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  1. Due to a number of reasons, we were late getting our cams out in Missouri this year. I've always shot for the initial run to start in mid July. This year we couldn't get back there until Aug. 7th to get them running. 1 of my cams failed and I forgot 1 at the MS deer camp so we had 8 running instead of our usual 10. From those 8 cams we caught 10 bucks, so far that make our criteria. Here's the top 3...so far. No hard antler pics of these yet. Although this 10 point is not very wide, his main beams appear to go forward slightly past the end of his nose and curl up...really long! This next 10 point only showed up at night. He's real nice. Hope to get some daylight pics of him soon. This next buck is a main frame 10 point with 2 NT points coming off each main beam. His right beam NT point is on the outside of his beam. His left NT point is on the inside of his left beam. I don't think either one of the G2 kickers will make an inch so I'm calling him a 12 point. That's the top 3 on the hit list for the time being. Then I came up on this guy...although I believe he will have at least 150" of bone on his head, I don't think this 10 point is mature. To me the bottom right pic in the group makes me wonder if he's even 3.5 yet. The way his tines curl inward makes them appear shorter than they are too. Those were the best 4 pics I had of him and I don't have a frontal pic yet to check his inside spread.. That's it for now...hope to have some good hard horn pics soon to share.
  2. Rhino

    Sign Up

    I did!!! 😁
  3. I've been bowhunting Missouri for the past 7 seasons in a row now. I bowhunted a different area twice prior to the past 7 years. IMHO the best dates to bowhunt rutting bucks in Missouri is 11/3 through 11/10. Also the best counties to hunt are any of the the northern 2 tiers of counties that aren't within a CWD contaiment area. That will knock out half the northern counties.
  4. Rhino

    Trail cam bucks

    If they were there Frank, they're still somewhere close. As the woods settle down, they should be back. Just got back from Missouri. Haven't hunted yet. We were way behind finishing getting some stands ready. After I edit some cam cards, I'll post some pics. Initial cam run suggest we are down a bit on good mature bucks but we did get 10 nice ones from 8 cams running.
  5. Rhino - Al 65 Missouri: Sept. 15th to Jan. 15th Mississippi: Oct. 1st to Jan. 31st
  6. Rhino

    Deer Contest

    Sure...I'm in for it!
  7. Rhino

    Weekend check in

    Heat index here this weekend is supposed to be between 115 and 120 so I'm catching up on some inside the house chores. It's too hot and humid here for an old fart like me to be working on treestands. I still have a few bow stands here in MS that I need to check before the season opens on 10/1 but I'll wait till its cooler than this. All my new bow stand positions here are already finished so at least the harder ones to prepare are done.
  8. Rhino

    Trail cam bucks

    Looking good on the home turf Frank. Got a late start with the cams in MO. Doesn't look like we'll get a chance to run them until mid September. Haven't gotten anything nice in MS yet.
  9. Fly...the bitting midge is the bug that carries the EHD virus. Glad to hear you haven't had issues E of the river. Fingers crossed is not a wide spread problem this year.
  10. Hello everyone...been a while since I checked in. I came home Wednesday from our initial stand prep trip to Missouri along with setting cams out for the 1st time. Late start this year. Before arriving, our neighbor/ranch manager called us to inform us he'd found 2 dead deer. One on us and another on a neighbor east of him. Get's worse! While preparing stands around the whole property (~1,350 ac.) we've now found a total of 10 does and fawns (2 fawns appeared to be coyote kills), a 145 class 8 point, a big 10 point, and a young 8 point. Some were mostly decomposed, some where recent. The day after we found the big 8 we passed by it again and ~25 yards away was a doe that had died in our tracks since the prior day. While going from one stand to the next, anytime we caught the scent of a rotting animal we looked for the source. There were 4 we couldn't find due to shifting winds. It's looking real bad up there. We called the local game warden to report the die offs. He'd already gotten reports of over 80 dead deer in the county. He said they figure about 10% get reported. They are really concerned this year since he confirmed that usually EHD die offs start around mid August. He started getting reports in mid July. As many of you know the midge that transmits the EHD virus is a problem until at least mid September. We'll probably be returning around the 2nd week of September to finish preparing our remaining stands and make our initial run on the cams. We'll see then how many more new ones we find and hope to see some good healthy bucks on cams. To make matters worse, here in Mississippi we've found over 20 dead deer so far this year. Most have been near where the flood waters from the Mississippi river have been falling. The flood waters didn't start falling until mid July here. We only had about 120 acres on us that flooded but neighbors to the north, western, and southwestern sides had close to 20,000 acres under water. Lots of deer migrants were on us since most of our place is high ground. Our summer food plots located closest to the flood water areas have been getting hammered. I can't say if it's EHD here too or excess stress to the deer herd and available food source. Whatever it is I've never seen die offs like this in Mississippi before. I hope y'all aren't seeing the same problem.
  11. Rhino

    What would you do?

    Frank...we had the same situation happen on our place in MO once near a line that was not marked until we had it surveyed and marked it ourselves. What we did was...pulled the stand, left a note in a zip-loc bag and gorilla tapped the bag to the tree. The note said their stand was found on our property so we removed it. We left our contact information and if they wanted it back to call us. That was during the end of spring turkey season that year. They finally called before bow season. Gave us a chance to meet a couple of guys that hunted the bordering property. Since then, we've had good relations with them. Now...2 years ago we found a ladder stand that had been set on the edge of one of our crop fields ~150 yards north of the same line. We called the same guys that bordered us to the south back in the timber there. They said it wasn't theirs. Well, since we'd owned the property for over 5 years at that time we pulled the stand and moved it out. We didn't leave a note for that one.
  12. Rhino


    I've watched how crossbows have improved over the years in both accuracy and reduced weight. Have I changed? Nope...no desire to change. Crossbows are heavier and a lot more difficult to deal with than a bow, both in a treestand and walking to and from one. Being age 65 now I suspect there may come a time when I can't use a bow. If that time comes and I'm still physically able to archery hunt, that's when I'll switch to a crossbow.
  13. Rhino

    April 5 check-in

    Went to camp late Friday to turkey hunt Saturday morning. Bagged my 2nd gobbler...post in the turkey forum. With bad storms moving in Saturday afternoon, I came home to catch up on spring cleaning chores until the weather improves to take a swing at getting my last MS gobbler. That's about it for now. Heading to Missouri Friday. Their turkey season opens on 4/15.
  14. Since my last kill post the hunting has been tough. Most of the time when some birds gobbled is was a bit on the roost and quit when they touch down. Had several hunts when just 1 bird gobbled once in the distance and that was it. Last weekend I was playing guide for another rookie. We got on 2 gobbling birds around noon. Got them to ~80 yards...2 gobblers with 5 hens. It was fixing to happen when...2 trespassers come in by boat from the flood waters and pushed them off. Got on those birds again the next morning...both birds hung up with hens in the timber that moved away from us. Called in 2 jakes with a hen trying to coax the gobblers back. Back for round 3 on my own this morning. I set up close to where the birds hung up during the last hunt...prepared for a run and gun style hunt...no decoys. The 1st bird gobbles W of me...the 2nd N of me but I'm out of position for where they're roosted this time. They are roosted on opposite ridges near the edge of the flood waters. I hit an old grown over logging road that has high banks on both sides and hot foot it N to where it dumps into a small field between the 2 ridges. That puts me ~100 yards short of being right between them. Can't risk getting closer. Beyond the small field further to the N is flood waters. I hear several hens in the trees off the W side of the field. I opt to take the risk and made a fly down cut. The N gobbler cuts me off. Hens to the W (still on the roost) get vocal, mainly with light clucks and a few light tree yelps mixed in. I mimic them now. The 1st hen pitches out and lands ~75 yards away N of me. Then a 2nd pitches out headed right at me. She banks to her right and lands 15 yards away. I get a brief look at the W gobbler as he walks across the opposite end of the field close the water toward the N gobbler. Then...3 more hens sail in landing about 50 yards away. They are still vocal but one is so close I can't move or call. Fortunately, I was already aiming in the direction where I expected to see the gobblers approach from...the N. Then...there they are...1 in full strut, the other...never strutted...had a shorter beard too. Closest hen to them is the one ~75 yards from me now on the edge of the field on my side. As they approach her she eases into the timber on my side. They change direction toward the 3 hens. Those hens start moving W at an angle away from me to the timber. Then hen no. 6 pitches in and lands 30 yards right in front of me. The gobblers shift toward her coming right at me, the big one going in and out of strut. She decides to head W toward the other hens. At this point I have a problem. They are inside 40 yards but I can't shoot without killing both gobblers. As they angle toward her walking away, finally the strutter gets out in front of the other gobbler. When he was ~3 yards in front he raised his head a bit and my Nitro load knocked his beak in the dirt. Stepped it off at 48 steps. The other gobbler is so confused. He starts to leave but notices his buddy flopping around so he comes back again. He's watches his big buddy flop around until he quits flopping then eases off. My 2nd MS gobbler for this spring has an 11" beard and sports some nice hooked spurs that measure 1 1/4" and 1 3/16". BTW...sometimes it just happens where you luck up and choose to sit at the right spot on the right day. In a nutshell...that's what happened this morning.
  15. Congratulations! Nice birds! Overall, y'all had a great trip.