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  1. I have a few friends who did the same thing strut , they love them, like you said you just sit there and bam you have power 👍. When hurricane dorian rolled through town last September there was major wide spread power outages across the whole province of Nova Scotia and that’s when lots and lots of people decided to go with back up power. The Nova Scotia power company basically only did patch repairs and since then every time we get a decent breeze the power goes out. There are so many trees laying on the lines everywhere that they never got cleaned up that things are only going to get worse, that’s why I decided to invest the money for it.
  2. If the power goes out, I have to plug the cord into the generlink and generator then start the generator ( it has a key start ). It then takes over my whole electric panel and I can use everything in my house. When the power does come back on, the generlink will automatically shut itself off so the power can take over again. I was told if it’s night time just keep an eye on the street lights so I’ll know and turn the generator off.
  3. Daytona 500 Sunday whoohooo. Since Kasey Kahne retired I am a Martin Truex Jr fan now. He’s an awesome driver and seems like a great guy 👍
  4. We have had a few big storms here in the past few years that have caused wide spread power outages. Two weeks ago I invested a bit of money and I am now prepared for the next one. I had a generlink installed on my home, it’s a device that is put in behind the power meter and a generator can be plugged into it, once this is done, the generator can control the whole home. I also bought a 10,000 watt generator which is powerful enough to run everything in my home. I used to have a 3500 watt generator and used to run extension cords inside to run a few essential but decided I’d rather run my whole home.
  5. ◦ This Coronavirus is affecting us big time. A lot of our lobster go to China and with China being pretty much shut down it is hurting us big time. Our season opens the last Monday in November and runs till May 31. We make our bread and butter in December then mid January, February and March things do slow down because of the weather and the water temperature drops which cause lobster to kind of hibernate. We haul every day we can in December up until mid January then we only haul two or three times a week until the first of April when the water starts to warm up again. We always catch enough each week in the winter months to make a decent pay check because the price is always up around 12-14 dollars a pound We have been getting $10.25 per pound but since this virus started the price has dropped to $6. It cost us $1200 for bait and fuel each time we haul our gear so this year we have decided like a lot of other people to land our gear. We always leave it out for the 6 month season but now our traps are piled behind the barn until the end of March when we will put them back out. No sense to go work our ass off two or three times a week for nothing. I’ll enjoy my life the next few weeks cutting my firewood , going to my cottage and I am going to the Dominican Republic for a week on March 13. Life is good 👍
  6. This past Friday evening a local church put on an annual wild game supper, it’s the 16 th one in a row they have had. It’s a men only supper and we had 185 men show up. It’s a free event but donations are excepted. I tried camel , llama , yak and bear cooked two different ways. I have to say, it was all good. Other years they have had kangaroo, rattle snack and many kinds of wild meat from around the world. I can’t wait till next February to see what they offer.
  7. I live in rural Nova Scotia, our municipality has a population of around 6500 people. My girlfriend is a grade 6 school teacher, for 4 hours yesterday and 4 hours today her and a few of her students went to one of our local grocery stores and packed groceries for the customers for donations, to raise money to put towards their school trips. The people around here are very generous, they raised $1600.
  8. People who already have money are usually the sleaziest, we have a few big lobster buyers around here who have tons of money and are the greediest people you will ever meet.
  9. That is a nice looking boat as well 👍
  10. NS whitetail

    Cool pic

    Nope lol , the green one is a cargo ship. We don’t turn our AIS on during lobster fishing, it’s a very competitive fishery and with it on other people can tell were you are lol. We try and catch all we can catch and try and keep people away 😉
  11. NS whitetail

    Cool pic

    Most boats have a AIS ( automatic identification system ) on board. Here is a pic of boats that are out lobster fishing right now. At times there are way more.
  12. Social media like Facebook ruined this place I think. I even gave up fb last March , too much drama on there. I kind of miss the connection I had with people there but I don’t miss the drama.
  13. The world is a changing for sure. I’m 51 , the 80s were the best years of my life 👍
  14. We have very few tangles. We haul 27 trawls each day we are out and very seldom does the rope get snarled up.
  15. This is some of what we deal with. 4 am pitch black , freezing cold and a blinding blizzard and 25 miles from the nearest piece of land on a 50 foot long boat. Our boat is 50 feet long and 25 feet across the stern. ( big blue one on the outside in pic ). We have all been trained to deal with emergencies. We have submersion / survival suits for each of us on board , we have a 6 man inflatable life raft and a distress button on our VHF, if it is pressed it automatically sends our location via satellite right to the Canadian Coast Guard Rescue Centre. I guess to do this job you pretty much can’t have any fear of the ocean, there are so many things that can go wrong and you are a long way from help. IMG_5397.MOV
  16. Lol ya Martin , we spend some pretty nasty days on the Atlantic. Being a commercial fisherman is about the same as making a living from the land like you do, nothing comes easy 👍
  17. Here is a couple of videos of what I do in brief. The guy boarding the trap is a guy we hire for a few weeks to help out the other is my brother. The weight you see weighs 100 lbs ,we have 14 traps in each string with a weight on each end , it helps to keep the string of traps from moving on bottom in rough seas. Our traps weigh around 80 lbs each. We are allowed to fish 375 traps. Our season opened on November 26 , the price started at $8.25 per lb and we are now getting $9.25 per lb. We are having a really good season so far , it closes on May 31. Video of hauling then one of shooting the traps back in the ocean. IMG_5380.MOV IMG_5381.MOV
  18. I hope this new year is a great one for everyone 👍
  19. Right back at you. MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE !!!
  20. So sorry to hear this. I wish you and your family all the best in this sad time. May God bless you all.
  21. Hope your wife is ok. I wish her and you all the best. Take care my friend.
  22. Lewis Ross 6 points , taken November 19 2019. Ross Tyser beautiful knife that he made me 👍
  23. Bullying is a terrible thing for sure. I also have a hard time wrapping my head around this “ cyber bullying “ thing. My theory is, if someone is bullying you on a certain website like fb or whatever, STAY OFF OF IT.