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  1. Rhino


    Headed to Missouri Monday to set out our 10 cams for the initial run this year...so to answer your question...not yet. I'll set another 5 cams in MS when I return. MS whitetail bucks shed later than most parts of the country so their antler growth runs a little behind most other areas.
  2. Rhino

    7-20 Friday check-in

    Going to be gathering and organizing stuff I need to haul to Missouri Monday. We lost our stand prep tools, etc. in the barn fire last November so I'm figuring what else I need to get that I haven't already gotten. Headed to MO early Monday and I'll be there all of next week. We'll get our 10 trail cams out and get as many stands ready as we can during that time.
  3. Rhino

    RT has sadly gone dead

  4. Rhino

    Off the grid

    Sweltering in the humidity and heat down here Tim. It'll be that way until mid to late September here. Get some short breaks from it when I go to MO. Headed there on the 23rd to start getting some stands ready and start the trail cams.
  5. Rhino

    Think I got this one right

    I like that a LOT...great work!
  6. That's exactly what happened here. First it was replica 45-70 single shots, then it was modern single shot rifles like the Encore in 35 Whelen. I initially bought a Uberti replica in 45-70 to join the crew. It was so accurate, I never had a desire to upgrade when the rules changed again to modern single shot rifles. I know of some guys that bought up to 3 different single shot rifles to hunt PW season during the several years of changes. Once the law changed the last time to weapon of choice during PW season, I just kept using my Remington Model 7 in .308.
  7. Rhino

    Anybody know what happened to Tominator??

    Yep...quite a number of good people disappeared. Combination of Facebook and problems we had in the past with the old sorry software we used to have here.
  8. Rhino

    Friday 7-6 check in

    No set plans yet. May go check out the summer plots at the MS club this weekend. Other than that...do a few chores around the house.
  9. Rhino

    RT has sadly gone dead

    I have to agree with a lot of William's replies to your remarks. I've been here for 16 years now and I've always made a point of congratulating hunters when they killed deer. I've also said a number of times in the past...a trophy is in the eye of the beholder. That may be a spike, 6 point or whatever...doesn't matter. If it's a trophy to them, it's a trophy. Gotta agree, the period of time we had the terrible forum software really hurt the forum participation a lot!
  10. Yep...bummer to hear about your PW season. That's the way it started here. 1st it was pre 1900 single shot rifles or replicas that were .38 cal or larger, then single shot any model that was .38 caliber or larger (imagine a .378 Wby Mag being primitive...yea right), then to where we are now...your weapon of choice on private land during PW season but we still have to buy the PW season permit. Go figure! All that was for the same reasons your DNR is giving now.
  11. Rhino

    4rth Of July Check In

    Happy 4th to you. No big plans here. Watching it rain right now. Ought to be steamy if the sun comes back out.
  12. WOW...2 big changes in store for you. Hope the temp cools off for your early August hunt.
  13. Rhino

    Friday check-in/ June check-out

    Too hot and humid here to do too much outside after about 10:00 a.m. I have a few chores to do around the house early in the mornings. The rest of the day, enjoy the cool sweet air inside.
  14. Rhino

    The Friday June 22 check-in

    Spent last week working on the farm in Missouri, catching up on chores. Made the 9 1/2 hour drive home yesterday...recovering today.
  15. Rhino

    6-15-18 check in

    Going to my son's house today and tomorrow for Father's Day visits. Leaving from there Monday morning to drive to Missouri to do some chores on the farm next week.