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  1. Comparing a modern day female hunter to a woman from the time of the woolly mammoth is like comparing a grape to a watermellon. It has nothing to do with how women have evolved over time since then. It has everything to do with the knowledge and experience about the game they choose to pursue, no matter what gender the hunter is.
  2. From a business standpoint...yes. As some of you know I'm one of the owners of Millennium Outdoors. The factory we use in China to manufacture our products was shut down until Feb. 10th. Mater of fact, all factories were shut down in China until 2/10. We had hoped to have the new turkey seats on the water headed this way on the 10th. As far as I know, they aren't on the water yet. My retirement funds invested in the market have taken a bit of a hit too. We'll see how that all plays out over time.
  3. The older I get, the more I've been cutting back on the weight I carry turkey hunting. When a good friend of mine bought the new Benelli performance shop M2 20 ga., I had to have one. This is it from Benelli's web site. This shotgun weighs just 5.9 pounds and what Rob Roberts does with them is impressive. In addition to what he does with pattern performance, he ports the barrel to reduce recoil. It comes with a Burris Fastfire 2 red dot scope. I was more than impressed when I was patterning it this past weekend with several chokes shooting 3" Nitro TSS 8x9 loads. Although the Rob Roberts 570 turkey choke that comes with it did well, the Primos TSS Jellyhead 560 performed better with the Nitro loads and had the best uniform pattern at 35 yards (hands down) compared to both the Rob Roberts and the Indian Creek 555 I tested. Matter of fact...it was the most uniform pattern I've ever seen from any shotgun I've tested before. After zeroing it at 35 yards, I backed off to 45 yards and compared shot patterns with my Benelli SBE II 12 ga. turkey gun. The number of pellets in the Nitro 20. ga. 3" TSS loads is essentially the same as the Nitro 12 ga. 3 1/2' loads I've been using in my SBE II. That's when I really became impressed...the shot pattern and density from the M2 20 ga. was better than my SBE II 12 ga. shooting the same Nitro loads I've been using for years at 45 yards. I'm not a turkey hunter that's impressed with how far a weapon can kill a turkey. I'm about coaxing birds inside the 40 yard line. However...if/when I misjudge the yardage (it happens), I'm confident this M2 will perform as well as my SBE II has. Season opens here in MS on March 14th...can't wait!
  4. Rhino

    Best of's 2019-20

    It was a close to call for me between hoosierhunter's 9 point and MCH's 10 point...but I'm giving the edge to MCH. Love the wide, tall, dark antlers. Both are great bucks...congratulations to both of you.
  5. Thanks Don and William...the only time I take that rifle out is if there's a chance I'm offered a long shot. I was hunting an L shaped plot. According to my rangefinder it's ~345 yards to the N end and ~215 yards to the E end. My 30-378 Wby rifle is sighted in to be ~1.5" low at 300...2" high at 100. Just aim dead on, center lung out to 300 yards. at 350 it's ~4.5" low. The shot was to the E side just inside the 200 yard line.
  6. Nice for what we had to hunt here this year William. I killed a mature 8 point late Tuesday afternoon. Decided to let that hunt end my MS season on a good note. Packed up all my deer hunting gear and hauled it home from the camp yesterday. Last day of the MS season is tomorrow. Been a tough year this year...long story but mother nature sure dealt the deer herd a tough blow last year.
  7. Thanks Pat...It was neck and neck this year. All the teams did well. You sure had an outstanding season! Congratulations!!!
  8. Yep...made good use of that rifle yesterday afternoon here too...DRT...(dead right there) and no more meat loss than my .308 would have done.
  9. Still around...deer season is still open here. For us retired old OTPG guys (like me) we're still spending some quality time in the woods. Me with the 30-378 Wby mag when there's long shot opportunites. Headed back to the woods with it tomorrow too! 😋
  10. Looks like it Martin but it sure wasn't a runaway. All the teams did great this year. Season is still open until the end of this month here in MS. I'll spend some time in the woods here but overall, the deer herd where I hunt here sure took a beating from the Mississippi River flood last year.
  11. From the looks of him in the bucket, he looks like he's in the upper half of the 120's but he might make 130 if the shorter than average brow tines don't cost him too much in score. Again, great buck for your neck of the woods.
  12. Rhino

    Lost-a sad post

    Wow Dave...that's terrible. I'm so sorry to hear about the loss of your son. My son is only 3 years younger than that. I know what you mean about the holidays. Lost my mother 4 years ago on Dec. 19th. Lost my father the following year shortly before Thanksgiving too. You and your family will be in my thoughts and prayers.
  13. Congratulations William! Great buck for your neck of the woods! He's a better buck than the one in the trail cam pic. If you get him scored I bet he'll surprise you. The buck in the pic is still around for the family Christmas hunt too.
  14. Chaching!!! Hope the drag isn't too bad. 😀
  15. Congrats Martin. Upgrade or not he'll do. Not much chance of an upgrade here but I should get some chances at some mature bucks on my home turf.