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  1. NS whitetail


    Bahaha I like the second one best lol
  2. Hard to believe, but come next Friday I will be unemployed for a while ( actually looking forward to it lol ). Our 6 month long lobster season closes on May 31. We land all of our lobster traps and gear and store them on land till the last Monday in November when it opens again. I’ll have a couple of months off for relaxing and rest till I start longline fishing for haddock cod and halibut this summer. . I thank the great Lord above, we have had a very successful and safe season once again. Amen.
  3. So sorry to hear this. You and your family take care and look out for each other. May God bless you all in this time of sorrow.
  4. Yes sir , ya can’t beat that. Wish I lived closer, I’d be there for a few of those BBQs. Enjoy !!!!
  5. I really hope a buck walks out this coming fall , you will be the first to get the pics 👍👍
  6. I gotta show off this beautiful knife that I had Ross make for me and ship it up here to Nova Scotia Canada to me. I cannot wait for hunting season this fall and really hope that I harvest a buck so I can try it out. Again, thank you so much Ross, I am truly happy with it.
  7. Congrats , that’s awesome. I can’t wait to field dress my buck this coming fall with my new beautiful knife 👍👍
  8. I agree, I would not want anyone hunting or farming on my land. I would have also put the stands on the land boundary line.
  9. Same here , giving rain for the next 4 days. Easter weekend will be slow around here. Easter egg hunt for the kids and a family ham supper on Sunday for me.
  10. NS whitetail

    Our first

    Ahhhh awesome, congrats and no spoiling lol
  11. I want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I wish you all peace , happiness and good health. Hope Santa finds each and everyone of you, take care all. Lewis
  12. Nope strut that has all changed and is much easier now, once you have your permit you are allowed to travel back and forth to a range whenever. However ,you have to belong to a gun club in order to possess a handgun.
  13. Thanks, I’m new to this handgun stuff and can use all the advice I can get, so bring it on please.
  14. I just looked it up , i can get 1000 rounds of Tula ammo for $149. Is Tula ammo any good ?
  15. What kind of price do you guys have on 9 mm bullets. The cheapest I’ve found them here is $23 for a box of 50. I’ve been told I can get them cheaper if I buy in bulk and watch the sales at cabelas.