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  1. Thanks my friend for doing this , it’s always been fun. I don’t get on a lot. I sure wish this place was like it was many years ago. I’ve “met” so to speak, so many awesome people on here 👍
  2. Yes sir 👍. I harvested a 10 pointer last fall , you and I can get her done 👍👍
  3. I was in a Canadian Tire store yesterday and they only had a very limited selection 🙄
  4. Howdy , yup I was one of the original members many many moons ago lol. I peek and pop in every once in a great while. I think that a lot of the social media sites is what caused the collapse of this one
  5. I’m in again this year 👍👍
  6. I had my second shot of moderna this past Friday, no side effects other than the arm being a bit stiff. I love to travel so getting the shots was the smart thing to do 👍
  7. Congrats 👏 I’ve been divorced twice lol I have a great girlfriend now but not sure if I’ll ever take the plunge again
  8. Take care William, I wish you all the best
  9. I got the Moderna shot back on may 19. I had no side effects other than arm a bit sore the next day. I actually didn’t even feel the needle. I put my courage in the doctors and scientists not the Facebook moms and keyboard warriors lol who think that covid is all fake and the government is controlling it all. I had one guy tell me that when they test you and when you get the needle they are putting nano chips in your brain and your arm lol.
  10. Nice. Good stuff 👍👍
  11. I took the course and I am now officially a professional licensed hunting and fishing guide here in Nova Scotia. I own a 5 bedroom cottage with a bathroom and all the luxuries of home. My plan is, a few years down the road I want to get set up to take people bear hunting. I know a guy who has been doing it since 1998 and he has been very successful at it. He has clients from Denmark and Sweden.
  12. I want to wish all my Realtree friends a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I hope you are all doing great in this crazy world 👍👍
  13. That’s awesome. Congrats 👏
  14. Same thing around here again , all the idiots are buying up all the toilet paper and paper towel. Can grub is hard to get too.
  15. The yarn around here is , there are a few guys who have these cams and they have a LED light in their stand. They are at camp at night and bam a big buck pic comes through and into the stand they go. I believe it cause these same guys get the huge one every year. I think it’s disgusting.
  16. 11 pointer harvested November 16 by NS Whitetail. Upgrade 😊
  17. Nice one Hoosier and great story. I Never had that guy on cam , didn’t know he was anywhere around. I hunt on a power line and always looking both ways. At around 4:45 pm I heard a crash down below and across from me so I concentrated on looking that way, at 5:05 pm he stepped out of the woods. I took good sight and pulled , he dropped in his tracks I got right down and went to see but when I got down the power line I could not find him, I thought he must have got up. Then I panicked lol. I looked for a bit it was getting dark , I thought I’ll have to get friends to come in in the morning and help me look, I then calmed down a bit lol and decided to walk a bit further down the power line and I almost tripped over him. He was further than I thought when I shot , everything looks the same on the power line when ya get on the ground. I shot him at 5:05 pm this past Monday I shot the 6 pointer last Monday at 5:05 pm lol. My daughter was hunting close by both times I shot , this has been my favourite year hunting ever. She helped me gut and get the 6 pointer on my side by side.
  18. Well guys I upgraded lol. Muzzleloader tag filled too. I got this 11 pointer yesterday at 5:05 pm. I’ll enter it when I get home from camp.
  19. Well guys I connected yesterday, I’ll enter it when I get home in a couple of days. Still got another tag and there is still a nice one around. I’m hoping my daughter gets it though.
  20. Hey guys , the first two days of rifle season has passed with no luck. But I have lots of time to hunt. Our commercial lobster season doesn’t open till November 30 so I’ve got a couple weeks left at camp. Came home last night headed back tonight. I’ll keep ya posted 👍
  21. I’ve been busy running in a local election and haven’t had time to bow hunt. However it’s over with now ( I lost ) and rifle season starts October 30. I’ll be hitting hunting camp on the 27 th and I’ll be putting in lots of hours in the stand. I’ll keep ya posted 👍
  22. Wow very nice ny_gun , congrats 👍