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  1. I need to get some ideas for ground blind construction for my son and I... to be honest, I've NEVER "built" one.. does anyone have any pics they can share of theirs and the construction process? Thanks guys!
  2. I can not seem to find the regulations on a US citizen hunting in Ontario Canada, on either private or public land. My girlfriend lives in Ottawa, and seeing that I spend a lot of time up there, I'd like to find out some information on me being allowed to hunt there. Does anyone know where I can find this information? The government website address non resident, but I'm not sure if that includes a US citizen... thanks
  3. It's got clearance and fits tight. Just then owners manual never addressed it. Thx everyone
  4. My sons .50 cal TC Impact has a ramrod extension (appr 4" long) with a sabot seating jag on the end. When you replace the ramrod after loading, the extension and jag stick out about 4" beyond the end of the muzzle. Can you not shoot with the extension on the ramrod? Do I have to remove it every time before shooting? Not replace the ramrod? On my TC Thunderhawk, my ramrod doesn't stick beyond the muzzle. I realize a mod will move this, but hopefully not before I get an answer. Thx
  5. Thank you.. we used the folding chairs tonight and although they were comfy, level ground was hard to find.. and you couldn't get close to a tree with the roots.... this tree seat fits the bill! Thank you!
  6. Ok, I've used stools for years when hunting from the ground outside of a blind, but since using my folding camp chair IN the blind the last couple of years, I was wondering if any of you ever just walk in the woods with your folding chair, open it up and sit in some downed limbs or grass? Pro cons? Hard to turn around to shoot vs level of comfort?? Thx
  7. I hope you guys don't mind this long thread.. we are just very excited about having our dream cabin finally... so we like to show our progress...
  8. Here is the progress.... nothing much really.. just brought the cabinets out to the cabin. They were used.. very good condition. There are a few more to go with it, but these filled the bed of my truck today... Just sitting in place... I still need to insulate and put nailers behind them.. The two small ones on the end are upper cabinets and are just there to be out of the way... Blade
  9. Actually there is a brook that cuts through the 70 acre parcel and ironically the name of the brook is "Trout Brook".... I've never fished it though, but there are plenty of minnows in it so I'm assuming it holds trout of some sort.
  10. I have $7500 in materials into it.... from including the concrete on up..... then the wood stove and chimney pipe $1000... and I gave my buddy a few bucks... WAYYYYY less than I had hoped he'd accept.
  11. Still need to finish the insulating and add a loft railing and handrail for ladder... then the interior pine boards which those will be next spring....
  12. Some more construction pics Have been doing the electrical work Some lights in and started the insulation immediately after... Some interior cabin views View towards the rear of the cabin from the front door Up the loft Under the loft towards the front door Looking from front of cabin under the loft Some metal signs that I got for my birthday Views from the loft View OUT the loft window.... hehe A cabin walk around... Off the porch My scenic one...
  13. Swamphunter

    Here it is!

    A nice scenic exterior view of the cabin. I am putting the updated interior pics in my original thread so the construction pics stay all together... but I just wanted to post a couple exterior pics....
  14. Thanks everyone! Was a good day. :-)
  15. Well here the scoop. After hunting all morning, we came home and Blade and I set up the 3d deer target and recreated the shot. Blade even ran around the house to get his heart rate up and guess what? He made the shot... not just once, but time after time after time... So we went back to a regular bag target and set him up with a 30 yard pin to practice with for now.