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  1. Always used Flitz here...on all.
  2. Like new "The Freak with Frictionite" and "Grave Digger Striker". Opened the package, tried it out and opted not to use it. Put'er back and now FOR SALE....$15.00 TYD.
  3. Saw the first mallard hatch tonight in central MN...about 10 days earlier than "normal" in this area.
  4. Good luck getting yourself a bird!! Great story and wonderful way to share your time. Hunted the last 4 days with my dad who's never turkey hunted. After 18 hours of morning and evening hunts, he scored on his first tom last night. I must be getting's almost more fun helping someone else get a bird than shooting your own!
  5. Wow, 5 of our group of 6 drew, 2 for the second straight year!
  6. And that beer!!! Keep sending it south too!
  7. Need recommendations on outfitters for a 2010 antelope hunt. Been thinking for 3 years I want to hunt antelope and have finally said "Enough, book a hunt." I realize I'm running out of time with deadlines. Hunt with rifle, muzzleloader and archery, but would prefer archery. Any suggestions/recommendations or past experiences would be appreciated.
  8. How long do you think canned venison should be "good" for consumption. Found 8 jars I made in 2007 or 2008...can't remember...but it still looks as good as the day it came out of the pressure cooker. Any ideas? Should be good IMO, but then again...this could be my last post if I eat it!!! :eat:
  9. My choice would be you buy my 300 WM barrell listed in the Classifieds!!! :hammer1:
  10. Next-to-new Encore heavy barrel blue 300 Win Mag with Weaver rail. Less than 1 box fired. $200 + shipping.
  11. plannerman

    Between the two

    still trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up...and college was 20 years ago! work is what enables us to do what we enjoy...
  12. Understand the feeling...and guess your wife doesn't read/know your handle here in the forum!!!
  13. I text a bit and let my mind wander the world...this year, after the election of 2008...I plan on A LOT OF PRAYER...
  14. Family will come and's the hunting that's forever!!!! You've committed to moving cattle and hunting...too bad the family is imposing on YOUR PLANS. Guilt trip??? At 22, you'd better prepare for a lifetime of women putting on the guilt trip!!