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  1. Here’s a nice clip i put together of a15lber my cousin caught while trolling for browns on Lake Ontario. Hope you guys enjoy.
  2. Shawn

    my dad

    So Sorry to hear about your loss V. Prayers and thoughts to you and your family
  3. Hello everyone. I do hope you all are well, and had great hunting seasons! Life has been hectic here, the three boys are keeping us very busy. We're in the process of buying a bigger home for the boys to grow into. I ended up having shoulder surgery this year and couldn't bow hunt at all, so that was depressing but there is always next year. i did pick up a new hobby. Doing whitetail deer taxidermy. very time consuming but enjoyable at the same time. ill post a pic of a buck i mounted at the bottom. Figure ill give it a shot this year on the side. But Let me know how you all are doing. Again hope is all well, and hope to be talking to you all more in the near future!
  4. Shawn

    Hey Nyers!

    Hey all, How is everyone doing?. I know i dont come around much when its not hunting season, so i do hope you are all well. But im trying to get a page together on Fb, so if your interested, id appreciate the like and share. Good luck on Mondays trout opener!
  5. Shawn

    Weird Deer

    wonder if he could scratch the top of his head with those back legs.....
  6. Shawn

    Newbie Intro

    Welcome to the club!
  7. Shawn

    Happy birthday Shaun

    Hope it was a good one Shaun, Happy Belated Bday.
  8. Bout a 2 1/2 year old Doe id say. She'll be good eating.
  9. Shawn Team 7 The Slackers Doe 5 points The Name Melissa on the tag is my wife. She legally transferred the Doe permit to me which can be done in Ny.
  10. Hey Gang. Got us 5 more points. Will get her uploaded later.
  11. Hey all! Congrats on the Buck BB. Sorry i havent posted in a bit guys. Work and the twins have been soaking up alot of time. But im on vacation this week and will be in the woods everyday. getting to the point that these small bucks wont be able to walk by anymore. Need to put meat in the freezer. Keep ya all posted.
  12. wow Congrats Ruth! you had a heck of a week!
  13. Congrats Mandy. No Luck here guys. Been seeing alot of deer but cant get the ones i want in bow range. Didnt even see anything tonight. be out all day saturday for our firearm opener. Good luck fellow southern zone NYers and the rest of you all.
  14. Congrats Dosse. Been out there hunting guys but nothing worth shooting has come in bow range. and i got real busy this week having no power for 5 days. So taking care of the family and working kept me busy. Back at it tomorrow morn!
  15. Hey Everyone! THings been hectic since the twins were born and ive only gotten on 2 more times since the 1st. Last night i got set up at 2:30 pm and was sitting nice and still. At 5 pm i start hear crashing and 2 min later my phone is vibrating. My fathers neighbor who hunts a few hundred yards from my stand kicked 5 deer as he was walking in with 90 minutes of day light left. To each there own i guess but felt it kinda screwed up my hunt as eh told me two of them were bucks. But anyway have to work tomorrow some overtime. That formula is expensive. lol but ill be out on sunday. Congrats on the doe BUCK! talk to you guys soon.