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  1. Hello teammates, let’s get her done this year. Good luck to y’all. 😎😎
  2. Some times I think about how busy this place was a few years back. It’s was a happening place lol
  3. Ya William it’s a crazy world out there. We have no carry conceal here in Canada , however every time I have ever been in the USA I’m always aware of my surroundings. A few years ago in Florida I had my family in a Wendy’s restaurant, a black man ( not being racist ) came in wearing a trench coat ,he went up to the counter and started screaming and punching the counter saying “ I want to see Luther and I want him NOW !!! “. I gathered up the family and we left immediately, all I could picture was a gun coming out.
  4. Lewis Ross 52 NS Whitetail Nova Scotia oct 30 - dec 5
  5. School here in Nova Scotia are going to open on September 8. A lot of new protocols in place. My gf teaches grade 2 this year , she has to get rid of all toys , building bocks etc anything that kids can share. Gonna be a hard ol struggle I think.
  6. I don’t see how fishing with a rc watercraft or a drone would be rewarding or even fun. I personally think it’s a stupid idea.
  7. Yesterday was the first case in the whole province of Nova Scotia for 17 days. There was one today as well, giving only 2 active cases in the entire province. Both are travel related , one just travelled from the US.
  8. The world is going to shits in a hurry. Too many people have had too much time on their hands with this covid. I personally think that the actions of many are making people racist.
  9. This ol world we live in is going downhill fast. Sometimes I wish I could go back in the woods and cut it right out.
  10. Wow , that race sure took a toll on the drivers. Did anyone see Bubba Wallace flake out twice ? And poor ol Ryan Neman was in a mess too, he looked physically drained.
  11. Myself and a few friends were talking the other day , I have heard of very few people even getting the ordinary flu this winter/spring. I think with all the protocols that have been put in place because of covid It has actually helped Keeping people in better health. I personally do not know of anyone who has had covid , pretty sure there has not been a case within 200 miles of where I live.
  12. I’ve never had the flu shot , some people I know that have had got really sick. So I personally say No
  13. NS whitetail


    That’s awesome, have fun with it 👍
  14. What I see on the news is disgusting. I personally think that cop should spend the rest of his life in prison but what all those people are doing is senseless. I said I bet not one of them is stealing a pair of work boots lol
  15. Things here in Nova Scotia are getting back to a somewhat normal. Most things are opening back up. Overall we have not done that bad. NS has a population of around one million, only around 1100 people have had covid. We have had 60 deaths and I think 56 of them was in one nursing home in the city of Halifax. As far as I know there has not been one case within 200 miles of where I live.