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  1. NS whitetail

    COVID-19 - Impact

    As of now our lobster season that closes on May 31 is at a stand still and is probably going to be shut down, so I will b out of work.
  2. NS whitetail

    COVID-19 - Impact

    Good news Frank. You guys take care 👌
  3. Saw these, thought they was funny. 🤣🤣
  4. NS whitetail

    COVID-19 - Impact

    The grocery stores here are open at certain hours for seniors only. They are also putting in plexiglass dividers between the cashiers and the public.
  5. You are so right William, between social media stupidity posts and just plain stupid people, it causes panic. While I was down south a friend text me a post someone put on fb that the liquor stores were closing down last Wednesday, guess what everyone did ?? Ya they panicked and went and bought all they could. The NS liquor stores were not closing down they were just going to reduce their hours. But because of someone’s stupidity, it caused unnecessary panic. I am allowed out on my own property just not wanted in public, which I have no problem with.
  6. New update, the Nova Scotia government has now declared a state of emergency here in NS, it says self isolation will now be policed and anyone caught out will receive a $1000 fine per day and they are asking no gatherings of over 5 people. As of today there are 28 maybe cases here in NS, people staying home will help prevent more from spreading, which makes sense.
  7. Since the gf and I travelled to the Dominican Republic last week we now have to self isolate at home for two weeks, on day 3 now lol. We don’t have to by law but are strongly encouraged to. I think it is the smartest thing to do and don’t plan on going out and putting anyone at risk just in case. We both feel great and are not worried. I have firewood to pile and lots to keep me busy so it will go by quick lol. The rest of our lobster season that closes on May 31 could be shut down real soon. Take care everyone 😉
  8. Thanks Shaun , I’ll be ok. Our teenage boys have to stay with our ex’s for the next two weeks, I have lots of food in the freezer , lots of duty free booze and a very sexy gf. I’ll be just fine stuck on house arrest for two weeks lol.
  9. Hey everyone, I’m home sweet home and feeling great. I wish you all the best 😊 However I am now on two weeks house arrested , the gf and I are not allowed to go anywhere. I have some already lined up to pick up and drop off our groceries and I have some booze on hand lol so we should be fine 😉
  10. Yaaaa I’m on Canadian soil in Toronto and have a two hour flight home in an hours time. thanks 😊
  11. I’m in the airport waiting to board my flight home , well I gotta go to Toronto first then home to my airport in Nova Scotia, little inconvenient but it is what it is. Take care everyone in this troubling time’s. We will all get through it 👍
  12. NS whitetail

    COVID-19 - Impact

    I’m still in the Dominican Republic but my flights are finally booked for home on Thursday, earliest I can get out of here. When we get home the gf and I have to stay home for two weeks by law ,self isolation, not allowed out of house. She is a school teacher but schools are closed anyway so she gets a longer paid vacation. Our lobster season does not close to May 31 but as far as I know we are done for this season, I receive EI which pays ok so we will survive. When I left home last Friday things were ok holy poop how they have snowballed and gone down hill in a hurry. This is very serious but between social media and the news they are causing major panic which is not helping the situation. As of today there is less than 10 cases in the whole province of Nova Scotia where I live.
  13. I’m in the Dominican Republic, it’s beautiful here and I’m having an awesome time buttttttt things have turned into a sh&t show. The airline I flew here on Is not coming to get us Friday. I had to book a flight to Toronto for Thursday ( earliest one to get home ). So I have to fly Toronto then to Halifax or rent a car and drive home from Toronto. A 20 hour drive.
  14. This virus really isn’t bothering me much, the girlfriend and I are headed to an all inclusive resort in the Dominican Republic this Friday for a week of sun and fun. I usually go south every winter and enjoy it.