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  1. With a heavy heart

    So sorry for your loss , But heaven just got a little sweeter
  2. This season and a wish!

    Now those are 2 great looking bucks Congrats girl! And yes Al you also killed a Missouri giant congrats!
  3. FIRE!!!

    sorry for your loss Al but the best thing no one was hurt!!!
  4. I hope everyone is having a successful and safe season this fall. I myself used all my luck up this year took 3 great whitetails and a antelope on film ,filming for Rush Outdoors (regional show) and the World of Rush Outdoors (national show) that I host. I return to work tomorrow morning for a dbl shift after 6+ weeks of vacation. But besides wanting to hear how everyone elses season went . Id like to wish everyone a happy and safe Thanksgiving !!!!!!!!
  5. Saskatchewan buck

    thanks guys!
  6. Saskatchewan buck

  7. Saskatchewan buck

    Took this tall tined 8pt this past Wednesday in Saskatchewan. Very happy with him
  8. Congrats TIM

    Was a quick hunt was out a hour he showed up a 100 yards walking the other way ,then for no reason he turned. Came in at 30 yards and I sent the Muzzy on its way. He ran 120yards and dropped . BTW I was solo filming and got it all on video for Rush Outdoors TV . And is a respectable buck for here in western NY. Worked out great since I leave Wednesday for a show in Moorhead MN then I drive to Saskatchewan for deer hunt, Home for 3 days then off to Nebraska ,Wyoming. So its a awesome feeling and very happy with him.
  9. Congrats TIM

  10. hope everyone is ready

    Great looking buck Al! And I know its been warm here also Mathews XT
  11. For the season our favorite time of year!!! I starting tomm have 4 dbl shifts in 5 days yuk . But on the good note I start vacation after that. Lets hear how everyone is doing send pics and stories. And most important be safe and wear a safety harness if in a tree PLEASE!!!!

    Al Keep that weather down there!!!

    Nice Job Al Keep me posted on your hunt there this year okay

    Labor day to all, be safe,have fun with families and friends. And if your fishing or hunting good luck and send some pics in here
  15. 1st Hunt of the year !!

    Plus some fishing