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  1. Rhino

    It's Friday 9-14 check-in time

    Nothing much here...home chores and packing up to head to Missouri Monday. Got some chores to do there and run the trail cams again. Only staying 3 days and driving home Friday. Might get 1 afternoon hunt in if it's cool enough. We learned the mature bucks won't show themselves much in the daylight until it cools down. Waiting for the 1st cold front to get serious there.
  2. Rhino

    Team 4

    Joe...it looks like you and Don are going to get hammered by rain from Florence Wednesday.
  3. Rhino

    Team 4

    Checking in. Looking forward to sharing deer tales with the team. I think this will be the 1st time Don has been on the same team with me. Season opens in MO on 9/15 and heading there on 9/17 for just a few days. Probably won't get a chance to hunt much. The new barn & skinning shed is almost finished (burnt down last year on 10/17). We need to get the skinning shed ready. I have the electric hoist for it to mount. The walk in cooler is ordered to be deliver and we'll have to assemble it. finishing touches stuff and I want to run the trail cams again too. We usually wait until the 1st cool front of the season moves through to get serious about kicking off the bow season there anyway.
  4. Rhino

    And were off!

    Saw it earlier...wasn't sure if that was a he or a she though. Appeared to be an animal rights activist.
  5. Rhino

    9-7 Friday check -in

    Probably going to the MS hunting club tomorrow through Sunday morning to check trail cams and do a few more preseason chores.
  6. Rhino

    WOW...Double Droptines!

    No...The camera is facing almost due S. My stand is ~15 yards E of the camera.
  7. Rhino

    WOW...Double Droptines!

    Here's the best profile view I have of his body.
  8. Rhino

    WOW...Double Droptines!

    This is on a hunting club in Mississippi I'm in with 11 other members. Seriously doubt anyone is going to let him have another year or 2 if they see him. The body size of these MS bucks is smaller than most areas of the country. Fully mature bucks average 185 to 190 on this place. We weigh them all. Got some profile views but my best guess is he's 4.5 years old. Real hard to say on these bucks until after velvet shedding and they fill out their chest and necks. Cool to know he's out there, especially in an area where I have a number of stands. One of my bow stands is ~15 yards to his left.
  9. Rhino

    WOW...Double Droptines!

    Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined getting trail cams pics of a double droptine buck in Mississippi. I've never gotten pics of a buck with any droptines before on my home turf. So...needless to say, I was shocked when I ran my trail cams here in Mississippi and saw this guy. This is a huge surprise!
  10. Rhino

    Best from 1st MO cam run

    Yea...my main hunting buddy will have a guest or 2 that wouldn't hesitate to kill the freak. Heck...my son would probably take him out too. Got to remember, he's a fully mature buck. As you can see in this profile pic he has an old man's belly. As you know that means dealing with an well seasoned buck. Yea...my buddy and I have been blessed having a great piece of property to manage and hunt. We've worked hard (still are) to continue to improve it to try our best to get the herd what they need to stay healthy and allow bucks to grow to maturity. This will be our 7th year to hunt it. I'm still looking for a particular buck from the past 2 seasons I didn't get on the 1st trail cam run. Last year I thought he was a net B&C typical 12 point with split brow tines on both sides. Sent pics to Gene Wensel and he said the same thing. One of my younger hunting buddies that takes off a week of work to help us every year on the farm had a shot at him at ~20 yards. He said he got so shaken up he shot way over him. Didn't even know if he looked through his peep or not. Just drew and released. LMBO! A few days later he killed a dandy 155" 12 point.
  11. Rhino

    Friday check-in/Bring on September!

    Going to pick up my new gas engine Ranger tomorrow. I'll haul it to the Mississippi club and run my 5 trail cams there. Then I'll go home Sunday and haul my Li-Ion Ranger home that's at the MS camp now so I can haul it to Missouri next time I go there. The Missouri bow season opens on 9/15 but I'll wait for the 1st cool weather front before I go there to kick off the season.
  12. Rhino

    Best from 1st MO cam run

    He's on the hit list Cory!
  13. Rhino

    Best from 1st MO cam run

    With that said though...the mature freak buck in my other post is going to get a pass unless I've already filled my 1st buck tag. He's just too ugly! Id use my 2nd buck tag to take him out of the gene pool, if I have the chance after filling the 1st tag with a good one.
  14. Rhino

    Best from 1st MO cam run

    William...3 years ago I tried to target one particular buck (this main frame 12 point that was a 17 point NT). That was the year we had an EHD die of. The last trail cam pics I had of him were part of part of the 2 below on 9/13. We found his remains the following February ~100 yards from one of my other stands in the same area. I suspect he died within days of 9/13 because there was no odor at all to his skull. His gross score was 184. I had my taxidermist mount him and he's hanging in the lodge in MO now. I passed up a couple of real nice bucks hunting him until mid November when I was convinced he was gone. I ran trail cams all through the areas where I got him the prior season multiple times and never got another pic of him after 9/13. Since then, I decided the 1st upper end buck that passes inside the circle of death for my bow is going to get whacked. Bitter lesson learned.
  15. Rhino

    Best from 1st MO cam run

    Here's some of the best bucks we got from our 1st trail cam run in Missouri. High hopes for this season!