you know what it's like during the summer months here Don. Break a sweat just going outside for a few minutes.
  8. Hello all!

    Welcome back Jeremy.
  9. Texas bound

    Heck I live in Mississippi and agree with Don 100%. If you push on to Jackson, considering stopping on the Pearl side of the river (same metropolitan area). I-20 goes through the south side of Jackson. The south side of Jackson is not a place where'd I'd find a motel. It's considered one of higher crime rate areas of the city. Just my $0.02. If you want to check out Bass Pro shops, it's in Pearl too just off the interstate.
  10. First February Friday check-in

    Rain moving in here tomorrow so outdoor work will have to wait until Sunday afternoon. Going to the MS hunting club Sunday to loosen up some stands and hope to do a little post season scouting, if it's not too muddy. I plan to do the same Monday morning and return home Monday afternoon.
  11. My office view

    Yea...breath taking view you have there.
  12. New to Forum Want Your Opinion

    Welcome to the forum. Overall...good job on the video.
  13. 1-19 Friday Check-In

    I'm going to visit my son and daughter-in-law in Memphis, TN this weekend. My 64th birthday was Wednesday so we are celebrating it together this weekend.
  14. Winter has arrived

    Crazy winter here in central MS. Got snow Tuesday with a high around 25 that day. Yesterday morning at dawn the wind chill here was -3. We set record lows here Tuesday and yesterday. The weather here has been more like midwest weather than southern weather. Dang global warming!!!
  15. ATA Show 2018

    Got this link in an email this morning. Top new treestands, groundblinds, and accessories from the ATA show. http://www.bowhuntingmag.com/ata-show/ata-2018-top-new-treestands-ground-blinds-accessories/