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  1. Gobble Gobble

    Just drove in one of the nastiest snow storms thru Ontario Canada into Michigan pulled over just now not worth ending up in a ditch Going to be speaker at Outdoorama in Novi Michigan this wkd
  2. Gobble Gobble

    Who is getting excited about turkey season? I am !!
  3. big trip

    Had a great visit with them going over future events etc
  4. big trip

    Hey just a fyi this past Thursday I had the chance to visit the home office of Realtree in Georgia. what a great visit it was such a great company and people! A lucky guy I am for the last 22 years with them!
  5. How is everyone ?

    Ol Man winter has certainly showed his stuff lately! How is everyone coping with it ? Ice fishing, Predator hunting or just staying inside Give me the scoop?
  6. Brrrrr

    Umm William I am getting old lol but just a number 53 years old as we speak
  7. Brrrrr

    It is freaking cold out ! I think I'm turning into a sissy lol 4 degrees out windchill -10 ugh
  8. Hey everyone

    Wanted to wish all my Realtree friends a very Merry Christmas! Be safe ,spend time with family and friends!!

    A merry Christmas to you and your family!!!!!!!
  10. This season and a wish!

    And you will have a great hunt in Manitoba!
  11. With a heavy heart

    So sorry for your loss , But heaven just got a little sweeter
  12. This season and a wish!

    Now those are 2 great looking bucks Congrats girl! And yes Al you also killed a Missouri giant congrats!
  13. FIRE!!!

    sorry for your loss Al but the best thing no one was hurt!!!
  14. I hope everyone is having a successful and safe season this fall. I myself used all my luck up this year took 3 great whitetails and a antelope on film ,filming for Rush Outdoors (regional show) and the World of Rush Outdoors (national show) that I host. I return to work tomorrow morning for a dbl shift after 6+ weeks of vacation. But besides wanting to hear how everyone elses season went . Id like to wish everyone a happy and safe Thanksgiving !!!!!!!!
  15. Saskatchewan buck

    thanks guys!