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  1. What is new with everyone? And any ideas where we can boost this site up? Social media has slowed it down but Im not giving in. let me know your thoughts. Tim
  2. Tim Andrus

    Any good trail cam pics, hero shots

    gotcha William my last pulls have been disappointing too
  3. Hey guys and gals Need to see some pictures!!!
  4. Tim Andrus


    Fall and hunting season are just about here. For some hunting season has started Soooooo be safe, have fun and send in pics! take care Tim
  5. Tim Andrus


    Hey Sorry for being outta the loop, laptop decided it didn't want to work , was in shop for a week!
  6. Tim Andrus


    awesome Al
  7. Tim Andrus


    Anyone getting big buck pics on trail cams? getting almost to august Am so ready for fall!!!!! send pics in if u can
  8. Tim Andrus

    Off the grid

    Sorry guys and gals went off the grid for 10 days! But am back in the saddle now Hope everyone had a safe and happy 4th of July!!!!!
  9. Tim Andrus

    Hey everyone

    Thank you William!!!!
  10. Tim Andrus

    Hey everyone

    thanks Steve still feel like I'm on vacation
  11. Tim Andrus

    Hey everyone

    Thanks Frank! and yes I will wanted to be there this spring but was booked for show and didn't have the time for it to happen. Glad you had great trip and congrats again on a great archery bear!
  12. Tim Andrus

    Hey everyone

    thanks Al appreciate it
  13. Tim Andrus

    Hey everyone

    thanks Pal!
  14. Tim Andrus

    Hey everyone

    Wishing everyone a happy, safe Memorial Day ! As much as a lot of people think its a long holiday weekend Lets take a second to remember the real reason. And a added tidbit I just retired from NYS Dept of Corrections this past week 29 years and done Time for some outdoor fun !!
  15. Tim Andrus

    Well here we go again

    well mother nature kinda spoiled my trip was delayed 2 days getting to Rapid city . So had to cancel my Wyoming trip and had 3 days in SD and there the weather wasn't great high winds etc birds gobbling on roost but hit the ground and went silent ,totally henned up. Called in some jakes but passed on them. All in all was a fun trip did some trout fishing caught a few dandys. On a good note got a $800 travel voucher from Delta yay!!!!