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  1. Good luck and congrats No luck here yet but headed back to camp tomorrow for three days then I’ll be headed back next week for a couple to hunt , clean up camp and drain the water off and take water pump out of the camp for the winter. My time is getting shorter , our commercial lobster season opens on November 25, so I’ll be out grinding on the Atlantic Ocean from that day on.
  2. Good luck ol buddy. Tag out on a nice one and fill the freezer. We want pics. Lol
  3. That’s awesome. It’s a great feeling to get youth involved and spending quality time with them. 👍
  4. Very nice. I’ve had no luck yet but got a nice one on cam. I’m trying hard lol
  5. NS whitetail

    Off to camp

    Good luck Joe. Hope ya all have a great time.
  6. They always say when those red berry trees have lots of berries it’s gonna be a hard winter, well around here they are hanging to the ground.
  7. Best of luck. I’m hunting now and I am anxious to field dress a buck with that beautiful knife you made me. Wish me luck lol
  8. Today is day 5 of our rifle season, I’m in my stand now lol. Chilly quiet morning here. No luck yet, just does and calves. The bucks here don’t usually move around much in the daytime this early in the season. Good luck everyone.
  9. NS Whitetail 51 Nova Scotia sept 9 - dec 1 ( bow and rifle included in the dates )
  10. NS whitetail

    Deer Contest

    Count me in if we do it 👍
  11. This past Wednesday my girlfriend and I had to have our one year old Saint Bernard put down at the vet. Scotia ( her name ) start acting different about two weeks ago and stopped eating. We took her to the vet and the tests came back Lyme disease. After treating her for over a week and a $2000 vet bill she just kept getting worse and we had to make the decision to have her put down. We feel so guilty, if we would have had her vaccinated it may have not happened. Ya just put it aside thinking nah it won’t happen, but sadly it does. Please vaccinated your pets.
  12. School finished here in Nova Scotia yesterday, my girlfriend is a school teacher so to celebrate we came to the city of Halifax yesterday for the weekend. Great eating , took in a movie at the theatre today and tonight we are going to hit a pub for some music and a few drinks 😊